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Magnetofunky is a laid back (and often explicit - you bet your ass) mostly weekly podzine of extremely eclectic music and progressive politics, with a focus on mobile energy independence and creative West Coast wanderlust.

Magnetofunky is a laid back (and often explicit - you bet your ass) mostly weekly podzine of extremely eclectic music and progressive politics, with a focus on mobile energy independence and creative West Coast wanderlust.


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Magnetofunky is a laid back (and often explicit - you bet your ass) mostly weekly podzine of extremely eclectic music and progressive politics, with a focus on mobile energy independence and creative West Coast wanderlust.








Magnetofunky: Walkabout 04 - Flight Plan

Shake Hands With Danger - OWTRIPLEBANG; Itinerary - Flight Planning; Open Mic Stage - New CC Tunes - The Dispossessed - Louis Lingg and The Bombs, Like Before - Vietnam II, The Spy - Pk Jazz Collective, DOOM - Jazz One Beats, Kalayaan Sound System - Kalashnikov and The Supreme Violence of The Time Describers; Log - Engine Job; Dreams of Utopia - theAdelaidean


Magnetofunky: Walkabout 03 - Cooking 101

Life thats Better - Dead Day Revolution; Itinerary - Ground Rules; Open Mic Stage - Southern Cali Guitars, Mostly - Darlin' - Project Out of Bounds, Warrior - War Twins, A Civil War - Grizzly Business, artax please! - The Body Rampant; Log - Box Trim; Which Way Home - David Ryan Harris


Magnetofunky: Walkabout 02 - Leave No Trace

El Gifto Magnifico - The Gift of Gab; Itinerary - Seeing Through Nomad Eyes; Open Mic Stage - Bay Area Punk, Rock and Hip Hop - Torn Apart - Amongst Thieves, Immigrant - Sporting Life, Make Way - Global Affront; Log - Backlog; everything looks like water (clay remix) - CelloJoe


Magnetofunky: Walkabout 01 - New Horizon

KÔNÔTANE (Featuring Alou Sam) - Elise Morris; Itinerary - Bike Bio; Open Mic Stage - Fresh & Vintage Chill Hip Hop - Right - The Insider, Sorry - Comfort Fit, As Colorful As Ever - Broke For Free, Hotel Rodeo ft. DSpliff - Anitek, Traffic - Kai Engel; Log - Battery Box; Islamatronic cantilliation - The Orientalist


Magnetofunky - Course Correction

Lady Brett Ashley - Ladybread; Theory - The New Format; Open Mic Stage - Cinematic & Wonky Beats - Argon - Andu Simion, Ronin - EXETEXE, Ragemaker - iVardensphere; Geeknotes: World War³; Practice - Cargo Set; Silently - Elise Morris; Forever Cascades - Forrest Fang


Magnetofunky - Camp Detour

Sex - Victoria Darian & Alexei Kalinkin; Theory - Tooth Distraction; Open Mic Stage - New Tunes Sent and Found - Control - BEAUTIFUL MACHINES, Violence! - Ladybread, Anhedonia - Exempt From Gravity, Porcelain - Principe Valiente; Geeknotes: Unfinished Business; Practice - The Casual Theft-Proof Trailer; Our Little Hearts Like Saturn - Studio Noir; Dawn - theAdelaidean & deepspace


Magnetofunky - Leftover Thanks

Pilgrims - Thousand Yard Prayer; Theory - Signal Interference; Open Mic Stage - A Brief Seasonal Reminder - ThanksTAKING - Lyricold, Trail of Tears... - Louis Lacey,William S. Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer; Geeknotes: Premeditated Self Defense; Practice - Camera Rig; Damaged Goods - La Roux;Pools - Benjamin James Stewart


Magnetofunky - Pre-Launch Crawl

Flick - POOKIE; Theory - Campsite Shrinkage; Open Mic Stage - Aussie Spring 21 - Beta Gods (Ft. NERVE) - DREGG, Okie Dokie Oh My Goodness. (feat. Wesley Black) - Tobias, Terrorwave - Live Conform Die; Geeknotes: Semi Doldrums; Practice - Slow Clearance; dread ahead - Jack Slade; Dawn Sounds - Serena Gabriel (featuring Steve Roach)


Magnetofunky - The Other BLM

Insane - K Gizzle; Theory - Bureau of Land Management Bust; Open Mic Stage - Spirited - Month Of Sundays - Elise Morris, I Was - Ludovico Technique; Geeknotes: DIY Stimulus; Practice - Pre Launch Shopping; First Light (Primordial mix) - Ships In The Night; Call of the Divine (based on Raga Bihag) - Mark Seelig


Magnetofunky - 8 Lines in the Big Muddy

Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold; Theory - Post-Ida Blackout; Open Mic Stage - Indonesian Rock/Pop/Punk - Rise Up and Againts - Legacy HC, Aku Benci Pacarmu/I hate your girlfriend - LOWDICK, BUKAN KOMPETISI/Not a competition - UNDER 18, Indah Tak Sempurna/Beautiful Imperfect - STAND HERE ALONE; Geeknotes: Between Skirmishes; Practice - Shelf Shape; Hilang/Is Lost - Remember Of Today; Earth Forged by the Sun - Jarguna


