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Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”

Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”




Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”






Oude Geuze DeVille a L'ancienne 2022 - Eylenbosch Oude Gueuze 2021 - ep469

Martin breaks out some geuze...gueuze...either way we get to try two new brewies specializing in geuze style beers. Oude Geuze DeVille a L'ancienne 2022 is from the brew pub Den Herberg. They make a lot of traditional styles of Belgian ales from dubbels to blondes to everything inbetween. Eylenbosch Oude Gueuze 2021 is from Brouwerij Eylenbosch. They are smaller and more focused on farmhouse ales and spontaneously fermented beers. Are they two new breweries to look out for or should we give...

7th Anniversary - I like beer and candy - ep468

It's our 7th Anniversary. We're as shocked as you are. It's been seven great years and so many amazing and not so amazing beers. There's been great beer festivals and awesome inteviews. One thing we haven't covered is beers and food. This is our first beer and food episode. We start with beer and candy. It might seem like an odd combination but it can be amazing. We created a regular Willy Wonka table full of different types of candies and four different types of beer. We have sour, fruit,...


Ceveja de Ananas 1864 - Barona Outra Lado Third Anniversary Barrel Project - ep467

Stefan was travelling again and he visited the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores island chain as well as Lisbon, Portugal. Of course, this means he brings back some beers to try. Sao Miguel is the only place in Europe that grows tea and pineapples. The pineapple plantations are all hothouse based which creates smaller and sweeter fruit. They aslo create a pineapple beer called Ceveja de Ananas 1864. It's fruit beer which is a fun entry into the beer world. In Lisbon in a back alley there is...


Amundsen Dessert in a Can Coffee Coconut and Caramel Macaroon - Lervig Off the Rack Australia Dark Rum 2021 - ep466

It's a dark and heavy episode. We have two big, heavy Norwegian imperial stouts this episode. Amundsen Dessert in a Can Coffee Coconut and Caramel Macaroon is what it says on the can. Coffee, coconut and caramel macaroons give this a sweet, delicious imperial stout incredible flavor and keep it from being way too sweet. Lervig Off the Rack is their premium stout series and they rarely disappoint. Australia Dark Rum 2021 is a blend of imperial stout with chocolate, vanilla and caramel with...


Bishops Arms - Pentrich Saint Monday - Hidden Springs Life on Standby - ep465

We make it back to Bishops Arms Gustav Torg for some fun new beers. They've slowly become one of the best beer bars in all of Sweden and a must stop place for any beer fan. They always have a great tap list and an impressive bottle list. We're joined by Pontus to try Pentrich Brewing Saint Monday first. This Wee Heavy is a collaboration with Cult of Oak. Brewed with maple syrup, it's rich caramel and toffee notes are complimented with a light smokey back flavor. Hidden Springs on tap is...


Pomona Island Tamaki I - De Ranke Kriek de Ranke 2021 - ep464

Pomona Island Tamaki I is a fruit beer from England. It's made with plums and grilled Hojicha tea added to a farmhouse sour. The result is a delightful blend of plums and tea. It's a playful beer that will be loved by some and disliked by others. Overall, a very fun experiment. De Ranke Kriek de Ranke 2021 is a 70% Belgian sour mixed with 30% cherry lambic. This is a beer that needs to be drunk fresh otherwise you'll miss the cherries. Since they are mixing two things instead of adding...


Stormgatan - Genys Tattoo Lager - Hyllie 212 - ep463

We get out of the house and make it to Stormgatan. It's a great taproom for Hyllie Brewery. We were excited to finally feature the location on the show. They a bit of a tap takeover going and lots of guest beers on tap. We were able to try Lithuanian brewery Genys Organic Tattoo Lager. IT's a light, crisp very crushable lager to enjoy over and over again. We can't go to Hyllie's taproom without having at least one Hyllie Brewing beer to review. Hyllie 212 is an American pale ale that hits...


Moerslutel 6 Year Series Margreet and Sjaak - ep462

Sadly, the party is coming to an end and so is out time with Pontus and Bjorn. Moerslutel 6 Year Series wraps up with Margreet and Sjaak. Margreet is the biggest beer in the series. A whopping 16% ABV freeze-distilled beer. Based on the dutch dessert red velvet cake, it's mixed with sour cherries, raspberries, white oak, vanilla and cacao nibs. Lastly we have Sjaak, a 14% ABV imperial stout. The chocolate imperial stout is aged in bourbon and brandy barrels. It comes in a little hot but puts...


Moersleutel 6 Year Series Tom and Pim - ep461

We are keeping the party going with the Moersleutel 6 Year Series. The party goes up and so does the ABV. Tom is a 10% ABV Red Rye wine. This is a new style for us and tastes a lot like an imperial red ale. Malty and delicious, this is a real hit. Pim jumps up a little with 11% ABV. This chocolate imperial stout is classic Moersleutal stout. Rich, chocolatey and delicious, this reminds us why we fell in love with Moersleutel in the first place. Pontus and Bjorn agree!


Moersleutel 6 Year Series Max and Rob - ep460

I can't believe it's already been a year. Moersleutel is celebrating their anniversary and they've released a new beers series. 6 Year Series has six really, really big beers. We start with the low abv beers of 8% and 10%. Max is a double new england IPA. Made with Topaz, Idaho 7, Idaho 7 Cryo and Triumph hops, it's a lot of beer that comes in a bit too sweet. Rob is a Triple IPA made with Galaxy, Eclipse and Topaz hops. Fruity and sweet, it's a good setup for the rest of beers. Of course,...


