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The opposite side of the Day 0 Update coin, Let's Weekend! is an informal hangout for various SmashPad staff, typically recorded on Friday night and posted Saturday. In contrast to SmashPad's flagship podcast, topics on Let's Weekend! include but are by no means limited to gaming, allowing the hosts to discuss their other major interests from literature to sports, from superheroes to music, and all points in between. Just remember, sobriety is optional.


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The opposite side of the Day 0 Update coin, Let's Weekend! is an informal hangout for various SmashPad staff, typically recorded on Friday night and posted Saturday. In contrast to SmashPad's flagship podcast, topics on Let's Weekend! include but are by no means limited to gaming, allowing the hosts to discuss their other major interests from literature to sports, from superheroes to music, and all points in between. Just remember, sobriety is optional.






Let’s Weekend #393 – Smell You Later, George

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the evil Henry Kissinger kicking the bucket, George Santos being expeled from Congress, and Elon Musk's latest attempt to ruin Twitter. more respect for Japanese-SubculturesThe Israel/Hamas truce for exchanging hostages and prisoners ended on Friday as Israel resumed attacksTwo Arizona GOP county officials are facing charges for delaying certification of the 2022 midterm electionsSenator Tommy Tuberville has signaled that he’s backing down from his blockade of military nominations and will only block the woke nomineesThe House of Representatives has voted to expel George SantosHenry Kissinger is finally dead, but never faced any consequences for his crimesRIP Sandra Day O’ConnorRIP Marty KrofftTed Cruz introduced a bill limiting enforcement of pronouns and chosen names despite his nameThe weird Newsom/DeSantis debate featured Ron getting embarrassed a bunch and a poop mapElon Musk told advertisers to “Go fuck yourself” over not wanting to advertise on TwitterFederal judge has blocked Montana’s TikTok ban before it could take effectSports Illustrated has admitted to using AI to generate articles, but blames them on a third partyMerriam-Webster’s 2023 Word of the Year is AuthenticThe largest iceberg in the world has moved into open oceanWB Discovery “mistakenly” put the Looney Tunes shorts on list of shows, movies leaving Max soonFX’s Shogun will premiere its first two episodes on February 27Rob Reiner’s filming a sequel to “This is Spinal Tap” early next yearWe got an official trailer for Furiosa: A Mad Max SagaWe got a teaser trailer for Prime Video’s Falloutletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #392 – The Thanksgiving Hangover

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the dire climate news, Elon Musk's latest dumb move on Twitter, and what's going on with OpenAI. full-form game-hunting videoCZ, founder of crypto giant Binance, pleads guilty to money laundering violationsAbout 150 countries met to negotiate a global plastics treaty that ended with little progress as oil and gas producing countries blocked everybody elseThe UN Environmental Programme reported that we’re on a devastating course of warming as the world has fallen behind on its promisesDerek Chauvin got stabbed in prison in the least surprising news of the weekIsrael and Hamas agreed to a temporary ceasefire that started on Friday to exchange hostagesbut there’s scuttlebutt about people breaking the ceasefireRIP Rosalyn CarterFederal appeals court has struck down a key part of the VRANorth Korea claims to have put a spy satellite into orbit in its 3rd attemptElon Musk’s X is suing Media Matters over report on ads next to anti-semitic postsOpenAI ousted their CEO Sam Altman on Fridaywho immediately joined MicrosoftThen OpenAI brought Altman back after hundreds of employees threatened to quitSpyglass fired Scream series actor Melissa Barrera over Pro-Palestine commentsDisney has canceled Muppets Mayhem after one seasonDave Filoni has been promoted to Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm to plan Star Wars’ futureNetflix has renewed Black Mirror for a Season 7There will be a new Karate Kid movie with Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chanletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #391 – Hanging with Psyduck

