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Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”




Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”





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Hyllie Bryggeri Devilish - PomPom Cider Chokladboll - ep594

Sometimes we like to go exploring in Systembolaget. We found a couple of interesting beers to review. Hyllie has been really working the larger, pils and IPA game really well. Some of their other traditional attempts have been just a little off the mark. Devilish is a Belgian strong golden ale that really nails the style. We were blown away by how good it is. We would put it up against any Belgian brewed version. Next up is something best left on the shelf. PomPom Cider Chokladboll is a pear cider with the flavor of Swedish Chokladboll, chocolate and coconut. Oddly enough, they kind of got it but we're not sure that's a good thing from a cider. It's a wild ride of flavor. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #cider #belgianstrongale


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Poppels Barrel Aged Barley Wine - Rhum Bourbon Rum Stout - ep593

Poppels is one of the larger independent breweries in Sweden. They have released some special barrel aged beers. Barrel Aged Barley Wine - Cognac, Rhum and Port is a 13.5% ABV barrel aged monster. It really packs a mouthful of flavor. Rhum Bourbon Rum Stout contains rhum, rum and bourbon. What's the difference between rhum and rum? You'll have to listen to find out. These two beers are too big for the two of us. We had to call in Marcus and Pontus to help. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #poppels #barleywine #imperialstout #barrelaged


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Malmö Meadery Guava Mead - Founders French Toast Bastard - ep592

We got some fun beers to try this episode. Malmö Meadery has been producing some really good meads for a few years now. They have been releasing single fruit meads have been pretty good. Martin knows how much Stefan loves guava so of course he brought Exclusive - Guava Mead. Not sure guava needs to be made into a mead but here it is. Founders Brewing has been releasing variants of Backwoods Bastard. French Toast Bastard is a bourbon barrel-aged scotch ale with maple, cinnamon and vanilla. It's a lot of french toast bourbon goodness. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #mead #scotchale #weeheavy #barrelaged


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Vreta Kloster Bryggeri St Lars 13 - Electric Nurse Angry Moose - ep591

Getting Swedish again with two really fun local breweries. Vreta Kloster Bryggeri continues to pump out really good traditional Belgian styles. St Lars 13 is a Belgian quadrupel made to celebratet the 15 anniversary of DeKlomp in Linköping. They are really killing these traditional styles. Electric Nurse Angry Moose is an imperial stout that is your basic imperial stout. No extras here, just roasted malty goodness. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #imperialstout #belgianquad


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Gamma Fano Fruit Suit - Williams Bros Che Guava Radical Lager - ep590

Getting back into some low ABV beers again. Danish brewers Gamma and Fano Bryghus teamed up to create what some call a shandy, others call a radler. We call it Fruit Suit. This clocks in at a 2.7% ABV and blends grapefruit and orange into a tasty mix. Because Martin likes to watch Stefan recoil in horror, he didn't hesitate to bring a guava beer. Scotish brewery Williams Bros released Che Guava Radical Lager. It's a 3.5% ABV gluten-free lager with lots of guava. Decisions were made...we aren't sure why. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #lowabvbeer #shandy #radler #lager


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To Ol Goliat - Goliat Cognac Barrels - ep589

You know we love Danish brewers To Ol. We haven't seen much of them lately, which is a shame. Systembolaget recently got two versions of Goliat, regular and cognac. You know we can't pass up a chance to do a side-by-side comparison. Goliat is an imperial stout with coffee and raw cane sugar. Just a classic combo of base imperial stout goodness. Really a prime example of what a base stout should be. Comparing that to Goliat Cognac Barrels, which has been aged on cognac barrels for 15 months, brings a whole new flavor profile. It's always amazing how a little change can take the same beer and make something completely different. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #imperialstout #barrelaged #stout


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Dugges En Svagare Öl - Pohjala Prenzlauer 0 - ep588

Another week, another episode. Now that spring is arriving, we're moving away from heavy stouts and barleywines and into light and dare I say it...low ABV beers. A few years ago low ABV was a disgrace. These days every brewery is putting out several low ABV beers with lots of styles and options. Dugges En Svagare Öl is a 3.5% NEIPA. That's a dangerous style to do low ABV. Fortunalty Dugges does a pretty good job with this one. Pohjala Prenzlauer 0 is a 0.5% ABV sour. Made with raspberries, it really hits the spot. We will review more low ABV beers in the future and hope see more breweries taking up the low ABV challenge. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #lowABVbeer #sourbeer #neipa


