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Senator Ron Johnson on the corruption and bankrupting of America… on Viewpoint This Sunday

Viewpoint This Sunday with Malcolm Out Loud – Another CR - When does the GOP take a firm stand on the bankrupting of America? “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?” Sen Johnson is here on the top stories and will tell us what they’re hiding. NY AG Letitia James’ $384,495 campaign funds for her lifestyle… radio host, and analyst, Booker Scott is here on this big story, and Patricia Anthone will explain why… The federal government’s obligation to prevent and repel foreign invasion is not a negotiating chip any further.


The perils of Social Media & AI

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – Now, having seen what social media has done to us, the American people seem to be looking to artificial intelligence to pick up the slack in their thinking. Don’t write that article or create that art; ask a computer to do it for you. I wonder, if social media helped us become more anti-social, will artificial intelligence help us to become more unintelligent? What do these two topics have in common?


Laken Riley’s life mattered

After Dark with Hosts Rob & Andrew – All that needed to happen was for Joe Biden to do the right thing and close the borders and stop illegal aliens from invading our country. As former President Donald Trump once said, those coming here are not the finest. Instead, they were maybe murderers and rapists. He was right. The man who brutally murdered Laken Riley entered the country illegally. He was a career criminal who had been arrested previously but let go by authorities...


Kingdom Education: A growing movement raising good citizens

The Dean’s List with Host Dean Bowen – Exploring Kingdom Education, I delve into how this movement partners with homeschool, private, and Christian public educators to foster students' holistic growth—mind, body, and spirit. Through discussions with Don Mayer, we uncover the impact of ethical values and the significant role of teacher influence in shaping good citizens.


What is the real ‘State of Crime in America’

The Voice of a Nation with Malcolm Out Loud – Migrant criminal gangs and threats of terrorism are part of the story, but the other part of the story is that Blue Cities has allowed criminals to own the streets. Carjackings and robberies are sky-high, smash and grabs are routine, empty storefronts, homelessness, drugs, and crime have become the norm in many of the once great American cities. We can do better. Listen to this broadcast on the real 'State of Crime in America' with two experts...


If you don’t like Christian Nationalism, does that mean you hate America?

The Tom Renz Show – I'm tired of the Deep State goons, WEF, and CCP attacking Christians and hating America, and make no mistake, the attacks on Christian Nationalism are just that. I challenge you lefitsts to explain, what do you oppose about Christianity? Loving your neighbor? Treating people like you'd like to be treated? How about nationalism? Do you have a problem with supporting the country that facilitated suffrage, fought to end slavery and...


Learn the unforced rhythms of grace

FAITH IS… with Pastor Rick Stevens – Discover the transformative power of grace in shaping behavior and fostering personal growth. I delve into the reasons behind our actions and offer a solution for change. By embracing the unforced rhythms of grace, as taught by Jesus, we find freedom from despair and the belief that improvement is beyond reach. Join me in this journey...


Unraveling antidepressant’s effects on sexuality

Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN – Exploring the impact of antidepressants, this we delve into the seldom-discussed realm of sexual dysfunction, urging the medical community to prioritize informed consent and holistic patient education. It highlights the critical balance between treating depression and preserving sexual health, advocating for a deeper understanding of medication side effects.


‘Operation Burning Edge,’ Exposing WEF ‘augmented societies’ & migrant plans

The National Security Hour with LTC Sargis Sangari USA (Ret.) – Ann Vandersteel and Michael Yon discuss "Operation Burning Edge" & U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policy Shortfalls on the "immigration" crisis in the era of CRT, DEI, Wokeism, World Economic Forum (WEF) vision of "augmented societies" driving birthright, and Transhumanism in support of the American decline...


Florida to Tennessee to Michigan… Parents demand change in education from their perverse teachings!

The Dean’s List with Host Dean Bowen – Michigan school hides gender transition from parents while creating a false reality of trust. Tennessee bans political flags in classrooms, and Florida public schools continue to hemorrhage enrollment. Many parents realize the only way to protect their kids is to remove their kids from government-run indoctrination camps and place them in schools where rich pedagogy is the norm...


