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The Video Games Show is a gaming podcast covering industry news, game reviews, interviews and more! Rich, Matt, Chuck, Jake & Bob have a combined total of more than 50 years of gaming experience and use it for the good of listener-kind.

The Video Games Show is a gaming podcast covering industry news, game reviews, interviews and more! Rich, Matt, Chuck, Jake & Bob have a combined total of more than 50 years of gaming experience and use it for the good of listener-kind.


St. Louis, MO


The Video Games Show is a gaming podcast covering industry news, game reviews, interviews and more! Rich, Matt, Chuck, Jake & Bob have a combined total of more than 50 years of gaming experience and use it for the good of listener-kind.






VGS Show 619 - Booyaka Booyaka 619 (1.8.22)

After and extended (and bit longer than planned) break, we are back. Rich and Matt catch-up, talk the very limited amount of news available and discuss what we are playing/watching/hunting. Welcome to 2022!


VGS Show 618 - Black Friday Demastered Edition (11.20.21)

Matt and Rich are back for an all new, pre-Thanksgiving episode of VGS. The guys discuss the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch, Black Friday nonsense, GTA Trilogy Remastered disaster, The Game Awards 2021 nominees, what we want for Christmas, and so much more.


VGS Show 617 - Gotta Be Dat Droppy Wide Butt (10.23.21)

And...we're back! The crew of Rich, Kurt, Matt and Bob discuss all that is going on including the new Switch Online packages, Rich reviews the Switch OLED, Dune (2021) and Halloween Kills, Kurt talks Resident Evil 4 VR, EA vs. FIFA, the issues of getting PS5, Tim Curry, Curry Man, music and more.


VGS Show 616 - Monster Hairy Lady Belly Button (10.2.21)

The crew of Rich, Matt, Bob and Kurt are back from Mo Game Con V and have much to discuss. In addition to covering the con, the guys talk Nintendo Direct, upcoming releases, Konami letting indie developers work on Konami IPs, VHS renting/buying in the 80s, Norm McDonald and so much more.


VGS Show 615 - Taking Steve Guttenberg's Sloppy Seconds (9.11.21)

With just one week until Mo Game Con V (Sept. 18 at St. Charles Community College, for tickets) the crew of Rich, Bob and Matt sit down to talk before finally getting to hang out in person for the first time since March 2020. The boys talk about Mo Game Con V (of course), PlayStation Showcase, console shortages until 2023, a video calling out Limited Run Games, movies, music and so much more.


VGS Show 614 - Oh God, Don't Cry Macho (8.28.21)

After a massively long gap, the boys are back. Join Rich, Kurt and Bob as they finally break silence. We discuss Mo Game Con 2021, CM Punk returns (VGS becomes Top of the Turnbuckle for a bit), the state of retro gaming (current/future), Clint Eastwood vs. George Burns and so much more.


VGS Show 613 - How to Beat the High Cost of Gaming (7.10.21)

Bob, Matt and Rich return for an all new VGS. The crew talks Mo Game Con 2021, Switch (OLED Model), Amico drama, Sony not being indie friendly, our latest pickups, when to buy/sell, and more.


VGS Show 612 - E3 2021 in Review (6.19.21)

Rich, Matt and Bob are back to discuss all things E3 2021. What made the guys excited, disappointed and outright bored? Tune in to find out.


VGS Show 611 - In a World Where There's a Video Game News Drought (5.22.21)

Despite a desperate thirst for gaming news, Rich and Matt manage to take the tiny scraps they can find and manage to record 90+ minutes of podcast shenanigans. We talk what we've been up to, searching for next gen consoles, games coming soon, what happened to Dane Cook, the amazing work of Keith Coogan, telling off Bradley Whitford, and so much more.


VGS Show 610 - You Do Not Have Beef! (5.1.21)

Rich, Matt & Kurt get together for a last second episode of VGS. The boys talk what they're playing/watching, Matt making that Hustle, our thoughts on Mortal Kombat (2021) movie, Sony not futureproofing for their customers, auditioning to be Limited Run Games spokesman, and so much more.


VGS Show 609 - Matt & Rich and the Scream Factory (4.3.21)

Matt and Rich are left to their own devices on this episode of VGS. They talk what little is going on in the word of gaming, their latest pick-ups, an email about vinyl, awesome copies putting out awesome editions of movies, copyright infringement in Italy, and so much more.


VGS Show 608 - VGS International Casting Couch Incorporated (3.20.21)

Rich, Bob and Matt are back for a free flow episode of VGS. Many things discussed, from Rich's thoughts on Justice League Snyder Cut/DC movies in general, Bob asks about casting America's version of international tv shows, what we've been playing/watching, Bob and Matt talk music, and so much more.


VGS Show 607 - Tom Holland is Everything! (3.6.21)

After a prolonged gap, the VGS is crew is back in action. Join Matt, Bob and Kurt as they talk Nintendo's odd decision making, what they've been playing, some music talk, Tom Holland taking all acting jobs and so much more. Enjoy!


VGS Show 606 - A Dishonorable Mention from the Hedge (1.30.21)

Matt and Rich gather again for a condensed episode of VGS. On this episode the guys talk Wallstreet, favorite movies to watch over and over again, Matt's continued love affair with the Switch, Resident Evil Village presentation, games coming soon and more.


VGS Show 605 - Matt Joins the Cult of Nintendo (1.16.21)

Rich and Matt are back for another VGS. Thankfully, it was mostly all good news this week. The guys discuss Matt's love for the Nintendo Switch, free new modes for Bloodstained, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Complete Edition digital and physical releases, news out of CES 2021, Rich's obsession with John Carpenter movies, a spoiler free WandaVision review, and much more.


VGS Show 604 - 2020, Go to Your Room & Think About What You Did! (1.2.21)

While 2020 was garbage year, it was a great year for video games. Rich and Matt sit around and recap 2020 as we look ahead to 2021. We discuss the major video game releases in 2020 and reflect on our favorites. Hopefully we will provide you with your next favorite. Happy New Year!!!


VGS Show 603 - REE-Lish 2077 (12.19.20)

It's the final VGS of 2020 and how do the crew of Rich, Matt, Bob and Kurt spend their time? Well, we talk a bunch of Cyberpunk 2077's release, a bit of Christmas, Matt and Kurt might fight, Rich is dramatized and Bob is just shaking his head. All the earmarks of a typical Christmas gathering. We will you all Happy Holidays and talk to you again in 2021.


VGS Show 602 - What Ding Ding & Honk Honk Did on Their Christmas Vacation (12.5.20)

After four weeks of not talking to each other, the crew of Rich, Bob, Matt and Kurt have much to say. If you are into hearing the crew just freely talk about whatever, you'll love this episode. So much was talked about it is hard to recall, but there is definitely something for everyone. Just listen and enjoy.


VGS Show 601 - Top of the Charts, Part 1 (11.7.20)

Less than a week from the launch of the Xbox Series S/X and the PS5, the VGS crew brings you the news you need to know. Join Rich, Matt and Bob as they talk the next gen arrivals, the latest in gaming news, and the first part of their top lists. Part two, including your top lists to be feature on the next episode. Be sure to email you top lists in if you haven't already to


VGS Show 600 - 600!!! (10.17.20)

So, it was supposed to be a Halloween show for show 600, but instead it became way more about show 600. 600 episodes is a ton. Join Rich, Matt and Bob talk about 600 episodes, some very special guests drop by, we talk emails, Microsoft partnering with GameStop, the expense of being collectors, and big plans for show 601. A very special thank you to all our listeners. Whether you've heard all 600 episodes or just 1 episode, we appreciate you and thank you very much.