Marlobobo Bourbon BA Wildberry Doofus - Moersleutel Barcode Platinum and Pink - ep459

We don't have meads very often on the podcast. Mostly because they are too damn expensive. We're joined by Bjorn and Pontus on the show and we break open a bottle of mead from one of the best mead producers in the world. Marlobobo is a Norwegian meadery and they have been producing amazing stuff. Bourbon BA Wildberry Doofus is a bourbon barrel aged bochet with blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, bilberries, black- and red currants. Moersleutel is back on the podcast. There is another...


Vault City Red Fruit Coconut Dreamcake - Coffee Poached Pear Praline Crumble - ep458

Thanks to Brexit, we don't really get many beers out of the UK these days. Thankfull, Scotland has been filling in that hole in our beer hearts. Vault City is from Edinburgh, Scotland. They are known for their fruited beers. Based on the Danish dessert Drommekage, Red Fruit Coconut Dreamcake is a strawberry, honeyberries and mango are mixed with toasted coconut flakes. Then we have Coffee Poached Pear Praline Crumble. Coffee infused pear sour with homemade praline crumble mixed in. It's a...


Browar NOOK Apfelstrudel - Cinnamon Danish - ep457

Poland is really making waves in the beer scene. They are reaching beyond lagers and pilsners and creating new and exciting styles. Browar NOOK is creating pastry stouts, smoothie sours, hazy ipas and so much more. We have two of their beers to try. Apfelstrudel is an apple strudel pale ale. It's a weird combo that kind of works. We also get to try Cinnamon Danish. This stout is based on a cinnamon danish, one of the best baked items ever. Sadly, this doesn't hit those highs.


Akia Caleidoskope Two Great Mondays - BrygBrygBryg Temple 2022 - ep456

We have two Danish beers this episode. And they aren't from To Ol or Mikkeller. Caleidoskope and Swedish brewers Akia have done a joint collab called Two Great Mondays. Each brewery has done their version of this hazy IPA. We are trying the Caleidoskope version. I wonder if we can find the Akia version. BrygBrygBryg has quitely been cranking out beers in Copenhagen for awhile. We're trying Temple 2022. This farmhouse saison is red wine barrel aged brewed with honey and black currant. The...


S43 Brewery Maris the Dank Engine - Play Brew Love Note - ep455

We have two new breweries on the show. Both are from England. First up is S43 out of Middlesbrough. Maris the Dank Engine uses columbus, chinook, citra and simcoe and then double dry hopped with cryo citra, cryo columbus, chinook and centennial hops. It's a tropical flavor bomb of goodness. We also try Play Brew which has released a collaboration with S43. Love Note is also double dry hopped IPA but the hops remain a mystery. Both are worthy of great discussion.


Beers of Summer: Low alcohol beer 3.5% - ep454

Beers of Summer continues with low alcohol beers with only 3.5% ABV: We want to help you enjoy your summer with out getting wasted. With 3.5% ABV beers, you get more flavor and fun. The last episode, the non-alcoholic beers left us a little flat. This time we don't miss the booze and just really enjoy the flavors and styles. The beer world just keeps expanding and brewers are pushing themselves in new and exciting ways.


Beers of Summer: Non-Alcoholic Beers - ep453

Summertime and the livings easy, so why shouldn't your beers. We know nothing beers the heat like an ice cold beer. But what if you can't drive or need to stay sober? Well fear not, we have a solution for you. We looked around and saw that the non-alcoholic beer market has really grown. No longer are you left with just bland, malty lagers. Now you can find ipas, stouts and sours. We review six non-alcoholic beers to help you beat the summer heat.


Porterhouse Brew Co. Around the Clock No3 - Brauhaus Bevog Brewery Hagger - ep452

We got a little Irish and little Austrian today. Two beers from very countries. Hailing from Dublin, The Porterhouse Brew Co has released the third generation of of its award-winning Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Around the Clock is a 12.5% ABV stout with hints of vanilla, caramel, liquorice, raisin, and toasted coconut...or that's what they say on the label. Brauhaus Bevog comes from Bad Radkersburg, Austria. This American Barleywine clocks in at 12.2% and has notes of dried fruits, caramel,...


Roxen India Red Ale - Sullivan's Maltings Irish Ale - ep451

It's not often we see multiple red ales at Systembolaget. We had to do a red episode. Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri has released Roxen India Red Ale. It's a 7% abv smooth, caramel malty treat. This was a real surprise. It's an annual release and one we'll pick up every year. Sullivan's Brewing Company is from Ireland. They have released a true classic style red ale called Maltings Irish Ale. It's a fun bar friendly red ale that will please anyone looking for a relaxing beer at the end of the day.


Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen 2022: Part 2 ep 450

We are still at Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen 2022. In part 2 we have lots of fun talks with people from all over. Then Stefan and Martin sit down and do a little wrap-up of the festival and how we felt about this year. We had a lot of fun and Martin set some new records. Interviews this episode: Eric Trinoskey - Recycled Brewing Joran van Ginderachter - Halfway Crooks Olly Bartlett - Stockholm Brewing