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Craig Silverman is an active Colorado trial lawyer at Craig Silverman Law, LLC. Craig served for sixteen years at the Denver District Attorney‘s Office where he was a Chief Deputy District Attorney. Craig has appeared hundreds of times on local and national media. Subjects have included the death penalty, serial rapists, the JonBenet Ramsey case, Columbine, the Oklahoma City Bombing trials, the Kobe Bryant case and the Aurora movie theater massacre. Craig is the host of The Craig Silverman Show which airs Saturday mornings at 9am Colorado time.


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Craig Silverman is an active Colorado trial lawyer at Craig Silverman Law, LLC. Craig served for sixteen years at the Denver District Attorney‘s Office where he was a Chief Deputy District Attorney. Craig has appeared hundreds of times on local and national media. Subjects have included the death penalty, serial rapists, the JonBenet Ramsey case, Columbine, the Oklahoma City Bombing trials, the Kobe Bryant case and the Aurora movie theater massacre. Craig is the host of The Craig Silverman Show which airs Saturday mornings at 9am Colorado time.




Episode 171 - Jane Feldman in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge - L’Affaire Boebert

Rundown - Jane Feldman in the Inner Sanctum of Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 49:25 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:53:58 "When I Die" by Dave Gunders - 02:08:44 Sordid Lauren Boebert incident at the Denver theater is thoroughly reviewed. So is the reaction by members of the Colorado and national media. Remember how Boebert went on Caplis Show to unveil bogus October 2022 surprise claiming her opponent had adulterous sex in a storage trailer in Aspen, a claim later discredited. We do. We’ve got the sound of Caplis’ reacting to the Boebert incident this week where he goes after the media for letting Dems like Polis and Biden get away with worse. The double standard is real and we use sound to show where it actually exists - on conservative media. Kyle Clark is part of this soundbite story. Listen to Boebert reading a Caplis-approved script and flubbing it badly. Abortion opposition is a prop for BoBo and many of her fellow travelers, but it works to get some people on her side. And that’s all it takes. On the eve of Yom Kippur and G-d knows what else, we bring you both a spiritual and prosecution oriented show. Being Jewish may seem obvious if your name is Feldman, but there’s always a little more to the story. The Feldmans were connected to the upper echelon of Manhattan politics. Jane Feldman’s father was a prominent NYC attorney close to the famous Morgenthaus, the most prominent Jewish family in American politics for years. We do a lot of name-dropping, including Kennedys, Roosevelts and celebrities Jane Feldman knew growing up in NY. Jane went on to be a prosecutor for the NYC DA’s Office where she served 8+ years. Jane Feldman also worked as Assistant AG in Colorado. She’s in her fifth decade of legal practice now, meaning she enters the INNER SANCTUM reserved for Craig’s Act Five Attorneys, now in their fifth decade of practice. Such lawyers are fearless and opinionated. Jane comes through. An outspoken MAGA critic, Jane is known by Congressman Joe Neguse and others as a great sharp-tongued, fact-checker of MAGA on social media. Feldman calls out conservative disinformation and stands up against Jew haters. We talk about MAGA and bigotry – and how best to react as lawyers. We analyze the various Trump trials and tribulations. This drama has many NYC components such as Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Go behind the scenes with this NYC connected guest with sharp analytical and prosecutorial skills. Jane Feldman is wise. Show Troubadour Dave Gunders is great at contemplating the big issues that go with Yom Kippur. It is the day Jews confront their mortality. Gunders does that straight on with his amazing song titled, "When I Die." Is it metaphorical or literal when he says he wants to be laid down in the muddy water of the Mississippi?


Episode 170 - Larry Ryckman from Colorado Sun and Rich Kaudy, Esq.

Rundown - Larry Ryckman - 19:09 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 49:49 "New Last Chance" by Dave Gunders - 01:01:32 Rich Kaudy, Esq. in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 01:06:59 Special show welcomes Rosh Hashanah 5784 with great guests, sound and music. Omnipresent threats from our quadra-indicted former president affect the fair administration of justice. Trump is a fundamental threat to peace and democracy in the USA. Special Counsel Jack Smith has reacted with a strong motion to Judge Chutkan. In Tanya we trust to write a narrowly tailored gag order which 45 will no doubt violate. Push is coming to shove and we evaluate what comes next. We have the latest Trump response via the awful laughing jackal Clarence Thomas clerk, Laura Ingraham on Fox News. We also play and analyze the sound of the former president further incriminating himself with Megyn Kelly. Jack Smith is now doing what the show host advised in his Colorado Sun column. Speaking of the Colorado Sun, our Centennial State’s finest news outlet, we get a great visit from founder and head honcho Larry Ryckman. Larry was a tremendous Associated Press reporter for decades and then was at the Denver Post when a democracy-killing hedge fund pulled the rug out. Five years ago, the Colorado Sun was born and it has been a huge success. Now, there is a celebration on September 29, 2023 at the Tivoli and everybody is invited. Buy some Sun merch and a subscription too. Host will be there and so will Colorado’s Governor and two US Senators. Rich Kaudy, Esq. was an AP award-winning journalist in his Montana youth. But then, he came to Colorado for law school and over 40 years of outstanding law practice. Kaudy was a renowned civil defense lawyer, and a past president of the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association. Now, his practice has evolved. Kaudy gets welcomed into the special Act Five Attorneys’ Inner Sanctum section of Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Barristers in their 5th decade of practice tend to speak out. Kaudy is great as he lets loose against MAGA. He has faith in the jury system and we shall see if a jury ever sees a Trump criminal trial. Troubadour Dave Gunders delights with his song, New Last Chance, which is so appropriate for Rosh Hashanah when the world has its birthday and pledges for better behavior are made. Great discussion ensues including Trish Silverman’s brisket. We discuss Jewish traditions! The Craig Silverman Show - Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. - Colorado time