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the bad antisemitism from Tiktokkers and Elon Musk, how anime the Terminator is, and how weird a senator got in picking a fight during a committee hearing. Israeli troops finally entered Al-Shifa Hospital that was supposed to be the center of a Hamas network and only found a small amount of weaponsTikTokkers have been reading Osama bin Laden’s manifestoElon Musk stepped in it again as he promoted the Great Replacement Theory on Twitter and advertisers along with the White House are not happyThe House and Senate approved a stopgap spending bill to fund the government into early 2024The Supreme Court has adopted their first-ever code of ethicsRep. George Santos will not be running for reelection and a damning ethics report shows whyThe House tried to impeach Homeland Secretary Mayorkas, but Dems forced it to committeesSenator Mullin got into a weird fight with the president of the IBT during a hearingTim Scott has suspended his campaign for presidentMLB team owners approve the Oakland Athletics’ planned move to Las VegasA volcano in Iceland is on the verge of a major eruptionWB Discovery is letting Coyote vs Acme be shopped to other studios after it’s doneA Ted series will debut on Peacock on January 11Dead Boy Detectives series moves from Max to Netflix after Max’s new DC directiveNetflix announced ‘Terminator: The Anime Series’We got an official trailer for Disney’s Percy Jackson and The OlympiansWe got an official trailer for Marvel’s What If…? Season 2We got an official trailer for Netflix’s Chicken Run: Dawn of the NuggetWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s Pokemon ConciergeWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of FireWe got an official trailer for The Garfield MovieWe got an official trailer for Madame Webletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #390 – Ohio Rules

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the great election results from this week, the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, and the latest tax write-off stunt from WB Discovery. The death toll in Gaza has surpassed 10kThe House voted to censure Rashida Tlaib for comments on the Israel-Hamas WarOhio’s Issue 1 to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution passedOhio’s Issue 2 for legalizing marijuana also passedKentucky Governor Andy Beshear won reelectionVirginia Dems won full control of the state legislatureDanica Roem’s their 1st trans senatorPhiladelphia elected its first woman mayorRhode Island elected its first black member to CongressExonerated Central Park Five member Yusef Salaam won NYC Council seatSt. Louis Park, Minnesota is first in the country to elect Somali American mayorThe Federal Government shuts down in a week and there’s no deal in sight with the new SpeakerJill Stein is running for president again with the Green PartyJoe Manchin is not running for reelection in 2024Senators proposed a temporary rule to get around Tommy Tuberville’s blockadeSAG-AFTRA approves deal with AMPTP to end its strikeThere will be a merged app for Disney+ and Hulu for bundle subscribers starting in DecemberWB Discovery has canned a new movie that finished filming in 2022 called “Coyote vs Acme”Nintendo is developing a live-action film based on The Legend of ZeldaThe Super Mario Bros. Movie will debut on Netflix December 3Netflix’s 3 Body Problem will debut on March 21, 2024Netflix’s Arcane Season 2 will premiere November 2024We got a teaser trailer for Ghostbusters: Frozen EmpireWe got a teaser trailer for Inside Out 2We got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Avatar: The Last AirbenderWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Ultraman: RisingWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s The WItcher: Sirens of the DeepWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Yu Yu HakushoWe got an official trailer for Mean GirlsWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s My Life With the Walter Boysletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #389 – Cocaine Hippos

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about SBF's trial results, the bad stuff happening in the House of Reps, and the big threat Colombia is dealing with before it's too late. Israel attacked Gaza’s largest refugee campSam Bankman-Fried was found guilty on all seven charges in his FTX caseThe Illinois man that stabbed a boy to death and his mom was charged with a hate crimeThe UAW reached a tentative deal with GM to mark the potential end of their strike against the Big 3House Rep George Santos barely survived a vote to expel him thanks to 31 Dems voting against itThe House voted for Israel aid bill that would be paid with massive IRS cuts and no Ukraine aidThree new military officers confirmed by the Senate as Tommy Tuberville’s blockade continuesCedar Fair and Six Flags are merging in a major amusement park dealPablo Escobar’s cocaine hippos are going to be culled by the Colombian governmentHockey player Adam Johnson died after a skate cut his neck during a game in an England leagueKimberly Garcia thought she set the world record in 20km walk race, but the course was too shortHBO exec used fake Twitter accounts to troll and harass TV criticsMax’s standard ad-free plan is losing 4K as it becomes the $19.99 ultimate plan’s main featureProduction workers at Walt Disney Animation Studios have voted to unionize with IATSEHulu renews Futurama for two more seasonsHulu’s working on a new Prison Break seriesWe got an official trailer for Disney+’s EchoWe got an official trailer for The Fall GuyWe got an official trailer for FX’s ShogunWe got a teaser trailer for Kingdom of the Planet of the Apesletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #388 – Taylor Swift is Evil

