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Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.




Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.




Moon Shine

In November of 2022, Moon Shine released their debut album The Land In Between. Angie Glasscock joined radionotes from New York City to speak with John about the record and life. Show Notes:


What is 360 Review...

This episode John puts a string of words together, sounding like a lecture to explain that in 2023 a new release album-a-day will be listened to and shared across the new year. Full feature guest episodes can be found at


Key Out

Key Out have released a new record called afterville (False Peak Record). For this release the band members were across three States, it was mixed by Wayne Connolly and mastered by Mikey Young. To talk about the new album Pat Haid (guitar/vocals) and Rohan Geddes (drums) joined radionotes' John Murch for this chat. Show Notes:


Ray Martin (2011)

Ray Martin respected television journalist and host as well as author and photographer chats music with radionotes' John Murch. From the archives audio recorded between two in-store book signings in 2011 for the release of Favourites (Victory Books/MUP). Find more full episodes:


Gracie Jean

Gracie Jean has recently released her debut album Romance Is Bad. Though a lot more than heartbreak from a relationship has been going on in Gracie's life. From caring for her mother to being a kids' ministry coordinator - this record, speaks with honesty to many of her life experiences. Show Notes:


Josh Klinghoffer (2014)

Josh Klinghoffer while in and touring with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers released How's Your Process? (Work) and How's Your Process? (Play) with their own band Dot Hacker during 2014. From the archives this is the chat they had with radionotes' John Murch. Josh's latest solo work released as Pluralone is called This Is The Show (2022).



Artist LÂLKA makes futuristic glitch pop and in this chat with radionotes' John Murch touches on why they're going the NFT route for their music and what can be experienced at OzAsia Festival 2022 during their set in the Lucky Dumpling Market. Show Notes:


Tara Macri

Tara Macri is the voice of Young Tigeress in the animated film Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll and more recently stars in the award winning film Outcry alongside Mike Starr and Dashiell Connery. When it comes to music has performed on Broadway in numerous musical productions as well at Hollywood Bowl with Nick Jonas and John Stamos. Tara joined radionotes' John Murch on the back of her latest Single - out through Los Angeles' based 10 Count Records - called Waking Up In California for a chat. Show Notes:



RENT the musical - book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson - will hit the Queen's Theatre in Adelaide, South Australia this month. Director and cast member Benjamin Maio Mackay joined radionotes' John Murch for this chat about their life, music and importance of RENT. Show Notes:


Charly Oakley

Charly Oakley has released a debut album called Yelling Sh*t At The Universe. They are currently studying musical theatre and as the expressive title would suggest keen on feelings being felt. And there's a lot of feels across the release. John Murch spoke with them on the two year anniversary of their debut Single June - which like the album was Produced by Jordie Tomas. Show Notes:


Jeremy Jordan (1993)

From The Archives: A chat with Jeremy Jordan on the release of his album Try My Love in Australia, recorded 17th August 1993. For both a dance street magazine and Top 40 focused radio show. [Audio quality is a shocker, due to tape-bleed from the only remaining copy of the interview. As for the line of questioning - like Jeremy at the time - the interviewer was just a teen finding their feet on how to interview International pop stars in 15 minute windows]. Tomorrow - at time of release - the artist who would later star next to Drew Barrymore (in Never Been Kissed) and other film roles they dreamed to be part of turns 49.


Little Wise

Want It All is the sophomore album from Little Wise, that in September 2022 turned three. Same time the new album was to be performed to audiences the health of the world was taking a turn and touring - which was part of ‘having it all’ - was effectively gone. Ahead of performing at the Trinity Sessions, Little Wise's Sophie Klein joined John Murch at Sublime Cafe for a chat about life. Show Notes:


Wheatus (2012)

Teenage Dirtbag from Wheatus in 2022 is having a massive moment on TikTok with people like Madonna, The Pixies, Tara Reid, Drew Barrymore and everyday users of the platform using the tune to share moments of their youth. This chat is from the archives, with Brendan of the band back from 2012 when Wheatus was about to tour Australia as part of Fat As Butter. They'd just released some internet recordings available through Blacktop Records. We did not talk about the hit-song, there's a great doco on VICE about that. Recently they've released Hey Mr.Brown 2020/Satan's Orders. Find out where the band is touring, get merch and music over at


Misty River

Misty River tune 'Take This Dance' has appeared in an Oscar Award winning film 'The Phone Call' as well on a recent Netflix documentary 'A Secret Love'. Having spent many years as a session musician for highly respected artists (including on Kate Ceberano's Kensal Road) and touring with Sinead O’Connor, Corrs and others... it is now original music of their own is being released - including the Single The Long Run. Show Notes:


Mick Hart (2002)

Mick Hart's debut record was Still The Flowers Bloom (2000) released through Festival Mushroom Records featuring the song 'Butterfly' and produced by Jim Moginie of Midnight Oil. The followed up album in 2002 - that was nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Blues & Roots Album - was Upside Down In The Full Face Of Optimism. This is the chat was around the promotion of that record, that was released independently. Hart passed away 23rd August 2020 aged 50.


Melody Horrill

Melody Horrill while working in television wrote, presented and produced ‘Dance with a Dolphin’. A documentary showing researchers and their findings about the lives of Dolphins in the Port River (South Australia). Now available is the book - A Dolphin Called Jock (Allen & Unwin) - that tells the story of the solitary dolphin away from the main pod in the doco and how he taught Melody some life changing lessons. This episode mentions Domestic Violence, those that need help/to speak to someone 1800-RESPECT. Show Notes:



Yi-Lynn has released a follow up to the album Spit Into Somebody's Mouth, an EP called Foul Water. With the germination of the latest release arriving as a response to the 2017 Australian plebiscite on same-sex marriage. EP Launch at The Gasometer Hotel on Friday 19th August 2022 Show Notes:


Shag Rock

Shag Rock is a Brisbane band that have worked with Airlock Studio's Ian Haug (Powderfinger/The Church) for their latest double album called 'Double Overhead'. Before an evening of two shows at the Lion Arts Factory in Adelaide, members of the band spoke with John Murch of radionotes. Show Notes:


Freedom Williams (1993)

Freedom Williams in 1993 released a solo record call FREEDOM (Columbia) featuring the track 'Voice of Freedom' as well as 'Groove Your Mind'. A very green (and nervous) interviewer at the time John spoke to the artist who voiced rhymes across "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)", "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..." and many other C+C Music Factory cuts. From The Archives: Recorded 21st July 1993, for dance radio and street press at the time.


Dear John

Sam Buckingham has a new album called 'Dear John', a record she states she made for women. Though, it's appeal musically and thematically is broader. John caught up with Sam for a chat fresh from an Australian National Tour for the new record and notably having supporting the likes of Ben Lee, Kate Miller-Heidke and Tim Freedman (The Whitlams) in recent times as well. Show Notes: