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If you are a Christian mom who sometimes feels overwhelmed, frazzled, or exhausted, you've come to the right place. Each week you'll hear practical tips, Biblical inspiration, and humor to help you gain clarity and focus so you can find the real balance you've been seeking.


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If you are a Christian mom who sometimes feels overwhelmed, frazzled, or exhausted, you've come to the right place. Each week you'll hear practical tips, Biblical inspiration, and humor to help you gain clarity and focus so you can find the real balance you've been seeking.




Mom Rage with Elizabeth Andreyevskiy, Part 2

Elizabeth is a Stress Coach for Christian moms, a Podcast Host, a mom of 4, a wife, and a believer. She’s here to help you reduce mental stress and overwhelm so you can respond with patience and calm. In Part 2 of our 2-Part conversation, Elizabeth explains why some moms have so much trouble regulating their emotions,she gives us 5 things that contribute to mom rage, and then leaves us with actionable steps you can take today to calm your mind. For show notes visit


Mom Rage with Elizabeth Andreyevskiy, Part 1

In Part 1 of our 2-part conversation, Elizabeth shares how she always considered herself to be a calm person…until she became a mom. After she had her 3rd child, she felt like she was losing control and had the wisdom to seek help. Now she's a Stress Coach for Christian moms and she's here to help you. Today she explains the difference between normal anger and destructive rage and how to know when you’ve crossed the line. For show notes visit Become a Patron...


Introducing Writing Off Social...My New Podcast!

Surprise! Today I release a brand new podcast: Writing Off Social (best podcast name EVER!). This is a weekly podcast for female Christian writers who want to grow and nurture their audience without social media. I’m co-hosting it with my friend and yours, Mary K Tiller. PLEASE GO TO APPLE PODCASTS AND CLICK FOLLOW! SHARE THE TRAILER FROM APPLE PODCASTS WITH A FRIEND OR POST IT TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Here's that link again:...


When Work is Hard: 5 Scriptures to Encourage and Strengthen You

Work for a lot of people–at least in my world–is challenging right now. As I consider the people I love, talk to regularly, and pray for, it’s weird that so many of them are struggling with work. Thankfully, the Bible has much to say about work. The Word of God speaks to our attitudes and our focus as we approach work. So, today, I’m sharing with you 5 scripture passages to encourage and strengthen you or your loved one when work is hard. Listen in. For show notes including a complete list...


What Do You Want?

I believe that true balance is the peace we have when our life aligns with our God-given priorities. So, in order for us to achieve balance, we must first determine those priorities. I’ve been on a journey to re-find my own balance and it has taken me back to revisit and re-define my God-given priorities. Why am I here doing this work? What am I committed to doing? And what do I refuse to do? If you’re new here, this episode is a little bit different than usual, but it will give you a good...


Heart-Based Parenting w/Laurie Christine

Today I welcome back to the podcast my new friend, Laurie Christine. She’s a mom to 4 boys, and also a certified Biblical Parenting Coach and seminar presenter through the National Center for Biblical parenting. Today she introduces us to Heart-Based Parenting, what it is and how it differs from other parenting styles. And then she gives us the first two of the seven tools for Biblical parenting. This is part 2 of our 2-Part conversation. For Part 1, listen to EP175. For show notes:...


God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle w/Laurie Christine

Today I welcome to the podcast my new friend, Laurie Christine. She’s a mom to 4 boys, the oldest of whom was diagnosed with a heart condition at the age of 3 months old that ultimately required multiple surgeries. Today in part 1 of our 2-part conversation, Laurie explains tangible ways she clung to God during this time, the best ways her community supported her, and what she thinks of the statement, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” For show notes:...


Why You're Always Tired

I’ve been doing a little mini-series on what to do when you’ve lost your balance. In EP172, I gave you 3 questions to ask yourself. Then in EP173, I offered 3 things to do next. And today, I’m addressing your energy levels. That's right. Today, I’m sharing 3 reasons you’re always tired and what to do about it. (And it probably isn't what you think). For show notes: Become a Patron of the show!


3 Things to Do When You've Lost Your Balance

Last week in EP172, I brought you into my actual real life and shared with you the fact that I, Sandy Cooper, have lost my balance and I’m on a mission to find it. And then I offered you 3 Questions to Ask Yourself: 1: What feels off-balance or what is wrong? 2: Why is this happening or what has shifted to cause this loss of balance? 3: What do I expect right now that is not happening? Today I’m continuing our conversation by giving you 3 Things to Do Next. For notes visit...


3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You've Lost Your Balance

Balance is the peace that comes when your life aligns with your priorities. But what happens when you had balance–-you had a good idea of what your priorities were and lived those out most days--but now you feel like you can’t quite get your footing? Today, I’m going to use my current actual real life as a case study–not after I have it all figured out and then look back and tell you what I did. Nope. Instead, I’m taking you through the process of finding my balance in real-time so you can...


