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Colorado-Abundance-Bob Davis Podcast 1060

Colorado Abundance Firstly talking about Colorado and Abundance these days is a little strange. Learn more in Colorado-Abundance-Bob Davis Podcast 1060. Scarcity? Secondly given all the problems we’re dealing with maybe I should do a podcast about scarcity. But I don’t feel that way. What Is Important Above all in these difficult times we all […] Read more The post Colorado-Abundance-Bob Davis Podcast 1060 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Road-To-Shambala-Bob Davis Podcast 1059

Road To Shambala Firstly the road to Shambala took me through the Grand Canyon, Navajo Nation and the San Juan Mountains. Learn more in Road-To-Shambala-Bob Davis Podcast 1059. Obsession Secondly the road to Shambala is all about a bit of an obsession these days. Tired Of The Vice Certainly younger adults are beginning to tire […] Read more The post Road-To-Shambala-Bob Davis Podcast 1059 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Pipeline-Fire-Flagstaff-Arizona-Bob Davis Podcast 1058

Pipeline Fire In Flagstaff Arizona Above all I am about 3 miles from the Pipeline Fire in Flagstaff Arizona. However my experiences South of here inform what happened here. Learn more in Pipeline-Fire-Flagstaff-Arizona-Bob Davis Podcast 1058. Coconino National Forest Firstly I was camping in the Coconino National Forest about 20 miles South of Flagstaff. Blatant […] Read more The post Pipeline-Fire-Flagstaff-Arizona-Bob Davis Podcast 1058 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Always-Something-Bob Davis Podcast 1057

Always Something Due to the realities of Nomad Life It’s always something. A phrase we often use but don’t like very much. Learn more in Always-Something-Bob Davis Podcast 1057. On The Move Firstly I am on the move again. Hidden Problems Secondly being on the move often means problems develop that have hidden themselves when […] Read more The post Always-Something-Bob Davis Podcast 1057 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Summer-Peace-Bob Davis Podcast 1056

Summer Peace Firstly Memorial Day signals the start of summer in the US and I think we all need to get some Summer Peace in 2022. We’ll talk about it in Summer-Peace-Bob Davis Podcast 1056. I Know The Rules Due to social media I am well aware of all the rules concerning virtue signalling for […] Read more The post Summer-Peace-Bob Davis Podcast 1056 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Nothing-Is-Written-Bob Davis Podcast 1054

Nothing Is Written Firstly it’s time to talk about hard times and to remember Nothing Is Written. Lear more in Nothing-Is-Written-Bob Davis Podcast 1054. Travel Opens Your Mind Secondly I’ve been traveling now for about a year and a half full time. Experience Above all I have experienced a great deal as a nomad. Saving […] Read more The post Nothing-Is-Written-Bob Davis Podcast 1054 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Post-Eclipse-Take-A-Breath-Bob Davis Podcast 1055

Post Eclipse Take A Breath Bob Davis Firstly eclipses put out a lot of energy so post eclipse it’s good to take a breath. We’ll do that in Post-Eclipse-Take-A-Breath-Bob Davis Podcast 1055. Front And Center Witness Secondly as a nomad I have been front and center to witness three big eclipses. Scope And Power Of […] Read more The post Post-Eclipse-Take-A-Breath-Bob Davis Podcast 1055 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Trials-Tribulations-Victory-Bob Davis Podcast 1053

Trials Tribulations and Victory Firstly if you’ve ever been stuck in the sand you know the meaning of Trials Tribulations and if you’re lucky Victory. Learn more in Trials-Tribulations-Victory-Bob Davis Podcast 1053. Trials Secondly it happened to me just a few weeks ago. Now it was someone else’s turn. Tribulations And it was my turn […] Read more The post Trials-Tribulations-Victory-Bob Davis Podcast 1053 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Sheer-Joy-Of-GoGoGo-Bob Davis Podcast 1052

Sheer Joy Of GoGoGoGo Firstly been doing podcasts lately on Nomad Backlash so it’s time to talk about the Sheer Joy of GoGoGo. Let’s get into it in Sheer-Joy-Of-GoGoGo-Bob Davis Podcast 1052. Patron Saint Of Nomads Secondly I think it’s fair to day that Jack Kerouac is the patron saint of the nomad experience. On […] Read more The post Sheer-Joy-Of-GoGoGo-Bob Davis Podcast 1052 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


#Nomadlife-#Vanlife-Not-Pretty-Bob Davis Podcast 1051

#Nomadlife and #Vanlife Not Pretty? Firstly the snobs and scolds have suddenly discovered #Nomadlife and #Vanlife are not pretty. Is this true? Let’s discuss in #Nomadlife-#Vanlife-Not-Pretty-Bob Davis Podcast 1051. Podcast Series Secondly this is the second podcast for me on the growing backlash to nomad life. The other podcast is here. Success Breeds Contempt Above […] Read more The post #Nomadlife-#Vanlife-Not-Pretty-Bob Davis Podcast 1051 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Nomad-Setbacks-New-Adventures-Bob Davis Podcast 1049

