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Our podcasts are the interviews we do of bands. It does not include the music that is played during the radio show.


Leechburg, PA


Our podcasts are the interviews we do of bands. It does not include the music that is played during the radio show.






Did someone say, “DJ” PARS699

Bill Dj's Southern Rock and Country tracks in honor of Stone Senate's First European Tour Stone Senate has been rescheduled to appear on the show on 1/22/24. Featuring music from: Sourmash, The Jeremy Edge Project, Stone Senate, Royal Honey, AE Honick, Doppler Affect, Killburn, Terachain Sky, Rockabilly Junction, Lowlife Drifters, Rockabilly Junction, Curtis and the Shakerz, Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band, Hunter Root, Joe Wodarek Jeff Jimmerson and Pete Hewlett, Justin Wade Band


A Starlite Gray PARS698

Get ready to dive into the powerful world of rock music with episode 698 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, featuring the intense sounds of A Starlite Gray. This five-piece metalcore band hails from Altoona, PA, bringing their unique energy and passion to the forefront.


Dream the Heavy PARS697

In the latest episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, get ready to dive into the dynamic journey of Dream the Heavy. Formed in the late months of 2021, this band emerged from the remnants of a previous project that was abandoned before it even began. Paul Dean Price II, Mathias Brown, and Sully on Drums decided to join forces, bringing their unique jams and individual contributions to the table.


Sarah Halter PARS696

On Episode 696 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, we delve into the musical journey of Sarah Halter. Having inked a deal with C.ell Arts Records in 2022, she took the reins in 2023, dropping the self-produced gem, “The Doom That Binds Us.” Garnering acclaim from metal aficionados and media outlets alike, Sarah’s unique approach to...


Grimrock PARS695

Episode 695 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show spotlights Grimrock, a Pittsburgh-based artist and ISSA member. Known as ‘The Pennsylvania Purveyor of Rock’ and ‘The New Prince of Darkness,’ Grimrock brings a powerful blend of alternative rock to the scene. The episode includes a Halloween-themed lineup with tracks from bands like Lords of the Trident, The...


The Sneaky Heat Missiles PARS694

Sourmash, Rockabilly Junction, The Sneaky Heat Missiles, Inco Fido, John Vento, Fubar, and Aristotle Jones


Less than Zero PARS693

In episode 693 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, get ready for a sonic thrill with Less Than Zero, a high-energy horror punk/metal/rock band hailing from Central Pennsylvania. Join the haunting vibes as they unleash their music that’s bound to send shivers down your spine. Dive into their world of sound at Bandcamp, YouTube, Music YouTube...


Neverwake PARS692

On episode 692 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, get ready to dive into the sonic realm with NeverWake, a force of hard rock and metal hailing from the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Join host Bill Domiano as he unravels the layers of NeverWake’s music—a tapestry woven with captivating melodies, dark guitar harmonies, and heavy grooves that will leave you in awe. Featuring music from: Chip & the Charge Ups, Fist Fight in the Parking Lot, Neverwake, Theriaca, Victoria Fire, The Fall of Me, After the Fall, Dragonfly Effect


Female Feature Fest at Basement Transmissions PARS691

In episode 691 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, we have a special guest, Erica from Eerie Siren Productions (ESP). ESP is a dynamic force in the Erie, PA area, specializing in original music event planning, promotion, and videography. Erica is also the talented vocalist of Storms Within, a band hailing from Erie, PA, known for...


Drown the Deep PARS690

Join us on episode 690 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show as we dive deep into the world of hard rock with a powerful female-fronted band hailing from Pittsburgh, PA – Drown the Deep.


The Ironside & Skies of Terra PARS689

In Episode 689 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, we dive into the dynamic world of Pittsburgh’s music scene. Join us as we sit down with Justin Townsend, the vocalist for two outstanding local bands, Skies of Terra and The Ironside. Skies of Terra, known for their captivating blend of Post-Hardcore and Progressive Rock, recently dropped...


Prime 8 PARS688

Join us for Episode 688 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, where we’ll sit down with Prime 8. In this episode, we’ll dive into their latest track, “Feast at a Famine,” and explore the creative process behind it. But that’s not all! We’ll also delve into the exciting “Off with Their Heads Zombie and Music Festival”...


Chris Natalini PARS687

Join us for episode 687 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, where we sit down with the talented Chris Natalini. Chris is not only the lead singer of Execution Order and Seeds of Perdition but also a co-host of the podcast Cosmick Voice with Mick Michaels of Corners of Sanctuary. Additionally, he hosts the radio show The Brothers Grimm on


Sommelier PARS686

Tune in to the Pennsylvania Rock Show's episode 686 featuring Sommelier, an alternative pop band hailing from Pittsburgh. Formed in January 2020, the band is powered by the songwriting partnership of Brian Ferrell (drummer/guitarist) and J. Trafford (bass/vocals). Alongside members Zach Cross and Jon Boyle, Sommelier delivers engaging music.


IntoxXxication PARS685

In Episode 685 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, we dive into the electrifying world of Poconos-based metal band Intoxxxication. With roots dating back to the 1980s, this band has risen from the ashes with a newly revived lineup, infusing their classic sound with a modern twist that delivers a deliciously refreshing cocktail of multi-generational metal....


Johnnie Occhipinti/The Big Break PARS684

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Johnnie Occhipinti, a key figure behind The Big Break Contest. This unique contest presents a challenge to emerging musicians: to create a homemade music video for their original songs, all without any paid assistance. The catch? It's all about engaging with fans and rallying votes to advance through various rounds.


Crash Army PARS683

tune in for an unforgettable episode of The Pennsylvania Rock Show, as we rock out with Crash Army and set the stage on fire with their blazing track, “Declaration of Independence.” Don’t forget to catch them live, supporting Sponge at the Crafthouse Stage & Grill on August 17th. This is one episode you don’t want to miss! featuring music from: Yigga Digga, Caught on Sight, Overload in Stereo, Crash Army, 13Occult, Neostem, Rituals of Insanity, The Parashables


Warehouse 11 PARS682

Classic and modern rock & blues of the band, Warehouse 11, are featured tonight on episode 682! Featuring music from: Radio 45, Falling into Red, Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six, Warehouse 11, A.E. Honick, Dragonfly Effect, The Slobberknockers, Ironside Interview Segment 1, with Ellen of Warehouse 11 Where did the name, Warehouse 11 come...


Ghostlight Labyrinth PARS681

In this episode of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, we are joined by the talented band Ghostlight Labyrinth. They take us on a musical journey through their unique sound and share insights into their creative process. Join us for an engaging conversation with the band that's making waves in the rock scene.


Andrew Novak PARS680

Andrew will be joining Bill to discuss the release of his upcoming EP, Indestructible: The 6 song EP, “Indestructible” brought to you by Andrew Novak and Sean Kelly. Each of these songs have been originally written by both artists (- the 96 Bitter Beings cover of “Wish Me Dead”), have been recorded with real instruments,...