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LGBTQ+ podcast on things queer, weird, nerdy, tasty and titillating + the kitchen sink hosted by award winning authors, KD Williamson and Kelly Aten.


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LGBTQ+ podcast on things queer, weird, nerdy, tasty and titillating + the kitchen sink hosted by award winning authors, KD Williamson and Kelly Aten.






The Charcuterie of Erotica

First, we need to apologize for the few technical difficulties with this episode but Kelli stepped in like a champ! Second, we had the pleasure of talking with author A.L. Brooks. With her help we took a deep dive into erotica and erotic romance. We discussed our first experiences with erotica. Why people read erotica and possible reasons they don’t. Why erotica doesn’t sell like regular romance and we round the discussion off with listing some of our favorite erotica/erotic romance. In...


What if...WLW movies and TV shows Didn't mostly Suck?

Welcome to a new episode of STS. It's been a awhile thanks to nature but we're back!! Beta reader extraordinaire, Anne Pace joins us along with Author, Publisher, Podcaster Andi Marquette. We discuss THAT BITCH Ida and how WLW fiction could transition into movies, TV shows and even graphic novels and it's not all about romance. To round things out we dive into a phenomenal WTF segment that will most likely hang around with you for a while... Gorilla Love Where's My Penis? Dirty Mary? (A...


How Xena Made us Queer and Other Stories

Welcome to a new episode of STS. First a huge shout out to fellow author/screenwriter, Jax Meyer who is trying to crowdfund some quality queer cinema! Let's help them out. Every dollar helps and they've already raised 30% of the funds needed for Grace Note. Also, author extraordinaire, Lee Winter, joins us this time and we discuss the Origins of Fanfic. Take a look for yourself. Nothing wrong with a well-rounded education. We also dive in to how Xena Warrior Princess created a movement...


The Queer Code

Welcome to a new installment of STS. Today we take on and I do mean take ON code switching as it applies to the LGBTQIA community. Our friend and guest Lise Mactague helps us tremendously. Code switching started with bilingual individuals and it has evolved to a concept that affects our community and other minorities. We tell our OWN individual stories and Lise does a strip tease...well of sorts. Reading this article on the origin of code switching helped us right along. Plus, how can we...


Cancel me baby! Cancel me hard!

KD, Kelly and our guest Serena J. Bishop tackle the racist and homophobic wastes of space that the human race and churned out this year. Do they deserve what they get? Ignorance can no longer be a convenient excuse. Not even for young Caleb Kennedy of American Idol fame or any other individual who came out as a douchebag the past couple years. In case you don't remember, here is a short list of the TOP TEN for your perusal or just for educational purposes. We also coin a new phrase for...


Why So Serious?

WLW author Anne Shade joins us for a much needed discussion on tokenism, diversity and the difficulty of being a BIPOC author in the queer writing world that's predominately white. More about Anne and if you haven't read her work here's your chance to rectify that! Also, Anne graciously hangs around for WTF news we subtitled this time as ‘Things that go in and out of butts’. Kid Rock and ColostomyGerman Grenade SurpriseParents and Pudding If you like STS, subscribe, like, or leave a...


Authors who do. Authors who don't and Authors who write Monster porn...

Fanfic/published writers Rae D. Magdon and Virginia Black guest star on this episode of STS. In WTF News HEREBest of YA Both Rae D. Magdon and Virginia Black write some of the best fanfic. If you haven't read them, you must be living under a rock. Check them out on AO3... AO3TwitterAO3LINK Tree If you like STS, subscribe, like, or leave a comment on your favorite platform. Shrugs, if you hate us then leave a comment on your favorite platform. For links to various podcasting platforms,...


Hold my beer not my vagina!

Remember we're not here to shame just inform and discuss. On today's episode, we dip into a very niche subset of fanfic and fiction that has all kinds of flowers in the attic Go HERE to see what we mean.... There are more stories with Alex/Kara from the Supergirl Fandom as well. For your Syfy crack fix at DUST. Check them out on YouTube for free. For more before and after pics regarding vaginoplasty/labiaplasty for goodness sake just Google. And finally if you must see Elmo defiled in...


Take A Ride on the Wild Side

Join lesfic authors KD Williamson and Kelly Aten as they revel in things queer, weird, nerdy, tasty and possibly titillating. In this episode, KD and Kelly discuss the g!p phenomena in f/f fanfiction. If it's your thing, here are the links to a few stories... ET: Futuristic Lover You're Mine For The Night Late Bloomer KD and Kelly also try to one up each other with tales from the vault of medical indignities. Finally, they introduce a segment called WTF which will appear in every...