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It’s an American look at the British monarchy.


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It’s an American look at the British monarchy.






Royal rumors: The queen’s not a quitter

Can you imagine a world where Queen Elizabeth quits? We can’t either, but rumors about her possible retirement when she turns 95 are getting louder. Kay and Brandie talk about how likely they think this is, what could happen instead, and what the palace has to say about it. And the Prince Andrew situation just keeps getting worse. The ladies of Royal Dish discuss Virginia Giuffre’s Panorama interview, and the continued fallout from Andrew’s Newsnight interview. Plus, the Queen is hiring...


Royals in crisis mode: Scandal surrounding Prince Andrew unravels

This episode is packed with a little something for everyone, beginning with the fallout from Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview, with new reports indicating he may have actually been fired from royal duties. We’re also talking about the Duchess of Cambridge, and what she might wear to her next big gala, and details about the tiara she wore to the reception last year, courtesy of our friend Lauren Kiehna’s blog, The Court Jeweller. Plus, a recap of episodes 7-10 of The Crown, some cool...


Dressing the Queen, and Brandie’s deepest, darkest secret

If you’re looking for an easy read that gives you a peek into the private life of Queen Elizabeth, you’ll enjoy Angela Kelly’s new book, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser, and the Wardrobe. Brandie bought a copy and shares some of her favorite tidbits that you might not have heard about. Kay and Brandie also give their thoughts on episodes 3-7 of season 3 of The Crown, recap Prince Charles’ visit to India and New Zealand, and a history of Charles’ injuries, which led to...


Our all-time fav show is back, and we can’t hardly deal

Be honest, how many episodes of The Crown have you watched so far? In this week’s episode Kay and Brandie talk about their favorite moments, what they learned from the episodes, and the strange thing Helena Bonham Carter says the royal wave is similar to doing. Plus, we talk about Prince Andrew’s interview with Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, and touch on Will and Kate’s appearance at the 2019 Royal Variety Performance. Follow Royal Dish on Twitter, @RoyalDishPod to keep up with the latest...


‘Fab Four’ reunites, and we’re not talking about The Beatles

The “Fab Four” was back together over the weekend for events connected to Remembrance Sunday, but this is the last time you’ll hear Kay and Brandie talk about Harry and Meghan until they resume royal duties. The ladies of Royal Dish are doing their part to help Harry and Meghan really take a break from public life so they can focus on their family. But don’t worry – Royal Dish will continue to release new episodes, they just won’t include stories about the Sussexes until they resume public...


Need a new job? Queen Elizabeth is hiring!

Ever catch yourself dreaming of working for the royal family? Now’s your chance! Queen Elizabeth is hiring two assistants, and we have the details. Speaking of Queen Elizabeth, do you think she’s grooming Will and Kate to take the throne? We discuss the rumors and the laws in place that bring order to the line of succession. Plus, what would you do if you were at the grocery store and spotted the Duchess of Cambridge costume shopping with her kids? We’ll tell you about that and so much...


Confessions of Harry and Meghan

Did Harry & Meghan: An African Journey live up to your expectations? We discuss what we expected from it and react to those deeply emotional interviews with Harry and Meghan. We also talk about Kate’s first television interview as a member of the royal family, the photos she took of a Pakistani family while on tour and the personal message she posted to Instagram. Plus, can you guess which royal couple’s smooch was voted “most memorable”? All this and much more! Follow Royal Dish on...


Kate sparkles and dazzles on tour of Pakistan

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge charmed everyone they met while on their #RoyalTourPakistan. In this week’s episode, Kay and Brandie discuss what they did, what they wore and the scary situation they found themselves in on their way back to Islamabad. Kay and Brandie also discuss what Elton John wrote about the royal family in his new memoir, Queen Elizabeth’s opening of parliament, Meghan and Harry’s plans to spend Thanksgiving in the United States and much more. Follow Royal Dish on...


‘Camillagate’ tapes and why we’ve grown to love her anyway

The Duchess of Cornwall has grown to be one of our favorites, but it wasn’t always that way. It took a long time to get here. In this episode, we look at Camilla’s life – from childhood through present day – and the undying love between Camilla and Prince Charles. Follow Royal Dish on Twitter, @RoyalDishPod! Keep up with the latest scoop and chat with us about all things royal. Send us your thoughts, comments and topic suggestions to


The European vacation that had our guest cursing

Do you have a nickname? This week the ladies of Royal Dish talk about the surprising nicknames of the royal family. Plus, Kay and Brandie are joined by not one but two special guests! First up, 5 On Your Side’s Mike Bush, who recently surprised them by divulging his enthusiasm for all things Downton Abbey. They discuss what they liked most about the show and movie, and who their favorite characters are. Then, listener Brooke Emshoff shares her story about the time she was nearly thrown in...


