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Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft: Tips from the FTC and Nevada Attorney General's Office

AARP Nevada and guest speakers from the Nevada Office of the Attorney General and the FTC’s Division of Consumer & Business Education for tips to protect yourself from Identity Theft and Scams. Take a listen, learn and protect you and your family!


COVID-19 Vaccine Update & AARP's Priority to Protect Aging Nevadans

In this edition of AARP Voices, AARP Nevada State Director Maria Moore, Government Relations Director Barry Gold, and host Scott Gulbransen bring you the latest on the COVID-19 vaccine in Nevada. From frustration over supply and demand to confusion on how to obtain a vaccine, we give you the latest information so you can make the best choice for yourself and your family. Links Referenced in this episode: - Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Info & to Schedule and Appointment:


Caregiving Advice for Veterans & Families with Amy Goyer

With November being the month we thank and recall the sacrifices of our veterans, AARP Nevada talks with AARP's national Family & Caregiving Expert. Goyer, a caregiver herself, focuses on the unique challenges faced by veterans, their caregivers, and how they can navigate the sometimes confusing paths to good and compassionate care. Goyer shares her personal stories and also how veterans and their caregivers don't have to go it alone - there is help. For more information on veteran...


September Update from AARP Nevada

We're back and update you on the virtual activities AARP Nevada has in store for this fall and winter. Despite the COVID-19 shutdown, AAPR Nevada continues with its vital programs and events - virtually. Hear from AARP Nevada State Director Maria Moore as she updates you on happenings for September and plans to encourage our members to vote in November.


AARP Events and Updates forJuly Including a Conversation About Social Isolation

We're back with the latest update from AARP Nevada as we continue to operate remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevada is in Phase 2 of the reopening of our state but what does that mean for AARP Nevada events? State Director Maria Moore gives you an update on our activities and issues we'll address coming this summer and fall.


SPECIAL TOWH HALL: Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Scams with FBI & US Attorney's Office

AARP Nevada presents a special audio town hall meeting on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 scams and crooks. Nevada US Attorney for the District of Nevada Nicholas Trutanich, and FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ray Johnson talk about how you can protect yourself from fraud and scams related to the Coronavirus, and how to report suspected fraud and scams.


Betty Russell of Nevada Senior Services Talks Aging & Isolation During COVID-19

The issue of isolations for aging Nevadans is a serious and ongoing threat to living a good life as you age. Add in a global pandemic and increased disconnectivity, and things can get bad fast. Betty Russell, Director of Clinical Social Services at Nevada Senior Services tells us about this ongoing issue and what new challenges aging Nevadans are facing under our current national emergency. To get help from Nevada Senior Services for the issues discussed, call 1-844-850-5113.


Dena Schmidt Talks About Nevada CAN & COVID-19 Challenges for Nevada's Aging

During these uncertain times emersed in a national emergency, it's hard to find help for yourself or an aging loved one. Luckily in Nevada, state and local authorities, non-profits, and others, have come together to make sure the Silver State's most vulnerable have access to the resources they need. Dena Schmidt, and administrator with the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Aging and Disability Services Division, talks to us about Nevada CAN and the 2-1-1 service. Nevada CAN's...


4/16/20: New AARP Nevada Outreach Director Riley Franco

We introduce you to the newest member of the AARP Nevada team as Riley Franco is our guest. Franco is the state's new Outreach Director and will oversee many of AARP Nevada's key initiatives. She is a Nevada native and UNLV alumnus with extensive experience working in the aging and disability services area.


What is AARP Nevada Doing for You During COVID19? Advocacy Director Barry Gold Tells Us

As we all #StayHomeForNevada, what is AARP Nevada doing in the state and at the national level in Washington D.C. to represent our members 50+? Director of Government Relations & Advocacy Barry Gold is our guest and tells us how AARP is fighting both in the Silver State and in Congress to ensure the interests of aging Americans aren't forgotten. Listen to what AARP is doing for you amid the pandemic. For the latest in Nevada concerning #COVID19, visit: and from our national...


