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DATE WITH DANIEL is a candid chat show featuring up close and personal conversations with the movers and shakers, creators and innovators of today. The show features national and international personalities from the worlds of entertainment, social media, fashion, news and politics.




DATE WITH DANIEL is a candid chat show featuring up close and personal conversations with the movers and shakers, creators and innovators of today. The show features national and international personalities from the worlds of entertainment, social media, fashion, news and politics.




Chloe Wilde Spills The Beans On Being a Woman, Entertainment & #HealthyIsHott

Adored for her genuine enthusiasm and positivity, Montréal native Chloe Wilde emerged in 2013 as the winner of the Much VJ Search and has since brought her fresh perspective and outgoing personality to her role as host of E! in Canada. Most recently, Chloe added Reporter for Canada’s #1 Entertainment Show, Etalk, to her ever-growing resume. Growing up, Chloe dreamed of following in her grandparents’ footsteps as entertainment insiders – her grandmother was a pioneer in the Montreal Burlesque...


Aveda Canada CEO Ray Civello On Success & Teaching

Ray Civello, the President & CEO of Collega International and Aveda Canada is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his career. And just in time for this milestone, Ray has launched his philanthropic book of portraits of children in Madagascar called ONE LIFE. I joined Ray at his one night only pop up gallery in Toronto where he spoke to me about his 40 successful years in the biz and the power of teaching and giving back. Check it out! Like, Follow and Interact for more of DATE WITH DANIEL: ►...


Pooja Handa On Caffeinated Mornings & Making Your Mark

She's your morning gal, and she greets you with a LOAD of energy every day. (Side Note: She drinks no coffee in the am...whaaaa?!) Pooja Handa is so down to earth and so lovely in person - so youthful, yet so wise and full of great advice. In this interview, Pooja Handa opens up about her journey in media - from finding her confidence and knowing what she was good at, to creating her own opportunities and inspiring others. This interview is a must-see. Tune in every Thursday for more...


Karlyn Percil Discusses Shame, Owning Her Voice & Discovering Her Path To Success

This chat with Karlyn Percil goes beyond just a regular one-on-one interview, it provides multiple nuggets of wisdom that will help you live your BEST LIFE. Having appeared on top TV networks internationally, including the Oprah Winfrey Network, Karlyn Percil is a success coach, motivator and public speaker extraordinaire and she’s also the creator of the Success Planner, which is a tool I use every, single day. I met Karlyn at the start of 2017, and it was meant to be. Immediately after...


Pamela Mala Sinha On CRASH, Surviving Rape & Cultural Expression

This is probably one of the most candid interviews I have had the pleasure of being a part of for #DateWithDaniel since the inception of the show. Why? Because this interview delves so deeply into various aspects of the human experience, and how beautifully they can be expressed from an artistic perspective. This interview features the wonderfully talented actress and playwright, Pamela Mala Sinha. For years I heard so much about her one woman theatrical production called CRASH. After all,...


Natasha Koifman Celebrates 15 Years Of NKPR, Chats Motherhood, Entrepreneurship & Life Lessons

Natasha Koifman is considered Toronto royalty, and rightfully so. She's been running one of Toronto's top PR agencies, NKPR for over a decade and just recently celebrated her 15 year Crystal Anniversary. I had the opportunity to attend Natasha's anniversary soiree, and caught up with her just before guests rolled in. In this candid conversation, Natasha opened up about 15 years of running her own business, having a child at a young age, and the life lessons she's learned over the years. Tune...


Mani Jassal On Her Dislike For Indo-Western & Fusion Fashion Designs

Fashion Designer Mani Jassal is more than just a young entrepreneur, or budding fashion designer - she's a creative visionary, and her passion for the craft and her relentless pursuit of success is a testament to this. On this episode of Date With Daniel, I speak to Mani Jassal, one-on-one in her showroom about her passion for fashion and why the stars are loving her tasty mix of the east and west. Mani also opens up about her childhood and why her fashions are more than just clothes - they...


Robert Ball On Musical & Personal Growth

This interview with Robert Ball is full of some of my fave things: music, laughter and an artist whose truly grown in his career and wants to share it with the world. In this interview I speak to Robert about one of his recent singles "You" which has just been re-released. At this time in his career, Robert was just starting to create original music. And now, almost a year later, I am so happy that he didn't stop. Robert has just released his new single "Breathe" and this interview gives you...


