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Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!

Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!




Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!






Ep 446 - Criminal Minds Evolution Interview, GOTG, Wednesday & More

Criminal Minds is back, with even more edge! Criminal Minds Evolution is now streaming on Paramount+, and we couldn't wait to catch up with some members of the cast. Hear us talk to longtime cast members Joe Mantegna and Kirsten Vangsness, and also this season's Unsub, Zach Gilford. They talk about what it's like to be back, how this season feels like a new season and how they were able to push the limits. WATCH CRIMINAL MINDS EVOLUTION, NOW STREAMING ON PARAMOUNT+! How good was Thanksgiving...


Ep 445 - Rogue Heroes Interviews, Tulsa King & More

Let's go rogue! We were so excited to talk to the stars and creator of the new EPIX series Rogue Heroes this week. Hear us get some great insight from writer and creator Steven Knight, as well as cast members Connor Swindells (Stirling), Alfie Allen (Jock) and Jack O'Connell (Paddy). They talk about what makes the show so unique, why these different men were able to find common ground and the tough filming conditions that they faced. WATCH ROGUE HEROES EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT ON EPIX! We also...


Ep 444 - Yellowstone, Transformers Earthspark, Circuit Breakers Interviews & More

We're getting an early start on having a full table at Thanksgiving! There are so many interview guests on the show, you're bound to find something you love. We'll start out talking to Gil Birmingham about Season 5 of Yellowstone. He'll talk about Rainwater's motives this season, having John Dutton as Governor, if they share any common ground and much more. SEASON 5 OF YELLOWSTONE PREMIERES SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH ON PARAMOUNT NETWORK! There's also a new Transformers series that we couldn't...


Ep 443 - MultiVersus Interviews, Titans S4 & More

It's time to team-up and smash 'em up! If you're playing MultiVersus from WB Games, you'll love the interviews we have on the show this week. Matthew Lillard and Tara Strong stop by to talk about voicing Shaggy and Harley Quinn in this very unique game. They'll also give insight into the characters that they have been playing for years. You'll also hear from WB Games Executive Producer Sheloman Byrd and Game Director and Co-Founder of Player First Games Tony Huynh. They'll talk about the...


Ep 442 - Gotham Knights Interviews, Tales of the Jedi & More

Gotham finally puts the spotlight on the Family. Gotham Knights is finally available, and we have some guests this week to give you some great inside info! Hear part of our roundtable interview with Narrative Director Ann Lemay and the voice of Batgirl, America Young. They'll give you great insight into the new game, what kind of Batgirl we can expect and a lot more. Plus we'll re-play part of our interview with Robin himself, Sloane Morgan Siegel. GOTHAM KNIGHTS IS AVAILABLE NOW FROM WB...


Ep 441 - The Peripheral & Ghostwriter Interviews & More

Are we real or just VR? This week we'll chat with the stars and the producers of the new Prime Video series, The Peripheral! Hear from Lisa Joy, Vincenzo Natali, Jonah Nolan, JJ Feild, T’Nia Miller and Gary Carr about this mind bending new series. Hear more about the unique settings, how the characters connect to one another and some of the crazy tech you'll see on the series. THE PERIPHERAL IS NOW STREAMING ON PRIME VIDEO! There's another great show that is starting it's third season on...


Ep 440 - Realm Noir Roundtable Interviews & More

Break out the trench coats! It's our first Realm Roundtable interview with some of the best Noir series creators on the network. We're talking to Ryan Patch & Carina Green (creators of City of Ghosts), Joel Metzger (creator of Hothouse Bruiser) and Marco Palmieri (Realm story exec & producer for The Shadow Files of Morgan Knox)! We talk about what makes a good noir show, what tropes they wanted to avoid, how they found themselves in this genre and much more. Plus, hear details about each...


Ep 439 - Loungefly, Tresure State Interviews & More

Look week we're looking geek chic! We couldn't make it to NYCC, so we wanted to bring Loungefly to you. We're talking to Liz DeSilva and Derrick Baca, the VPs of Creative and Innovation at the premiere style brand Loungefly. They talk about some of their NYCC exclusives, working in conjunction with Funko, how the brand and their bags have involved and much more. Plus, find out if your fan feedback really matters when it comes to new and upcoming products! Be sure to support the local...


Ep 438 - Monster High The Movie Interview, Hocus Pocus, Deadpool & More

Spooky season is here and we're not playing around. We're talking about Monster High finally getting the live action treatment with Monster High: The Movie and we'll get you ready with one of the stars. Jy Prishkulnik joins us this week to talk about bringing Cleo De Nile to life in the upcoming movie. She'll talk about that mean girl energy, how she got into character, her longtime love for the Monster High franchise and so much more. She might even tease what might be next for the big toy...


Ep 437 - On The Come Up Interviews, Andor, Quantum Leap & More

We're headed to the arena this week! On The Come Up is now streaming on Paramount+ and we have a couple of the stars on our show this week to talk about it. You'll hear from Sanaa Lathan (Director/Jay) and Jamila Gray (Bri/Lil Law) talk about putting the rap battles together, the family aspect of the story, telling an authentic Eastside story and much more. ON THE COME UP IS NOW STREAMING ON PARAMOUNT+! We also have some BIG reviews this week, starting with the extra sized premiere of Andor...