Is Methylene Blue right for anyone? Vending machine drugs insanity. Gila monster venom danger …Q&A 36

Looking 4 Healing Radio with Dr. Bryan Ardis, Nichola Burnett, and Dr. Jana Schmidt – We’re going to discuss one of our listeners' questions about methylene blue. We also dive into root canals. What’s the truth? Are they dangerous? Do they cause disease? Did you know there are vending machines now, and 33 states are giving out free drugs to people? These topics and many more we are going to discuss...


Psychologically sound! The mind of Donald J Trump

Truth Be Told with Booker Scott – Exploring the psychological fitness of Donald Trump, this piece delves into critiques of media bias and political attacks. Joining forces with Dr. Sheldon Roth, we uncover a nuanced perspective on Trump's mental state, challenging mainstream narratives with insights from a seasoned Harvard psychiatrist. A must-read for those seeking truth beyond headlines...


Should we ever Trust the Government

Unleashed: The Political News Hour with Ted Noel MD – Ronald Reagan famously warned against trusting government aid. I explore the dangers of bureaucratic overreach and the complexity of regulations, emphasizing the value of individual liberty. Highlighting flawed guidance from agencies like the CDC and EPA, it challenges readers to question the net benefit of domestic...


Unfreedom of Religion

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – In the United States, the freedom of certain religions faces increasing threats, a disturbing trend often overlooked by many. As rights to self-defense also come under siege, I'm reminded of Martin Niemöller's poignant poem. This reflection urges us to stand for those whose rights are being attacked, lest we find our own liberties...


Are Democrats or Republicans a better ally for Blacks and Jews

After Dark with Hosts Rob & Andrew – We delve into how Democrats have failed the black and Jewish communities, despite receiving their overwhelming support. Heather Robinson and I discuss the growing realization among these groups that their loyalty has been met with empty promises, from reparations to immigration policies, and the need for a decisive stand against such neglect.


Demolishing morality and love in America

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Peter & Ginger Breggin – Alfred Kinsey got much of his supposedly “scientific’ information about supposed child sexuality from a small number of sadistic child abusers. A favorite of his was a Nazi who ended up being tried at Nuremberg. This show covers how Kinsey’s destruction of love and monogamy furthered the deterioration of American values that we are now so tragically witnessing...


The COVID Cartel, so what are they hiding? US Senate Panel investigates …and Q&A 104

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Peter McCullough and Malcolm – Does the vaccine destroy recipients' immune systems, and could this be why cancer has risen? I’m sure you know, shingles has sprung up everywhere but what is the cause? Is this due to the vaccine? They say disease X is 20 times more deadly than COVID, but could this be just another fear tactic to frighten the public into agreeing to more state power?


Trump 2024 vs McConnell, the last act of a sellout

The Tom Renz Show – Great news!!! Mitch McConnell the ED Leader of the RINO Senate will finally leave the leadership position but not before using everything he has to undermine Trump in 2024. McConnell's sister-in-law just died "mysteriously" in a "car wreck" in Texas shortly after speaking out against the CCP. The same CCP McConnell's wife has been making money off of for years. It's interesting that the guy that directed money away from winning MAGA Senate candidates...


Letitia James’ financials exposed

America Emboldened with Greg Boulden – The financial statements included lavish stays in Beverly Hills, with reimbursement of $65,000 in campaign consultants, which is vague in description. One of the years after winning, there was a single year of $300,000 in consulting fees, with a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn receiving the funds. While James may not have broken laws, there does seem to be a tie to ghost donors...


The lunatics are running the asylum

The Constitution Study with Host Paul Engel – I delve into the troubling state of our government leadership. Self-absorbed officials prioritize power over constitutional duties, leading to questionable decisions and actions. From the IRS spying on Americans to financial manipulations for votes, it's clear: the lunatics are running the asylum. Einstein's words on insanity resonate...