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The Brassy Broadcast has evolved from a strictly music business related podcast into an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate more effectively using the technology, social media, and platforms available to us.

The Brassy Broadcast has evolved from a strictly music business related podcast into an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate more effectively using the technology, social media, and platforms available to us.


Indianapolis, IN


The Brassy Broadcast has evolved from a strictly music business related podcast into an exploration of ways we create, engage, and communicate more effectively using the technology, social media, and platforms available to us.






176: Putting Your Creativity, Unique Gifts, and Talents to Work for You with Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

What if…we were encouraged to bring our creativity and our unique gifts to work with us? What would the world look like? Would we be better humans? Would we do better work? Would we feel more satisfied and happy in our work lives and beyond? What are the consequences of stuffing that creativity way down deep inside us? Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, host of The Badass Women’s Council podcast joins me for this episode. In addition to talking about creativity and how we can use our unique...


175: Answering the Question "Who Am I to Lead?" with Amber Fields

Who am I to lead? How do you step into your purpose when feeling unworthy or that your purpose is out of alignment with your current job or career path? Amber Fields is the Director of Corporate Sales for a tech company, and she is currently getting her Masters in Theology. Amber is also the co-host of The Truth Revival Podcast. We get into some in-depth discussion around how our feelings of unworthiness prevent us from leading, why your story matters and you need to share it, and where...


174: Turning Moments into Movements with Terri Broussard Williams

Terri Broussard Williams helps us learn to recognize moments in our own lives with the potential to become movements and how to start building coalitions to create those movements. We also talk about how she keeps faith and fortitude at the core of everything she does as a movement maker, fire starter, and artful persuader. Terri Broussard Williams is the author of Find your Fire and host of Movement Maker: The Podcast. Moments of Brassy Brilliance [4:57] How to build a coalition [6:40]...


173: Answering the Call to Your Purpose with Katherine Nagy

You get a knock on your cosmic door one day. You open it up…and surprise….it's your purpose. You finally have clarity on what it is you were put on this Earth to do. Now, what do you do? Singer-songwriter Katherine Nagy has answered that knock at the door and gone full throttle. Katherine didn't get her clarity that she was put on this Earth to be a singer-songwriter until after she was already married with 3 children. Moments of Brassy Brilliance Connect with Katherine...


172: Conscious Habits with Amy Woodall

Amy Woodall makes a return visit. We’re diving into what it takes to create conscious habits, owning your stuff, and how to stop sabotaging your happiness. Moments of Brassy Brilliance [4:15] The first step to getting out of the way of your happiness [5:40] Choosing whether or not you will dance with your drama [6:56] Staying present in the moment to avoid anxiety and judgment [10:51] Setting foundations for conscious habits [13:38] Ziva Meditation Program [22:04] Creating a Love...


171: Shifting Focus from Results to Owning Your Practices with Kiley Schmitz

How do we keep showing up and continuing our practices when we don't get the immediate results and outcomes we want? Kylie Schmitz is a performance coach with Lappin180 who coaches sales professionals across the U.S. to stop selling. Kiley also co-hosts the Breaking Sales podcast. In this episode, we're shifting focus from outcomes and results to practices and processes. We also talk about how starting a podcast has impacted business development and helped Kiley in her own growth. Moments...


170: Starting a Podcast to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking with Dr. Charmaine Gregory

Public speaking can be a crippling fear. I wonder how many of us it keeps from really reaching our full potential. I've had to get a handle on my own fears around speaking and performing in public. I'm still a bundle of nerves before I hit the stage and it doesn't matter if it's a speaking gig or I'm playing music. Joining Toastmasters helped me significantly. It gave me confidence because it forced me to practice. My guest today, Dr. Charmaine Gregory, started a podcast. Dr. G is an...


169: It's Not a Priority if It's Not a Practice

It’s not a priority if it’s not a practice. The one thing that has become crystal clear to me in 2020 is that if I don’t have a practice around something that I say I want to accomplish, then it really isn’t a priority. It’s a just “that would be nice.” One of the core pillars supporting that bridge to Legendary status is RESPONSIBILITY. As the HBIC (Head Broad in Charge), I have to take responsibility for failure to meet the goals I have scribbled down in scattered notebooks and...


