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A different type of movie podcast. I interview people about their favorite movie twice monthly. I also have two co-hosts 2x monthly and do deep dive reviews. One of those reviews will be chose by our followers on Twitter.


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A different type of movie podcast. I interview people about their favorite movie twice monthly. I also have two co-hosts 2x monthly and do deep dive reviews. One of those reviews will be chose by our followers on Twitter.






Best New Discoveries w/ Chad & Chris

Chad and Chris are back and we're talking about the movies we saw for the first time that didn't come out this year. We talk about many different genres and decades, so there's definitely something for everyone in this one.


Best Films of 2022 w/ Chad & Chris

Chad & Chris join me and we go through our top ten movies of this past year. We start off with a conversation about streaming vs. the theatrical experience and then dive right in! We go off on some tangents throughout, have some crossover and just have a good time discussing our favorite films of the year and also some of the ones that we wanted to see, but were not able to.


Christmas Special w/ Allen & Will

Chad and Chris host a Christmas party and frequent guests Allen and Will stop by to talk about 1994's The Santa Clause and 1980's Christmas Evil aka Better Watch Out! This will be the last episode of the year, so make sure you don't miss out! Follow the show at


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

This week, Josh is out but Chad and Chris are to take over hosting duties and they welcome on LA Cunningham. Laurie is a comic book creator, writer and editor-in-chief of ASAP Imagination. She talks about the strange way she wound up as a writer, how she got the multiple roles she has and numerous projects she has done or has coming, including Babies With Rabies, which is now available! Then, we talk about Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Find all her work at Follow...


The Last Dragon w/ Justin (Film Effect Podcast)

We are closing out Film Effectvember with a bang as Justin comes on to talk about Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon! We get into why he loves, the sequels that could have been and rumblings of a potential remake. Follow the show at


Blow w/ Andrew (Film Effect Podcast)

Film Effectvember rolls on as Ed's brother Andrew joins the show and talks about his love for Blow, as well as other Johnny Depp biopics. We talk about how Andrew recommends movies he's never seen on Film Effect, his love for the film Blow and a little behind the scenes on the real events and Andrew has a fantastic cast if a remake were to happen. Find the Film Effect Podcast wherever you listen to your pods. Follow the show at


Robocop w/Corey (Film Effect Podcast)

We are continuing on with Film Effectvember as Corey joins the show and tells us all about Robocop! We talk about first time viewings, Corey gives some love to the sequels and even the remake and has some choices for his own remake as well. Listen to The Film Effect Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Follow the show at


Shaun of the Dead w/ Jocelyn (Film Effect Podcast)

Film Effectvember continues as the newest member of the Film Effect family, Jocelyn, comes on to talk about her love for Shaun of the Dead! We talk about our first viewings of the film, Jocelyn's love of Simon Pegg movies and she discusses how hard and fun it was to come up with a cast for the remake section of the podcast. Follow the show at


The Blair Witch Project w/ Ed (Film Effect Podcast)

We are ending October, but also kicking off Film Effectvember, Each week one of the co-hosts of the Film Effect Podcast and we're kicking off with the main host Ed as he talks about his love for The Blair Witch Project. Ed is from Maryland, so he's bringing a local perspective with his view of the film. Follow the show at


Rejuvenator w/ Chris

Chris is back, but not to help me review a film, but to shed some light on an underseen horror gem from the 1980's, Rejuvenator. Chris talks about seeing scenes as a child and how he came to rediscover the film much later on. He also has lots of casting choices if a remake were to happen. Follow the show at


A Nightmare on Elm Street Retrospective w/Anthony Brownlee

Anthony Brownlee made his first appearance last year when he came on to talk about the original A Nightmare on Elm Street. Now, he's back and this time we're talking about every single Elm Street movie, including the remake. We talk about each film, give our rankings and discuss some favorite kills. We also get an update on Anthony's latest book and learn about an Elm Street documentary he's been working on called FredHeads. Follow the show at


Midsommar w/ Sam (Fright Mic Podcast)

This week, I am joined by one half of the Fright Mic podcast, Sam. We talk about her pod and then get into Ari Aster's Midsommar! We get a little spoilery in this one, but don't worry, I give a warning in the episode. We talk about when we both first saw the film, talk about the festival itself, how a sequel could happen and more! Follow the show at


Spawn w/Chad

Chad is back, but instead of helping me review a film, he has brought another one that he wants to talk about. And that movie is Spawn! We talk about first seeing it, how he discovered the comic book, a Mitch Pileggi story and so much more! This is yet another episode that you do not want to miss. Follow the show at


Grandma Chainsaw w/ Allen & Will (A discussion of hagsploitation)

This week, we're trying something new: a roundtable discussion about hagsploitation. Chad and Chris are here and we're joined by Allen Dunford and Will Radford to talk about their upcoming comic book series, Grandma Chainsaw! And that leads to a chat about a ton of different movies. So, get ready as we talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Evil Dead series, X, Monster House, Psycho Granny, Sunset Boulevard, Psycho, Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker and more! Be sure to search "Grandma...


Harold and Maude w/ John Gaspard

This week, I am joined by author and fellow podcaster, John Gaspard. We talk about the books he's written, both fiction and nonfiction, the occasional film podcast he has and he introduces me to one of the best movies I've seen in a while, Harold and Maude! Follow the show at


Sleepaway Camp w/ Chad and Chris

Chris once again was our poll winner last month and we're finally talking about Sleepaway Camp! We discuss quite a bit on this episode including eating too much, how Meg is even a camp counselor and whether or not this camp is just a front for the mob. You don't want to miss this one! Follow the show at


Y Tu Mama Tambien w/ Wiz (Capital Games Movie Club)

This week, I am joined by one half of the Capital Games podcast, Wiz and we're talking about Alfonso Cuaron's Y Tu Mama Tambien! We talk about his first time seeing it, when it became his favorite, what a sequel might look like and more! Follow the show at


Boogie Nights w/ Jen

This week, I am joined by friend of the show, Jen. We talk about how we met on Film Twitter and then dive into all things Boogie Nights. We talk a potential sequel, who gave the best performance of the movie, recast it with today's stars and so much more! Follow the show at


Alita: Battle Angel w/ Maxtac & Angelus

This week, I have two guests in Maxtac and Angelus. They talk about their livestream on YouTube on the #AlitaArmy channel, Radio Kaos. Maxtac is also a co-host on the Science Fiction Remnant podcast. Then, we're diving into Alita: Battle Angel. We talk about the Alita Army and some of the charity work they've done, the history of Alita, a sequel(s) and so much more on this jam packed episode! Follow the show at


A Fish Called Wanda w/ Ian (Best Film Ever)

Best Month Ever 2: Best Month Boogaloo concludes as the voice of reason, Ian joins the show to discuss A Fish Called Wanda! He tells us how Best Film Ever first got started, talks about how great Jamie Lee Curtis is and gives a recast that he's proud of enough to actually want to see the remake done. The BFE can be found at Follow the show at