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the awful shooting in Maine, the new Speaker of the House, and how evil Taylor Swift has become. Certified firearms instructor and US Army reservist killed 18 people and wounded 13 in a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine and is still on the looseHe’s been found deadThe House GOP finally found a House Speaker in LA far right election denier Mike JohnsonIsrael has invaded GazaJapan’s Supreme Court ruled that compulsory sterilization surgery for those seeking to legally change their gender is unconstitutionalRIP Bobi, the world’s oldest dog that died at 31RIP Matthew PerryMike Pence aborted his presidential campaign early before primary seasonFederal judge orders Georgia to draw new congressional and state legislative mapsThe Robert E. Lee statue at the center of the Charlottesville riot was finally melted down in secretUAW & Ford have reached a tentative agreement as the 1st major breakthrough in the auto strikeThey also seem to have a tentative deal with StellantisScholastic has apologized and backtracked on their controversial book separation programThe NHL has lifted their ban on Pride Tape after a player defied itMichigan State apologized for featuring Hitler in a quiz during its football last SaturdayTaylor Swift is now a billionaireApple TV+ is raising its monthly free to $9.99 per month along with an annual price increaseThe Looney Tunes are returning to movie theaters in The Day the Earth Blew UpWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challengeletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #387 – The Mess in the House

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about Trump and Alex Jones' continued legal trouble, the House of Representatives continued messy Speaker search, and the Pepper X saga. Little Akiba Gamesall my childhood import gaming dreamsIllinois landlord stabbed a Palestinian American boy and his mother dozens of times, killing the boy and leaving his mother in serious conditionAl Ahili Arab Hospital in north Gaza was rocked by an explosion, killing hundreds as people try to figure out who or what caused the explosionBiden backs IsraelJudge in NY Trump fraud trial fines him $5k for violating gag order and warned him twice about possible imprisonmentJudge rules Alex Jones can’t use bankruptcy to avoid paying his $1.1 billion bills to Sandy Hook familiesJim Jordan keeps losing votes to become the SpeakerJim’s no longer the nominee after three failed votes as the House is off for the weekendHouse GOP considered a resolution to keep interim Speaker McHenry for a while longerFormer Trump lawyer Sidney Powell pleads guilty in the Georgia election interference caseKenneth Chesebro also pleads guiltySCOTUS tells the 5th Circuit to stop defying its orders on allowing the ATF’s ghost gun regulationsThe Army private that fled to North Korea was charged with desertion and possession of child pornFive sports have been added for the 2028 LA OlympicsThere’s a new world’s hottest pepper called Pepper X that is 3 times spicier than its predecessorScientists discovered what happened to the billions of crabs that went missing around AlaskaElon Musk is testing a new program to charge new Twitter users $1 to create account and postNetflix is raising prices for its basic and premium tiersSpider-Man: Across the Universe will debut on Netflix October 31The Boy and the Heron has a stacked English voice castJon Stewart’s Apple TV+ show is not returning for a new seasonWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Takes OffWe got an official trailer for American Fictionletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #386 – George Santos and the Baby

