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Converting Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" from novel to TV show is no easy feat. With complex symbolism and a massive cast including Ian McShane and Crispin Glover, things will get hairy. That's why the American Gods podcast is here! Following on the heels of their hit "Westworld" podcast, the Shat on TV team works with the audience to explain old gods and new through interactive episodes and well-researched insights.


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Converting Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" from novel to TV show is no easy feat. With complex symbolism and a massive cast including Ian McShane and Crispin Glover, things will get hairy. That's why the American Gods podcast is here! Following on the heels of their hit "Westworld" podcast, the Shat on TV team works with the audience to explain old gods and new through interactive episodes and well-researched insights.








Ep. 39: American Gods - 310 - Tears of The Wrath-Bearing Tree

You want a major death? A plot twist? Revelations? Drama? Naked Ricky Whittle? The American Gods Season 3 finale had it all. In this edition of Shat on TV, Gene and Ash cover the symbolism of the World Tree, the tragedy of Shadow Moon's aspirations, the evolution of Laura Moon's character, and what's next for Starz' little show that could. American Gods Episode 10 Summary: Teetering on the edge of war and peace, the gods gather to mourn a loss; Bilquis' divine journey brings her to an...


Ep. 38: American Gods - 309 - The Lake Effect

Two massive storylines came to an end in Season 3, Episode 9: "The Lake Effect." Laura took her shot at Mr. Wednesday, and Shadow Moon took his shot at solving the disappearances in Lakeside. Did we see a new romance emerging? Did we see another romance end? Why was Czernobog so pivotal, and why does Ash believe this season has Stephen King's fingerprints all over it? Catch this edition of Shat on TV: American Gods before the upcoming season finale. American Gods Episode 9...


Ep. 37: American Gods - 308 - The Rapture of Burning

If "American Gods" didn't just deliver us its best episode, it certainly delivered its most complete. Odin and Tyr gave us action. Salim and the people of the Grand Peacock Inn gave us love and wonder. Technical Boy earned a few chuckles. Liam Doyle brought a new mystery, and Laura Moon (of all people) fostered compassion and cheers. American Gods Episode 8 Summary: Laura and Salim's quest forces them outside of their comfort zones as they learn to let go of their pasts; Shadow is...


Ep. 36: American Gods - 307 - Fire and Ice

In seven episodes, "American Gods" Season 3 has set the table for an exciting chess match between Tyr and Mr. Wednesday. "Fire and Ice" revealed the true hand behind recent events, broke Shadow Moon's sexual tension, struck a bargain between Mr. World and Laura Moon, and killed off Marilyn Manson. Ash decodes who "The Other" might be. Gene excitedly points out Ganesha, and Black Girl Couch writes in. American Gods Episode 7 Summary: In Lakeside, Shadow grows closer with Marguerite and...


Ep. 35: American Gods - 306- Conscience of The King

In American Gods' thirstiest episode to date, we get a good look at Mr. Wednesday's softer side and explore what's up with Technical Boy. "Conscience of The King" raised a few mysteries we try to crack: What is Artifact One? Who is Demeter's daughter? Why is Shadow Moon painting shirtless? Meanwhile, Sam Black Crow returned to the narrative, and Laura Moon actually gave us warm fuzzies.


Ep. 34: American Gods - 305 - Sister Rising

It's an all-Gene episode as disaster strikes the Shat on TV crew! This solo podcast covers Season 3, Episode 5 of American Gods: "Sister Rising." Gene Lyons adds to Technical Boy's original story, the Mechanical Turk, and Mr. Wednesday's newest grift. Ash calls in to talk Bilquis and the redefinition of characters, and Laura Moon gives us a lesson on the afterlife. American Gods Episode 5 Summary: Shadow explores notions of purpose, destiny and identity with a newly enlightened Bilquis....


Ep. 33: American Gods - 304 - The Unseen

An "American Gods" episode that made Gene emotional? Season 3, Episode 4 was the perfect mid-season addition to the series, giving Shadow more power, Laura more motivation, and viewers a powerful history lesson on slavery in America. In this edition, Ash shares her werewolf theory and explains how Bilquis' dance with Oshun illustrates themes of motherhood, ancestry, and belonging. And listeners write in to mourn Cloris Leachman and explain Salim's attachment to the Jinn. American Gods...


Ep. 32: American Gods - 303 - Ashes and Demons

Ash Schlafly joins the podcast to cover Season 3, Episode 3: "Ashes and Demons." In this Deep Dive, Shat on TV explores the history of Demeter, the newest "American Gods" goddess, and how she fits into the overall picture of a very Greek season. The search for Alison McGovern continues, triggering a discussion of racism as we dissect the scene between Shadow Moon and Chad Mulligan. And Ash reveals the deep parallels woven into Laura Moon's trip through purgatory. American Gods Episode 3...


Ep. 31: American Gods - 302 - Serious Moonlight

"American Gods" continued a strong third season with "Serious Moonlight," telling us more about Cordelia, Alison, Hinzelmann, thunderbirds, and Lakeside. Episode 2 added mystery and further humanized a growing list of characters while reintroducing gods and storylines from seasons past. Why is Tyr missing a hand? What was that last song all about? And what's the deal with the peacock? Listen for a chance to win a custom gift from The King Bee. American Gods Episode 2 Summary: Shadow...


