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A show Bobby Bones does from his house. In-depth interviews with songwriters, producers and artists in Nashville that reveal the stories behind the biggest songs, candid anecdotes and personal stories.

A show Bobby Bones does from his house. In-depth interviews with songwriters, producers and artists in Nashville that reveal the stories behind the biggest songs, candid anecdotes and personal stories.


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A show Bobby Bones does from his house. In-depth interviews with songwriters, producers and artists in Nashville that reveal the stories behind the biggest songs, candid anecdotes and personal stories.




#373 - The Warren Brothers on Addiction, Losing A Record Deal, Getting Sober, and Finding Success in Songwriting and Why It Didn’t Matter ‘Red Solo Cup’ Was Never a No. 1

This conversation with Bobby and The Warren Brothers will inspire you. Brett and Brad have written hit songs such as “If You’re Reading This”, “Highway Don’t Care” “Red Solo Cup” and many, many more. They got their start as a duo and after years of partying on the road and losing a record deal…they have now both been sober for 17 years. They talk about their struggles with addiction and how getting sober ignited their career as songwriters. Brad also shares how he is helping fathers who have...


BobbyCast Presents: Unsigned & Independent: Lexie Hayden - From Intern to Full Time Artist

Episode 6 features a former Bobby Bones Show intern - Lexie Hayden (@LexieHayden). Lexie moved to Nashville permanently after finishing up her internship and college to pursue her music career. Kevin and Lexie dive into the benefits of interning for the show, how much her life has changed since she moved to Nashville, and what it was like being on an MTV reality show. Plus, they discuss how much she enjoys being independent and constantly working on new projects - including a new one with...


#372 - Madeline Edwards on Opening For Chris Stapleton in a Stadium + Teaches Us How to Sing Jazz + Speaking Her Goal into Existence for Her Debut Album + Why She Says “Even Though I Look Different, I Belong Here”

Madeline Edwards (@MakingMadeline) has had a big year after signing a record deal, making her Opry debut, performing on the Today Show and releasing her debut album called “Crashlanded”. Madeline talks about what it was like growing up in a mixed-race household, training her voice and making money singing Jazz in bars / restaurants, and finding her place in country music. Madeline talks about what it was like signing her record deal, having her dream come true making the music video for her...


BobbyCast Presents: Unsigned & Independent: Walker Montgomery - Creating His Own Path

Episode 5 features Walker Montgomery - son of John Michael Montgomery. Kevin and Walker dive into Walker's upbringing and focus on his story, but also the influence his father had on him growing up. Walker didn't play an instrument consistently until his teenage years, and he only spent 9 weeks in college before making the decision to move to Nashville. Kevin and Walker also discuss Walker's recent EP and how he naturally keeps the 90's country sound alive! Follow: @KickOffKevin Podcast...


# 371 - Caroline Jones on Becoming First Female Member of The Zac Brown Band + Her Solo Career and Touring with Tim and Faith, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney and Who Has the Best Food Backstage + Exploring New Zealand in a Campervan

Caroline Jones has recently joined the Zac Brown Band full-time as an official member, making her the only female in the 8-piece group. She talks to Bobby of what that entails and the conversation she had with Zac about also prioritizing her career as a solo artist. Caroline talks about some of the other amazing acts she has had the opportunity to open for and Bobby asks her the toughest question she’s ever been asked. Caroline talks about how her latest album Antipodes was inspired by an...


BobbyCast Presents: Unsigned & Independent: 4. Tom O'Connor - Former Lobbyist Turned Musician

Episode 4 features Tom O'Connor. Tom is a former Washington DC lobbyist who found his love for music in college and decided to leave a steady job to chase his dream. Tom has written and had a single with Luke Combs, and he talks about the influence Luke has had on his career. Tom also gives some memorable stories on the road for all the wrong reasons, and what his advice is for anyone who wants to chase a dream! Podcast Description: Unsigned and Independent is a six episode season podcast...


#370 - Brett James on His 27 No. 1’s as Songwriter including 6 No.1’s in One Year + Dropping Out of Medical School to Pursue Music + Winning a Grammy for “Jesus Take the Wheel”

Brett James is a Grammy award-winning songwriter, has had more than 500 cuts, appearing on albums with combined sales of over 110 million copies, and 27 No. 1 hits. Brett had a fascinating journey to Nashville. He talks to Bobby about how he went from medical school to pursuing a career as a solo country artist in the 90’s. Brett shares how it all started with him writing one song that led to him getting major cuts for Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Dierks Bentley and...


BobbyCast Presents: Unsigned & Independent: 3. Charly Reynolds - From TikTok to the Studio

In Episode 3, Kevin brings on an independent artist named Charly Reynolds. Charly has a popular social media presence, and she talks about how she had to get out of her comfort zone in order to use this to her musical advantage. Charly moved to Nashville from Florida after graduating high school and tells Kevin how important a supportive family was to get her through the days where she wanted to go back home. They also discuss her current single and future projects that are currently in the...


#369 - Nate Smith on How Heartbreak and Devastation Led Him to His Career in Music

It hasn't been an easy road for Nate Smith, but he's proven that when you get knocked down, you have to get back up. Guest host Abby sits down with Nate to talk about his journey from California to Nashville and how losing everything in a fire reignited his passion to pursue music full time. Nate has a new album coming out soon, he's been on the road with Brett Eldredge and he made his Opry debut earlier this year. He's also super funny as you'll hear in this episode. He shares the story...