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the continued events going on in Israel and Palestine, Best Buy's big news, and the mess of the House GOP's Speaker search. Israel escalates their attacks on Palestinians by telling the UN that northern Gaza’s 1.1 million people need to be escalated or face attacksUS &European leaders support this genocideUS Intelligence warned Israel about potential attacks from Hamas a week beforeGeorge Santos is facing 10 new charges in his fraud case to make it 23 total chargesThe NHL banned Pride Tape to go against the tide of sports leagues supporting the LGBTQ communityKaiser Permanente striking workers got a new deal with a 21% raise over 4 yearsSteve Scalise won the nomination after a closed-door electionSteve Scalise steps down from the race less than a day laterJim Jordan stepped up as the next favorite, but he still doesn’t have the votes to winElection denier Kari Lake is running for Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate seatJapan’s gov’t is seeking the revocation of the legal status of the Unification Church in JapanThe UAW’s strike has escalated with 8700 workers walking out of a Ford Kentucky plantA bear named Grazer won Fat Bear WeekNASA’s next asteroid mission is targeting a metal asteroidThe WGA voted to ratify the new contractHollywood unions call on the AMPTP to get back to the table with SAG-AFTRAIt seems like Best Buy will stop selling DVDs and Blu-rays in store and onlineCrunchyroll is launch a 24-hour free, ad supported channel in the US for anime newbiesDisney+ is getting a restored 4K version of Snow White and the Seven DwarfsAfter being canceled on Paramount+, Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 moves to NetflixWe got a teaser trailer for Dragon Ball DaimaWe got another teaser trailer for A24’s Hazbin HotelWe got an official trailer for WonkaWe got an official trailer for The Iron ClawWe got an official trailer for Peacock’s Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy MountainWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s Leoletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #385 – The House Without A Leader

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the events going on in Israel and Palestine, the disasterous week in the House, and Netflix's latest slate of anime and gaming anime. Explosions rock Israel as Hamas attacked them with rockets and kidnapping & killing civilians with PM Netanyahu promising retaliationJudge Engoron issued a gag order on Trump after he attacked the judge’s staff on social mediaFormer campaign treasurer for House Rep. George Santos has plead guilty to federal chargesAn armed man who demanded to talk to Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers was arrested twice in one dayTwo scientists won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their research leading to the development of mRNA vaccinesSimone Biles has won the women’s all-around final to secure her record 21st championship goldCongress passed a short-term spending bill to fund the government at the last minuteThe GOP wants Rep. Jamaal Bowman to be expelled after pulling a fire alarmSpeaker Kevin McCarthy was removed through a motion to “vacate the chair”Nancy Pelosi was asked to vacate her Capitol office by the interim House SpeakerThe House GOP is a complete mess now as they try to figure out who will be the SpeakerKevin McCarthy’s expected to step down from Congress before the end of his termLaphonza Butler has been sworn in as California’s newest US SenatorThe police chief in Kansas who led the raid on the Marion County Record has resignedThe new SCOTUS term will include cases covering the CFPB, social media, abortion pills, & moreWalt Disney Pictures VFX workers voted to unionize with IATSETaylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film has surpassed $100 million in advance ticket salesThe head writers of the Drew Barrymore Show declined to return after her controversial stuntDisney+ will be cracking down on password-sharing in NovemberNetflix reportedly plans to increase prices for Ad-free plans after the actors strike is overNetflix has renewed Castlevania: Nocturne for Season 2We got an official trailer for Netflix’s All the Light We Cannot SeeWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s PlutoWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Devil May CryWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon RemixWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Blue Eye SamuraiWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara CroftWe got an official trailer for Peacock’s LEGO Jurassic Park: The Unofficial RetellingWe got an official trailer for A24’s Priscillaletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #384 – The State of New York vs Donald Trump

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the death of Dianne Feinstein, Trump's big loss before his New York trial begins, and the end of the WGA strike. The US soldier that defected to North Korea has been returned to the USNevada grand jury has indicted a witness in the killing of Tupac ShakurCanada’s House speaker has resigned after inviting a WWII veteran to the floor that was found to later joined the NazisThe US and 17 states have sued Amazon in a sweeping antitrust lawsuitNY Supreme Court judge issues summary judgment that concludes that Trump and his associates systematically overvalued corporate assets over many yearsThe WGA strike is finally overThe Supreme Court rejected Alabama’s defiance and delays in their GOP-drawn congressional maps only featuring one black majority districtSenator Dianne Feinstein has died at 90The Senate has codified a new dress code shortly after doing away with itA judge has ordered the end of the conservatorship between Michael Oher and the Tuohys16 year old boy was arrested in northern England for cutting down the famous Sycamore Gap treeThe capsule with the sample of an asteroid’s rocks landed safely in Utah after a 7-year missionThe big streamers formed a Streaming Innovation Alliance lobbying groupNetflix has greenlit Season 3 of Alice in BorderlandWe got a teaser trailer for Prime’s Hazbin HotelWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s ObliteratedWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s May DecemberWe got an official trailer for Apple TV’s ArgylleWe got an official trailer for Disney’s Wishletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #383 – The New Troll 2