Episode 169 - Craig’s Colorado Corner with Marty Lenz and Jordan Hedberg

Rundown - Marty Lenz and Jordan Hedberg - 04:07 Colorado’s hot fresh panel show welcomes the star of Denver’s 850 KOA Morning News, Marty Lenz and we get to hear a fascinating side of this important Colorado broadcaster. Hear a fascinating side of this important CO broadcaster. Lenz shows deep knowledge of football and wisdom of keeping religion out of politics. Gather wisdom from erudite publisher of the Wet Mountain Tribune, Jordan Hedberg, previously featured on Episode 113. Jordan battles the forces of MAGA in rural Custer County where White Christian Nationalism runs deep. Lenz (a receiver) and Hedberg (a lineman) played college football, and hot takes on Broncos loss and Buffs wins provided. Is Deion Sanders gonna win it all and save us from White Christian Nationalism and MAGA? Is Shedeur Sanders now the best quarterback in Colorado, Russell Wilson included? Fun football discussion ensues with no punches pulled. Politics and the MAGA insurrection cases get the panel's full attention. We discuss Kyle Clark’s brave interview with Able Shephard’s Jimmy Graham. Advisability of new Denver District Court case of Anderson v Griswold considered. Will the 14th Amendment actually DQ Trump? How should MAGA news be covered in Colorado? Listen to Marty Lenz, outspoken and unplugged here, representing Colorado’s most famous radio station. Jordan knows about community papers and he fights for truth in rural Colorado. This trio engages in fascinating conversation. Give a listen. Craig’s Colorado Corner - Monday mornings at 6 a.m. Colorado time


Episode 168 - Peter Simon - Mario Nicolais (An Anderson v Griswold Special)

Rundown - Mario Nicolais in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 21:51 Peter Simon - 50:55 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:29:07 "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Dave Gunders - 01:49:17 Mario Nicolais, lead lawyer on the new Denver D/Ct declaratory judgment case aiming to DQ Trump, joins host again in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Learn behind the scene details on Anderson v Griswold, aka Biggest Case Ever. How were plaintiffs, and Denver as the venue, selected? Who will be called as witnesses? Host speculates on the last names of Cheney, Kinzinger, Luttig and Tribe. Listen for the response to this litigation unfolding in the show host’s Denver courthouse! Excitement palpable. Host confronts the rantings of ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee who threatens violence if Nicolais’ lawsuit succeeds. Other commentators have issued their dire warnings. Such MAGA commentary is instructive, as are the rantings of Mike Lindell when forced at depo to confront his defamation of a Denverite named Eric Coomer. Dr. Coomer's case reveals the Dominion lie which reveals the Trump insurrection. It is that simple. But it gets complicated through the bad faith of MAGA propaganda which the show host again calls out. Lindell sponsored MAGA propagandists on #DenverTrumpRadio and show calls it out. Again. Show business legend Peter Simon, GW Class of 1967, provides a fascinating interview rich with music, humor and Colorado history. Saling Simon, Peter’s grandpa, helped found National Jewish Hospital at the turn of last century. America’s premiere respiratory hospital, National Jewish, remains a Simon family living legacy and so is Peter’s son, also named Solang Simon, who performed side by side on the piano with his Dad, Peter, for decades. Simon & Son has Denver GWHS roots. On his own, Peter Simon has worn out multiple tuxedos on his intercontinental musical tours. Learn how Peter had the same agent as Victor Borge who was a role model. Peter Simon was a piano prodigy who’s made a great life in show biz. Learn all about this Denver musical genius! Our Troubadour Dave Gunders takes a back seat to no one when it comes to musical expression. He proves it again with piano-rich song, Stranger in a Strange Land, as we contemplate a MAGA takeover in 2024. We are working against that. And having laughs too. Upcoming #CraigsColoradoCorner (Monday 6 a.m.) features Marty Lenz from KOA and Jordan Hedberg discussing Trump trials, including Denver’s own Anderson v Griswold. Colo SOS has been a frequent guest in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Also a guest has been Norma Anderson’s daughter-in-law Pam. Host worked @710KNUS with Krista Kafer too.


Episode 167 - Tom Asbury (GWHS Hall of Fame Special)

Rundown - Tom Asbury - 13:06 Craig Presents His GWHS Hall of Fame Speech - 01:35:21 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:52:08 "Moonrise Western Sky" by Dave Gunders - 02:03:13 Tom Asbury was one of the greatest basketball players in the history of George Washington High School, which also produced GW HOF member Chauncey Billups. But Billups can’t match Asbury yet as a coach, given Asbury’s 238 NCAA coaching wins. Basketball fans will like this show but it is so much more. We talk about Denver and GW back in the 1960s and how our high school dominated Colorado from its birth in 1960. We talk about s race relations then and now. Learn how college sports have changed. George Washington High School is a microcosm of the world – right there at Leetsdale and Monaco Parkway in Denver. Education is a key in society. So are race relations. So is competition. We had all that at GW. And they still do – or so we hope. Tom Asbury was a gifted athlete and a natural born leader of people. We talk about other great coaches like John Wooden who he got to know during Asbury’s decades as Pepperdine’s head coach. Find out why Coach Asbury now lives in Tucson and how he loved GW. We fondly remember legendary GW head basketball coach Bill Weimer who was a fantastic teacher at East and then GEORGE. We discuss Coach Bobby Knight, and objecting too much and going too far. And then the show becomes a bit political and the limits of what head coaches can say are discussed. Sam Silverman, age 20, knew just what to say while introducing his father, the show host, at GW Hall of Fame induction assembly on 9/1/23 at GWHS. Sound of acceptance speech here. It was an event to remember forever and recorded for the end of the show, with video to follow. Dave Gunders supplies usual great conversation, this week from the East Coast where he’s tending to Henry Gunders, our Troubadour’s dad, age 99. Gunders’ sweet song, Moonrise Western Sky, pays tribute to the orb that fascinates us like a father.


