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CBC Radio's Metro Morning keeps listeners informed about what's going on in Toronto and offers listeners an optimistic, sometimes humorous view of the world, together with the day's more serious news.

CBC Radio's Metro Morning keeps listeners informed about what's going on in Toronto and offers listeners an optimistic, sometimes humorous view of the world, together with the day's more serious news.


Toronto, ON


CBC Radio's Metro Morning keeps listeners informed about what's going on in Toronto and offers listeners an optimistic, sometimes humorous view of the world, together with the day's more serious news.




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Metro Morning Podcast Oct. 22 2021

"Now is the moment. Now is the time": a tribute to friends; Children's art exhibit at Royal Ontario Museum; weeping as strangers pass the finish line; seasonal work as a haunted house attendant.


Metro Morning Podcast October 15, 2021

Thornhill senior wins Boston Marathon: "I didn't run out of ...juice, y'know?"; Director X's Luminato film: "It does get a little wwooee and spiritual"; Iraqi-style shwarma; Harbourfront's hill of skulls


Metro Morning Podcast Oct 8 2021

Young engineering students meet and hang out for the first time on school steps; Indigenous Sci-fi that's not fiction; giant faces at Harbourfront; Toronto Book Awards; Suresh... and more.


Metro Morning Podcast Oct 5, 2021

Art of Alanis Obomsawin animated by Metis film maker Terril Calder for sound and light show on facade of Royal Ontario Museum; Raptors' season opener; introducing 'Sort Of'.


Podcast Metro Morning, October 1, 2021

'I felt like I was flung into the stars': being young and arriving in 1970s Toronto reveals life as one exhilarating narrow escape after another; Unique Orange shirt design funds Indigenous projects.


Metro Morning Podcast Sept 24 2021

GTA woman remembers her brother who dropped his studies in physics to become a journalist in Eritrea at grave personal peril; also interviews on Toronto visual arts and ballet.


Metro Morning Podcast Sept 17 2021

Jays games "so energetic people are losing their minds"; Stunt flyers & giant octopus at kite fest; Crossing guard playlists; love Little Jamaica; TIFF debut for GTA director; Suresh's Singapore fave.


Marek McLeod became a hit after the federal leader's debate. But he says the answers to his question was "disappointing."

Marek McLeod shares his expectations from the the next Prime Minister on reconciliation. Marek is Ojibway and based in Sault Ste. Marie.


Metro Morning Podcast Sept 7 2021

Passing down chess skills to young Hamilton basketball players; GTA 'Hot Zone' Principal advocates key supports for students, staff and parents.


Metro Morning Podcast Sept. 3, 2021

"Wonderful": local childhood friend admires new Hollywood superstar Simu Liu; "He would have thought it was amazing" Monarchs raised to honour Grandfather; decorating the classroom for 1st day of school.


An adventurer's guide to exploring Ontario

Solmaz Khosrowshahian from The Curious Creature travel blog joins the show to share places you can visit right here in Ontario.


Metro Morning Podcast Sept 1 2021

Montreal restaurant owner explains how personal QR codes of every guest will be checked at door; "I haven't come face to face with anybody who's got the shot": a discussion at Victoria Park subway.


Metro Morning Podcast Aug 27 2021

'Bana on the Block returns live music and "positive energy" to Eglinton W.; Suresh finds the Carb in Scarboro; GTA library a TikTok hit; inspiration from Charlie Watts.


Metro Morning Podcast - August 24, 2021

Mike Shoreman calls in from the middle of his journey to be the first person with a disability to cross international borders on a stand up paddleboard; Vasuki Shanmuganathan, founder of Tamil Archive Project, speaks about receiving a Heritage Toronto Award nomination; CBC's Mary Wiens speaks with Charles Catchpole, a Foodshare farmer who's reconnecting with his history by planting crops that have been grown for centuries by Indigenous peoples; Blaise Mutware, a member of Canada's Men's...


Metro Morning Podcast Aug 20 2021

"Haiti -- it's a spiritual country... Those songs are like a meditation... I have to live by": Toronto musician Dieufaite Charles channels the strength of Haitians as they suffer another earthquake.


Metro Morning Podcast Aug.18, 2021

Oshawa father of 9-year-old talks about his daughter's Covid infection despite precautions; Dr. Moore, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer explains preparations for growing cases in schools this fall.


Metro Morning Podcast - August 13, 2021

Metro Morning's food guide Suresh Doss visited three Indigenous chefs in the GTHA who are serving up a bit of their culture with their creative dishes; The annual Honey Jam Showcase has helped launched the careers of artists like Nelly Furtado, Haviah Mighty, Jully Black and Melanie Fiona. 13-year-old Azalyne was chosen to perform in this year's showcase and is hoping for some of the same magic; The Perseid meteor shower is underway and right now is the best time to view it. Astronomer Mike...


Metro Morning Podcast August 11, 2021

"A guy called David Lametti's on the phone for you": Avvy Go moves from Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic to Federal Judge; climate change is making wilderness survival tougher says expert.


Metro Morning Podcast Aug 10 2021

The memory of a friend is a companion and inspiration on a cycling trek; Brickworks gardener says practices from Indigenous agriculture can fight climate change.


Metro Morning Podcast Aug 9 2021

Bob Rae on what he learned from Bill Davis; Diana Matheson says "the foundation is here" for women's pro sports in Canada.