Her Majesty’s right-hand man in Missouri

Did you know Her Majesty has people sprinkled throughout the United States who work to represent her interests? Here in Missouri she’s represented by Mark Sutherland, who was also appointed as a GlobalScot by First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon. Mark joins Royal Dish for an extensive talk about his work here in Missouri, why it’s critical for the United Kingdom, and his near-brush with Her Majesty. Of course, we also discuss the biggest news of the week - Princess Beatrice’s...


Who’s the mom “more interesting” than Duchess Kate at George & Charlotte’s school?

You’d think the future queen consort would be the most talked about mom at Thomas’s Battersea, but apparently there’s someone else the parents are more excited to see at school drop-off each morning. Plus, Kay and Brandie discuss how much Buckingham Palace knows about the plot of 'The Crown' ahead of its release, Camilla’s not-so-peaceful attempt to go for a swim, one listener’s theory about why baby Archie doesn’t have a title and much more. Make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss an...


It’s Downton Day in the USA!

The much-anticipated Downtown Abbey movie is out today, so this week Kay and Brandie talk about a character you might not know much about – Highclere Castle! There’s a lot more in this episode, including some thoughts on Harry and Meghan turning down the queen’s invitation to visit Balmoral this summer. Plus, can you guess who the hardest-working royal is so far this year? It’s someone you probably don’t see or hear much from! Make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss an episode. Follow...


Princess Charlotte aces her first day of school

After a quiet end to summer, the royal family is beginning to re-emerge. The Cambridges headed back to their Kensington Palace home and got Prince George and Princess Charlotte ready for the first day of school, but not before dining at a pub that’s an old favorite out by Kate’s parents’ house. This week, Kay and Brandie also talk about how Prince Charles has another new side job (are you surprised?), the Kingdom Choir’s U.S. tour, murmurs that the Sussexes could be moving stateside, and...


The stories behind The Court Jeweller’s favorite pieces

This week, Lauren Kiehna, author of the popular royal jewelry blog The Court Jeweller, joins Kay and Brandie for a chat and tells the stories behind her three favorite pieces of jewelry. Plus, Brandie and Kay give their thoughts on all the Sussex travel drama, Lara Spencer’s insensitive comments about Prince George, and you might be surprised to hear how the family coordinates plans with each other. Make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss an episode. Follow Royal Dish on Twitter,...


Remembering Diana, 22 years later

Twenty-two years after the death of Princess Diana, it’s still hard to believe she’s gone. This week, Kay and Brandie chat with Today in St. Louis’ Jenn Sullivan, who spent part of her childhood living in England. The three reflect on Diana’s death, and Jenn tells the story of how she and her family learned of the news. Send us your thoughts, comments and topic suggestions to Make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss an episode. Follow Royal Dish on Twitter,...


The day royalty came to St. Louis

Excitement had built for weeks in the St. Louis area. A duchess was coming to town, and it was one of the hottest tickets around. On this episode of Royal Dish, go back in time to the day royalty came to St. Louis! Kay and Brandie introduce you to the royal who was a huge hit during her U.S. media tour. Check out our web story with photos and videos from that day here. Make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss an episode. Follow Royal Dish on Twitter, @RoyalDishPod! Keep up with the...


Where have all the royals gone?

Everyone needs a summer vacation, even the royals. From the Queen’s Balmoral getaway, to Fergie’s backyard speech in Massachusetts, we break down who’s taking time off and where. Plus, Meghan’s the hard-working royal, basking in her British Vogue after-glow. But it hasn't been without some controversy. Pour a spot of tea and let’s discuss the copy-cat claims, and what we think Meghan should have put on the cover. Make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss an episode. Follow Royal Dish on...


KBE? CBE? GBE? What? We’ll explain.

A listener asked us to explain the orders of chivalry, so Kay did some research and explains how it all works. Plus, we discuss a story that alleges Camilla thought Kate was “too common” to marry into the royal family, Kevin Costner’s insistence that Princess Diana would have starred in the sequel to The Bodyguard, and we have another royal programming note to pass along. Make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss an episode. Follow Royal Dish on Twitter, @RoyalDishPod! Keep up with the...


Birthday donkeys for Camilla and a magic show for George

Camilla and George had birthdays this week, and one of them celebrated with donkeys! Harry and Meghan registered their new royal foundation, so we’ll tell you what it’s called and discuss the Time magazine list they just made. Plus, Queen Elizabeth just opened an exhibit about her great-great-grandmother, and we’ll tell you about the special thing she does for George when he spends the night. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. Follow Royal Dish on Twitter,...