168: Return of The Brassy Broadcast

This short episode is your introduction to the latest iteration of the podcast. Subscribe to The Brassy Broadcast Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Google...


167: Why Brené Brown's Unlocking Us Podcast is Now Required Listening

Brené Brown’s Unlocking Us podcast episode about FFTs is now required listening for my podcasting clients because she shares her challenges around starting a new podcast and how she has worked through them. This is my first time back in a while. My focus for the past year has been on my other podcast, Beauty and the Gi, a podcast about the intersection of life and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on and off the mat. It feels good to be back. Now, does this mean that I'm going to be back on a regular...


166: Why You Should Put Your Podcast on YouTube - Podcast Marketing Series Pt 3

You grow your podcast audience by going where your audience is hanging out. YouTube is the second largest search engine the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. Not everyone knows how to listen to a podcast yet, but almost everyone knows how to go to YouTube to find a video that answers a question. Google owns YouTube, so you can apply some of the same principles of Google SEO to YouTube SEO. Listen to the previous episode in this series for SEO optimization tips. YouTube...


165: SEO for Podcast Audience Growth - Podcast Marketing Series Pt 2

How Do I Optimize SEO for My Podcast? How do we grow our podcast audience and get new listeners? How will people find my podcast? Podcasters need a basic understanding of keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) so our podcasts can be discovered by new listeners. How can podcasters capitalize on SEO to help new listeners find their podcasts? Spoiler Alert: There is no magic bullet or SEO Jennifer Denney, Digital Strategist and Owner of Elevated Marketing Solutions, breaks down what...


164: Podcast Marketing Series Intro with Jennifer Denney from Elevated Marketing Solutions

Meet Jennifer Denney, Digital Strategist and Owner of Elevated Marketing Solutions. In this podcast series collaboration, Jennifer shares insights, strategies, and tactical tips for marketing your podcast. I’ve struggled in marketing my own podcasts. The process of creating and producing the podcast lights me up. Marketing what I’ve created makes me want to jump in the bed and pull the covers over my head because I don’t know where to start. What is the right way? Should I run ads? Where...


163: Meet Jen's New Podcast - Beauty and the Gi

My Awkward Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Journal podcast series has grown up into a real podcast. I'm co-hosting a new podcast with my coach AJ Clingerman, all about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It's called Beauty and the Gi. Here are the links to listen and subscribe. You can also find it in your favorite podcast apps. Apple Podcasts Spotify Google...


162: Jiu-Jitsu, Jazz, and Jack Kerouac

Frustration, journaling, Jack Kerouac, and jazz meet Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


161: The Brassy Roadcast Great Smoky Mountain Adventure

Broadcasting from The Great Smoky Mountains about the national park, Dollywood, finding our cabin on VRBO, and shopping.


160: Awkward BJJ Journal Entry 10 - Anxiety, Tears, and BJJ

What happens when you experience an anxiety attack on the mat? Tweet me @brassybroadjen or email to let me know how you handle it.


159: Awkward BJJ Journal Entry 9 - Exponential Growth

This is what happens when you go to class 3 times in one week!


158: Awkward BJJ Journal Entry 8 - Do What You Can When You Can

I’ve just finished week 4! That means I’ve had about 8 hours on the mat now. I go twice a week for an hour. I absolutely love it. I want to go more than twice a week. I want to get better, faster. It’s frustrating when you love doing something and could absolutely throw yourself into if you didn’t have to run a business, do things around the house, or a myriad of other grownup responsible things. Let’s Connect @brassybroadjen on twitter @brassybroadjen on Instagram Jen Edds on...


157: Awkward BJJ Journal Entry 7 - Stop Wasting Energy

I’ve finished my 3rd week of classes! I’m sore. I’m still sucking for air halfway through the warmups, but I’m showing up and I’m all in. Link to Bad *ss Women's Council podcast mentioned in the episode. Let’s Connect @brassybroadjen on twitter @brassybroadjen on Instagram Jen Edds on LinkedIn Subscribe to The Brassy Broadcast Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Google...