Episode 166 - Craig’s Colorado Corner with Susan Stubson and Tim Stubson

Rundown - Susan Stubson and Tim Stubson - 03:18 The Stubsons are entertaining and influential lawyers from Wyoming. Susan was on Episode 106 and her verbal skills and humor delighted. She writes for the New York Times. Mrs. Stubson is joined by her brilliant attorney spouse, Tim Stubson, who is terrific. Stubson chemistry is obvious. Learn what Christian nationalism has done to Wyoming and the Stubsons' church. Oh my goodness, what happened this past Easter with their pastor going after Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for prosecuting Trump. If only Silverman was there to interject at that church. We imagine. Tim Stubson knows well, and discusses, both former Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney and current Congresswoman Harriet Hageman. We agree there are similarities between Harriet and Jenna Ellis in their opportunism and narcissism, all part of this crazy era. Stubsons and host are advocates for Ukraine defeating Russia and soon. Tim Stubson explains the reasons why he’s taken a hard stand advocating for Ukraine, and how the elected GOP in Wyoming are reacting on this fundamental freedom issue. Susan Stubson is in full agreement on Ukraine. She longs for the days of Ronald Reagan and the clarity of fighting for freedom against the Evil Empire. Having the Stubsons on their side is great news for Ukraine. Learn the latest on Liz Cheney. Find out that abortion clinics are still up and running in Wyoming. Trump prosecutions are considered at an imaginary roundtable in Casper where Silverman might persuade Wyoming members of the bar. The conversation gets amusing. But then the subject gets dark and disturbing. Trump RETRIBUTION is raised. And the topic gets quite serious. Would not a second term Trump truly take violent actions against Liz Cheney, the Stubsons and non-supportive podcast hosts? Isn’t violent RETRIBUTION akin to Putin taking out Yevgeny Prigozhin precisely what Trump is pledging? Does that bother MAGA people who know people sure to be Trump targets? And how far will it go? And will it bother MAGA supporting friends and family? Apparently not! Trump's glowering, raging mugshot is dissected for meaning beyond its raising 7.1 million dollars so far. The grift never ends but Trump’s freedom might as the trio discuss the prospects of conviction(s) and incarceration. GOP debate in Milwaukee reviewed, especially those voting for Trump even as a convicted felon. Oh my. Silverman pretends to be Chris Christie in Wisconsin shouting out an objection when asked if he’d forgive Trump his convictions. “How many convictions?” followed by a fast “Never mind.” might’ve brought the house down in Milwaukee. Debate performances of Pence, Haley and others evaluated. Enjoy and share this lively Rocky Mountain panel discussion about the most important issues of our time. Get different perspectives on Earth's hottest new panel show Monday mornings at 6 a.m. Colorado time on all your favorite podcast outlets.


Episode 165 - Bruce Hellerstein and Tom Overton, Esq.

Rundown - Bruce Hellerstein - 16:47 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:02:38 "World Gone Crazy" by Dave Gunders - 01:15:30 Tom Overton in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 01:21:36 Show opening highlights the latest in the prosecutions of Trump for crimes against America. Sound of Kyle Clark documenting Big Lie flowing through Colorado via 630 KHOW and 710 KNUS, and Peter Boyles, Dan Caplis, Randy Corporon, Jenna Ellis, and Joe Oltmann is reviewed. Bruce Hellerstein is a legendary Denver CPA who helped bring major league baseball to his hometown as part of the Denver Baseball Commission. It’s a Cinderella story that flows through George Washington High School where Bruce is being inducted this week (with host!) into the 2023 Hall of Fame class. How many guests have a museum? Tom Overton makes a triumphant return to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge emphasizing our legal appreciation of jurors on Colorado’s Jury Appreciation Day. Overton is a Bar and Ethics leader entering his fifth decade of practice. This wise head solves problems and is a winning litigator. Mid-show features a crazy good performance by show Troubadour Dave Gunders who gives us his rocking song, World Gone Crazy. Winning performance of his band, the Vipers, at Gold Hill Inn last Saturday night reviewed. Here’s some proof of that greatness. End of the show features fresh outrages uttered by Caplis and Brauchler. MAGA is getting mean. Show responds. Please don’t be accusing Fulton County prosecutors of acting like Gestapos. That’s beneath Colorado lawyers. Brauchler wants to be DougCo DA but says awful things about alleged punks he yearns to punish. The Craig Silverman Show - Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time


Episode 164 - Craig’s Colorado Corner with Albert Alschuler and Quentin Young

Rundown - Albert Alschuler and Quentin Young - 02:22 We address the many prosecutions of Donald Trump and especially the Colorado connections. Renowned Professor Alschuler (featured in Episode 110) is an expert on criminal law and procedure. He’s also studied the strange case of Mark Meadows. Is Meadows cooperating or not? Is TFG paying his former Chief of Staff to stay loyal? We discuss. Panel discusses roles played in TFG’s Big Lie coup and coverup by Jenna Ellis, Randy Corporon, John Eastman, Joe Oltmann, Shawn Smith, Salem Colorado, Peter Boyles, Dan Caplis, George Brauchler, and all defendants in Coomer v Giuliani, et. al. Trump’s Big Lie clearly flowed through Colorado. Colorado Newsline’s brilliant editor Quentin Young studies and boldly writes about Colorado connections to Trump’s insurrection. He’s an entertaining and informative panelist previously featured on Episodes 64 and 83. This journalist is brave and names names. Quentin Young has taken the time to study J6 videos and now sees red MAGA-hat wearing attorney and co-conspirator, Ken Chesebro, who was shadowing awful MAGA man, Alex Jones. Evil con man Alex Jones was shouting “Stop the Steal” and “This is 1776” like a cross between Jenna Ellis and Lauren Boebert, all the while being watched and filmed by one of TFG's many devious attorneys. If you enjoy a lively panel discussion about court cases, Craig’s Colorado Corner is your spot. Special weekday shows during this Trump litigation with thanks to our new sponsors! Law firms that love democracy are sponsoring these shows. Monday mornings 6 a.m. Colorado time on Apple and everywhere.


