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Comedian Bob Rayhart and his brother Adam Rayhart give their "rundown" about weird news and off the wall topics that are usually not safe for work. They play games, and ask each other inappropriate "personal" questions, so get ready to laugh at their lives! FAIR WARNING: This podcast/show is made to make you laugh and question your sense of humor. (It should not be taken seriously in any way.) But if your still reading this then you are clearly looking for a reason to press play, so just give it a try...we won't tell anyone...promise. Support this podcast:


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Comedian Bob Rayhart and his brother Adam Rayhart give their "rundown" about weird news and off the wall topics that are usually not safe for work. They play games, and ask each other inappropriate "personal" questions, so get ready to laugh at their lives! FAIR WARNING: This podcast/show is made to make you laugh and question your sense of humor. (It should not be taken seriously in any way.) But if your still reading this then you are clearly looking for a reason to press play, so just give it a try...we won't tell anyone...promise. Support this podcast:




Using WHAT as lube?! - Ep. 120

The final episode for season 5! So of course we dive into religion, ripped pants and what to use as lube? So take a listen or watch us on Spotify as we make fun of serious topics, shamelessly plug our projects and make fun of each other. Make sure to subscribe and/or follow us on Spotify and vote in the poll! In this episode we... ...discuss religion and food? ...complain about fat guy problems like ripping pants! ...discuss if Adam should move to Vegas. another YouTube...


Are we living in a simulation? - Ep. 119

We dive into simulation theory and Bob tries to explain it... very basically. We also discuss legally flashing your headlights and play Filthy Trivia about what NOT to name your child! In this episode... ...we catch up on Adam's plumbing "situation" love to Judd Apatow at the DGA awards. ...debate the legalities of flashing your headlights to warn against speed traps. ...deep dive into simulation theory with help from The Why Files ...give you more of our hair brain...


Rule of Thumb and Balloon Shooting - Ep. 118

We cover a lot of hot and not hot topics. This is a comedy podcast and nothing is ever taken seriously... so save your tweets, we don't care. In this episode we... ...learn about Adam's plumbing issue ...discuss getting caught on camera having sex Filthy Trivia about female rats?! ...discuss the Murder Mystery Train Accident (Patreon Exclusive) ...weigh in on the shot down balloon situation. ...fear the falling iguanas. ...learn the basis for the "rule of thumb" ...start...


Valentine Stories and Bad dates! - Ep. 117

Happy Valentines Day! We talk the history of Valentines Day as well as build a bear after dark, our own childhood memories and play a Filthy Trivia that may shock you! In this episode we... ...find build a bear after dark ...discuss valentine candy and try the new Milky Way Cookie dough bar ...dive into the history of Valentines Day ...flashback to our own Valentines childhood stories Filthy Trivia about how much a v***** can lift. ...This or That the Bermuda...


The grossest word and actors who quit the business? - Ep. 116

So many weird topics in this episode! From Actors who gave it all up, to learning things about Bob and Adam that you might not have known! In this episode we... ...go through a small list of actors who quit the business on top. ...weigh in on a heavy/controversial news topic. (only available on PATREON) ...try to figure out 4 things YOU don't know about us! Filthy Trivia to find the "voted most" grossest English word! ...break out a couple old games of This or That scenarios....


Making sex feel like $50,000 dollars? - Ep. 115

We had a lot of fun recording this episode and laughing at each other. Some key segments to hear are Adam's Barber shop story and the Filthy Trivia this week. In this episode we... ...explain why we don't attend High School Reunions and work Christmas Parties. ...discuss Bedrock City in Arizona and going to Space. ...understand why Adam should NOT go to nice places. ...debate growing a beard and try to convince Adam to upgrade his look! Filthy Trivia about $50k and how often...


Tesla Price drops and lifting weights with your nipples? - Ep. 114

So many different topics discussed in this episode... from Tesla price Drops to the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker, and weight lifting with your nipples?? Subscribe Now! In this episode we... ...debate if Adam sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty. about Mel Brooks new announcement. ...remember how Bob embarrassed his parents with Spaceballs? ...discuss the Tesla Price drops! ...make fun of the Tesla truck too. ...tell how tow truck businesses can get respect.


Evolution, Aliens and buying meat at the mall! - Ep. 113

Aliens, Evolution, Autism and meat from the mall? Good luck keeping up with this episode. Welcome 2023. In this episode... ...Adam has Alien theories. ...Evolution thoughts. Adam starting a cult? ...a quick holiday recap. ...buying meat in a mall parking lot? ...CNN screwed the New Year shows up. ...a Planet Fitness commercial gone bad? ...Filthy Trivia about what day to NOT go to the hospital? ...we announce another podcast show. ...updates on film projects and stand up....


Bad Holiday Jokes and Childhood Memories - Ep. 112

The Christmas 2022 Episode! We are tying up some loose ends to talk about and try to keep this episode relaxed and chill. In this episode we... ...discuss shopping and a retail company's misstep. ...find out what happened with Adam's missing packages. ...comb through some holiday movies we still need to watch. Filthy Trivia about eating and driving? ...have Adam tell Corny Christmas Jokes. ...reminisce about some of our Dads jokes growing up. ...discovery the sad moment...


