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Mandarin Chinese Mp3 Audio Lessons, PDF Transcripts, Worksheets, Situational Dialogues and Chinese Character Videos

Mandarin Chinese Mp3 Audio Lessons, PDF Transcripts, Worksheets, Situational Dialogues and Chinese Character Videos




Mandarin Chinese Mp3 Audio Lessons, PDF Transcripts, Worksheets, Situational Dialogues and Chinese Character Videos




Lesson 003-1. Video Lesson. Writing Chinese Numbers.

Watch this video lesson and learn how to write numbers 1-10 in Mandarin Chinese as well as learn how to pronounce them. This lesson teachers some basics of Mandarin Chinese, and you will learn more in the following lessons. Please don’t forget to sign up in order to download the complete Chinese course with full …


Lesson 014-1. Video Lesson. Introduction in Chinese.

Watch and listen to this dialogue in Mandarin Chinese. We tried to make it as natural as possible. This lesson covers greetings, introduction and other basic expressions you can learn in our first audio lessons. Subscribed listeners will have access to a full PDF transcript of this lesson with a vocabulary section.

Lesson 001. Basic Greetings in Mandarin Chinese.

There are several basic greetings in Mandarin Chinese. In this lesson you will learn how to greet people you meet for the first time and also people you have not seen for a long time. You can start learning Mandarin Chinese from this lesson! To download ALL 200+ lessons with full PDF transcripts and worksheets, …


Lesson 035-1. Video Lesson-Bargaining in Chinese.

Watch and learn how to bargain in Mandarin Chinese. This is a video dialogue of lesson 35. This lesson is based on the vocabulary of the previous audio lesson with additional new words and expressions. Subscribed users will access a complete PDF lesson transcript for this video episode together with lesson 35 with English explanations …

Lesson 100. Visiting Hot Springs.

Learn situational dialogues, useful expressions and vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese about spa or hot springs in Taiwan. Find out why they are good for your health and body.


Lesson 102. How to Stay in Touch with Someone.

This lesson will teach you what to say if you have lost contact with your friend, and also how to stay in touch. Full word-for-word PDF transcript of this lesson is available at www.melnyks.com. Please signup to download PDF transcripts of all lessons, and to access ALL lessons in this Chinese course.


Lesson 101. Accidents Happen.

Accidents happen and that’s why we buy insurance, just in case. Learn many new and useful words, Chinese expressions, and listen to the situational dialogues in Mandarin Chinese.


Lesson 020. Travelling in China 2.

We continue to learn words and phrases useful when you travel in China. The dialogues are based on real-life situations and the language that you hear in these dialogues can be used right away, it is the language that people actually speak. The dialogues are recorded several times, with English translation and then only in …


Lesson 019. Travelling in China 1.

Have you ever thought about traveling to China? If you do plan to travel there, you will probably need to know some useful expressions in Mandarin Chinese to help you get around, find a hotel, change money etc. Even in the best Chinese hotels not everyone speaks English and when you go outside to the …


Lesson 077. Convincing People in Chinese.

From this lesson you will learn how to tell others to do or not to do something, how to convince someone in Mandarin Chinese. Learn about imperative mood. You will also pick up a lot of additional new and very useful vocabulary. Signup to access PDF transcript and listen to additional situational dialogues.


Lesson 276. Making a Small Talk.

Listen to this audio Mandarin Chinese lesson and learn new words and expressions. Full PDF transcript and worksheet are available for registered members, please signup on melnyks.com to download all audio lessons, full PDF lesson transcripts and more. More details are available at melnyks.com/amember/signup


Lesson 008. Let’s Talk About Hobbies.

What’s your hobby? What do you like to do? Find out about your special hobby and how to call it in Mandarin Chinese. Signup and become registered member to download ALL 200+ audio lessons with full PDF transcripts.


Lesson 007. Review Lesson.

Let’s review the key words in Mandarin Chinese, sentence patterns from previous lessons and learn new useful expressions. Signup to download this lessons review PDFs transcript and worksheets.


Lesson 005. What’s Your Name?

What’s your name? What’s your family name in Mandarin Chinese? Listen to this lesson and you will also learn a lot more! Download ALL 200+ lessons with full PDF lesson transcripts and worksheets after you signup and become a registered member.


Lesson 002. Chinese Tones and Pronunciation.

Chinese musical tones convey differences in meaning. In this lesson I will teach you how to pronounce them correctly. You can practice Chinese pronunciation with me. Don’t worry, I guarantee, with my lessons you will master your Chinese pronunciation and tones very well. In order to download all 200+ lessons with full PDF transcripts and …


Lesson 099. Year End Bonus.

In this lesson you will learn useful expressions and vocabulary related to the topic of paying a year-end bonus in China. Please signup to became a member to gain access to additional lessons, PDF transcripts of all lessons, extra situational audio dialogues and more.


Lesson 098. Expressing Condolences in Chinese.

This lesson will teach you expressions in Mandarin Chinese related to death, funeral, expressing condolences etc. You will also learn a bunch of other very useful vocabulary and sentence patterns in Mandarin Chinese. So download your Mp3 file, open a PDF transcript and start learning!


Lesson 097. Asking For a Refund.

In this lesson you will learn the vocabulary, situational dialogues and useful expressions about asking for a refund in Mandarin Chinese.


Lesson 096. Fast Food Restaurant.

Learn how to order food in McDonald’s and in a Chinese traditional fast food restaurant. This lessons offers a variety of new vocabulary, sentence patterns and useful daily expressions. Please signup to access all lessons in the course, including the PDF lesson transcripts and extra audio situational dialogues.


Lesson 095. Yellow Cow Tickets.

Everyone knows that sometimes it is very difficult to get a ticket to a concert or a train ticket simply because no more tickets are available. However, there are always people outside of the venue selling tickets. It is possible that you can purchase a ticket for less money than from the official source, especially …