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This show is dedicated to discussing the hot topics in our society and challenges men grow up and go threw in life whether it be finances, relationships, and leading your homes with God at the forefront.

This show is dedicated to discussing the hot topics in our society and challenges men grow up and go threw in life whether it be finances, relationships, and leading your homes with God at the forefront.


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This show is dedicated to discussing the hot topics in our society and challenges men grow up and go threw in life whether it be finances, relationships, and leading your homes with God at the forefront.






Artificial intelligence through Voice-Peter Peng is the future of AI

Peter Peng has integrated Artificial Intelligenc with Voice operations! This is leading edge technology and a breakthrough in the fintech community and now you have the ability to invest in it. Today, in this video we will discuss Artificial General Intelligence 2021 through voice. Peter Peng CEO of Jetson AI company will brief us about the lifelong learning ai through voice. In the 21st century, artificial general intelligence has developed leaps and bounds. The main development is...


Rebuilding broken bonds between mothers daughter-Jeri Jamia explain

This Dynamic Duo Jeri 7 Jamia Coach mothers into having better and stronger bonds and Win in Life! Lets Tune In... Today, in this video, we will understand the process of healing mother and daughter relationship issues. We will be briefed by Jeri and Jamia who coach the mother and daughter relationship to be successful. In every society, because of misunderstandings, we lose most of the relationships. Just misunderstanding creates a lot of issues in the mother and daughter relationship....


Ex-Dancer dedicates her life to God Life after Sin

Watch This Interview Live Kimberly Moses wears many hats to fulfill the call God has placed on her life as an entrepreneur over several businesses including her own personal brand Rejoice Essentials which promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She also serves as a life coach and mentor to many women. She is also the loving mother of two wonderful children. She is married to Tron. Kimberly has dedicated her life to the work of ministry and to serve others under the call God has placed over...


Everything you need to know about 1031 Exchanges-Dave Foster Explains

Dave Foster is an Experienced 1031 experienced broker and shares his insight into decades of how 1031 can take your real estate business to the next level. Today, in this video we will discuss commercial real estate 1031 exchange rules. Dave Foster will explain the process of the 1031 exchange. You can tell your opinion about the rules of the 1031 exchange explained. What is 1031 Exchange? If you own commercial real estate property and are thinking about selling it and buying another...


How to Patent your Own Invention-Rob Kessler Explains

Rob Kessler teaches on the ups and downs to consider when deciding on getting your patent for your small business idea. Tune in as you won't want to miss a second of this show. Captain Rob Kessler is a 50TON Master Captain, as well as the inventor and co-founder of Million Dollar Collar and goTIELESS, a relatively simple solution to fix what his company dubs "Placketitis" The sinking, wrinkling, and folding of the placket of a casually worn dress shirt. goTIELESS is the first shirt designed...


From Prison Inmate to Million Dollar Business Mogul-Demond Coleman

Demond Coleman shares his story and spills the tea on some of his insider secrets to success. Today, we will discuss the Demond Coleman entrepreneur life. He traveled from leaven prison to the million dollars successful businessman story nspire. Demond Coleman will reveal about his entrepreneur life that how he remained motivated in Leavenworth prison and thought about new business ideas that help him in his entrepreneur life to be able to share successful businessman story nspire today....


Author Ms. Sylvia Watkins shares How to Win in Life

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel This lady of excellence from St. Louis Missouri has made her presence felt on local scenes and continues to make waves on many national ministry stages. Sylvia was the co-business manager of National Recording Artist Chris & Kyle w/True Spirit for 14 years. Upon meeting celebrity comedian Darius Bradford Sylvia was asked to co-host The Darius Bradford Morning Show on Praise 99.5 FM. During her time there Sylvia gave a spiritual twist to practical life...


Live Interview with Pastor Dwight Buckner Things that Men Need Series

Pastor Dwight Buckner shares his insider tips and biblical principles on what make Godly Marriages work and some things as men that we should be thinking about. Today in this video, we will learn about secret things you need to be successful. We will be live with Pastor Dwight Buckner the man married at first sight. Pastor Dwight Buckner is renowned for helping the people. He will brief us about the things you need to be successful in your life, in your business, in your relationship, and...


How to buy real estate using Self directed IRAs

To See this Live Interview Mindy is the Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, which is the go-to for all Self-Directed IRAs and they hold an astounding $4 billion in assets with over 22,000 investors. Mindy is in charge of helping clients learn the ins and outs of diversifying their portfolios. Mindy also has 20+ years of experience working with some of the biggest US banks (Old National Bank, etc) and as a sales consultant for multiple insurance consultancies! The Entrust...


Pornography Destroying your Marriage-Rosie Makinney Tips Can Help Save it

Ms. Rosie Makinney reveals her strategies and tips on how to save your marriage from the destructive nature of pornography while introducing you to the "Community" shift in mindset. Today, In this video, we will discuss with Rosie Makinney how to quit porn and Is it destroying your marriage ? When you become an adult and puberty hits you hard. You turned to porn addiction. Then turned to how to quit porn. For a time, the porn satisfies your 18+ needs but after some time you become addicted...