Ep. 30: American Gods - 301 - A Winter's Tale

After a lengthy off-season, "American Gods" roared back to life with an impressive season premiere. Stronger dialogue, rich scenery, and camera discipline pulled us into the world as Shadow found his way through Wisconsin and Mr. World found a new face. In this Deep Dive, we explore American Indian mythology, a more human touch to the show, an improved Tech Boy, a more regal Bilquis, Laura's sacrifice, and why you should never touch another man's gris gris. American Gods Episode 1...


Ep. 29: American Gods - 300 - Season 3 Preview

The long wait is over! After a pandemic and behind-the-scenes battles delayed production, "American Gods" returns for Season 3 on January 10. The King Bee and Gene Lyons are back with a look at what's happened since Season 2, who's coming back, and multiple ways to pronounce "Chic Eglee." The Shat Crew also introduces listeners to some new characters, and cautions against ever watching "Marvel's Inhumans." Season 3 Overview: The third season of American Gods, based on Neil Gaiman's novel...


Ep.28: American Gods - 208 - Moon Shadow

American Gods' season two ended with "Moon Shadow," not what we typically expect from a season finale. There wasn't much resolution, heart-pounding action, or massive reveals. And we were left with more questions than answers: Is Mad Sweeney really dead? Why did Wednesday flee? How does the World Tree work? Does Salim own a different shirt? The King Bee dives deep into Orson Welles' "War of The Worlds" while Gene Lyons examines the new Tech Boy and how his powers might make him a god unlike...


Ep.27: American Gods - 207 - The Treasure of The Sun

Welp, we finally found a character we really liked, and Season 2 Episode 7 took him away. Will "American Gods" be able to fill the gap left by Sunday's shocking death? And will Odin ever be able to retrieve Gungnir? The King Bee has the answers. Gene Lyons maps out the complex storytelling behind Mad Sweeney's three life tales: There Once Was a Girl, I Was A King, and Battling Balor. Find out how they fit together to fulfill the Mad Sweeney prophecy. Plus hear a voicemail from Ash Schlafly...


Ep.26: American Gods - 206 - Donar The Great

"American Gods" really strutted its stuff with Episode 6 of Season 2, going burlesque for the most entertaining installment of the series to date. Find out what set "Donar The Great" apart and get the history on American Gods' newest character, Columbia. The King Bee deep dives into the myriad mythical references made in Episode 6, and Gene highlights the moment American Gods finally made him laugh in a good way. Plus hear listener mail from Kenny P and Emily Jasper. Leave a Review -...


Ep.25: American Gods - 205 - The Ways of The Dead

"The Ways of The Dead" —episode 5 of American Gods' second season— tackled racism in America, showed us just how graphic STARZ is willing to get, and finally gave us the Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney sex scene we never knew we wanted. Along the way, we were dragged through barrage of historical and mythical allusions, including: And you bet your ass King Bee and Gene Lyons dug into every one. Plus, we get another voicemail from listener Tequila Mockingbird and an email from American Gods...


Ep.24: American Gods - 204 - The Greatest Story Ever Told

"The Greatest Story Ever Told" —episode 4 of American Gods' second season— was so different from previous episodes that we thought we'd tuned into the wrong show. The tone was different. The cast was different. And then we realized we might be witnessing the birth of a god for the first time. Things got downright explosive this week, as Technical Boy triggered some unexpected feels, listeners sent us some unexpected voicemails, and several gods delivered some unexpected hot takes on...


Ep.23: American Gods - 203 - Munnin

"Munnin" —episode 3 of American Gods' second season— showed us Mr. Wednesday really is pulling the strings behind many of our favorite characters. It also showed us a different side of Ricky Whittle when Shadow Moon loosened up for juuuust a second. New Media finally arrived on the scene and wasn't quite what we expected. Then things got REALLY unexpected as she ... interfaced with the god of surveillance, Argus. Iktomi and Sam Black Crow added Native American viewpoint to the...


Ep.22: American Gods - 202 - The Beguiling Man

It's just a bit of fun! Magic is in the air as we record our loosest American Gods podcast yet. Gene gets the giggles. The King Bee gets WAY geeky about comic books, and listener Kenny P calls in with a choice voicemail. After the end credits, stay tuned for The King Bee's tale of Odin's eight-legged horse, Ol' Slippy. Season 2's second installment showed us "American Gods" still has a few tricks up its sleeve: Mr. Wednesday painting the modern world in ancient terms, Shadow Moon's...


Ep.21: American Gods - 201 - House on The Rock

"American Gods" returned with its second season, and we're pleasantly surprised! "House on The Rock" gave us a more coherent presentation, a more likable Laura Moon, and a spectacular look at its namesake roadside attraction. Pablo Schreiber, Ian McShane, Orlando Jones, and Emily Browning all are punching about their weight in this season premiere. And they need to, because Ricky Whittle's Shadow Moon is the weak link in the chain. As Gene Lyons and the King Bee start to believe in...


Ep.20: American Gods - Season 2 Preview

Missed Season 1 of "American Gods"? Curious about Season 2? Just need a refresher? The King Bee and Gene Lyons recap all eight episodes of the first season in short order as the world prepares for Starz' release of "American Gods" Season 2. Learn which stars are coming back to the show, which are gone for good, and which new faces you can expect to see. Plus, explore the fascinating chaos that happened behind the scenes in the two years since we last saw Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday. Get...