We try Pilk with cookies and agrizoophobia - Ep. 111

We try Pilk in this episode. What is Pilk you ask... its Pepsi and milk mixed.... its being advertised on TV right now. In this episode we... ...Reprise weird traditions and make corrections. ...discuss the Rayhart Christmas Special for the near future. ...try PILK and cookies. filthy Trivia about agrizoophobia. ...have 20 more Holiday Trivia questions. ...discuss the Grinch movie they don't want you to see. ...find out what a goat and Christmas have in common? ...try to...


More Weird Christmas Traditions and not sleeping? - Ep. 110

Holiday episode two of three! We dive deeper into weird Christmas traditions as well as tell stories of our own holiday past times. Please subscribe so you don't miss out on any deals, events and specials we offer! In this episode we... ...haven't started shopping yet. ...debate buying a "Family gift" ...discuss Whamageddon and Holiday movies. ...start to dive into Weird Christmas Traditions. ...spin off into a tangent about our heritage traditions. (Patreon Exclusive)


Weird Christmas Traditions and fat butt problems. - Ep. 109

First episode coming off Thanksgiving. This is one of those tangent episodes where we side track ourselves! In this episode we... ...discuss the chaos of the holidays starting. ...try to convince Adam to do Standup comedy at his bar. ...reminisce about holiday treats and family traditions. (Patreon Exclusive) ...give the results for who lost "Rayhart Wreck the Halls" ...discuss the first set of Weird International Christmas Traditions. Filthy Trivia about have a fat...


How to play Whamageddon and Rayhart Wreck the Halls! - Ep. 108

Lets talk Thanksgiving food, traditions and Whamageddon! Learn how to play "Rayhart Wreck the Halls". Not to mention that Christopher Columbus was an asshole. In this episode... ...we discuss a food truck idea? ...Adams plan to get a personal dog park? ...the Rayhart Rules and how to play Whamageddon with us. ...our favorite Thanksgiving day food. ...traditions we wish we did growing up. ...Bob's original holiday tradition (Patreon Exclusive) ...we explain how to play "Rayhart...


Does your sister have Capgras Delusion? - Ep. 107

Do you or a your sister suffer from capgras delusion? Do you know what it is? We didn't either till this episode. In this episode we are very sad to say, that our German Shepherd Chief that was in the studio for every episode before this one passed away. We dedicate this episode to him. In this episode we... ...get the details on Adam at flight school. ...discuss open mics on VR chat? appreciation for 90-00's punk/ska bands. ...hear about Bob doing another stand up show in...


Urban Legends and getting Nomophobia? - Ep. 106

We discuss Urban Legends and the speed of rumors. As well as have a trivia about Nomophobia and what it means! This episode was a little all over the place, but we did want to try and do more trivia. so there are TWO trivia questions in this episode. In this episode we... ...have Bob plug his comedy spot. ...discuss Urban Legends and weird rumors. ...definitively find out the generation timeline. ...have a trivia question about "nomophobia". ...give you a heads up on about our...


Serial Killer Preferences Trivia? - Ep. 105

We dive into so many different Halloween topics in this episode! Everything from Retro Halloween remakes...through our childhood trick or treating...and landing on hard to watch scenes from scary films! Much like kids trick or treating from house to house, we just jump topics. Topics include: Happy Halloween and Peacocks Up! 🌐 Website: 👕 Merch: 🦝 Retired merch: 🦚 Become a Patreon...


Getting Stuck in a Bath Tub? - Ep. 104

Doing Stand up for the first time, getting stuck in a bathtub, and the FDA lied about the food pyramid! All of these stories and more in this episode! In this episode we... ...go through Adam's wallet? ...push Library membership. ...hear about Bob in the Bathtub? ...learn how cocky Adam is at the doctor. ...discuss the old FDA Food Pyramid! ...have Adam defend cigar smoking. ...get the scoop on Bob's Stand-up debut! ...find out Adams joking writing process. (Patreon...


Sex Magic and Puppetry of the Penis? - Ep. 103

We discuss Adam's idea of doing a magic act during sex? As well as learn about the art of male origami? This episode was recorded prior to Hurricane Ian, so you will hear us talk about our preparation. The other topics were hilarious and maybe considered somewhat offensive. This is a comedy podcast. You have been warned. In this episode we discuss: Hurricane Prep Driver in oncoming traffic Magic + Sex Puppetry of the Penis Magic show during sex revisited - Childhood Church jokes...


Surviving Hurricane Ian - Ep. 102

Surviving Ian - The incredible true story of how we survived and got through one of Florida's worst storms to date. All the exclusive details about Adam's amazing rescue story, that The New Yorker magazine article didn't tell you. Read the article here: WARNING - Some pics may be difficult to see on the video version, but know that everyone is ok, and safe. Join our Patreon...


Interviewing the stars of the iPossessed movie! - Ep. 101

We interview Carl Rimi and Tami Lee Boothby from the movie iPossessed, and get the scoop on behind the scenes production and how they are putting together a psychological thriller! So join us on a Rayhart Rundown Road Trip to visit and badger, an actress and a stand-up comedian! Watch the trailer for iPossessed Movie: Thanks for watching/listening/subscribing - Peacocks Up! 🌐 Website: 👕 Merch:...