Episode 163 - Sadie Gurman

Rundown - Sadie Gurman - 22:22 Craig provides commentary on Randy Corporon and George Brauchler - 53:44 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:45:05 "Crazy for You" by Dave Gunders - 01:56:27 Ace Wall Street Journal Justice Department reporter Sadie Gurman is covering the prosecutions of former president Trump and is our special guest. Get to know this Denver girl and how she’s become a superstar reporter. Learn about Gurman’s experience and reaction to January 6 in her longtime home of Washington DC. She’s covered the legal aftermath at the DC courthouse and beyond. We talk about Jack Smith, Tanya Chutkan and AG Merrick Garland who calls her “Sadie.” Count on Sadie Gurman to be fair eyes and ears as Trump prosecutions wind through legal systems. Hear Sadie Gurman’s heartfelt plea for colleague Evan Gershkovich who’s held hostage in Russia by Putin. Troubadour Dave Gunders has song fitting these crazy times when so many cling to Trump despite his criminality. We discuss Trump counterprogramming against Fox News’ upcoming RNC debate with bigoted and pro-Putin Tucker Carlson on Twitter. Crazy. Scary. Arrests and arraignments of Trump and his 18 co-conspirators in Fulton County will get crazy and a lot of attention. Host pays attention to Colorado aspects of conspiracy and plays fascinating sound by Randy Corporon and George Brauchler.


Episode 162 - Craig’s Colorado Corner - Terrance Carroll and Mario Nicolais

Rundown - Terrance Carroll and Mario Nicolais - 00:51 Michael Bailey in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 01:04:51 Promises made. Promises kept. Sensational SPECIAL EDITION show upcoming Monday morning at 8 AM Colorado time. Former Colorado Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll and Colorado Sun Columnist, Mario Nicolais are first panelists ever on Craig‘s Colorado Corner edition of The Craig Silverman Show. Experience a fine panel discussion amongst engaged Colorado attorneys on the repercussions of the abortion related vote in Ohio, and the realities regarding the damn war in Ukraine. We discuss all things Colorado, and with an emphasis on entertainment. Stream us when you drive. And please share and subscribe. Here are other topics you don't want to miss. GOP Prez race. Ron DeSantis, USA v Trump, Judge Tanya Chutkin, Trump jailing, Conspirator #1 Rudy, Conspirator #2 Eastman, Jack Smith, Fani Willis, GA v Trump, Jenna Ellis, Brauchler/Caplis/Corporon/Boebert, Colorado J6 connections, Colorado GOP, Colorado media. Make Colorado airwaves smart again by listening. Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge welcomes back the record setting holder for most appearances, and a sponsor of our show, “the Michael Bailey.” Great talk about the need for a ref to protect integrity of game officiated, and not tolerate abuse or threats. Or goodness forbid, violence. Michael Bailey demonstrates trustworthiness and smarts galore.


Episode 161 - Jason Dunn

Rundown - Jason Dunn in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 10:50 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:30:59 "Time To Plant Everything" by Dave Gunders - 01:42:28 Accomplished Denver attorney Jason Dunn, former US Attorney under President Donald J. Trump, makes a sensational first appearance in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. He even promises to extend an invitation to his Brownstein law firm partner, @davidlbernhardt, recent Interior Secretary. Jason Dunn ducked no questions including why he didn't resign right after 1/6/21. Cases of USA v Trump addressed especially the DC case presided over by Judge Tanya Chutkan who put Mr. Trump on notice today. Will 45 soon be jailed? Dunn worked high up at the Colorado AG’s Office under John Suthers. Numerous great Republican role models are discussed including Judge Tim Tymkovich, Judge Michael Luttig, Richard Donahue, Jeff Rosen, and others at the DOJ. Jason Dunn became US Attorney in 2018 and so did David Weiss, who was from Delaware. Learn what Dunn thinks of Weiss and other Special Counsel he knows well. Amazing back stories discussed. Is Weiss a disguised Biden guy? Host dislikes “Biden Crime Family” disparagements, especially used as propagandist deflection for Trump crime spree. Dunn responds brilliantly, pointing out legitimate reasons for suspicion including some walk backs on prior statements. But Dunn agrees there’s no proof yet Joe Biden is dirty. Hear the best discussion of the federal Hunter Biden prosecution available. Do such firearms forms’ crimes get prosecuted? Almost never. BTW, Dunn confesses no one who regularly consumes cannabis in America can honestly possess a firearm if they honestly fill out that federal form. Hunter Biden wrote a book about his crack cocaine usage and reckless lifestyle, including possessing firearms while wasted. As for the tax crimes, listen to Colorado’s former top prosecutor. Hunter Biden matter discussed in full. As for corruption, these two lawyers stipulate, despite his public censure, former Colorado Chief Justice Nathan Ben Coats had a long distinguished history of phenomenal service to Colorado, and should be applauded. These guys know this judge. Ben Coats is not corrupt. Jason Dunn did a great job addressing crime during COVID time and kept his large important office together. Dunn demonstrated during difficult days his decades long abilities to supervise a team as a big law firm administrator. First rule. Find great help. After Biden won the election, when Trumps and allies falsely accused Denver’s Dominion Voting Systems, Jason Dunn was offended, and spoke out. The election was fair. Dangerous accusations against Dominion were not. Lively discussion follows as host predicts likely jailing of Trump and soon, for violations of court’s order. The proper judicial reaction is debated in this high caliber discussion. Complicity of House Republicans is also reviewed. As for the debate of whether “you are too honest” really said to VP Pence, Trump-Pence appointee Dunn believes VP and explains why. The ethical grotesqueries of Justice Clarence Thomas gets reviewed and ripped more by host than guest. Show Troubadour Dave Gunders contributes his wonderful song, Time to Plant Everything, signaling new spinoff podcast, Craig’s Colorado Corner with Speaker Terrance Carroll and Colorado Sun columnist Mario Nicolais. Ep 162 coming subscribers’ way at 8 a.m. Monday, Colorado time.


