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The SUPPAUL Podcast Conversations about Rivers, Adventure Travel, and Content Creation Hosted by Paul Clark SUPPAUL




52: River SUP in Scotland

In this 52nd Episode of the SUPPAUL Podcast, we talk with Scottish river paddle boarders Sam Garthwaite (@frothysup) and Cameron Hopkins (@chopkin_sup). I learned about them through Instagram where they are documenting their adventures in a picturesque landscape of steep creeks, waterfalls, and ledgy drops. Do I dare say "Braveheartesque?" We talk about their background as paddlers, their enthusiasm with exploring on SUP boards, as well as their take on what it takes to set up people for...


51: Baja Blues (Sea of Cortez SUP Expedition with Sean Jansen)

In this 51st episode of the SUPPAUL Podcast, we're talking with expedition paddle boarder Sean Jansen @Jansen_Journals. He's attemting to paddle the entire length of Baja's 1000-mile coastline of the Sea of Cortez on a paddle board, solo. Unfriendly winds have hindered his progress after completing nearly 400-miles thus far from San Felipe in northern Baja. As such, he's hitting the pause button to reconsider his options, rest, and reevaluate. He reached out to me to talk strategy after...


50: Katie Wood

In this episode we talk with Katie Wood. She's a physiologist from Ontario. She's an equestrian, paddle boarder, and outdoor enthusiast. You can find her in the mountains and the water. Bold and capable, she's more than comfortable adventuring solo. View this episode on the SUPPAUL YouTube channel. on IG. Katie's IG is @pysiooutdoors


49: Kimberley Kenyon

In this 49th Episode of the SUPPAUL Podcast we talk with Canadian river paddle boarder Kimberley Kenyon. She's a strong paddler and a humble human who has an undeniable love for the sport of river running. She's building a community of paddlers in the remote corner of north western Bristish Columbia where she calls home. I had the privileage of talking to her about her background as a paddler and her perspective on the sport. The Zoom recoring is a little rough, but I hope it does capture...


48: Peter Hall the founder of Hala Paddle Boards

In this episode of the SUPPAUL Podcast, we sit down with Peter Hall in his house in Steamboat Springs, CO. We hear the history of Hala, the inspiration for the fun pun names for the boards, and get his perspective on creating a brand of equipment to express yourself with. We also hear the voices of his family including his daugters taking over the microphones and his wife signing about heading west for love. Enjoy the episoed! Feel free to reach out with your opinions at and...


47: Michelle & Cohen Atkins

In this episode, we are on the banks of the Noli River where Michelle and Cohen Atkins recently got married. They are the SUP "King and Queen" of the Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC. And they are a great couple to talk with about river paddle boarding, having fun together, style, and the complexities of branding in the industry. Enjoy the show.


46: Running the Gauley on a Paddle Board with Chris Morgan

It's been a little bit since the last episode of the SUPPAUL Podcast. Since then I have run my home rivers in the PNW, spent the summer exploring new rivers and alpine lakes in Canada, and have spent much of the winter in the SE. One of the most celebrated South Eastern river is the Gauley. Known for its lethal undercuts and sieves, big rapids, and infamously raudy Gauley Fest in Fall, the Gauley is a bucket liost river for whitewater enthusiasts. But what about running it on paddle board?...


Charlie MacArthur on Whitewater SUP

In this episode 45 of the SUPPAUL Podcast we talk with Charlie MacArthur. “C-Mac” is a pioneer of river paddle boarding. One of the first to run rapids in Colorado on a SUP in the early 2000s, he’s teamed with brands to design boards, and has helped shape the river paddle boarding curriculum for the ACA.


Lindsey Richter: Mountain Biking as a metaphor to overcoming the challenges of life

Lindsey Richter is the name behind Liv Ladies AllRide, an extremely successful mountain biking training series. In this episode, we talk with her about her background in the outdoor industry, including stating in an early season of Survivor, to creating the Ladies AllRide camps. Be prepared to be inspired!


