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Cameron has never watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's about to change with the help of his faithful and hilarious companions, Bobi; the passionate fan, and Rob; who hasn't seen it since childhood. Engage!

Cameron has never watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's about to change with the help of his faithful and hilarious companions, Bobi; the passionate fan, and Rob; who hasn't seen it since childhood. Engage!


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Cameron has never watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's about to change with the help of his faithful and hilarious companions, Bobi; the passionate fan, and Rob; who hasn't seen it since childhood. Engage!




118 - The First Duty (JAG Revelations & Diamond Formations)

The gang takes a trip to Earth to visit Ramon and discuss the truth of "The First Duty!" Wesley gets ghosted, Picard hides a body, and Worf torpedoes the evidence. Meanwhile Cameron learns Tom Paris is not He-Man, Rob says something cool, Bobi enjoys tequila for breakfast, Ramon distresses his dog, and John invokes Starship Troopers. All this plus college hi-jinks stories! Engage! Pick up some Green Shirt Merch


117 - Cause & Effect (Cheers Blokes & Running Jokes)

Shawn Allred joins the gang to relive all their favorite moments from "Cause and Effect!" Data perfects his smack talk, Riker has a foot console, and Picard gets a booty call. Rob forgets which Bluth he is, Shawn remodels his college without telling anyone, Cameron gives a speech with the wrong tone, John tells a joke for an audience of one, and Bobi hates on the best uniform in Starfleet. All this plus a game of "Top 3!" Engage! Check out Cheapseat Reviews (and listen to Cam's episode on...


116 - The Outcast (Space Pockets & Double Entendres)

Doctor of human sexuality, Helen Shepard joins the gang to solve gender and discuss sexual organs with "The Outcast." Geordie asserts his masculinity, Rikers sets a mouse trap, and Worf gets a whooping. Meanwhile Cameron receives "The Talk," Bobi sees genitalia everywhere, Rob becomes a pronoun, and Helen believes in hand and mouth stuff. Engage! Check out Helen's work with Trek Theater Facebook YouTube Twitter Pick up some Green Shirt Merch


115 - Ethics (Broken Backs & Medical Quacks)

Jesse drops in like a barrel full of chlorinide to cut open the episode "Ethics" and discovers that we're as split as Worf's spine! Worf tries out his son's hoverboard, Pulaski hacks the replicator, and Picard plays Fek'lhr's advocate. Meanwhile Cameron imagines O'Brien's midnight activities, Bobi admires one of Worf's body parts, Rob solves the mystery of Worf's chair, John wants to see cha'DIch stuff, and Jesse imitates all the characters! Engage! Check out Jesse with Cameron and John on...


Bonus Episode - Picard by the Yard

Here's the audio-only edition of our live appearance on Strange New Pod's Captain Picard Week podcast festival! They say the clothes make the man, so we're stripping down Captain Picard one outfit at a time! We discuss his uniforms, casual wear, cosplay, and disguises! Watch the live video, complete with visual aids on You Tube


114 - Power Play (Angry Eyes & Milk Daddies)

Marcy returns (though she can't remember why) to discuss the great acting and creepy scenes of "Power Play!" Picard doesn't believe in ghosts, River goes full Pee-Wee, and Worf is well padded. Meanwhile Cameron doesn't know his triangles, Rob 'splains the dingus, John finds war crimes hilarious, and Marcy's attitude is indicated. Engage! Visit Marcy on Tik Tok Pick up some Green Shirt Merch


113 - Conundrum (Amnesia Sex & Nicknames)

Kate Sprout brings chips and salsa to stay up all night with us and watch "Conundrum!" Troi gets greasy, Worf solves erectile dysfunction, and Riker goes shopping in Alaska. Meanwhile, Rob teaches us about Star Wars, Bobi makes a sash, Cameron earns Rob's approval, Kate catches Picard drinking, and John cheats at Sim City. Engage! Pick up some Green Shirt Merch


112 - The Masterpiece Society (Hand Waving & Chaos F**king)

Katie Watkins was genetically designed to help us discuss the imperfections of "The Masterpiece Society!" Picard becomes a priest, Troi's got her headphones in, and Geordie lends his visor to the Enterprise. Meanwhile Bobi gets triggered, Rob doesn't see sex, Cameron makes agency dirty, John plants his flag, and Katie gets visited by a human sized beetle. Engage! To hear more from Katie and her podcast, Anything But That: Instagram Podcast on Anchor Pick up some Green Shirt Merch Check...


111 - Violations (Mind Probes & Coma Lighting)

CW: Rape discussions both serious and irreverent Green Shirt goes international as Paul and Geoff join us to get mind probed by "Violations!" Keiko chugs ink, Riker clearly doesn't have kids, and Troi uses Kirk-Fu. Meanwhile, Cam makes dinner parties awkward, Bobi talks nipples, Rob earns the 'B' word, Paul wants to be named after a fruit, and Geoff assures us he has a normal forehead. Engage! To hear more from Paul and Geoff and their podcasts check them out on Twitter: MCU Corner 2...


Bonus Episode - Tasha Yar Retrospective

With the last appearance of Sela, it seems the Tasha Yar chapter of TNG has come to a close. Marcy returns to yap about Yar on this special Crosby-cast! We discuss Tasha's legacy through her appearance in season 1, later season mentions, her time-twisting return in Yesterday's Enterprise, her Linda Hamilton-esque sister, and the stolen potential of her daughter, Sela. Marcy realizes the error of her cat theory, Rob wants a gas leak on the Enterprise, John's joke gets talked over, and Cameron...


