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Join Vance Bastian, SA Collins, and their guests in weekly podcast discussions about LGBTQ storytelling in all genres and mediums


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Join Vance Bastian, SA Collins, and their guests in weekly podcast discussions about LGBTQ storytelling in all genres and mediums






S8Ep24: Sven Davisson + Wanda Sykes Im An Entertainer review

Sven Davisson returns to highlight Rebel Satori Press's recent and Pride Month Releases. We follow that up with news of their imprints - Queer Mojo, Queer Space, Arabi Manor, and The Library of Homosexual Congress. Then Baz and Vance rate and review Wanda Sykes' special "I'm An Entertainer," and close by sharing who won their weeks! https://rebelsatori.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/sven-davisson-of-rebel-satori-press/


S8Ep23: Lee Pulaski + The Marvelous Mrs Maisel review

Lee Pulaski returns with his audiobook White Christmas in the Desert, which he proudly gets to label "narrated by the author!" Then Baz and Vance rate and review The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and close by sharing who won their weeks! http://www.leepulaski.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/lee-pulaski/


S8Ep22: Christian Baines + Desert Fury review

Christian Baines delights us with his latest novel, My Cat's Guide to Online Dating. It's dark, it's sexy, and it plays in the shadows of mythology. Then Baz and Vance rate and review a Hollywood classic, Desert Fury, and close by sharing who won their weeks! https://www.christianbaines.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/christian-baines/


S8Ep21: John Musgrove + Something Special review

John Musgrove highlights his love of LGBTQ figures from our past while he shares his historic fiction novel Ginter's Pope with us. We discuss the same-sex legacies that helped shape Richmond, Virginia. Then Baz and Vance rate and review Hannah Gadsby's Something Special, followed by who won our weeks! http://www.quartermilepress.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/john-musgrove/


S8Ep20: Rob Osler + And Then We Danced review

Rob Osler brings his energy to the show to discuss his "quozy" mystery, Devil's Chew Toy. He shares his 2-minute pitch poem and we discuss what it means to be queer in the cozy genre. Then Baz and Vance discuss the foreign film And Then We Danced, followed by who won their weeks! https://robosler.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/rob-osler/ #quozy #cozy #mystery #cozymystery


S8Ep19: Daniel Land + Alex Borstein-Corsets and Clown Suits review

Daniel Land joins us to share his upcoming album, Out of Season. He leads us into a discussion about identity and memory, then we review Alex Borstein's Corsets & Clown Suits, followed by what won our weeks! https://www.danielland.co.uk/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/daniel-land/


S8Ep18: Just the 2 of Us + Do I Sound Gay review

Just the hosts this week, kicking off with our review of Do I Sound Gay, followed by a rollicking share of what won our weeks! http://www.wrotepodcast.com/just-the-2-of-us/


S8Ep17: J Marshall Freeman + Titans review

J Marshall Freeman returns to share his narrated-by-the-author release of The Dubious Gift of Dragon Blood! We then go in-depth on his process in audio storytelling, followed by our review of the final season of Titans, and finally share what won our weeks! http://jmarshallfreeman.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/j-marshall-freeman/


S8Ep16: Gayleen Froese + Only Murders in the Building review

Gayleen Froese returns to share her upcoming novel, The Man Who Lost His Pen. We talk about using setting to shape the story and geek out about languages a bit. We then review seasons 1 & 2 of Only Murders in the Building and share what won our weeks! http://gayleenfroese.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/gayleen-froese/


S8Ep15: Olivier Bosman + Can You Ever Forgive Me review

Olivier Bosman, creator of Audio Mystery Theatre, shares how he's worked to transform his mystery novels into a radio show-style podcast. We then review Can You Ever Forgive Me and share what won our weeks! https://www.olivierbosman.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/olivier-bosman/


S8Ep14: Marshall Moore + Brooklyn 9-9 review

Marshall Moore shares his memoir, I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing. We discuss everything from cosplaying normalcy, to his upcoming projects, to driving around Penzance. We then review Brooklyn Nine-Nine and share what won our weeks! https://marshallmoore.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/marshall-moore/


S8Ep13: Christopher Rice as C Travis Rice Bonus Episode

Christopher Rice, writing as C. Travis Rice, joins us to share his latest Sapphire Cove novel: Sapphire Storm. So if you're looking for a romance novel where a fitness celebrity tries to exact revenge on a pastry chef, and where the author subtly takes a stand against ageism, then tune in! http://www.wrotepodcast.com/christopher-rice/ http://www.christopherricebooks.com/


S8Ep12: Larry Altmayer + Magpie Murders review

Larry Altmayer, actor, producer, and writer, joins us to share his two films that are being sent to the film festivals: Favorite Son and Silver Fox. We discuss pursuing one's dreams and developing projects. We then review Magpie Murders and share what won our weeks! http://www.wrotepodcast.com/larry-altmayer/


S8Ep11: Brad Shreve + Bros review

Brad Shreve has embarked on a new podcast journey, Queer We Are, where he interviews normal folk and celebrities about the challenges they've faced and how they define their success. As though he were a guest on his own show, Brad shares his origin story with us while discussing the shows focus. We then review Bros with guest reviewer Albert Nothlit! http://www.wrotepodcast.com/brad-shreve/ https://www.queerweare.com/ https://www.albertnothlit.com/


S8Ep10: Eric Terino + The Power of the Dog review

Eric Terino, poetic bard of the modern era, joins us to share his recent album, Innovations of Grave Perversity! He then shares how he's collaborated with others in recent years, and closes with a live performance of "Felt" from the album! Then we review The Power of the Dog, offer an apology to author Fiona Shaw, and share what won our weeks! http://www.wrotepodcast.com/eric-terino/ https://www.ericterino.com/


S8Ep09: Zoe Briskey + Spoiler Alert review

Zoe Briskey, an exhilirating electronic pop artist from NYC, joins us to share her upcoming single, Better Than Ur Boyfriend! She then tells the hilarious story of the song's origin, and closes with highlighting her hilarious TikTok adventures! Then we review Spoiler Alert and share what won our weeks!


S8Ep08: Matthew Clark Davison + The World to Come review

Matthew Clark Davison, author of Doubting Thomas and the upcoming The Lab: Experiments in Working Across Genre, joins us to discuss the way his novel explores the sometimes daily fears LGBTQA+ folks STILL feel while at work and among well-meaning family. Then Liz Faraim joins us to review The World to Come! https://www.matthewclarkdavison.com/ https://lizfaraim.com/


S8Ep07: Liz Faraim + Tell It To The Bees review

Liz Faraim, our guest reviewer this month AND author of the Vivian Chastain series (Canopy, Stitches and Sepsis, Concussion and Contentment) shares her upcoming novels then helps us review Tell It To The Bees and shares what won her week! https://lizfaraim.com/ http://www.wrotepodcast.com/


S8Ep06: Annie Krabbenschmidt + Portrait of a Lady on Fire review

Annie Krabbenschmidt, author of Fred: An Unbecoming Woman, joins us to discuss a lifetime of coming out, identity, acceptance, and media influence. Then Liz Faraim joins us to review Portrait of a Lady on Fire! https://www.annsplain.com/ https://lizfaraim.com/


S8Ep05: Melanie Mitzner + Everything Everywhere All at Once review

Melanie Mitzner, author of the novel Slow Reveal, joins us to discuss building intimacy and trust in relationships and how that mirrors art, as well as capturing the 90s and NYC in her novel. She even reads a powerful 2-minute excerpt. Then Liz Faraim joins us to review Everything Everywhere All at Once! https://www.melaniemitzner.com/ https://lizfaraim.com/