Ep 436 - Bugs Bunny Builders, Craig of the Creek, We Baby Bears Interviews & More

This week's episode is a little looney! We got to speak to so many talented people from so many great Warner Bros. Animation shows at Comic-Con, that we're going back to share them all with you. You'll hear about Bugs Bunny Builders from Eric Bauza (voice of Bugs, Daffy, Tweety & more), showrunner Abe Audish and Chandni Parekh (voice of Lola) about that new pre-school aged series on Cartoonito. You'll also hear from the talented We Baby Bears group including Calvin Wong, showrunner, Connor...


Ep 435 - Vampire Academy Interviews, Thor: Love & Thunder & More

School's in session, and it's bloody good! This week, we catch up with the cast of Vampire Academy before the series premieres September 15th on Peacock. We're talking to Daniela Nieves (Lissa), Sisi Stringer (Rose), Kieron Moore (Dimitri) and André Dae Kim (Christian) about this new, magical vampire series. Hear them talk about the connection between their characters, why this series is so unique, preparing for the action scenes and much more. WATCH VAMPIRE ACADEMY, THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH...


Ep 434 - AEW Wrestling Interviews, Lord of the Rings & More

This week we are All Elite! We're talking to the stars of AEW wrestling before their biggest PPV event of the year, All Out. They joined us at a Comic-Con roundtable this year and gave us some very candid insight into the company. Hear from CM Punk, Jade Cargill, Britt Baker, Orange Cassidy, Darby Allin and Chris Jericho talk about what sets AEW apart in the wrestling business, what the future looks like and even some hot takes! Watch AEW: All Out on PPV this Sunday, September 4th! Lord of...


Ep 433 - Stargirl & Echoes Interviews & More

The residents of Blue Valley have some new neighbors! Season 3 of DC's Stargirl returns to The CW this Wednesday, and we have the best possible guest to get you ready. Brec Bassinger, Stargirl herself, joins us on the show this week to talk all about Season 3. We'll talk about the ISA trying to become upstanding citizens, the return of Starman, the status of the Whitmore-Dugan family and more. Plus, Brec tells us about a fun behind the scenes moments that fans thought was a Season 3 spoiler!...


Ep 432 - House of the Dragon, Hamster & Gretel Interviews & More

Dragons made them kings, and we're about to find out why! House of the Dragon premieres on HBO Max this Sunday, and we wanted to get the scoop from the ones who are doing a deep dive. We're talking to the hosts of The Official Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon podcast, Jason Concepcion (X-Ray Vision) and Greta Johnsen (WBEZ's Nerdette podcast). We ask them about their different entrance into the Game of Thrones fandom, the book versus show comparison, their experience with the incredible...


Ep 431 - The Orville, Tales of The Walking Dead Interviews & More

We're covering so many amazing shows this week! We're starting with The Orville: New Horizons from Hulu, and now Disney+ as well! Hear us talk to cast members Anne Winters (Ensign Charly Burke), Penny Johnson Jerald (Dr. Claire Finn), Chad L. Coleman (Klyden), Peter Macon (Lt. Commander Bortus) as well as Brannon Braga (Executive Producer) and Tom Costantino (Co-Producer) about Season 3 and beyond! Some great insight into the series, and some hilarious story as well. STREAM THE ORVILLE NEW...


Ep 430 - The Sandman Interviews, Motherland: Fort Salem, Batgirl & More

This week's show is a dream! We're talking about The Sandman, which is now streaming on Netflix, with the cast and creators of the show 30 years in the making. You'll hear us talk to Boyd Holbrook (The Corinthian), Jenna Coleman (Johanna Constantine), Vanesu Samunyai (Rose Walker), Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer), Neil Gaiman (Creator, Exec. Producer), Allan Heinberg (Exec. Producer, Showrunner) and Vivenne Archeampong (Lucienne) about bringing this magical world to life on screen and giving...


Ep 429 - SDCC 2022 Recap Part 2: Green Lantern, Funko, 3rd Rock Interviews & More

THIS IS IT! Part 2 of our Comic-Con 2022 Recap show, and it's one of our biggest shows of the year. Not only do we wrap up all of the biggest news from the event, we talk about more of our experiences and share some incredible interviews. We start with the cast and creative team from Green Lantern: Beware My Power! Hear more about this new animated film from Aldis Hodge, Jimmi Simpson, Jamie Gray Hyder, Brian Bloom, Jeff Wamester, Ernie Altbacker and John Semper. GREEN LANTERN BEWARE MY...


Ep 428 - SDCC 2022 Recap Part 1 Featuring Dominic Monaghan & PJ Lewis

Comic-Con is BACK! After a long three year wait, we return to San Diego to bring you Part One of our coverage from the biggest event in entertainment. We're bringing you interviews, news and coverage from both inside and outside of the convention center. You can hear us chat with Dominic Monaghan about his role in the Audible podcast series, Moriarty: The Devil's Game. Hear him talk about this new chapter in the world Sherlock Holmes, working with Phil Lamarr and much more. You can listen to...


Ep 427 - Farzar & Rutherford Falls Interviews, Ms. Marvel, Resident Evil & More

Exploring new communities on this planet and beyond! First we'll stop by the new Netflix animated series Farzar to talk to the star and creators! Lance Reddick, Roger Black and Waco O'Guin stop by to talk about this crazy new animated sci-fi adventure, the unique character designs and the no limits comedy of the series. Plus, we ask Lance if we'll ever see him as the live action Renzo with those golden locks! WATCH SEASON 1 OF FARZAR, NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX! We also head to Rutherford...