110 - Hero Worship (Little Datas & Murderous Children)

The gang go full droid and offer up their frank evaluations of "Hero Worship!" Data reenacts Superman 3, Geordie is a pyro, and Picard gets better at surfing. Rob builds LEGO alone, Bobi goes full NPR, Cam has a cameo in the subtitles, and John just tells it like it is. All this and more in a very traumatic episode of Green Shirt. Engage! Pick up some Green Shirt Merch Tune in to the Captain Picard Week Podcast Festival Check out Cam and John on the Sudden But Inevitable Podcast Listen...


109 - New Ground (Forgotten Kids & Worf Logs)

Mark and Joe from the Digital Dissection podcast joins us on a field trip into "New Ground" where we surf the soliton waves and try to remember our kids' birthdays. Data can't nerd, Riker visits the Mos Eisley Cantina, and Worf forgets his wart cream. Rob finally lets his emotions settle in, Bobi misses the teen wolf, Cam takes a vow of secrecy, Mark jumps on a hippogriff and Joe thinks birds are stupid. Engage! Pick up some Green Shirt Merch Find out more about Joe, Mark, and Digital...


108 - A Matter of Time (Time Heists & Frewer Puns)

John C Meyers joins the gang to unravel the temporal complexities of "A Matter of Time." Worf visits New Jersey, Geordie enjoys a Jamba Juice, and Crusher is...confusing. Rob imitates Slippy Toad, Bobi wins the IMDB minute, Cameron has a limbic system, and John Meyers goes on a gooey gooey trip. Engage! Pick up some Green Shirt Merch Find John C Meyers and the John and Alexx Hate Stuff pod here: Twitter Homepage Patreon


107 - Unification II (Soup Nazis & Spock Blocks)

Patrick Irelan from the It's Got Star Trek podcast joins the gang as we get high on suck salt and fail to unify around the Spocktacular episode, "Unification II." Spock is Nick Fury, Riker improvises, and Data hacks the planet. Bobi gets off watching agro Riker, Rob has mildly interesting feelings about Spock, Cam just wants to watch Heat, and Patrick finds Picard guilty of war crimes. All this and more in this week's episode of Green Shirt. Engage! Pick up some Green Shirt Merch Find...


106 - Unification I (Jigsaw Puzzles & Shoulder Pads)

Liz Hardee joins us to mourn the death of Gene Roddenberry, Sarek, and Portland area malls in "Unification I!" Picard can't eat soup, Data becomes a replicator, and Spock reenacts a scene from Footloose. Cameron comes up with a new phone feature, Rob writes some fanfic, Bobi would date a deep-cut Vulcan, and Liz mind melds with Sarek. Plus we get to the bottom of the mystery of the T'Pau! Engage! Find the Bricked Pit on Twitter Pick up some Green Shirt Merch


105 - The Game (O Faces & Uncomfortable Robs)

Sean Wynn joins the gang to debate sex, drugs, and video games in "The Game." Riker phasers some ice cream, Picard spins in his chair, and Worf defeats Grand Theft Auto. Cam wants a panty raid, Bobi plays Wario, Rob goes full "anal August," and Sean wants to see Data's dance partner. Engage! Check out Sean's consulting business, Strange Solutions Or visit his Link Tree to find his social media sites Pick up some Green Shirt Merch


104 - Disaster (Poseidon Adventures & Radish Idiots)

It's a musical and crowded turbo lift ride as both Marcy and Dr. Emily Alder join the gang to give birth to an episode on "Disaster." Troi gets a captain's phrase, Data gets high, and Worf delivers...literally. Meanwhile Cameron has no time limit, Rob gets therapy, Bobi would rather die than listen to THAT song, Marcy wants shirts off, and Dr. Emily learns the truth about Reading Rainbow. Engage! Pick up some Green Shirt Merch


103 - Silicon Avatar (Xenophobic Xenologists & Crystalline C**kblocks)

Jesse Bailey joins the gang to discuss nubile prospects and murderous mommas in "Silicon Avatar." Riker is down to play house, Picard doesn't get a cardigan, and Troi's not needed. Bobi perfects her crystalline entity impression, Rob gets a new nickname, Cameron uses the wrong emphasis, and Jesse ups his beard game. All this plus a musical game of "Nursery Crimes." Engage! Pick up some Green Shirt Merch Find Jesse and the Sudden But Inevitable Rewatch on: Twitter Apple Podcasts Homepage


102 - Ensign Ro (Manscaping & Magical Bajorans)

Marcy returns as a guest to discuss Tasha done right, "Ensign Ro!" Worf fills out the appropriate paperwork, Riker's panties get bunched up, and Troi "meangirls" Ro. Meanwhile Bobi makes Producer John blush, Rob learns to accept death, Marcy gets her dicks in, and Cameron is completely inaccurate. Engage! Listen to Sudden But Inevitable Check out 15 Minutes of Marvel Tune in to Esoterica Cinema Pick up some Green Shirt Merch


101 - Darmok (Sexy Jackets & Snork Thumbs)

The gang are joined by Ian Billington to try to translate the myth of "Darmok." Picard does some shopping therapy, Worf fires a torpedo at a language, and O'Brien plays with DNA samples. Cameron is being ethno-centric, Bobi is here for Leather Daddy Picard, Ian likes "My Bologna," and Rob doesn't understand. Plus a game of "You Talkin' Tamarian To Me?" Engage! Check out It's a Fandom Thing Pod Pick up some Green Shirt Merch