Happy Birthday Keith Urban! + #327 - Keith On His Childhood, Relationship with Father, Marriage, Rehab and Overcoming Addiction

Keith Urban turns 55 years old today! In honor of his birthday, we wanted to share when Bobby and Keith sat down and dove into where his love of music started and how he discovered country music in Australia. Keith explains how his dad got him into country music and how their relationship led to him wanting to pursue it as a career. Keith talks about his early days starting out, his biggest inspiration as an artist, why he strives to make his live show so BIG and he also breaks down the day...


BobbyCast Presents: Unsigned & Independent: Zeona Road - The Sibling Trio from South Dakota

In Episode 2, Kevin brings on a sibling trio band from South Dakota named Zeona Road. Kevin and Zeona Road dive into how much their mindset has changed since arriving in Nashville over 5 years ago, how he came across them 2+ years ago and was instantly hooked. Plus, Zeona Road talks about how growing up on the buffalo plains of South Dakota has prepared them for the grind of living in Nashville and trying to make it in the music industry. Podcast Description: Unsigned and Independent is a...


#368 - Rita Wilson on Her Dad’s Amazing Journey from Bulgaria to America + Duets with Keith Urban, Willie Nelson and More on New Album + Getting Her Acting Start on the Brady Bunch

Rita Wilson has an amazing story as a first generation American. She opens up about her parent’s and her dad’s struggle making it to America from Bulgaria and the values it instilled in her. Rita just released her new album called, Rita Wilson Now & Forever: Duets. She tells the stories behind her duets with Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson, Jimmie Allen and more! Rita has starred in some of the most beloved ’80s, ’90s and 2000’s movies. She shares her stories of her first job as a...


BobbyCast Presents: Unsigned & Independent: Graham Nancarrow on Staying True to His Roots

Episode 1 features artist Graham Nancarrow – who has a band called The Goddamn Saints. Graham is from San Diego and moved to Nashville 5 years ago with hopes to grow all-around as an artist. Kevin and Graham dive into his life on the road as an independent artist, including the struggles of a few break downs and trying to book his own shows. Graham also discusses his variety of venues and talent he’s played with over the years, from Stagecoach with Chris Stapleton to Broadway with tourists....


#367 - Tenille Arts on Discovering Her New Song on TikTok and Going Viral + How She Failed Writing a “Truck Song” + Her New Record Label and Getting To Own Her New Music

Tenille Arts landed her first No. 1 “Somebody Like That” in 2020. She talks about her journey as a new artist during the pandemic and how she’s now entering a new and exciting chapter. She just signed to a new record label and talks about what it means to now own her music catalog. Tenille talks about her new song “Jealous of Myself” and how she found it randomly on TikTok and was able to get to be the artist to record it. She also talks about how she’s gone viral on TikTok, how she failed...


Introducing Dua Lipa: At Your Service Season Two

Hi, Bobbycast fans! We're excited to share the news that Dua Lipa: At Your Service is back for season 2. We think you will enjoy this interview podcast led by one of today's most notable young performers. Check out the trailer to get a taste for yourself! About the show: You know Dua Lipa as a singer, writer, movie junkie, bookworm, and inquiring mind, and now, she’s adding podcaster to her resumé. Dua Lipa: At Your Service is an interview series brimming with inspiring stories and tools,...


#366 - Chapel Hart on Going from Playing on the Streets of New Orleans to Getting the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent + Holding Back the Tears After Receiving Multiple Standing Ovations at Opry Debut

Chapel Hart is made up of sisters Danica Hart and Devynn Hart, and their cousin Trea Swindle. They are coming off an amazing run after placing in the Top 5 on America’s Got Talent and making their Opry debut with glowing reviews. They talk about how they didn’t want to do AGT at first but what it took to convince them to go to Los Angeles to compete on the show and how crazy it was once they got there. The group sits down to talk to Bobby about getting their start busking on the streets of...

#365 - Megan Moroney on her viral hit Tennessee Orange + Her First Performance in Her Sorority Pageant and What She Won + How Much She Made as an Influencer

Bobby talked to Megan about how he discovered her song “Tennessee Orange” on Instagram and loved it. Megan talks about how she grew up having music and instruments all around the house but didn’t start pursuing music until she went to the University of Georgia. That’s where she wrote her first song and did her first public performance. Megan talks about making the move to Nashville after college and navigating co-writes during the pandemic. Megan talks about how she wants her songs to truly...


#364 - Ronnie Dunn on the Untold Story of Brooks and Dunn + Paying Rent to Johnny Cash + Why He Became Embarrassed to be Nominated for Awards…and Ronnie + Bobby’s Devious CMA Plan

Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn drops in to talk about his latest album 100 Proof Neon, growing up in Texas, hanging out with the Rolling Stones, and of course…Brooks and Dunn. The duo has won a crazy amount of awards including: 28 ACMs, 19 CMAs (the most of any artist), 2 GRAMMY Awards, and more than 30 million records sold as country music’s most-awarded duo in history. But we found out what accolade was the most special for him to earn. Ronnie also shares stories about his dad and how his...


Happy Birthday Trisha Yearwood! + #164 - Trisha Yearwood Made More Money Singing Backups + First Tour Ever was Opening for Garth Brooks

Trisha Yearwood turned 58 years old today! So in her honor, we wanted to share when she stopped by Bobby's house and talks about how she got her start singing demos in the 80's. Trisha has sung backups on more than 100 Garth Brooks songs and got her start opening up for him on his tour back in 91 when she only had 1 song on the radio. Trisha also talks about recording her Frank Sinatra tribute album "Let's Be Frank", her next country album and what she likes to watch on Netflix. See...


BONUS EPISODE: Ryan Hurd Interview

Bobby had Ryan Hurd stop by the studio to discuss his journey from song writing to becoming a performer. They talked about the difference in being an opener versus the headliner, the fatigue of a tour, life and behind the scenes on a tour bus, and much more! See for privacy information.