Episode 160 - Dick Wadhams

Rundown - Dick Wadhams - 12:06 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:56:18 "All That Water" by Dave Gunders - 02:01:40 The most accomplished Colorado Republican strategist in modern times is Dick Wadhams and he comes clean about everything right here. Born and raised on a farm in Las Animas, CO, he’s been a lifelong Republican. As CO GOP party chair, he won elections, and gained funding from Phil Anschutz among many others. But now, this former GOP state Chair Wadhams feels shut out as MAGA moves in. Great Republicans of Colorado’s past are discussed, as is their silence now in wake of MAGA threat to the Republican Party and to America. Wadhams is the rare Republican willing to stand up on air to this MAGA menace. Wadhams was a powerhouse behind the throne for Governor Bill Owens, Senator Wayne Allard, Senator Bill Armstrong, Senator John Thune (who toppled Tom Daschle and may become GOP’s Senate Leader), Senator George Allen, Senator Conrad Burns and others. Find out how it all started for this Colorado boy. Analyzed is almost every major politician in Colorado including Senators Hickenlooper, Bennet, and Governor Polis. Dems and GOP once got along. Those days are gone and the reasons why are explored. Changing faces of the media, especially here in Colorado, are reviewed. Special shout outs go to Shaun Boyd and Anne Trujillo from Dick Wadhams who works for Channel Four as their GOP political analyst. We also discuss radio and the decline that has accompanied the rise of MAGA. Dick Wadhams is a columnist for the Gazette and a certified news junkie. He shows his class as he decries the broadcasters who talk about a “Biden Crime Family.” Wadhams is not OK with name calling, disinformation, and propaganda. He likes to win based on policy. We discuss the GOP presidential field and sudden courage of star witness Mike Pence. We also discuss Ron DeSantis and whether there were benefits to slavery. Spoiler alert: answer is no. Tim Scott has Colorado connections. But there is no real GOP race. And the host predicts no real debates. Trump is a criminal defendant now. In a passionate start to the show, the host explains what happens now that Trump has gone near the line by posting “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!” Great advice dispensed in the opening monologue to Judge Tanya Chutkan, presiding over USA v Trump. Wadhams is passionate regarding Jan 6 and the need for 45 to be prosecuted. Jack Smith’s bona fides as prosecutor discussed. Smith obtained a rare NY death penalty. So did the host on a Denver case. Normally, the GOP would love a law and order guy like Jack Smith but those days are gone. MAGA is ruining Colorado GOP with staff not being paid yet. 50K went to Conspirator #2 John Eastman and RNC Committeeman Randy Corporon for futile lawsuit with budget for 250K. Wow! Wadhams reacts. State GOP being asked to approve Stalinist measure. Harsh names are flying which is only appropriate since the GOP elected as chairman a man who wants to be known as Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams. Wadhams dislikes Williams and explains his many reasons why. We talk about all the ways Trump’s Big Lie flowed out of Colorado. Show Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers wonderfully once again with his song, "All that Water," which can be a metaphor for all the legal cases and charges now flooding America’s 45th president and accomplished serial interstate criminal, Mr. Trump.


Episode 159 - Alan Prendergast - Author of Gangbuster

Rundown - Troubadour Dave Gunders - 05:52 "World Gone Crazy" by Dave Gunders - 19:22 Alan Prendergast Part 1 - 25:13 Fake Friday morning co-hosting with Peter Boyles - 01:46:03 Randy Corporon interviews Steve Deace on Brauchler Show - 02:47:31 Alan Prendergast Part 2 - 02:59:59 Denver DA Philip Van Cise was a great man for his times. He stood up to organized crime in Denver when host’s grandfather Harry Silverman was trying to practice law downtown. Van Cise also fought the KKK. The stories of those epic fights are told masterfully in the book, Gangbuster, by Alan Prendergast. Prendergast is an award-winning Colorado writing legend, renowned for his coverage of JonBenet, Columbine, and almost every major crime drama in modern Colorado history. A Denver native, and graduate of Denver East High (like his protagonist, Phil Van Cise), Alan Prendergast makes the turn of the last century Denver come alive. A CU Buff, Phil Van Cise got his undergraduate (1907) and law degree (1909) up in Boulder, where his father was an instructor, and also a Colorado attorney. The Ludlow Massacre of 1914 shaped Captain Van Cise. Rising to rank of colonel, Denver’s future DA further served as a US Army intelligence officer in WWI. Van Cise also experienced the violent Denver Tramway Streetcar strike of 1920. He knew Denver was becoming a crime rich environment and he decided to make a longshot run for Denver DA to try to stop it. Success followed success, but it was against all odds. Colonel Van Cise changed Denver forever. And for the better. Alan Prendergast is a brilliant storyteller, and instructs undergraduates at Colorado College, teaching Journalism at his alma mater. Once you buy Prendergast’s historically accurate page-turner, you’ll want to go visit amazing Denver sites where the action all happened like 16th Street, the Auditorium Arena, and the West Side Court Building at Speer and Colfax. Denver needed a hero in 1920 when her cops were crooked and bigotries ran wild. Denver was renowned as a town where almost anything went, so long as Lou Blonger, the top organized crime boss, approved, and got his cut. Aside and apart were the bigots who brought the KKK around the USA and found a great Denver asset in Dr. John Galen Locke. Blonger and Locke are formidable but as we know, because Denver went on to prosper, Van Cise brought both of these authoritarian crime bosses to justice. America can learn a lot by studying how Colorado and Van Cise fought back one hundred years ago against authoritarianism and nationalism. Gangbuster: One Man’s Battle Against Crime, Corruption, and the Klan is a Best Book for 2023. It's highly entertaining. It’s educational and full of suspense. We learn the way for civilized societies to fight back when democracy is threatened by White Christian Nationalists and criminal types. Buy Gangbuster here. We need Jack Smith to succeed like Colonel Phil Van Cise. Both have the courage of their convictions, and allegiance to the rule of law. Van Cise served one of the most crime busting single terms in the rich history of the Denver District Attorney’s Office. That's where the show host worked 1980 - 1996, including with Assistant DA O. Otto Moore, who worked 1921 - 1925 with Denver DA Van Cise. Prendergast and host reminisce about many Colorado cases including JonBenet. Prendergast rips former Boulder DA Mary Lacy for her fake exoneration of Ramseys. The DNA is a false clue, proclaims Prendergast. Also discussed is disgraced Ramsey lawyer Lin (MAGA) Wood, and Peter Boyles who made a big name covering JonBenet and birtherism on Denver radio. Birtherism propelled Trump to be GOP nominee and then President in 2016. Trump lost in 2020, but as chronicled on past episodes of this podcast, 45’s #BigLie grew out of Colorado. Joe Oltmann appeared with Boyles on 710 KNUS and Jenna Ellis appeared on Dan...