Episode 43: A Conversation with SpicyIvey Ivey Rose

After a year of the SUPPAUL Podcast, this is episode 43. Cohosting this episode with Jamie Mabe, we are talking with roller skating phenom, Ivey Rose aka SpicyIvey. Ivey has recently broken her leg skating, and is recovering while reminding her large audience of social media followers to stay positive. Hers is a message of boldness, and daring, and empowerment. We are taking fun, overcoming injuries, and positively influencing with social media. Enjoy! For more episodes, www.suppaul


On the Shoulders of Giants: A Conversation Lela Winton

Lela Winton (pronounced Leela) is a river enthusiast from North Carolina who can’t get enough of running on paddle boards. I met her when I paddled the Nolichucky last year, and have had the pleasure to tour a few rivers with her since. This is the first SUPPAUL podcast of 2021. Looking forward to more conversations. Enjoy!


Talking River SUP As a Business with Jaime Mabe and Davide Sartoni

In this episode of the SUPPAUL Podcast, I begin a cohosting experiment with Jaime Mabe as we talk with Davide Sartoni about making a business of river SUP. Included in the talk is a discussion about certification and setting up people for success on the water.


This is the 25th SUPPAUL Podcast Episode, featuring the incomparable Reta Boychuk

Reta Boychuk has been a guest on the podcast before. It's my great pleasure to have her on again for this 25th episode of the SUPPAUL Podcast. We catch up with her as she transitions from a busy summer season chasing rivers to a frigid winter where she will continue chasing rivers. She highlights some of her recent adventures and offers advice how to stay warm with icicles in your hair. Ladies and gentlemen, Reta Boychuk.


Soccer Mom and Adventure Paddle Boarder Jamie Maybe

Jamie Maybe is a soccer mom, veteran, business person, and adventure paddle boarder. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, she is an outfitter on the Neuse River introducing people to a new type of adventure in the form of adventure SUP. Expect to challenge yourself, we're going to have some Type 2 fun. Visit her site: and social media @holon.raleigh


Good Vibes Only With Canadian River Surfer Jacob Kelly Quinlan

This podcast has been my effort to reach out to people who are adventure travelers, content creators, and river enthusiasts. It's also my purpose to celebrate a positive outlook on life. In this episode we find all of these with Canadian river surfer Jacob Kelly Quinlan. We talk river surfing, his background as a surfer, and his surfing odyssey to Afghanistan. Good vibes only!! Enjoy


Surfing in The Corn Country of Ohio with Shannon Thomas

Shannon Thomas is cofounder of Surf Dayton, a river surfing outfitter on the park waves of the Great Miami River running through Dayton, Ohio. He’s been getting people on the river building a community of both athletes and stewards. During covid, people have been looking to stay sane by learning to go with the river flow, embracing good vibes, and bridging divides. Over the last couple of months since recording my last podcast I have escaped the headlines by heading into the backcountry. So,...


Appalachian Rivers with Jack Nelson

Jack Nelson is my guest in this episode. He is a whitewater paddleboarder based in Asheville, NC. He helped organize the NoliFest river SUP race. And be is the SE Hala Gear SUP rep (my counterpart in the south east). Over the last few weeks he has showed me his hone rivers including the Nolichucky, Nantahala, French Broad, Pigeon, Ocoee, and Green rivers. We talk Appalachian rivers in this episode, how he got into paddling, and what it’s like to represent the paddle board industry. See his...


Sends and Suffers: A Conversation about Race and Backcountry Access with Climber Mario Stanley

In this SUPPAUL Podcast episode we talk with Dallas based climber Mario Stanley. He is a coach, mentor, and businessman who preaches the gospel of the rock. Rock climbing that is. After moving to Texas to go to seminary school, he discovered his path for ascension was by leading others on climbing routs and pursuing a rich life of meaningful experiences. We talk about "Type 2 Fun" as he calls enjoying life spiced with suffering. We also talk about race and access to the backcountry. Enjoy...


Taking a Stand with “Steerman of the Canoe” Norm Hann

Norm Hann is a paddle boarder, instructor, and First Nations advocate. He was one of the only few people I knew of when I started paddle boarding who was doing what I wanted to be doing, namely paddling on long trips with a dry bag tethered to the deck of the board and heading into wilderness. He documented the experiences of one of his expeditions with the movie Stand. It highlighted the culture and geography of the Great Bear Rainforest that was threatened by a proposed oil pipeline and...



In this episode we talk with Christian Shaw. He’s the founder of Plastic Tides, an environmental education organization focused on reducing plastic waste that ends up in the oceans. We learn about the background of his nonprofit to adapting to the various health and social issues of today that may be overshadowing the environmental crisis. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Educate and motivate. Form habits that make us better stewards of tbe planet. These are the principles of environmentalism he...