SPECIAL: Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford Tele Town Hall on Fraud During the COVID-19 Crisis

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford shares information on what is happening here in our state and answers callers questions. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to protect you and your loved ones from fraud and scams related to the Coronavirus/ COVID 19.


COVID19: An Update on AARP Nevada's Activity During Statewide Shutdown

We're back with an update from our remote locations. AARP Nevada State Director Maria Moore tells us what the Nevada staff is up to and what the organization is doing during the crisis. Hear about resources and online opportunities for members and the communities to stay engaged during this time.


AARP's Commitment to Veterans, Military & Their Families with Peter Jeffries

Peter Jeffries, AARP's National Engagements Director, joins us to discuss AARP's continued commitment to veterans, military, and their families in areas like caregiving, fraud prevention and re-entry into the workforce. Visit: AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline: 1-877-908-3360


1/17/20: New AARPNV Director of Outreach Justin Chavez and Volunteerism

It's a new year and the AARP Nevada staff is growing as we introduce you to the newest member of our team - Associate State Director of Outreach Justin Chavez. Chavez - a US Marine Corps. veteran - brings a wealth of knowledge having worked with non-profits that handle mentally challenged children all the way to homeless veterans. He shares with us his reasons for coming to AARP and how rewarding it can be for those to volunteer with the organization in the Silver State.


October 2019: We Talk AARP Foundation Tax Aide and the Ongoing Need for Volunteers

It's almost tax time and AARP Nevada, and the AARP Foundation, are gearing up for their popular Tax Aide free tax preparation program. Volunteer coordinator Lee Biss joins us to talk about this important community service. Servicing Nevadans in over 32 locations across the state, the free tax prep program helps those who cannot afford to get their taxes done. Biss tells us about the program and how you can join to help out as a Tax Aide Volunteer. For more information on the program, visit:...


April 16 Legislative Update

We're back with an important legislative update including the latest from AARP Nevada's Director of Government Relations Barry Gold. Gold gets us up to speed on the latest legislation that impacts Nevadans 50+ and more. Key legislation related to caregiving and retirement savings are on the docket during this session and over the next few weeks.


Legislative Update 3/5/19: AB 90 Hearing Success, Issues to Watch

We're back with our bi-weekly Nevada Legislative update and a report from Director of Government Relations Barry Gold. Gold tells us about this session's Senior Issues Day and an important hearing on the AARP Nevada-supported Assembly Bill 90 - which calls for businesses to allow employees to use earned sick days for caregiving. To make sure you're up-to-date on these key issues in our state, subscribe to this podcast and also go to where you can sign up for our emails.


Senior Issues Day in Carson City, Barry Gold on Caregiving Bill AB90

AARP Nevada's Director of Government Relations Barry Gold joins us to talk about key legislation at Nevada's bi-annual session this month. In conjunction with Senior Issues Day in Carson City on Feb. 22, AARP will testify in front of an important committee about Assembly Bill 90 - which would give Nevada employees the right to use their earned sick days to care for loved ones.


January 2019: Donna Clontz on Her Work as Advocate for Aging Nevadans

Our guest this episode is the AARP Nevada Andrus Award winner for 2018 for outstanding contribution as a community volunteer, Donna Clontz. Clontz is the Chairwoman of the City of Reno Senior Citizens Advisory Committee and also serves on the board of the Washoe County Senior Services Advisory Board. Clontz discusses her important work helping the aging in Nevada and how the journey started for her on a very personal note. NOTE: Due to a technical issue, the very beginning of the podcast is...


Major Poll Reveals Mindset of 50+ Nevada Voters Heading into 2018 Election

2018 marks another important midterm election for voters 50+ in Nevada. And, surprisingly, despite the usual great turnout by voters over 50 in Nevada, many stay home and skip the midterms. AARP's Khelan Bhatia, Campaign Director of AARP's bi-partisan "Be the Difference. Vote" voter engagement campaign, joins us to discuss the findings of statewide polling on this year's election from AARP. the poll, conducted across voters from all walks of life, gives us insight into the issues and...