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Bob Lefsetz is the author of “The Lefsetz Letter.” Listen to his new podcast where he'll address the issues at the core of the music business, internet, and the world at large.

Bob Lefsetz is the author of “The Lefsetz Letter.” Listen to his new podcast where he'll address the issues at the core of the music business, internet, and the world at large.


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Bob Lefsetz is the author of “The Lefsetz Letter.” Listen to his new podcast where he'll address the issues at the core of the music business, internet, and the world at large.






Alan Parsons

From high school dropout to EMI to Abbey Road to Pink Floyd to the Alan Parsons Project and the new album...we cover it all! See for privacy information.


Marcus King

Guitarist/singer/songwriter Marcus King is so open and honest it will blow your mind! See for privacy information.


Jeff Hanna

Jeff Hanna has been in every iteration of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, from "Mr. Bojangles" to "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" to "Fishin' in the Dark" to their just released album "Dirt Does Dylan." We discuss all of these eras! See for privacy information.


Chris Blackwell

Mr. Island, who has a new autobiography, "The Islander: My Life in Music and Beyond." See for privacy information.

Logan Ury

Logan Ury is a behavioral scientist turned dating coach, and the author of the book "How To Not Die Alone." As the Director of Relationship Science at the dating app Hinge, she leads a research team dedicated to helping people find love. After studying psychology at Harvard, Logan ran Google’s behavioral science team—the Irrational Lab. Her work has appeared in "The New York Times," "The Atlantic," "TIME," "The Washington Post," "GQ," "Glamour," "Vice," and on HBO and the BBC. If you're...


Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen fronts the band The Pretty Reckless. Listen to how she quit "Gossip Girl" to become the lead singer and songwriter of an act that has charted seven number one Mainstream Rock tracks. See for privacy information.


Jeff Gold

Jeff Gold owns Recordmecca, the premier site for buying and selling music memorabilia. Jeff discovered 149 unknown Bob Dylan acetates and was also the co-appraiser of the Bob Dylan Archive in Tulsa. We discuss collecting and selling as well as Jeff's journey from Rhino Records' first employee to executive positions at A&M and Warner Bros. See for privacy information.


Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge is open, honest and forthcoming, nothing is off limits. We discuss her music, her relationships, her upbringing, her sexuality, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the Oscars... It's like talking with a friend! See for privacy information.

Mike Campbell

We cover it all, from Florida to L.A. to Denny Cordell to Jimmy Iovine to Jeff Lynne to George Drakoulias to the Dirty Knobs and Don Henley. You’re gonna dig this Heartbreaker’s testimony! See for privacy information.


Daryl Hall

The one and only. See for privacy information.


David Gelles

"New York Times" reporter David Gelles is the author of the best-selling book about Jack Welch entitled "The Man Who Broke Capitalism." In addition to going deep into the Chairman and CEO of General Electric, we discuss Boeing and the climate, Gelles's beats too. See for privacy information.


Jim Kerr

That's right, Mr. Simple Minds! We cover everything from Bowie to Iovine to Hynde to his hotel in Sicily... Jim is a charismatic raconteur, you're gonna dig this. See for privacy information.


Emily Haines

Emily Haines is the lead singer, keyboard player and one of the songwriters in the band Metric. Metric is 100% independent, the band has done it all itself and as a result follows its own muse and answers to no one. This is Emily's story, her journey from the hinterlands to a worldwide fan base. Emily opines in depth about what it's like to be an artist in today's environment, you'll want to hear what she has to say. See for privacy information.


Pat Simmons

Pat Simmons is the only person who has been in every iteration of the Doobie Brothers. We talk about motorcycles, playing live before the Doobies, hooking up with Tom Johnston, New Orleans...there's a lot of history here! See for privacy information.


Mark Farner

Mr. Grand Funk Railroad. Need I say more? See for privacy information.


Elliott Murphy

Elliott Murphy was one of the new Dylans of 1973, along with his friend Bruce Springsteen. But despite being on three major labels, Murphy never broke through in the States. However, Elliott was big in France, so he moved there in 1989 and has been living the life of the independent troubadour ever since, making records and touring to acclaim all over Europe. Listen to the story of how one man was spit out of the machine but found a way to survive by doing it himself. See...


Richie Furay

Richie Furay was a member of Buffalo Springfield, Poco and the Souther, Hillman, Furay Band and has a new album of country covers produced by Val Garay. Richie is open and honest and tells a good story. You're gonna dig the insider truth. See for privacy information.


John Fogerty

The one and only. I guarantee you’ll learn something you never knew before. See for privacy information.


Bill Browder

Bill Browder is the author of "Red Notice" and "Freezing Order," which delineate his investments in Russia and the ultimate death of his attorney Sergei Magnitsky after he refuses to back down on his accusation that Russian government officials fraudulently claimed a $230 million tax refund for Browder's company, Hermitage Capital. We cover Browder's history and ultimate investments in Russia as well as Putin's personal vendetta against him and the status of Russia today. See...


Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson tour managed Jimi Hendrix and then went on to manage such acts as Van Morrison, Brinsley Schwarz, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello while also starting Stiff Records with his partner Jake Riviera and continuing to run the company after Jake's departure. Dave is an independent thinker who's had great success, this is his story. See for privacy information.