Episode 158 - Bradley Onishi

Rundown - Troubadour Dave Gunders - 06:20 "Hard of Understanding" by Dave Gunders - 21:38 Bradley Onishi - 29:40 Brad Onishi is a social commentator, scholar, writer, teacher, coach and co-host of the Straight White American Jesus (SWAJ) podcast. Raised in Orange County and deciding to commit himself to Jesus and the local evangelical church as an eighth grader, he ended up in their clergy. Onishi became Oxford educated and saw things differently. As neither fully white nor originally Christian, Onishi appreciated the otherness that Christian nationalists would just as soon not put on their same upper level. Power corrupts and White people now feel threatened. White people have rebelled against racial integration since the 1960’s and much of the Republican resistance was centered in Orange County, CA, where Nixon and Reagan lived. Republicans made a fateful choice when they chose Goldwater in 1964. A new "extremist" GOP emerged. In Preparing for War – The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism and What Comes Next, Onishi provides evidence backed insight about America’s long road to Christian nationalist violence on Jan. 6, and what happens next. Learn about Onishi’s upbringing, and the reasons Orange County became an epicenter for white grievance church going. New territory with many transplants and not yet home to Catholics, Jews or others, Onishi explains the attraction of patriotic Christianity wrapped in an USA flag. Reviewed is the rise of the Klu Klux Klan from 100 years ago in Anaheim and cities in Colorado, as well as Klan-like modern MAGA reincarnations. Racism is at the heart of Onishi’s argument against MAGA. Evangelicals and too many Catholics stick with Trump as their leader. As a youth minister and student before that, Onishi was fed a constant diet of Mel Gibson in Braveheart. The violence defending one’s people was revered at his Orange County church. Back in 1964, Orange County loved Barry Goldwater. In 1980, many religious Christian voters preferred divorced actor Ronald Reagan to pious military veteran Jimmy Carter. Nowadays, many Christians prefer Trump to Biden, the committed Catholic. Onishi argues that the evangelical anti-abortion position was developed to gain power joining forces with fundamentalist Catholics. The power to keep white Christians on top in America was the true motivation. Discussed is modern media and Salem Media in particular. Salem’s game plan is not just to save souls for Jesus, but to get MAGA policies into law ASAP. We discuss Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager. #DenverTrumpRadio hosts are also described for their faux religiosity and willingness to tout racist lies about birtherism and rigged elections in cities with large African-American voting populaces. The United States is becoming the Divided States of America and the show contemplates how far and low it can go and how to battle back. Listen to Brad Onishi and you’ll want more at his website. We always want more from Troubadour Dave Gunders who kicks off the show with a great discussion of Jason Aldean’s controversial music video, Try That in a Small Town. Is it good old boy entertainment or something worse? And if so, so what? Hard of Understanding is a better song than Aldean's, composed and performed by Dave Gunders and would be a perfect project for a music video retort. Fellas respond to Jack Smith looming indictment number two and Judge Cannon’s mid-May trial setting. The Craig Silverman Show - Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time


Episode 157 - CO State Rep. Bob Marshall - John Jackson (our Colorado man in Ukraine)