Manj Musik Releases His First Slow Song "Kudi Baeymaan"

Manj Musik is melody personified! With alluring vocals and a knack for catchy hooks - there's no wonder how the music maestro has risen to the top of the pop music pack in just under a decade. During the summer of 2016, I joined Manj Musik on the set of his first slow song EVER, called "Kudi Baeymaan". After listening to the song, I was hooked, but quite surprised that it was Manj's first slow jam considering his comfort with the genre. In this episode of #DateWithDaniel I catch Manj between...


Tracy Moore On Being A Black Woman In Media

The last time I spoke to Cityline's Tracy Moore on #DateWithDaniel, I got to meet the many faces of who she was as a woman, daughter, mother and wife. Now, I sit down and chat with Tracy once more, this time just minutes before she took the stage at Pandora Jewellery's #DoTalks Female Empowerment Panel. In this interview Tracy reveals what fuels her passions and her responsibility as a black woman in media. A must watch interview with one of Canada's finest journalists and media...


Jessica Mulroney On Managing A Family & Creating A Difference

On this episode of Date with Daniel, Lifestyle Expert and Media Personality Jessica Mulroney gets candid about being a wife, mother and business woman. I had the chance to speak to her moments before she took the stage to speak at #DoTalks, a female empowerment panel hosted by Pandora Jewelry where she opened up about the elements that make her the woman she is today, the importance of being a good mother and wife, and about how she gives back meaningfully and with purpose. Be sure to tune...


Janette Ewen On Overcoming Her Fear Of Public Speaking

I am so excited to have Designer and Lifestyle Expert Janette Ewen back on the DATE WITH DANIEL hot seat... and boy does she have a story! Can you believe that Janette has stage fright? Yes it's true! Public speaking makes her nervous and in this interview I'm ironically speaking with her just moments before she went on to give a speech to a large audience! But despite having these fears, Janette always pushes through and makes it to the finish line. In this #SuccessSeries edition of...


Diply's Kirstine Stewart On Finding Your Voice & Climbing The Ladder

She's the author of Our Turn, which chronicles her experiences as a woman climbing the ladders in a male doiminated world. Having been the head of programming at CBC, CEO of Twitter Canada and now the Chief Strategy Officer at Diply, Kirstine has got some advice worth listening to. I had the chance to touch base with Kirstine at a Women's Day panel at Andrews Clothing Store this month, and here's what she's got to say about finding your voice. Be sure to tune in every Thursday for a brand...


Big Brother Canada Host Arisa Cox On Media & Life In the #BBCAN House

I met Arisa Cox back in 2011 and it literally was love at first slice, haha! We met at the gigantic green carpet ceremony for the 2011 IIFA Awards being held in Toronto that year. We star gazed together, talked about Bollywood and Hollywood and randomly strolled off to have a slice of pizza together. What struck me about Arisa was her insane energy, always positive attitude and her ability to strike up a conversation with anyone. This is why she is so good at what she does. Watch this...


Abhishek Chaubey On Challenging The Status Quo In Indian Cinema

He's the man behind some of Bollywood's biggest hits such as 'Udta Punjab' and 'Dedh Ishqiya' and director Abhishek Chaubey shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. He's turning Producer for the first time with 'A Death In The Gunj' which had its premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and it also marks the directorial debut of Bollywood Actress Konkona Sen Sharma. So why did Abhishek decide to join this project, and what's his take on Indian cinema today? Find out... Be...


'Below Her Mouth' Brings Lesbian Relationships To The Big Screen at TIFF 2016

Representation is key when it comes to marginalized communities and identities - I am a strong believer of this! Being from the LGBTQ community myself, I know how important it is to feel that you're apart of your community, and to also see yourself, your stories and your experiences reflected in cinema. So when I met the women behind Canadian film "Below Her Mouth", I HAD to speak to them. Below Her Mouth is one of the boldest and sexiest dramas of the year, April Mullen's Below Her...


Richie Mehta Collaborates With Anurag Kashyap & Ridley Scott For Google's "India In A Day" Project

Vivek Shraya's work has always inspired me. Deeply rooted in her experience with negotiating identity, sexuality and being South Asian - her work has always sparked debate and encouraged us all to have uncomfortable, but healthy conversations. Right from the first book I read of hers "God Loves Hair" to her most recent "Even This Page Is White" and all the songs, poems and short films in between, Vivek is an inspirational force to reckon with. In this interview, Vivek opens up about her...