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the latest case of corruption by Clarence Thomas, the "controversy" of the new dress code in the US Senate, and what new Troll sequel is on the way. Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone magazine, is being criticized over his new book not featuring black and female musicians because they weren’t articulate enoughBirmingham PD tased a high school band director for not stopping his band’s performance after a football gameSupreme Court justice Clarence Thomas has close ties to the Koch network that had him speak at two fundraising events for the influential conservative organizationDemocratic Senator Robert Menendez has been indicted on federal corruption chargesThe Senate managed to promote General Charles Q. Brown to chairman of the Joint Chiefs as they managed to get around Tommy Tuberville’s blocking of promotionsThe Federal gov’t is resuming it’s free mail order COVID test program starting on MondayThe Biden admin announced plans for new regulations to bar medical debt from affecting your credit scoreRupert Murdoch has stepped down as chair of Fox and News Corp, letting Lachlan lead all of itChuck Schumer has relaxed the Senate’s dress code in the latest dumb controversy in CongressThe Southern Baptists Convention has ousted an Oklahoma church whose priest did blackfaceClorox products may be hard to get right now due to a cyberattack in AugustA Danish artist has been ordered to repay a museum after delivering two blank canvasesDrew Barrymore did the right thing and delayed her show’s return until the strikes are overBlink-182 announced their new album “One More Time” will be out October 20Disney announced a $1500 set of 100 Disney & Pixar movies for their 100th AnniversaryStudio Ghibli is selling a controlling stake to Nippon TelevisionAmazon is planning an ad tier for Prime VideoThe Meg 2: The Trench will be on Max September 29Netflix has ordered a sequel to TrollWe got an official trailer for Dream ScenarioWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Griseldaletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #382 – Lauren Boebert’s Night Out

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the Wisconsin GOP's evil plans to steal elections, the big autoworkers strike, and the eventful evening Lauren Boebert had at the theatre. Michigan State University football coach Mel Tucker has been suspended over sexual harassment allegationsThe Wisconsin GOP has two plans to rig future elections that are evilKim Davis has been ordered to pay $100k to the same-sex couple she denied a marriage license to when SCOTUS made it legalAt least 11,300 people have died in the massive flooding in Libya’s coastal city of DernaExxon execs continued to internally push doubts about climate change until 2016 despite scientists at the company having evidence suggesting otherwiseThe UAW is striking against all Big Three automakers at onceFord and GM announced hundreds of temporary layoffs with no compensation due to the strikeNew COVID vaccines have been approved by the FDAHouse Speaker McCarthy says the House will start in impeachment inquiry into President BidenThis is with the looming government shutdown on September 29Mitt Romney says he won’t be running for re-electionHunter Biden has been indicted on firearms chargesLauren Boebert was kicked out of a Beetlejuice musical performance for being loud and obnoxiousUfologist claimed to show two alien corpses to Mexico’s Congress“Real Time with Bill Maher” is returning in spite of the writer’s strike“The Drew Barrymore Show” is also returning in spite of the writer’s strikeCalifornia’s Senate voted to approve unemployment benefits for striking workersWB Discovery’s lost $500 million in earnings due to the strikeNetflix renewed One Piece for Season 2We got a teaser trailer for Max’s Kite Man: Hell Yeah!We got an official trailer for DC’s Aquaman and the Lost KingdomWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s The Wonderful Story of Henry SugarWe got an official trailer for Journey to Bethlehemletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #381 – 30 Years to Life