Magnetofunky - Tour Bible Part 1

Smashmouth - 1300; Theory - Tour Bible Baby Steps; Open Mic Stage - From The Triple J Charts - UBER (feat.M7) - Drowzee, 50km - RATSALAD., R0LL1N' H1LLZ - Shady Nasty, PEGS - Tonix; Geeknotes: Rabid Dog Days; Practice - Outside The Frame; I'm Too Sexy Two - Horton Jupiter; Winter Tide, Part 1 - Erik Wøllo


Magnetofunky - SitRep 15

Something That's Different - Garza; Theory - Post Stimulus Report; Open Mic Stage - New July Tunes - Got Me Down - Stereoship, Atrium - Lorenzo Montana, The Brink - Jeromy Darling; Geeknotes: Windows 11 Can KMA Until 2023; 07/20-Red Carpet Premiere of Jeromy Darling's STRUNG! @ Sioux Falls State Theatre; Practice - Tweaking The Gear; Taking Action - K Gizzle; Secret Bath - Lorenzo Montana


Magnetofunky - 15 Months Later

Summer Is Ours - Garza; Theory - Dynamo Discord; Open Mic Stage - Fresh Eclectic Sandwich - Sky Full Of Diamonds (Metrik Remix) - Hybrid, Reinvention of Pain - Mildreda, Too Many Times - Salt Ashes, Threshold - Omnipower Beat Lab, Used to Miss You (R3HAB Remix) - Allegra; Geeknotes: 15 Months Later; Practice - Power Banks; The Event - My Wall; Towards the Blue Horizon - Erik Wøllo


Magnetofunky - Ebike? No Thanks

Seeweeds - The Illies; Theory - The Next Horse; Open Mic Stage - Surf Season - Sun - Long Shore Drift, The Cooler King - Thee Icepicks, Transit of Venus - Knarle Tide, Suddenly With Force - NEGRA, Serotonin - The Closers, Death Surf - NEGRA, Zombies Don't Surf - The Phantom Playboys; Geeknotes: Beltway Tag Team; Practice - Three Wheel Upgrade; Valhalla - Dark City; Agartha - Jarguna


Magnetofunky - IOU A Power Grid

Punching Bag - Mercury & The Architects; Theory - Investor Owned Utilities; Open Mic Stage - A Few New Tunes - Follow Me - K Gizzle, World on Fire (Clan of Xymox remix) - A Cloud of Ravens; Geeknotes: Memorial Traitors; Practice - Cargo Frame Overhaul; Nothing Prevails - Information Society; Zone One - Forrest Fang


Magnetofunky - Solar Bottleneck

Save Yourself - The Neverlutionaries; Theory - Mega Batteries; Open Mic Stage - Fresh Spring Electronica - The Infinity of a Wildflower - Polly Fae, Felt Like Rain - Audionautix, Lovers - Clan of Xymox, Nails - Hybrid; Geeknotes: It's Still Jan. 6th; Practice - Frame Set; The 8th President - Kirlian Camera; Music Bed: Ohm - Audionautix


Magnetofunky - The Fragile California Grid

Dark Beat 95 - Hiromick / Koeyk Shima; Theory - CAISO 101; Open Mic Stage - Japanese Experimental Grooves - Desert Stars Glittering - xrcjpx, The first greeting - tt-vox, this brane - 0x1, Swing Low - Jerry Gordon, Wave for 9 Lines - Pollypraha; Geeknotes: Mask Countdown; Practice - Cargo Box; Black Butter Part 1 - Black Butter; Ouroboros - Jarguna


Magnetofunky - Under Observation

Eazy Sleazy - Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl; Theory - Waiting Period; Open Mic Stage - Brand New Beats - Quarantine Blues - Tombstones In Their Eyes, Test - K Gizzle, HARDCORE HAPPY - THE BLOSSOM; Geeknotes: Vaccine Sabotage, 04/22 - Earth Day Climate Action Town Hall, 6:30 PDT, Zoom; Practice - Digital Nomad Gear; Woke Fuckboy - Mum Friends; Music Bed: The Anchor Tree (Release) - theAdelaidean


Magnetofunky - Mad Stimmy

Mama - EXO; Theory - Gear Upgrade; Open Mic Stage - Korean Alt Beats - Alpha Centauri (working title) - And The Skies Opended Suddenly, Broken Down - 13th Personality, Static Dreams (Demo) - Diverge to Zer0; Geeknotes: Vaccine Countdown; Practice - Trailer Upgrade; Euphorium(Trance Remix Feat. NK) - THE TAMERS; Music Bed: Music from Korean Traditional Shamanic Dance


Magnetofunky - Pivot Point

Super-Man - Kyaw Htut Swe (aka 'KhS'); Theory - Rack Set; Open Mic Stage - Burma Beats - Ur_My_Sunshine - thu rain, Skunx - Skunx, Sai Sai Kham Hlaing ft. Amara Phone - TOOTOOT, mynewdj1 - eikattie; Geeknotes: 50 Days In; Practice - Basket Case; Hlan Kha' Tot Chit Kyin Phaw Yayy - DJNayMyo; Music Bed: Waterfall - 4T Thieves, Virtual Vistas - Pandacetamol from The Electric Home (Kahvi Collective)