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A heavy metal podcast featuring indie, unsigned, and small-label bands from across the globe, many of which are played here for the first time anywhere. Crank it up and rock out!


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A heavy metal podcast featuring indie, unsigned, and small-label bands from across the globe, many of which are played here for the first time anywhere. Crank it up and rock out!




Episode 92: Behind Schedule and Ahead of the Heavy Metal Curve

Yeah, I'm late with another episode, but the music is still brand-new. Life can get busy, however that doesn't stop the promo inbox from filling up with upcoming and newly-released slabs of new heavy metal, so here's a healthy serving of some choice picks from the past couple of months.


Episode 91: Growling Voices and Harsh Noises

You know what's funny about people who complain that metal is just a bunch of loud ugly noise? They're absolutely right. I'd like to think of us metalheads as connoisseurs of music that sounds like a deranged cookie monster manning a jackhammer.


Episode 90: No, No. It's A New Metal, Not Nu Metal Podcast

Snarky titles aside, I'm not nearly enough of an elitist to bash on the commercial stuff of the early millennium. It is, after all, what I grew up with and I still have a hell of a soft spot in my heart for it. That said, I'm not playing any on this podcast because there's only so much retro-nostalgic BS I can handle


Episode 89: Good Ol' Days, Shmood Ol' Days

Forget the good ol' days; anyone who says there's no good new music out there is just lazy and jaded. There's plenty of fresh bands out there doing great things, which is what this podcast is all about.


Episode 88: The Metal Waits For No One

A week behind, but better late than never, right? However, while summer sun can provide Vitamin D, it does not provide a useful way to keep the promo box from overflowing, so here we are with another episode of Another Metal Podcast.


Episode 87: Which Came First, The Heavy or the Metal?

Just kidding, there's no philosophy on this episode, only brutal, blackened, and abrasive new music to enjoy with the family. Those bringing the torture this time around come from the US, UK, Canada, Norway, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Poland, and Portugal.


Episode 86

I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority of metalheads in that I don't like moshing. Sweaty shirtless men, pent-up testosterone, unresolved daddy issues; it's just not for me.


Episode 85

I think 'beautifully ugly' sums up heavy metal fairly well; it's harsh, abrasiveness, often dissonant, but at the same time it can convey the same depth of thought and emotion as any 'beautifully beautiful' art. At least, that is, if you have an ear for it; for most people it's just a wall of buzz saws and puking sounds. Well, here's to the recorded art of power tools and violent regurgitation.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 84

Like the episode title says, this is a pretty damn heavy one. Granted, they always are but this week's slab of heavy just feels...heavier. Lots of brutality is on display thanks to an abundance of solid releases lately, especially in the past month.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 83

I mentioned to a friend recently that I've been doing this podcast for a little over two years now and their response was simply: "Why?"


Another Metal Podcast Episode 82

Here's episode 82 of Another Metal Podcast, discussion-free, commercial-free, and sh!$ty music-free (probably debatable, but this is my podcast after all).


Another Metal Podcast Episode 81

Here's a new episode, new music, and hopefully some new listeners as I slowly inch may way to the first hundred episodes. And so far I've only messed up a few times, so I'll keep crossing my fingers for luck.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 80

There's a lot of attention right now being given to old-guard hanging it up and announcing farewell tours, which is understandable, but I think it's also a symptom of some of the things holding metal back as an industry. Support the underground, because that's what metal is nowadays.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 79

I realize a while ago that I essentially do this podcast so other people can be lazy. I go through mountains of sonic turds to find choice new music from around the globe, all so listeners can skip the digging and enjoy the good without (most of) the bad. I'm okay with that though; if I'm anything it's a humble servant in the metal community.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 78

Every once in a while I end up with an episode that is almost completely non-stop brutal from front to back without even meaning to. Usually I have a set or two in the playlist of 'breathing room', ie. some lighter stoner rock and/or prog. This is not one of those times. Have fun.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 77

I'm back from my short holiday respite and hope everyone had a brutally joyous New Year. Despite many a tired and crusty metal blogger claiming 2017 was a boring year for heavy music I personally think it was a solid year, it just didn't have strong trends in any single genre, and besides, if it sucked how did I find so much great stuff to play for the entire year on this here podcast?


Another Metal Podcast Episode 76

Santa may have the market cornered on bringing presents and Christmas cheer to everyone across the globe, but you can consider me the Santa of heavy fuckin' metal because I've got a digital sack full of the stuff for everyone. And I bring it around a couple times a month, not once a year. Eat it, fat man.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 75

Another two hours of brand-new brutality coming in hot! Heavy metal Santa is coming early with grimy gifts from Norway, Poland, Ukraine, US, UK, Germany, Belarus, Denmark, Australia, Finland, and Northern Ireland.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 74

Here's your heavy metal slop for the week, you filthy animals. At least it's well sourced slop from countries like Canada, Italy, UK, US, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Chile, and Austria so your diet of brutality is well-rounded.


Another Metal Podcast Episode 73

I don't know if it was my mood lately, the time of year, or just pure happenstance but this episode turned out pretty damn ugly. But in a good way, because I'm talking about the abrasive, vile, and caustic music and not the production of the show (that's always been complete shit). There's not a clean sounding song on this one and it and the blocks of songs alternate between blackened brutality and sonic sludge. Just what the metal doctor ordered.