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Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.

Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.




Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.




The Violets

The Violets after 20 years have a brand new release called Smoke, Mirrors & Other Half-Truths. The band has supported RIDE and other major acts back then and were also the first band to take the stage of the Adelaide Big Day Out. Now decades on with said new record ready to share Matt Cahill, Peter Kershaw and Gary Bowen joined radionotes' John Murch for a chat as feature guests. Show Notes:


Bec and Tara of Be Uncluttered

Be Uncluttered is the perfect podcast for those who wish to organise 'stuff' in their life. The hosts Rebecca Mezzino and Tara Tuttle are our features guests, to chat music in their lives and talk through ways to declutter music collections. Show Notes: Also name The Australian Music Prize short-list, share details of Sam Buckingham's latest album and highlight some new music including from Alan Fletcher...


Kyan Burns

Kyan Burns is a South Australian singer who grew up in Gawler and on the back of their first Single ‘So I’m Telling You' told us about life and the creation of their new music - including tune 'Guess'. Granddaughter of Hillbilly and yodelling Zeta Burns, who is still singing at 93 years of age. Our guest Kyan has numerous decades of performance behind them and today in this chat reflects on the future music they’ll be giving audiences to come. There's also a congrats and nod to The Wiggles...


Season 3 in 15

Wrap of Season 3 (2021) with selected audio grabs from across the year. Full episode chats with show notes can be found at: Thank you, to all that have been part of the shows.


Marina Prior [2014 from the Archives]

Marina Prior is a National treasure of a performer from Australia. Back in 2014, John Murch had a chance to speak with her on the back of a Songbird Box-Set release, while also touring with Harvest Rain Theatre Company production of Cats. Prior continues to shine on the stage touring regularly around Australia and Carols at the end of each year are brought to the next level with her presence.


What is Monthly MixTape...

Micro-episode covering what the 'Monthly Mixtape' found on Spotify from us is. Twitter Poll: (Running until start of 2022, if not on there can also DM your answer on 'Socials')


Jump Daddy

Jump Daddy of the Dad To Me podcast - that connects people to their fathers through conversations - joined us ahead of their Season 2 for a chat at Grange Beach when they were travelling through South Australia. Our guest also has a father that worked in television. They themselves have also released a film about an Australia larrikin painter that's worth a watch. Hear here the extended full-edit of the chat with Jump Daddy... Show Notes:...



Reason for delay/s. I'm Fine, now (medicine + science are great). Skip this episode, dive into others in the feed or here:


Liara Roux

Liara Roux is a sex worker and political organiser who writes regularly on sex worker's rights and now has released a memoir called Whore of New York: A Confession (Repeater Books). Hear here radionotes' conversation with Liara about music and more... Show Notes:


Blush Face

Blush Face based in Virginia, Richmond debut album was What Do You Want?, with the latest Single called Had To. Hear here Billy, Drew, Evan and Ali from the band have an extended chat with radionotes... Show Notes:


What is In The Box...

Micro-episode covering what 'In The Box' in our shows are about.



Openfire are a South Australian outfit with a Single called Wonderland, on the back of a very strong debut album - Reverie. Hear here our extended chat with a founding member of the band Roshan Ibrahim, recorded down the road from where the new album was mastered. Show Notes:


Mia Dyson

Mia Dyson has recently released the 15th Anniversary edition of their Parking Lots album, that won an ARIA Award for Best Blues and Roots release. New version will be available on white vinyl as well a new EP of re-worked tracks and a National tour of Australia is also in the works to. From the States Mia joined radionotes to for this chat... Show Notes:



Oceans is the musical output of Thomas Lee, though the music they produce which is fusion of ambient electronic with shoegaze. In this chat we hear about the tracks and process behind their Come So Far (EP). Show Notes:


What is Discoveries...

Micro-episode covering what 'Discoveries' in our shows are about.


Colin Wylie

Colin Wylie has released a cover of New Zealand band Split Enz' Six Months In A Leaky Boat, though prior to that a very impressive self-title album of their own. They're been a member of Blinker the Star when it comes to rock and Hinterlandband for folk, while the album in their own name can not be pinned to just one genre. Hear here the extended chat with Colin Wylie and radionotes... Show Notes:


Izzy Day

Izzy Day weaves narratives that explore vulnerable moments through layered sounds. For the first two singles they collaborated with Munkyds to further explore musical textures and in the film-clip for Silence brought the fluidity of dance to the fore. Izzy chats with radionotes about the music and life that goes into their art. Show Notes:


Andrew Shapiro

Andrew Shapiro has released a radio-edit of their tune Mint Green a highly popular tune on streaming services. Hear here the extended chat about various aspects of life and their music. Show Notes:


Jessica Braithwaite

Jessica Braithwaite is radionotes' feature guest for our 100th show and for some really good reasons. They're an award winning journalist turn highly respected nightly News Weather presenter, who not only knows about highs 'n' lows but can sing with so much heart and direct emotion. A year on from the release of their debut solo Single 'Feel This Way' Jessica was kind enough - with new baby in her arms - to have this chat. Show Notes:...


Jack Bratt

Jack Bratt Is guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and the 2019 Grant McLennan Fellowship recipient. Bratt joined us from their hometown of Brisbane in Australia to talk about the Fellowship together with who inspired them to apply, the Single ‘Outsider and life. Show Notes: