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Join Penn Cinema's Penn Ketchum and David Moulton as they talk movie news and reviews.

Join Penn Cinema's Penn Ketchum and David Moulton as they talk movie news and reviews.


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Join Penn Cinema's Penn Ketchum and David Moulton as they talk movie news and reviews.




157: Belle: A Retelling Of Beauty And The Beast AKA The Penn Cinema Podcast

Tale as old as time... Or is it? This episode we dive into the anime genera to explore the world of Belle. Is this a retelling of Beauty and the Beast or is it something more? Also this week the Knives are Out (2) when it comes to news about sequels and distribution. And don't think we forgot to talk about that Moonknight trailer! All this and so much less on this fresh episode. Be a part of the show! Email us at


156: Scream For Our 3 Year Anniversary

It's time for a cheeky 3 year anniversary celebration. We're going to keep it low key though. So low key we might not even mention it. Also this week we discuss the new Scream movie. Will it break our brains? Only time will tell. Be a part of the show! Email us at


155: The 355 & The Golden Globes, Which One Is More Pointless?

Please join me in welcoming back guest host Penn Ketchum!! Thankfully he was able to carve some time out of his schedule to be a part of the show this week. In other big news we've got more problems with Disney this week, The Batman takes a stand (or does he), and we discuss whether the end of the world is a comedy. Be a part of the show! Email us at


154: Licorice Pizza & The Flops and Bops of 2021

It's time to take the obligatory look back at the movies of 2021, but this time we're not picking our favorites. Nope, This time we're counting down the best and worst films by how much they made in profit. It's an interesting list folks. Oh, that's not all though! We also take a look at the sleeper hit Licorice Pizza! What was your favorite movie of 2021? Let us know at


153: Who’s Ready For More Matrix Shenanigans?

It's time to return the The Matrix! Was the hype for this movie all a simulation? We'll discuss plus we've got the ultimate Christmas movie showdown. Who do you think should have one? Be a part of the show! Email us at


152: The Big SpiderMan Episode

Did you know that Spider-man: No Way Home came out this week? Probably not. It's a super small movie and almost no one's heard about it. We'll don't worry, we've got 10 movies to talk about instead! Trailers Ahoy!! Spider-man Spoilers: 42:57 - 1:02:56 Be a part of the show! Email us at


151: We Love You Like A West Side Story

Sometimes people have differing opinions. And sometimes those opinions will tear people apart. Is West Side Story the review that has us going in separate ways? Does Penn have a psychological problem when it comes to Jason Statham? Is David really married to an Occupational Therapist? All this questions and more will get asked this week with almost no answers. Be a part of the show! Email us at


150: Learning The Difference Between Spencer The Movie And Spencers The Store

This episode we totally don't forget about the spider themed trailer of the week. That's something we've definitely never done and certainly would never do again. Aside from that we've got all sorts of crazy news to cover including but not limited to celebrating Nicki Minaj's birthday. And if that's not enough to get you popping in those earbuds, we've also got an interesting review of Spenser. Be a part of the show! Email us at


149: Father, Son, And House of Gucci

Calm down, don't worry, we didn't forget to talk about that thing we totally forgot to talk about last week. Maybe we didn't talk about it on purpose. We'll never tell! Also this week there's a clear trailer of the week, we learn some valuable lessons about the box office from listener emails, AND Ridley Scott proves without a doubt that he's old. Be a part of the show! Email us at


148: Does King Richard Deserve His Throne?

Let's cut to the chase and get the bad news off our chests. We totally meant to review the new Spider-man trailer this week. We were absolutely pumped about it too. BUT! There were so many trailers that when we decided to hold it till the end we forgot about it completely. Don't worry, we'll get to it next week. In other news though we've got a great review of Will Smith's King Richard and about 3,543,940 new movie trailers to look at this week. Enjoy! Be a part of the show! Email us at...


147: The Final Issue Of The French Dispatch

You're not going to want to miss this episode. We've got news from the front of the streaming war, Penn tries to be negative and it almost kills him, plus more awards presented this episode than any other before! Our favorite part of the show is hearing from you. Shoot us an email at


146: Marvel‘s DC‘s Justice League: The Eternals

There's so much going on this week, try and keep up! We've got several new segments coming your way, how far out our pinkies can stretch gets tested by a trailer, and how we grade movies gets a complete overhaul. Plus there's a whole argument over grammar. What other movie podcast is bringing you grammar talk? Exactly. Be a part of the show! Email us at **Special Note: The next week's episode will release on Wednesday instead of Monday. Plan accordingly. Pack...


145: Wait Till You Hear About Last Night In Soho

You may have gone home early because you had "work" in the morning, but let me tell you things got crazy Last Night In Soho. We'll tell you all about that wild ride, but first lets take a look at some controversial trailers. Oh and there's all this news we have to discuss before you leave. Might as well get that out of the way first. Now before you go don't forget to read through these letters over here, because looks like some of your mail got put in our box. Alright, you ready? You got...


144: Dune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally time for us to take a look at the much anticipated Dune. Does it live up to they hype? How many times did David cry? Is there even a point to doing this podcast now that this movie is out? So many questions and even fewer answers. Also this week we ponder Why do they keep giving Mel Brooks work? And, How old is too old to be a Robin? You're just going to need to tune in to see what conclusions we jump to. Be a part of the show! Email us at


143: The Last Duel Of The Many Saints Of Newark

We mix things up this week and both set off to watch separate movies. What did we see? Did we subvert any expectations? Listen and find out! Also this week Penn finally fingures out how David really works and Trailers Ahoy! Because we've got more trailers than we can handle. Be a part of the show! Email us at


142: It‘s Finally Time For No Time To Die

We made more jokes than we could count but it's finally here, No Time To Die. Was it worth the wait? Is there indeed anytime left to die? We'll get into it in this week's review. Also this week we ponder the question 'Where's the news?'. Plus we've got 3 top notch trailers to review. Well ok, 2 top notch... no wait 1 top notch trailer and 2 trailers we definite notches in them. Be a part of the show! Email us at


141: Is Venom Actually Poison?

Oof do we have a big one for you this week. Let's just say opinions differ and we may never see eye to eye again. But lets move past that cause this week we also talk about Venom: Let There Be Carnage. More importantly we may have found Penn's "Venom" in a movie called American Underdog. Also this week it's brought to our attention that we may have missed a few trailers. GASP! I know, it's heart breaking. Don't worry though we get 'em covered this week. Be a part of the show! Email us at...


140: Dear Evan Hansen Or Deer Evan Hansen? One Of These Needs To Be A Movie!

Dear Evan Hansen, Turns out this was the worst episode after all. Sincerely, Your most best, and dearest friend, Me Be a part of the show! Email us at


139: A Hard Counter To The Card Counter

We're talking big time bluffs in this week's review. What was your favorite bluff from The Card Counter, was it the first one or maybe the third one? But it's not all about bluffs this week, we've got big birthday news. So big you probably wont believe it. Oh it's true and it's of Jurassic proportions. Also this week we've got an interesting trailer of the week and a special listener creates a new word you should be using. Be a part of the show! Email us at


138: Does The Alpinist Take Us To New Heights?

The week we go chasing the high the Free Solo brought us and check out The Alpinist. Does it live up to it's predecessor? You'll have to listen to find out. The news circuit was fairly dry this week, but my goodness did we have trailers ahoy! Where do you lay in the great Matrix vs Expendable debacle of 2021? Be a part of the show! Email us at