One Habit You Can Do Every Day to Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter-Free with Lisa Lizotte

Is your home cluttered and disorganized? Do your kids walk through the house and drop their stuff everywhere? Are you buried under a mountain of laundry because you’ve never found a laundry system that actually works for you? Today is your day! I have my new friend Lisa Lizotte here from the Habits and Home Show to give you one habit you can do every day to keep your home clean and clutter-free but she ends up giving us so much more: A funny thing she often did as a child that was a giant...


Why You Need a Focus for the Year

Are you the person who LOVES choosing a word for the year? Or are you the one who has never chosen a word of the year? Does the thought of choosing just one word frustrate you? Scare you? Excite you? Irritate you? No matter where you are on the spectrum of feelings, I’m here for you. Join me while I share with you why you may want to choose a word, how to choose one, creative ways to apply the word, and what to do if you still don’t have one! For a transcript and other bonuses, become a...


What I Learned in 2022

It’s 2023! YAY! January is my absolute favorite month of the year. I am all about clean slates, fresh starts, and new goals. But before I go all goal-crazy, I love to first look back at the year prior and reflect on what I learned. Today I share 16 things I learned last year and introduce you to a new way you can support the show and connect with me. For a transcript of today's episode, become a Patron. For show notes, visit


Listener Q&A + Podcast Survey + Take a Social Media Break

Today I’m digging in the Balanced MomCast Mailbag and answering YOUR questions! I answer questions about relocating my family, transitions in general, and what to do when work leaves us no margin. I also have several important announcements including a huge book sale which may or may not still be going on when you are listening, the relaunch of my Make Social Media Small 7-Day Challenge, a new survey I need you to take, and a break that I’ll be taking. So much to do, so let’s dive in! For...


Confronting My Social Media Addiction, With Stefanie Gass

In the last couple of months since we started the Make Social Media Small series, I’ve had three different people tell me, “You’ve got to talk to Stefanie Gass.” And so I invited her to come and talk to all of us today. Stefanie is a podcaster and business owner and today she is here to share her story of social media addiction, how her life has changed since she drew firm boundaries around it, and what God spoke to her literally the day before we recorded. This is a Spirit-led conversation...


Encouragement for Entrepreneurial Moms Feeling Trapped by Social Media, Kate Merrick Part 3

This is Part 3 of a 3-part conversation with author Kate Merrick. Today Kate begins by speaking directly to the author or entrepreneurial mom who feels trapped by social media to run her business or sell her product. She doesn’t mince words about this and I love it. She also shares all the things that are on her To-Don’t List (she's got quite a few–one of them is just in time for Christmas.) And finally, she leaves all of us with some beautiful encouragement. Listen in. For show notes visit...


How Much Do You Want to Give Away to Strangers on Social Media? Kate Merrick Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 3-part conversation with author Kate Merrick. Today Kate describes what being “off the grid” looked like for the last months of her daughter’s life. And she suggests we ask ourselves some hard and honest questions about our own social media use, like “how much do I really want to give away?” We dive into the weird mom culture portrayed on Instagram and how it makes us feel. Note: I apologize for the poor audio in parts of this episode…we were having tech issues! For show...


Going Off the Grid with Kate Merrick, Part 1

When I was considering taking a one-year social media hiatus in 2019, a fellow writer told me to look up Kate Merrick. When I did, I discovered that we had a few things in common: We were both authors, we both love the ocean, and sadly we had both buried a child. I bought her book and savored it slowly with a highlighter in hand. At the time, she was the only published author in my genre that I knew of who had walked away from social media. And now we also have THAT in common. Today she’s...


A Thanksgiving Pep Talk for Moms

Thanksgiving is Thursday. (!) And if you are anything like me and struggle with overwhelm on a normal day, the holidays have the potential to throw you over the edge. All of a sudden you need to spend a bunch of money and go to a bunch of events and have a bunch of people in your home and cook a bunch of food you don’t normally cook or eat. Holidays are just hard for moms like us. So, I’m popping in here a few days early to give you a little Thanksgiving pep talk. And to tell you a...


Time Saving Systems + How to Use Them to Do Less But Better with Leah Remillet, Part 2

Today my new friend Leah Remillet returns for Part 2 of our conversation. Leah is the host of the Balancing Busy podcast, an international speaker, and the Anti-Hustle Business Coach. After collapsing on a trip to the zoo with her three babies, Leah knew she needed to make a change. Today she shares her proven strategies and systems that have given her back hours in her week. And she breaks it down for moms at every level of overwhelm. This episode is gold. Listen in. For show notes, visit...