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Euranet Plus Panorama is a weekly news review that showcases our network’s wide-ranging coverage of EU-related stories. Euranet Plus is a network of 13 European radio stations from 13 EU countries. Whether national or local, public or private, large or small, their views on European news offer a rich tapestry of perspectives.




Euranet Plus Panorama is a weekly news review that showcases our network’s wide-ranging coverage of EU-related stories. Euranet Plus is a network of 13 European radio stations from 13 EU countries. Whether national or local, public or private, large or small, their views on European news offer a rich tapestry of perspectives.




Election fever... already?

With the European elections now exactly a year away, the countdown has begun. Brussels is intent on maximising turnout while minimising external interference. And should Hungary be allowed to take over the EU presidency in the second half of 2024 as planned, even though it is in hot water over rule of law violations? A podcast episode by Joanna Neville Image © European Union 2023 - EP


Clashes in Kosovo

In this episode, we look at the issues underlying the violence that has erupted in Kosovo over the past week. Image: KFOR soldiers in Northern Kosovo © NATO


Bang, bang, banging at Brussel’s door

All too aware of their country’s vulnerable position on the fringes of Europe, tens of thousands of Moldovans took to the streets of Chișinău last weekend. Meanwhile, the EU’s proposed new Russian sanctions cause a stir on the global stage. Our radio stations report. Image: © European Union 2023 - Source : EP


EU moves forward on AI and Istanbul Convention

Last week in Strasbourg, the European Parliament made progress in two key policy areas: artificial intelligence and violence against women. The radio stations in our EU network report. Image: SomYuZu on Shutterstock


Europe under strain from Ukrainian grain

With the war limiting access to Black Sea ports, Ukraine has had to find other ways of getting its products to market. As a result, Ukrainian grains and seeds have flooded Central and Eastern Europe, much to the dismay of the region’s farmers. Image: Shutterstock


EU to fight pharma shortages

Next week, Brussels plans to unveil its long-awaited package of proposals to reform the EU’s pharmaceutical strategy - while in recent months, EU member states have faced supply problems for some key medicines. Euranet Plus radio stations report. Image: Shutterstock


Chinese whispers

What are the EU’s respective positions on China and the US, and what should they be? Some observers feel Brussels comes down too far on one side, while others claim the opposite. Image: helloRuby on Shutterstock


Reviewing recovery and resilience: where are we now?

Many countries across the bloc have already fallen behind in commissioning the projects that were planned to soak up their portion of the EU’s 724-billion-euro recovery and resilience facility. Montage with Shutterstock image


A wealth of weapons

This week, we look at the EU’s radical new agreement to procure ammunition bound for Ukraine as broadcasters from around the Euranet Plus network consider, with some degree of concern, Vladimir Putin’s latest nuclear threat. Image: Shutterstock


World in hot water

The world came together this week for the UN 2023 Water Conference, which opened on World Water Day, Wednesday 22 March, in New York. Its aim? To address the global water crisis. Euranet Plus radio stations report from across the EU... Image © Jan phanomphrai on Shutterstock


Green industry gets a leg-up

This week, we focus on the European Commission’s publication of its draft Net-Zero Industry Act, a direct response to Washington’s Inflation Reduction Act. We also hear reactions to the European Parliament's vote on a proposed revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive... Image: © only_kim on Shutterstock


Is Moscow moving on Moldova?

This week our network of radio stations looks at the situation in Moldova, where the possibility of a Kremlin-orchestrated coup cannot be ruled out. We examine the Russian threat, internal destabilising factors and the country’s EU accession prospects. Image: Shutterstock


365 days and counting

On the rather sombre occasion of the anniversary of the Russian incursion into Ukraine, we take a look at the current state of play. Is there any light on the horizon? Image: Shutterstok / Dilok Klaisataporn


Combustion and corruption

The corridors of the European Parliament in Strasbourg have been bustling this week, and we take a look at two of the key topics on members’ agendas: energy and ethics. A bright road awaits © lassedesignen on Shutterstock


Aid without borders

Following the devastating earthquake that hit south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria in the early hours of Monday morning, aid has been pouring in from across the bloc. Simultaneously, at a special summit in Brussels, leaders discuss how to keep migrants out. Our radio stations report. Image: shutterstock / murat photographer


Corrupt, more corrupt, most corrupt…

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2022, the EU, while still faring better than most of the rest of the world, is showing a clear downward trend year on year…


Leopards freed from captivity

A casual peruser of the news this past week might have been forgiven for wondering why Berlin had taken it upon itself to hold some 'big cats' hostage. Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash


It’s all kicking off over Qatar

This week’s European Parliament plenary session has been overshadowed by Qatargate, following a series of searches, arrests and corruption allegations that have shaken the EU legislative to its core. Image based on © The Studio on Shutterstock


The slow march towards enlargement

An EU-Western Balkans summit took place in Tirana this week. Surprisingly, this is the first time the summit has been held in the Western Balkan region itself. We take a trip to Albania to judge what, if anything, has changed.


Health and happiness: how is the EU faring?

Three years after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, this week’s Panorama will focus on public health as the European Commission presents its new global health strategy.