Rundown - Troubadour Dave Gunders - 03:33 "Love Has a Way (song for Deb)" by Dave Gunders - 17:06 Rep. Bob Marshall in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 23:28 John Jackson - 01:17:11 Rep. Bob Marshall (HD43) makes his triumphant return to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge to explain his experience as a first-term legislator. Two of his military benefits bills got through, including one that veteran legislators thought had no chance, both funding worthy programs helping military veterans. This Marine went to Ukraine on his own once Putin started his disgusting attack, as chronicled in Episodes 99 & 122. Douglas County Republicans continue to attack Bob Marshall but that is to be expected given its domination by MAGA men, like the man who attacked Marshall in 2020. Now in July 2023, Bob Marshall and Rep. Elizabeth Epps are suing their own Democratic legislative caucus for violating state sunshine laws. Bob Marshall explains why he’s doing it and the repercussions. Bob Marshall does not put up with impropriety and end runs on transparency. Marshall knows tax law and weighs in on the dispute about funding the IRS. The Hunter Biden tax plea deal is also reviewed. So is the performance of President Joe Biden. Marshall also knows the ability of other lawyers to delay and we discuss some of the Trump litigation. But Bob Marshall is focused on helping his constituents and Colorado. John Jackson is a remarkable Colorado middle-aged professional who has made the move to Ukraine to help fight off Putin’s invasion. A member now of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, @hissgoescobra explains the genesis of his love of freedom. An American raised in Atlanta, and the heart of America’s civil rights movement, Jackson is drawn to Ukraine. Jackson knows his history and he’s trying to let the world know the truth on the ground. Trump’s unpunished Ukrainian Shakedown led inexorably to the further escalation of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Jackson’s love of freedom led him to join forces with Ukraine to help them beat kleptocracy. NATO is strong but Putin is not yet deterred. Ukrainian men, women, and children are being killed by Russian bombardment. Russian war crimes are commonplace. The signs of destruction are everywhere. But life goes on in Ukraine. Jackson brings the story to life with a fresh report from Kiev, and his recent time spent in Kherson. This is an information war, and Jackson does his best on this podcast to counteract Kremlin-generated disinformation. Jackson also is a weapons expert willing to fight in combat for freedom. Jackson passionately pleads for Ukrainian reinforcements from freedom loving people and countries. John Jackson was a Colorado Republican, and voted for Trump, before correctly perceiving that Trump’s not good for freedom. For America. Or Ukraine. A Trump win means a Ukraine loss of epic proportions. Republicans have changed completely since Ronald Reagan days when Russian bullies were called out. Thank goodness for Joe Biden and most Americans, including many Republicans, standing by Ukraine in its hours of need. The USA should always be a beacon of freedom. But Trump wants to impose a kleptocracy similar to that being run by his best pals on the international leadership stage. John Jackson won’t let it happen without taking action. Volodomor Zelenskyy is the leader that John Jackson praises here, recounting stories of his legendary gas station visits. Ukraine’s Jewish leader seems fearless, and Jackson worries about his safety. So does everybody favoring freedom on planet. Putin's a proven monster now. Yet pols like MTG support Russia. Show Troubadour Dave Gunders believes in the power of music in the time of conflict. Love Has a Way is his beautiful and powerful reminder of what human beings can achieve when severely tested,...


Episode 156 - The Roger Stone Interview - Insurrection

Rundown - Craig reflects on his interview with Roger Stone - 27:18 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:24:55 "If God Was Watching" by Dave Gunders - 01:35:36 If Jack Smith could extract the full truth from Roger Stone, we might put to bed this MAGA-mess. Knee deep in all things Trump, Roger Stone started working for Nixon and graduated to Ronald Reagan. It was the Reagan campaign when Stone met Trump through attorney Roy Cohn. In a lengthy interview here, Roger Stone recounts how he met Trump and became his biggest booster. When asked about Roy Cohn and how to learn more about that infamous attorney, Stone recommends we watch Citizen Cohn. This episode occurs at a critical moment in history. Right now, the oft-pardoned Roger Stone appears to have been knee-deep in the planning with Oath Keepers and Proud Boys for the January 6 MAGA insurrection at our nation’s Capital. HQ was the Willard Hotel. Prior shows have covered connections to the Willard Hotel command center including the reported presence of numerous members of the conspiracy, some with Colorado connections like Eastman and Oltmann. Back on New Years Eve of 2015, Roger Stone was looking to sell his book, The Clintons' War on Women, and agreed to come on radio with me for over an hour. That sound was preserved and has amazing relevance today. Almost immediately, Roger Stone is confronted by the host after Stone claimed that he had a falling out with candidate Trump which led to his removal from the 2016 campaign. In truth, it now appears Stone was working foreign backed channels. Roger Stone was a longtime partner of Paul Manafort who came forward, after long working for Putin and his pals, to be Trump’s campaign manager in 2016. Those like Trump who deny Russia helped him win in 2016 are not being truthful. Roger Stone tells plenty of lies in this revealing interview which specifically addresses whether Trump will end women’s reproductive rights. Stone was then a bigwig with Republicans for Choice. But now, as of 2020, Stone claims to be a born again Christian. Have you heard the story of Roger Stone’s conversion from being a lapsed Catholic to a committed evangelical pro-life person? We’ve got the sound and you should get ready with a healthy dose of skepticism. This interview of Roger Stone focuses on Colorado issues, particularly the legalization of cannabis. Back in the day, Roger Stone was an advocate for legalized cannabis and he predicted the path his pal Trump would take. But the KEY passage of the entire podcast is Roger Stone’s admission he and Trump were not just part of an historical political movement, they were intending an insurrection. Yes, Roger Stone, of his own volition, volunteers that an insurrection would occur. Troubadour Dave Gunders keeps favoring our show with hits from his new album titled, Connected. His superb and biting song named, If G-d was Watching, is filled with haunting lyrics apropos of con man, MAGA-man, Roger Stone and his pal Donald Trump.


Episode 155 - Bob Zeidman

Rundown - Bob Zeidman - 15:44 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:52:30 "Eddie Don't Quit" by Dave Gunders - 02:02:11 Perhaps you’ve heard of the man who successfully claimed Mike Lindell’s five million dollar offer to prove him wrong regarding 2020 election rigging. That man is Robert Zeidman and here’s a chance to get to know the rest of the story. Robert Zeidman is a fascinating man. He got to Silicon Valley in the early days via Stanford. Bob Zeidman wrote the seminal book on software sleuthing titled, The Software IP Detective’s Handbook. Bob’s an expert witness who makes money telling truths in written reports, and under oath. Bob Zeidman is a frequently retained and highly compensated expert witness. When Lindell announced the five million dollar challenge to Prove Mike Wrong, the My Pillow Guy sought to limit the crowd of contestants to Trump sympathizers. Bob Zeidman has been a stalwart Republican even while living four decades in Silicon Valley and nearby San Francisco. Find out how Zeidman became an expert witness when the Winklevoss brothers sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Eventually, urban decay and overtaxation drove the Zeidmans to Summerlin, Nevada. Zeidman is a brilliant writer as he’s proved many times in different publications. When Zeidman took down and exposed Lindell, he authored a brilliant Politico piece named: How I Won $5 Million From the MyPillow Guy and Saved Democracy. Zeidman has been on a political journey which has landed now on No Labels and we discuss Kyle Clark’s brilliant takedown of that group and its leader. But anything is better than backing Trump and Zeidman assures he will never make that mistake again. As you size up Bob Zeidman, expect to like this gutsy and successful businessman with the courage to call out mullarkey. Zeidman has correctly sized up Mike Lindell after studying the man who now owes him $5,000,000.00. That’s a lot of pillows. This story takes time - more than that allowed at CNN. We take the time in this enjoyable discussion with a news making computer expert. Zeidman has a good time in this, the area of his expertise. Bob is a fine Philly product of Morris (Moish) & Ruth. We discuss the religious component of Mike Lindell’s backing of Trump’s Big Lie. Is democracy imperiled and did Bob Zeidman help save us? What are the implications to be drawn from Zeidman undressing Lindell’s Big Lie. This is great food for thought. Our Troubadour Dave Gunders brings back his hit, Eddie Don’t Quit, dedicated this episode to Putin/Trump types everywhere. We talk about Roger Stone and all the Trump accomplices about to go down. Recent Supreme Court rulings decried, but this will lead to lots of legal work.