Nomad Setbacks and New Adventures Firstly every now and then there are setbacks and new adventures for nomads. They’re unavoidable. Not fun when they happen though. Status update from the road in Nomad-Setbacks-New-Adventures-Bob Davis Podcast 1049. Still On The Road? Everything Is Fine Secondly as long as your rig isn’t at the bottom of a […] Read more The post Nomad-Setbacks-New-Adventures-Bob Davis Podcast 1049 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Kofa-Kush-Love-Bob Davis Podcast 1050

Kofa Kush Love Most importantly I am all alone in a big wildlife preserve and that’s the essence of Kofa Kush Love. Find out why in Kofa-Kush-Love-Bob Davis Podcast 1050. Shorter Trips Longer Stays Free Camping And of course I am getting used to short trips and longer stays. Certainly free camping is also the […] Read more The post Kofa-Kush-Love-Bob Davis Podcast 1050 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Travel-With-Higher-Prices-Bob Davis Podcast 1048

Travel With Higher Prices Back on the road for travel with higher prices. Time to talk about the basic causes of high inflation and what’s ahead for nomads. Revisiting some topics from earlier podcasts. Listen to Travel-With-Higher-Prices-Bob Davis Podcast 1048. Euphoria Back On The Road Firstly even a short trip back on the road delivers […] Read more The post Travel-With-Higher-Prices-Bob Davis Podcast 1048 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


SlabCity-USA-Salton-Sea-Bob Davis Podcast 1047

SlabCity USA and The Salton Sea Above all this part of California is not a resort and SlabCity or the Salton Sea is no exception. Details in SlabCity-USA-Salton-Sea-Bob Davis Podcast 1047. Slab City Gets A Lot Of Media Firstly I have seen articles about Slab City USA for years. Hot Springs Even more a person […] Read more The post SlabCity-USA-Salton-Sea-Bob Davis Podcast 1047 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Nomad-Decisions-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 1046

Nomad Decisions and Stories Above all my nomad decisions and stories are my own. They are not meant as judgements. Learn more in Nomad-Decisions-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 1046. Not Easy Secondly nobody said it would be easy. Certainly we nomads love to tell the story of how it all went down. Review Lately I have been […] Read more The post Nomad-Decisions-Stories-Bob Davis Podcast 1046 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Summer-Sounds-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1045

Summer Sounds 2022 Immersion Therapy Firstly I think we all need a break from the craziness right now. I’ll give you that in Summer-Sounds-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1045. Headphones Secondly put your headphones on to listen. Spring Is Here Certainly spring is here. Not In The North But in much of the northern tier winter can […] Read more The post Summer-Sounds-2022-Bob Davis Podcast 1045 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


World-Gone-Crazy-Bob Davis Podcast 1044

A World Gone Crazy Firstly extraordinary circumstances cause me to break down key issues in a World Gone Crazy. Find out what’s up with me out here in the desert in World-Gone-Crazy-Bob Davis Podcast 1044. Financial Strain Secondly someone needs to explain some facts as our financial system faces significant financial strain. Most importantly this […] Read more The post World-Gone-Crazy-Bob Davis Podcast 1044 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Winds-Of-Change-Bob Davis Podcast 1043

Winds Of Change Firstly Winds Of Change are blowing. And suddenly media has exploded with prophecy and prediction. I won’t do that. Learn why in Winds-Of-Change-Bob Davis Podcast 1043. Cycles Secondly many cycles are ending all at once. Tough Three Years Certainly we have run the gamut in the last three years. But more is […] Read more The post Winds-Of-Change-Bob Davis Podcast 1043 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


#Vanlife-Rest-In-Peace-Bob Davis Podcast 1042

#Vanlife Rest In Peace? Firstly could it be true that #Vanlife will rest in peace? Suddenly the negative tea on nomad life is building. Learn more in #Vanlife-Rest-In-Peace-Bob Davis Podcast 1042. Beautiful Experience Secondly I think the negative stories on #Vanlife hide an otherwise beautiful experience. Nomad Life Therefore in #Vanlife-Rest-In-Peace-Bob Davis Podcast 1042 I’ll […] Read more The post #Vanlife-Rest-In-Peace-Bob Davis Podcast 1042 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.


Campfire-Is-The-Nomad-Hearth-Bob Davis Podcast 1041

Campfire Is The Nomad Hearth The Campfire is the Nomad Hearth. Therefore we’ll talk about cooking and contemplating the campfire in Campfire-Is-The-Nomad-Hearth-Bob Davis Podcast 1041. Free Camping Is Good Firstly I have been camping around Quartzsite Arizona for several weeks now. Firewood Source And I’ve been buying my wood from a place called Woodstock Firewood […] Read more The post Campfire-Is-The-Nomad-Hearth-Bob Davis Podcast 1041 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.