5 Critical things every man needs to know-Dr. Joe Martin explains

Dr. Joe Martin breaks down the steps and principles that men need to consider in manhood. These critical things are a must and you have to absolutely tune in. Today In this video Dr Joe Martin will reveal 5 critical things about becoming real man that everyone needs to know about this. These 5 critical things are about becoming the real man. Everyone needs to know about this becoming real man, to feel as a real man. In this video, Dr Joe Martin will shed light on the relation between man...


NJ Black Owned Drive In Theatre Mr Mrs Morris share their Story

The Morris' started the very first Drive In Movie Theatre located in New Jersey. Listen to their story as they explain what started this new venture and what its growing into. Lets Dive right in! In the span of just 6 months, Newark Moonlight Minema Drive In has established itself as an entertainment go-to in Brick City. But now the Newark Moonlight Minema Drive In Theater, known for playing classic films well-loved by many in the Black community. Ayana Morris made her mark in black history...


Jeff Bezos Business Strategies Secrets Revealed-Steve Anderson Live

Steve Anderson Literally wrote the book on the Business. In this Interview Mr. Anderson breaks downs the hidden secrets hidden within the pages of Amazon CEO Letters on how to run an effective business. Steve Anderson is an expert in strategic risk and business growth. Drawing on decades of experience in the insurance industry, he wrote The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, which has become a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and international bestseller. Steve...


Ryan Reger Talks how to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Ryan Reger Shares some of the Various virtual Passive Income Streams available to all of us and how to plan a better retirement. Welcome to Ryan Reger Secret Strategy of building Streams of Passive Income Online 2021 | Gentleman Style Podcast Today, in this video Ryan Reger will reveal the secret strategy of building streams of passive income Online 2021 | Gentleman Style Podcast All of you, who are struggling for building streams of passive income can benefit from his strategies. Who is...


30 Yr Master Barber Johnnie Bush explains the 85.5 Billion Dollar Hair Industry

Johnnie Bush, CEO of Bush Cutz Grooming Lounge shares the various revenue streams that can be found in the Hair salon and Hair Care Industry. Johnnie Bush, CEO, Master Barber is the Senior Management and Master Barber at Bushcutz Grooming Lounge. With over 22 years of barbering experience, he ensures all customers are provided with top notch customer service and satisfactory hair cutting results. He is the active liaison within our social media advertising campaigns, freelance Videographer...


Leading Sales Cycle Expert Andy Jacobs shares Business Strategies

Any Jacobs of the Jacobs Group, Teaches his fundamental strategies that Top Sales Professionals thirst for. Andy Jacob is Founder and CEO of The Jacob Group, bringing more than 20 years of executive experience founding and leading startups and high growth companies. Jacob is a pioneer in the fields of consumer finance, online customer acquisition, and consumer monetization. Jacob has been seen as a guest financial expert on CBS, ABC, NBC, Time Warner, and Bloomberg. Jacob’s companies...


Paranormal Tag Team Brandon Crotti Fiance Upcoming News

Brandon Crotti and Fiance Staci share their launch on the Paraflixx Network and what they have in the works with there latest investigation. Brandon "Fununiform" Crotti born and raised in Maryland, Ex Mixer partner and Microsoft, former professional gamer, Present Facebook partner Nominee for best ghost hunting series on Facebook of 2020. He loves being a mental health advocate and inspiring others to do the same. He also loves gaming and the afterlife and learning more on what happens...



Tech CEO Erica Nicole Holmes talks about what it costs to be the Boss in running your own Trucking Business. This is not for the faint of Heart. Erica Holmes aka Ms. Community, age 39, is a mother, entrepreneur, and an agent for change. She is the owner of the following: Simjonki Innovation Technology which focuses on managing IT and Simjonki Consulting Enterprise which handles her business investments, along with consulting other entrepreneurs how to level up in their businesses. She’s...


How to Make Work Optional in 3 to 5 years-Keith Blackborg CPA explains

Join Our Youtube Channel-Support the Show Keith Blackborg, CPA reached Financial Freedom within 10 years due to success as an investor and tax strategist. Keith and his wife Jessica have experience with domestic and international investments, including residential and commercial real estate, lending, startups, and paper assets. Keith served as the director of acquisitions for a hedge fund that transacted the largest private sale of homes in US history. He used to own a CPA firm focused on...


Tiny houses.....Gone Consider Investing in ADUs- Paul Wells Explains

Paul Wells Explains how Accessory Dwellings Unit's are changing the landscaping of Real Estate and how ADU's can change the trajectory of how you can make your property make you money or even care for your family. Paul Wells is Leading the charge in this Unique Real Estate Asset Class. Tiny houses are a thing of the past. Consider Investing in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's). The National ADU Association mission is to be a trusted ally in creating a network of individuals and businesses...