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Beerblioket Cherry Almond Pie Surprise - Stigbergets Stig Noir - ep587

We've been trying a lot of traditional beer styles recently. This episode we wanted to get a little off the beaten path with something different. Beerblioket Cherry Almond Pie Surprise is a cherry and almond sour ale. The surprising part is how little it tastes like cherry and almonds. Next up is Stigbergets Stig Noir. Now we're not huge fans of black IPAs. Every once in a while we'll try one to see if anyone has figured out how to do it right. Stig Noir is better than most but still doesn't quite get there. We're also joined by Frosty Beard Marcus and Pontificating Pontus. You things will get wild. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #blackipa #ipa #sourale #sourbeer


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Rauhrackel Weltenburger Urtyp Hell - Anno 1050 - ep586

We don't have many German bars in Skåne. There is a great one in Lund. Rauhrackel has been around for what feels like forever. We've been looking forward to checking it out. They have a pretty good selection of German beers on tap and a quite a few bottles. Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg is a micro brewery specializing in traditional styles. We got to try Weltenburger Urtyp Hell, a helles, and Weltenburger Anno 1050, a marzen. If you're looking for a something a little different in Lund, you need to check out Rauhrackel. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #weltenburger #helles #marzen #lund


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Omnipollo Three Times Three Vol 2 - North Park Three Times Three Vol 1 - ep585

It's three times the fun with three times the ABV. We have the marketing focused Omnipollo series called Three Times Three. Seven breweries all brew the same beer. It's an interesting challenge that shows how much the brewery making the beer can make a difference. Omnipollo is the first to release Three Times Three Vol 2. This TIPA comes in a smooth 10.1%. Look for it and other breweries releasing it at some point. North Park Beer Company has released their take on Three Times Three Vol 1. North Park's version of this beer is incredible. One of the best TIPA's we've had this year. To make this episode even more special we're joined by Frosty Beard Marcus and the Lord of Potatoes Pontus. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #tipa #ominpollo #northparkbeercompany


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Stjernsund California Commons - Oceanbryggeriet Special Strong Ale - ep584

We are exploring the brewing possiblities of Sweden. Stjernsund Brygghus is exploring a style not often seen in Sweden. California Commons is brewed with lager yeast but fermented at ale fermentation temperatures. It was made famous by Anchor Brewing Company. It's an interesting attempt at the style. Oceanbryggeriet likes to do cask ales and traditional styles. Special Strong Ale is an English Strong Ale. This style is a malty, lightly hopped and bitter ale with a bit of alcohol warmth. This one comes in at 7.2% ABV and fits the bill. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #californiacommons #strongale


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Laugar - Midnight Harvest - Aupa Tovarisch Armagnac BA - ep583

Spainsh brewery Laugar has been cranking out a wide variety of beers for years now. Martin brought two of their latest stouts. Midnight Harvest is an imperial stout aged in Porto wine and Bourbon whisky barrel aged. The two give a lot of character to the base stout but that's not always a good thing. Aupa Tovarisch Armagnac BA is their classic Aupa Tovarsich Russian imperial stout aged in Argmagnac barrels for 24 months. This faired far better. By focusing on one barrel type, the base stout really picks up the amazing flavors and creates a very drinkable stout. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #laugar #russinaimperialstout #imperialstout #barrelagedstout


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Cantillon Fou Foune 2021 - Thomas Hardy's Ale The Historical 2021 - ep582

We went classic with a couple of well respected beers from master brewers. Cantillon releases a lot of one off beers every year. They have nice group of regular releases as well. Fou' Foune is a blend of 18 to 20 month lambics with Bergeron apricots and Italian apricots. It's tart, fruity and always a thrill to have. Next is Thomas Hardy's Ale, The Historical (2021). It's an annual release that ages great. This is a very traditional English barley wine that is really smooth and easy to drink. We've had several vintages and it's great fresh as well as aged. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #cantillon #lambic #geuze #barleywine #englishbarleywine


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Brekeriet Sour & Salt 2015 - Smedsbo Slott Salzstout - ep581

We got a little crazy this episode. Martin found a classic bottle from Brekeriet, back when they only released 750 ml bottles in foreign webshops. Now you can find loads of their amazing beers in Systembolaget. Back in 2015 you could only get a a few like Sour & Salt. The fresh bottles are lightly tart with a nice saltiness. This hasn't aged as well as we had hoped. It was fun to try. Stefan brought a bottle from a new brewery from Smedsbo. Smedsbo Slott released Salzstout 2023. This implies an annual release but this is the first year of the beer. Coming in at 12.5% abv, it has salty liquorice note with a deep roast base. It's fun fine from an up and coming brewery. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #imperialstout #stout #sourbeer #gose