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about Danny Masterson and Enrique Tarrio finally going to prison for a long time, the good news about abortions in Mexico, and the disaster of Burning Man. Danny Masterson has finally been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for raping two womenFormer Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in January 6 insurrectionFormer Trump adviser Peter Navarro has been found guilty of criminal contempt of Congress for denying the subpoena from the January 6 CommitteeGeorgia’s AG charged 61 Cop City protestors with RICO charges along with domestic terrorism, attempted arson, and money launderingMexico’s Supreme Court has thrown out all federal criminal penalties for abortion to make it legal in the countryFederal judge ruled that the floating border barriers in the Rio Grande River violates federal law and must be removedThe UN says this summer was the hottest on record across the Northern HemisphereThe First Lady has tested positive for COVID, but the President has tested negative so farElon Musk has threatened to sue the ADL for defamation for saying Twitter loves hate speechThe Coast Guard arrested a Florida man for trying to run a giant hamster wheel across the AtlanticBurning Man got wrecked with a big rainstorm that stranded people there with some dyingJAXA launched a rocket carrying an X-ray telescope to explore the origins of the universeIndia’s moon rover has successfully completed its walk on the lunar surface to look for waterSmash Mouth’s former lead singer and founder Steve Harwell passed away at 56 to liver failureComcast and Disney have moved up Hulu sale date to September 30Pixar’s Elemental will debut on Disney+ on September 13The producers of Netflix’s One Piece say they have season 2 scripts ready when the strike endsWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s Chicken Run: Dawn of the NuggetWe got an official trailer for The Boy and the HeronWe got a teaser trailer for Apple TV+’s Monarch: Legacy of Monstersletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #380 – RIP in Margaritaville

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the death of Jimmy Buffet, the Proud Boys going to prison for a long time, and why Adam Driver is great. Senator Tommy Tuberville’s hold on military promotions may put up to 650 officers in limbo by the end of 2023Alabama wants to try out their new execution technique on a death row inmate with nitrogenA judge rules that Rudy Giuliani is liable for defaming two Georgia election workersTwo of the former leaders of the Proud Boys were sentenced to a combined 32 years in prison for seditious conspiracy and other crimes during the January 6 insurrectionanother Proud Boy got 10 years in prisonCourt has ruled in Pornhub’s favor on the Texas age verification law as it violates the 1st amendmentRIP Jimmy BuffettTrump’s DC trial has been set for March 4, 2024 right before Super TuesdayThe 2008 presidential election cycle star called “Joe the Plumber” has died of pancreatic cancerHouse majority leader Steve Scalise was diagnosed with a treatable form of blood cancerHurricane Idalia caused a lot of destruction as it hit the south, but luckily not many deathsCanada updated its travel advisory to the US to warm LGBTQ+ members of some states’ lawsArchaeologists in Turkey have identified massive structures below a Roman-era castleNebraska women’s volleyball game set the world record for women’s sports attendanceFans unable to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour shows can see it in theaters October 13Despite finishing the series based on The Spiderwick Chronicles, Disney’s refusing to air itPeacock is getting an animated Jurassic Park LEGO specialAdam Driver calls out the AMPTP for refusing to meet the actors’ demands to stop the strikeWe got a teaser trailer for Ferrari from Michael MannWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s The Killerletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #379 – Offended CEOs

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the three big deaths of last week, the "mysterious" death of the man that stormed Russia with his PMC, and how the studios' CEOs were so offended that their dumb plan to trick the WGA into a deal didn't work. Trump and his cohorts turned themselves in to the Fulton County Jail to get booked and get their mugshots takenMan who shot a woman that was running a store with a pride flag displayed was killed in a shootout by policeThe Ohio GOP Secretary of State is rewriting the language that’ll appear on the ballot for the abortion rights to mislead voters at the boothsThe Biden administration announced that their new SAVE program for college loan repayment options is now liveTexas state rep got an abortion healthcare bill passed and signed by Gov. Abbott by not including the term “abortion” in the textRIP WWE wrestler Bray WyattRIP WWE/ECW wrestler Terry FunkRIP Bob BarkerMaui County is suing Hawaiian Electric Company for damages from disastrous firesYevgeny Prigozhin has “mysteriously” died in a plane crash in RussiaThe GOP primary debate sure was a thing that happenedThe British Museum’s director resigned after not taking warnings of possible thefts seriouslyUPS workers approve their 5-year contract agreement from last monthThe Russian space agency announced that their Luna-25 spacecraft crashed into the moonThe AMPTP finally set up a meeting with the WGA, but only lectured them about their last offerDune: Part Two has been delayed to 2024 due to the ongoing strikes the studios causedBarbie has overtaken The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the highest-grossing film of 2023 in NAWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Rebel Moonletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #378 – The RICO Went Down to Georgia

