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Dawn and Drew – Dawn and Drew Show

Dawn and Drew of the Dawn and Drew Show, are two of the nicest, most entertaining, and engaging podcasters you will ever meet. The no hold barred show has entertained their loyal audience since 2004. Making them the very first podcasting couple that shared everything. In this interview you are going to fall in love with them. This has to be one my most favorite interviews I have done in the past 12 years. You will listen twice I promise you.


Dave Slusher – Evil Genius Chronicles

Dave Slusher is a software developer, science fiction fan and pioneering podcaster. He began his podcast the Evil Genius Chronicles in August 2004 which still continues to this day. Before that he was the producer and host of a nationally syndicated public radio show Reality Break in the mid-1990s. The show featured interviews with science fiction and fantasy authors, comic book creators and other notable figures from the worlds of genre fiction. Slusher was the co-founder of a technical...


Gary Leland – Podcast Pickle

Gary Leland - Podcast Hall of Fame inductee was the founder of the Podcast Pickle website and played a instrumental role in the early days with the website, he has went on to be one of the founders of Podcast Movement and is known throughout the Softball world for his show Fast Pitch Softball. Gary shares his story on how he has tied his business to his podcast from the very beginning and gives a perspective from a successful business person on how podcasting has changed his business. The...


Michael Butler – Rock and Roll Geek Show

In this edition of Podcast Legends we talk with Michael Butler the host of the Rock and Roll Geek Show. One of the original first 20 podcasters, who while promoting his band on his podcast, landed one of the coolest gigs at the former Podshow then Mevio. Here his story and be sure to check out his weekly podcast.


Brian Ibbott – Coverville

Brain Ibbott host of Coverville started his podcast on Sept 18, 2004, and has produced 1138 episodes of his show. Over the years Brian has been instrumental in moving the space forward, and was the first to get licensing to play music covers in his show. Brian has built a mini empire of shows that are in production today. Brian share's his story of the genesis of Coverville.


Tim Bourquin – Podcast & New Media Expo

Tim Bourquin and his brother Emile co-founded the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario California in the summer of 2005 setting the bar incredibly high for all future podcasting events. In this interview we look at Tim and his brothers contribution to the podcasting space. We talk about the Podcast & New Media Expo, and the birth of an event where the podcasting community came together as a big family. For those that where not involved in the early days of podcasting this episode is going...