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Metro - Orval & 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek 2016 - ep580

We made it out to Metro in Malmö. They have an interesting tap list but where they excel is their bottle list. They have a wide selection of bottles and cans to choose from. We started with an Orval. This Belgian pale ale is a true classic and just hits right every time you have it. It always makes you wonder why you don't drink it more often. Then we found a real diamond, a 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek 2016. It's not everyday you see a 7 year-old lambic on a list that isn't crazy expensive. This has aged beautifully. Tart, sweet with notes of cinnamon and cherry. We couldn't have been happier. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #lambic #kriek #belgianpaleale #orval #3fonteinen


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Remmarlöv The Double Jeenius - Elmeleven We Are Not Alone - ep579

It's time to feature some recent Swedish releases. Show favorite brewery Remmarlöv has released a double IPA version of their traditional Jennius IPA. The Double Jeenius is a bolder version of their traditional IPA. This isn't hazy or malty but just a strong, traditional DIPA. Elm Eleven has been very successful with their pastry sour beers. We Are Not Alone continues that trend with a raspberry, blackberry, toasted marshmallow sour. It's crazy drinkable and delicious. While we love the pastry sours, we hope he's able to do other styles soon. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #dipa #remmarlov #elmeleven #pastrysour #sourbeer


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Sudden Death Brewing Shitter was Full - Ratsherrn Brauerei Hamburg Senatsbock - ep578

Stefan was able to travel to Germany a couple of weeks ago, so you know what that means...German Beers! Lubeck and Hamburg are amazing cities to visit with loads of art and culture. He didn't bother with any of that and just went for the beers. Sudden Death Brewing is based out of Lubeck. They opened an amazing taproom that is a destination spot for any beer traveller. Shitter was Full is inspired by the National Lampoon classic Christmas Vacation. It's a 7.9% AVB DIPA. It was as much fun to drink as it was to talk about the movie. Ratsherrn Brauerei has a really nice taproom and bottleshop with an eye towards traditional German styles. Hamburg Senatsbock is an annual doppelbock release that comes in at a 7.5% ABV. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #doppelbock #dipa #germanbeers


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Casual Street Food - Casual Modern Lager & Dry & Bitter Chrome Chrysalis - ep577

Casual Street Food is an award winning hamburger joint plus fish tacos. The burgers are top notch and their beer selection is usally very interesting. They have tap takeovers on a regular basis which keeps us coming back. We had to try the house beer, Casual Modern Lager. This amber lager is brewed by Malmö's Rocket Brewing Company. It's always fun to try the house beer. Danish brewery Dry & Bitter has released a West Coast IPA called Chrome Chrysalis. Dry hopped with Columbus, Ekuanot, Motueka and Wai-iti hops, it's got some tropical notes with a bit of maltiness. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #ipa #amberlager #lager #westcoastipa


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Opopoppa - ToOl Svos and Shapes & Objects Piano Keys - ep576

Opopoppa is an oddly named pizza place in Malmö. Not only do they have great pizzas and calzones but also an exciting selection of beers. We managed to get two interesting ones. To Ol Svos is an easy drinking American IPA. It's straight up the middle to style IPA pairs well with pizza. Shapes & Objects Beer Co is a new brewery here in Sweden. They've 15 releases in just a few months. They mostly do fruit beers or fruited sours. Piano Keys Raspberry Cream Blackberry Sour is a 6% ABV fruit beer. This collaboration with Ten Hands Brewing and Forager Brewery is a tart, intense fruit beer. We're looking forward to trying trying more from them in the future. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #fruitbeer #sourbeer #ipa #americanipa


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Mason Ale Works nonsense fuel - Energy City Brewing Bistro Mango, Coconut and Banana Smoothie - ep575

Welcome to 2024. We are here to drink some beer! Kicking off a new year is always exciting so full of hopes and dreams for amazing new beers to try. We start off with a new brewery called Mason Ale Works. Their nonsense fuel is a hazy DIPA double dry hopped with enigma, rakau, HBC 431 and HBC 586. A strong beer to start off the year. Tha's followed by Energy City Brewing Bistro Mango, Coconut and Banana Smoothie. This a Berliner-style weisse beer with the afore mentioned fruits. It's a fruit cocktail in a can. #beer #craftbeer #drinks #dipa #berlinerweisse #pastrysour