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about Trump and his 18 friends getting charged with 40 crimes in Georgia, the big hurricane that's hitting California, and the big revelations about the events of The Blind Side. Trump and 18 other associates were indicted for RICO and 40 other charges for their attempts to get Georgia officials to overturn the 2020 electionTrump tried to hold a press conference to reveal new evidence of fraud in GA, but his lawyers got him to stopMarion County police executed a raid on the Marion County Record and took equipment with a faulty warrant, so they had to return it and now faces investigationsAnother giant asian hornet species was found in the US in Georgia that threatens local honeybee populationsMassachusetts will provide free school lunches to K-12 students thanks to an additional 4% income tax on millionaire residentsA Montana judge sided with young environmental activists in suit over rights to clean environmentSouthern California is looking to get hit by its first hurricane in 165 years with Hurricane HilaryThe death toll for the Maul fires has surpassed 100Microsoft’s AI-generated article on MSN suggested tourists visit a “can’t miss” food bank in OttawaMichael Oher, the subject of the movie The Blind Side, reveals the family took advantage of himElon Musk announced that people won’t be able to block other users on Twitter/X at some pointMark Zuckerberg gives up on Elon Musk fight after delaysNetflix is ending their DVD rental business with one last shipment of 10 discs to each subscriberPercy Jackson and the Olympians will debut December 20 on Disney+We got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Takes Offletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #377 – The Alabama Sweet Tea Party

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about Ohio rejecting a very dumb state constitutional amendment, the report showing more trips that Clarence Thomas got from rich friends, and the amazing story from Montgomery, Alabama of a group of while people that thought they could get away with beating up a dock security guard. Justice Clarence Thomas’ extensive history of vacations and trips paid by rich people has expanded greatly with the new ProPublica reportUtah man that threatened President Biden and NY DA Alvin Bragg died in a firefight with the FBISam Bankman-Fried has been ordered to jail as his bail was revoked for alleged witness tamperingThe historic town of Lahaina on Maui has mostly been destroyed by wildfires as death toll reaches 80White boaters tried to jump a black security guard doing his job and promptly got their asses whooped by nearby black people jumped to his defenseand Black Twitter’s reaction gave us all hope for humanity yet againPresident Biden has designated a new national monument near the Grand CanyonOhio voters rejected the new GOP constitutional change to make amendment proposals harderAttorney David Weiss has been named special attorney on the Hunter Biden investigationThe DOJ’s protective order on Trump was granted only for sensitive information in his federal caseSCOTUS has temporarily blocked the $6 billion Purdue Pharma-Sackler bankruptcy dealJudge has thrown out Trump’s countersuit against E. Jean CarrollHank the Tank, the bear behind 21 home invasions has been captured near Lake TahoeBarbie is the first billion dollar blockbuster movie solely directed by a womanThe Emmy Awards have been rescheduled for January 15 due to the strikesJohnny Hardwick, King of the Hill writer and voice actor for Dale, has passed away at 64Disney+ and Hulu premium plans are going up in price again for the second time in the past yearThey also want to crackdown on password-sharingletsweekenders@gmail.com Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Google Play, or RSS


Let’s Weekend #376 – Pee Wee’s Big Goodbye

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk Trump's new federal charges, the amazing story of a worm that survived being frozen for 46,000 years, and the death of Paul Reubens. Trump was indicted on four counts by a federal grand jury related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 electionDOJ has asked the judge to issue a protective order after Trump sends out a threatSix former Mississippi cops have plead guilty to a racist assault on two black menThe Orlando Magic donated $50k to Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaignThe two expelled members of the Tennessee 3 won back their state House seats in a special electionRIP Paul ReubensFederal judge dismissed Trump’s defamation suit against CNN over the term “the Big Lie”The big X sign on the Twitter building has been taken down after neighbors filed 24 complaintsElon’s suing the Center for Countering Digital Hate over driving away advertisersPhoenix’s streak of 110+ degree days ended at 31 days with a meager 108A worm survived being frozen in Siberian permafrost for 46,000 yearsNASA sent the equivalent of an interstellar shout to the Voyager 2 satellite to get in contact with itLin-Manuel Miranda’s adapting The Warriors as a stage musicalWB Discovery lost 1.8 million subscribers during the Max launch quarterMatt Groening’s Disenchantment will end with Part 5, which debuts September 1Donald Glover and his brother Stephen are writing the Lando series for Disney+We got an official trailer for Loki Season 2letsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #375 – The Global Boiling Era

