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ARLnow.com presents interviews with local newsmakers in Arlington, Virginia.

ARLnow.com presents interviews with local newsmakers in Arlington, Virginia.


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ARLnow.com presents interviews with local newsmakers in Arlington, Virginia.






Talking reopening, tech, and the state of the local economy with Telly Tucker

We talked with Telly Tucker, the new head of Arlington Economic Development, about Friday's reopening, what's going on with the local economy, the plight of small businesses during the pandemic, and the growth of tech companies in Northern Virginia.


Gillian Burgess on coronavirus, bicycling, and the Arlington Way

Why hasn't Arlington closed some streets to cars, to make more room for pedestrians and cyclists? What can be done about overcrowded trails? Should the Arlington Way move mostly online? Those are a few of the things we discussed with Gillian Burgess, a local civic leader and cycling advocate.


Kate Bates of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce

Last night ARLnow sat down for a fireside chat with Kate Bates, President and CEO of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. We discussed the state of the business community during the pandemic, what the future might look like, and the work Kate and the Chamber are doing.


How a new county initiative plans to tackle hunger in Arlington

On April 10, Arlington County announced a new initiative for the coronavirus era: the Cooperative for a Hunger Free Arlington. We talked to those heading the group -- Abby Raphael, Diane Kresh and Amy Maclosky -- about what it is and how they plan to help during these tough times.


Scott Parker on the state of local business in Arlington

The 26 Square Miles podcast is back! At least during the the quarantine. ARLnow's Scott Brodbeck talked with Scott Parker -- of Don Tito, Bash Boxing, Bearded Goat Barber and other local businesses -- about the state of local business in Arlington during the coronavirus pandemic. If you enjoyed this interview, please order from local restaurants and support ARLnow's advertisers 🙏


Ep. 63 - ARLnow Commenter Dave Schutz

Anyone familiar with ARLnow and our corner of the digital media universe knows that we have a prolific comment section. Driving the comment section is a community of regular commenters that has developed over time, and one of the leading voices in that comment community is Dave Schutz. We talked with Dave about the comment community on ARLnow, about our comment moderation, and about his opinions on various topics.


Ep. 62 - Chris Slatt Talks Transportation

We talked to Arlington Transportation Commission Chair Chris Slatt about various transportation and bicycling-related topics, with a special focus on Columbia Pike.


Ep. 61 - Chef Mike Cordero

Mike Cordero is one of the most prolific restaurateurs in Arlington. He's the man behind local hotspots like Don Tito, The G.O.A.T., Barley Mac and soon -- The Bronson and Taco Rock. Also, you might have seen him cruising the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor in his Bentley. We talked with Cordero about his background, the success of his restaurants, the partnerships that helped build that success, and his new concepts.


Ep. 60 - Departing ARLnow Editor Alex Koma

On his last day on the job, we sat down with outgoing ARLnow managing editor Alex Koma to talk about Arlington, Amazon, ARLnow, our new editor Airey and a bunch of other topics that don't start with "A."


Ep. 59 - Washington Business Journal Editor-in-Chief Doug Fruehling

As editor-in-chief of the Washington Business Journal, Doug Fruehling has been overseeing coverage of Amazon's forthcoming HQ2 in Arlington. On the latest 26 Square Miles podcast, Fruehling discusses the ramifications of Amazon coming to "National Landing" and how the subscription-based Business Journal has managed to expand its coverage in the face of news industry struggles.


Ep. 58 - Del. Patrick Hope

The state legislature is now in session and among those representing Arlington in Richmond is Del. Patrick Hope (D). In an interview over the phone from his office at the state capital, Hope discussed his decision to refuse donations from Dominion, the state incentives offered to Amazon, his bill to limit solitary confinement in state prisons, why the effort to rename Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington is stalled, and more. And, at the end, Hope surprised us with a very candid answer to...


Ep. 57 - GMU Researcher Michael Farren on Amazon and Economic Incentives

Amazon's arrival in Arlington has been hailed as a massive boon for the county and the Commonwealth of Virginia. But are the incentives offered to the company worth the economic development benefits it promises to bring? We discussed Amazon and the HQ2 process with Michael Farren, a researcher at GMU's Mercatus Center who studies the effects of government favoritism toward particular businesses.


Ep. 56 - Justin Bensan of the Rosslyn BID

Facebook has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, so we checked in with Justin Bensan, Social Communications Specialist at the Rosslyn Business Improvement District, to talk about what's going on in the world of social media. This episode was recorded prior to Amazon's HQ2 announcement, but we asked Justin about what it means for a place like Rosslyn nonetheless.


Ep. 55 - Scott Parker and Alex Trakas of BASH Boxing

Local nightlife king Scott Parker is branching into fitness, launching BASH Boxing with fitness instructor and manager Alex Trakas. We asked Parker and Trakas about their new venture and also talked with Scott about the state of the local bar scene and about that time the Washington Capitals brought the Stanley Cup to Don Tito.


Ep. 54 - Committee of 100 County Board Debate

ARLnow's Scott Brodbeck moderated a Oct. 10 debate between the two contenders for County Board: independent incumbent John Vihstadt and Democratic challenger Matt de Ferranti. The event was hosted by Arlington's Committee of 100.


Ep. 53 - Unsuck DC Metro

The D.C. Metrorail system has been "rebuilding" for years and now has a dedicated stream of funding. On top of that, its general manager just received a big vote of confidence from the Metro board: a new contract and a sizable raise. So why does Metro still kind of suck? On today's 26 Square Miles podcast we talked with the semi-anonymous creator of Unsuck DC Metro, a blog and Twitter account that is perhaps Metro's biggest and most vocal critic. We talked about Paul Wiedefeld's new...


Ep. 52 - 9/11 First Responder Capt. Justin Tirelli

Justin Tirelli is currently an Arlington County Fire Department captain, but 17 years ago he was a rookie firefighter in the ACFD ranks. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Tirelli was responding to a fire call in Rosslyn when American Airlines Flight 77 struck the west side of the Pentagon. As his engine company was diverted to join the massive and heroic emergency response to the terror attack, Tirelli and his fellow firefighters focused on the task at hand -- not realizing that it would...


Ep. 51 - Long-time Arlington civic leader Jim Pebley

For more than two decades, Jim Pebley worked to make Arlington a better place. Pebley is now retired and last year moved to a more leisurely locale in North Carolina, but not before receiving plenty of plaudits from across the Arlington civic and political spectrum. We decided to check in with Jim, see how he's doing and get his take on the current state of the county. We covered everything from the safety of Reagan National Airport, the cost of school construction, the potential of Amazon's...


Ep. 50 - Democratic County Board Nominee Matt de Ferranti

Matt de Ferranti, the Democratic nominee challenging John Vihstadt for a spot on the County Board this fall, discusses his vision for Arlington's economy, his view on the potential fallout from Amazon's arrival, the politics behind the 2018 race and more.


Ep. 49 - Political Consultant Ben Tribbett

Political strategist Ben Tribbett joined us on this week's podcast to talk about local, state and national politics -- and a bit of sports betting.