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It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.


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It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.








Episode 23: Season 2 Finale, Finally! - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 23: The Fake Episode This isn’t our first episode 23 and it’s probably not our best! After losing the last two episodes to the hands of fate, we are finally back with a new episode 23 and this time Continue Reading


Episode 22: E3, Little Johnny, Xbox One X - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 22: The E3 episode In this episode we talk a bit about the announcements from the recent E3 event. I’m also making it a point to promote our Twitter more: @MikesVGP. Check it out! Today’s topics include: History of Continue Reading


Episode 21: Vacation, Mentors, Criticism - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

After a drought, let there be Episode 21! We’re finally back after extended travel and time off. In episode 21 we attempt (and mostly fail) to answer the questions you’ve sent in. Feel free to send us any more you Continue Reading


Episode 20: Switch, Pirates, Sloops - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Yarrrr! Episode 20 off tha’ port bow! In this episode we go a little retro and replay a classic game: Pirates! Tune in and enjoy this walk down memory lane: Nintendo Switch Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sid Continue Reading


Episode 19: Greenlight, Playing Games, Hostile Workplaces - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Welcome to Episode 19 where we talk all about the things we talk all about. Here’s what is in this feature rich episode: We still have some listeners (yay!) How much time do you spend gaming? What does it cost Continue Reading


Episode 18: VREality, Beijing, Tired Mechanics - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Hello everyone and welcome back to Mikes’ Video Game Podcast! After a long wait we are finally here with a new episode. We’ve missed you during those long winter nights… Anyway, we have a decent (medium-quality-ish) episode for you. So Continue Reading


Episode 17: JRPGs, Mobile Tricks, Time - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 17: Like… Wooooaaaah. So this one took a long while to post. I am definitely thinking that this will be the last one for 2016. Hopefully, after Christmas I can fix my site which will go a long way Continue Reading


Episode 16: Pokemon Go, Media and Cynicism - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 16: Worst Podcast Ever? After a long break we are finally back with episode 16. In this episode we talk at length about Pokemon Go and try to figure this whole “long distance thing out”. Topics include: Pokemon Go Continue Reading


Episode 15: Crunch, Negativity, New Consoles - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 15: Or is it? This episode we discuss industry crunch and whether or not we should whine about it. I also try my hand at *bleeping* a swear word. It’s pretty good! Topics include: Industry Crunch Negative feelings Nintendo Continue Reading


Episode 14: GDC Parties, Establishing a Network, Medkits - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 14: GDC Edition. OK, so first off, this one is super late. We recorded this right after GDC, but then I left on a longer work trip and forgot to upload the audio. Better late than never. In this Continue Reading


Episode 13: More VR, Violence, Firewatch - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 13: Welcome to the SpoooOOOooooOOOky episode. Well, not really, but we do talk a lot about violence and pornography in virtual reality (nothing explicit, I promise!). In this episode: A bunch of VR discussions (again) VR as a social Continue Reading


Episode 12: GGJ, Firefly, Witness - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

And he said, “Lo, what sound over yonder browser breaks? Tis the episode bearing the number, 12”. Welcome to Episode 12. In this episode we drink whiskey and ramble. I would say it is awesome, but my wife says I Continue Reading


Episode 11: Oculus Price, Steam Sales, Sony - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 11: It’s been a while! We’re finally back (and a little rusty) after the holidays. Have some topics in Yo face Mike’s got 99 problems and his big toe is most of them Oculus Costulus VR in general Amazon Continue Reading


Episode 10: Getting Players to Care, Networking, Jake - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Episode 10: Bugles are a wonderful treat that you eat with your feet! Welcome to episode X (if you want to be edgy). We got some good stuff in this one: Why Mike starts off every episode (instead of Mike) Continue Reading


Episode 9: NCGEA, Matchmaking, Midwest - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Check-check it out ya’ll, ep number 9. You can this is a poem because it almost sort of rhymes (which everyone knows is better than actually rhyming). We got some good stuff in this one: NCGEA Podcast Blizzard and Activision Continue Reading


Episode 8: Feelings, Books We like, Uppers - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

You asked for it (you didn’t), and we delivered (we were going to do it anyway): Episode 8: The Listener Appreciation Extravaganza! Now with ~50% more content (we ran long)! Grab yourself a slice of these sweet topics: Controlling characters Continue Reading


Episode 7: Finding Jobs, Streaming Games, Mario 1-1 - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Hello everyone. Episode 7. I feel like we’ve all done something here today. You know what? Take the rest of the week off! Jobz (with a Z because it’s serious) Bad audio quality because Mike eats crab chips Streaming and Continue Reading


Episode 6: New Theme Parks, Unconferences, Windows 10 - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Hello everyone. Episode 6, wut-wut. I’m not even going to describe this one (now with 100% more Oprah): Themes Parks! Oprah (not kidding) Unconferences Viva Pinada tv show Fig Windows 10 for Gamerz As always, thanks for listening!


Episode 5: Non Local Markets, Mods, 3rd Party Content - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Hello everyone. It’s time for episode 5. This episode wasn’t delayed, lost, and doesn’t have bad audio quality… so… I don’t have a lot to say about it… Topics in this episode include: New intro sound (music found and credited Continue Reading


Episode 4: Music, Satoru Iwata, Cinematics - Mikes' Video Game Podcast

Well, it’s been longer than the normal wait for this one. Travel (and losing an episode due to technical crap) means that we were a bit delayed. The wait is finally over, though, as we present Mikes’ Video Game Podcast Continue Reading