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the stupid changeover from Twitter to X, the one union that signed a big deal to avoid a strike, and the unfortunate climate news of the week. DOJ is suing Texas over its floating barriers in the Rio Grande after Gov. Greg Abbott refused to have them removedA Texas A&M professor was suspended and nearly lost her job for criticizing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in a talk at University of Texas Medical Branch in MarchTrump has received a new charge in his Mar-a-Lago suit for willful retention of National Defense Information and new obstruction counts added for trying to have footage deletedCarlee Russell has been charged with two misdemeanors in kidnapping hoaxBiden designated a national monument for Emmett Till in Illinois and MississippiUPS averts drivers strike by signing a tentative deal with the Teamsters unionRIP Sinead O’ConnorMitch McConnell had a weird freeze while talking at a press conferenceAir Force intelligence officer claimed under oath that the US has recovered non-human “biologics”Seven carmakers have united to build a huge charging network to ease EV buyers’ tensionsBuoys off the coast of Florida have been recording hot tub-level heat levels with a 101.1 F maxUN Chief says the era of global warming is over and the era of global boiling has arrivedElon Musk overhauled the branding of Twitter to change its name to XLeBron James’ son Bronny suffered cardiac arrest during practice, but is out of the hospital nowA Florida community is overrun with invasive rabbitsBeyond the Spider-Verse and other Sony movies have been delayedThe 75th Primetime Emmys show has been delayedTMNT: Mutant Mayhem is already getting a sequel and a Paramount+ seriesEiichiro Oda’s early one-shot manga Monsters is getting an anime adaptationWe got a teaser trailer for Netflix’s Castlevania: NocturneWe got an official trailer for Netflix’s One PieceWe got an official trailer for Adult Swim’s LazarusWe got an official trailer for The Marvelsletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS


Let’s Weekend #374 – Bad Songs in a Small Town

On this week’s episode of Let’s Weekend, we talk about the wild story of a mayor in Alabama that has been blocked from taking office for three years, the revelations of a fossil showing a mammal and dinosaur in battle, and Jason Aldean's new music video that has gotten him into trouble. Patrick Braxton became Newbern, Alabama’s first black mayor in history, but the white former mayor and city council have harassed him to keep him from taking officeTexas troopers were told to push back migrants into the Rio Grande and ordered not to give them water during the heat waveMichigan AG announced charges against 16 people for their involvement in a 2020 election fake elector schemeTrump’s classified documents trial in Florida will begin May 20, 2024Trump’s been whining about being informed that he’s a target of the DOJ’s January 6 investigationRFK Jr. got roasted by Democrats at a House hearing on censorship for his past commentsLas Vegas police executed a search warrant related to the shooting of Tupac ShakurScientists have identified a fossil that shows a mammal and herbivore dinosaur fightingJason Aldean put himself on the pop culture outrage map with his gun shooting anthem songAMC dropped their controversial plan to charge more or less money based on seat locationWGA and SAG-AFTRA file labor complaints against NBCUniversal over tree-trimming controversyNickelodeon has acquired global rights to the 1987 TMNT series to air on its channelsDisney+ is getting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on August 2Adult Swim has ordered “Lazarus,” the new anime series from Shinichiro WatanabeNetflix is getting rid of its cheapest ad-free tier to lure people to its ad-supported tiersPeacock is hiking prices for the first time to get some attentionWe got an official trailer for Zom 100: Bucket List of the Deadletsweekenders@gmail.comApple PodcastsTuneInGoogle PlayRSS