Episode 154 - Jim Benemann

Rundown - Jim Benemann - 12:00 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:28:00 "Little Hummingbird" by Dave Gunders - 01:54:27 Denver’s revered newsman joins the podcast shortly after his celebrated retirement as nightly news anchor at KCNC Channel Four. Jim Benemann did his job superbly for many decades and has a loving family. Learn about how this Chicago kid came to Colorado State in 1974 and fell in love with the Centennial State. Benemann has moved to Eagle, Colorado. Find out why. He’s still a lively outspoken presence on Twitter. The livability of Denver back in the day, and now, is reviewed. Metro Denver’s high cost of living and the attractiveness of our region has created major changes. Crime and guns, and the fetishization of weapons of war in our communities gets reviewed. Jim Benemann was assigned long ago to Washington DC where he met luminaries like Senators Barry Goldwater and Sam Nunn. Learn what the GOP’s 1964 nominee was like in person. Jim Benemann witnessed the rise and fall and recoveries of respected Senator Gary Hart too. Reviewed and honored is the living legacy of still living former president Jimmy Carter. Part of that includes Habitats for Humanity, and Jim Benemann is a big time volunteer and advocate for this longstanding and wonderful charitable program. Contrast with the grifting in the MAGA GOP world where the ethical improprieties of conservative US Supreme Court Justices Thomas/Alito puts American rule of law at increasing risk. Benemann makes great analogies to attempted payola at TV stations that management wisely ended. Lauren Boebert family crime dramas had news directors and local editors walking on eggs. Learn how local news covers (or pulls its punches) covering GOP-MAGA misconduct in an age where many members of the audience revere the defeated former president. The advisability of staying on Twitter gets reviewed. So does the proposed UFC cage match between Musk and Zuckerberg. Host puts odds at 5/2 in favor of the younger, better trained man. Learn much more about Jim Benemann’s politics than you ever have before. Talk gets even more spicy as conversation turns to sports. Benemann is an avid golfer but is fed up with the LIV/MBS/MAGA takeover of pro golf and says he won’t watch their tournaments any more. But he will keep on playing. Benemann has called a timeout on his hockey playing. Find out why. As for baseball, disgust is displayed towards the Rockies’ ownership and there is major advocacy for a sale of the MLB team to occur. Avs are in good shape but it is sad that Landeskog is out like Benemann. Our Nuggets are set, and victory further celebrated. Troubadour Dave Gunders celebrates the arrival of summer with his new album named Connections, and his fast sweet colorful song titled Little Hummingbird, in which the migrating bird is asked to bring messages of love and peace. Is that just fiction? Hope not. Esperance is what this summer of consequences holds – hopes realized. Putin and Trump face friction in their own radical factions. Bad guys fighting everywhere. Musk v Zuck. MTG v BoBo. Meanwhile, #DenverTrumpRadio turns blind eye. Caplis turns his show over to unapologetic KBB day after she makes a partisan fool of herself. RMGO embraced on Caplis show, slamming Steve Reams for being too lib on guns and RFL?!?. Brauchler did weakest interview ever w/ BoBo. Boyles keeps capitulating, and muzzling himself, so he can sell big guns. We talk about current events including Jack Smith about to further lower the boom on America’s defeated, twice-impeached, twice-indicted former president. Adam Schiff is saluted as an American hero. Esperance means hopeful feelings that truth and justice will prevail. Enjoy.


Episode 153 - Rhonda Fields

Rundown - Rhonda Fields - 16:59 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:16:35 "Set the Tone" by Dave Gunders - 01:35:46 The Denver Nuggets won it all, but Denver’s victory celebrations were marred by gun violence. On Denver metro roads, people are being shot in incidents involving road rage. Too many guns are killing America and Colorado. Colorado State Senator Rhonda Fields has accomplished many great things in her rise through the legislature. Rhonda turned to politics after suffering the shooting murder of her son Javad and his fiancee on June 20, 2005. Rhonda responded to tragedy with loving commitment to service. President Joe Biden gave a brilliant speech in Connecticut to a crowd full of gun violence victims. Widely mocked by the right for his senior moments, Biden was compelling on Friday laying out his agenda to fight gun violence. We’ve got the sound. Host has been Rhonda Fields’ attorney and friend through the decades. Javad was killed because he witnessed a murder, something which could happen to any of us. Rhonda understands criminal justice system and its positive contributions, and limitations. Senator Fields discusses the need for an assault weapon ban and a tougher law enforcement “zero tolerance for gun crimes” policy in Denver and Aurora. Why not Rhonda Fields for mayor of Aurora now that she’s term-limited? Rhonda knows Denver mayor-elect Mike Johnston and believes he’ll do great things. Courtney Johnston, Denver’s new First Lady, was one of the prosecutors assigned the case where Rhonda Fields was threatened by an agitated gun owner. Gun culture needs to be addressed. How can it be that Ja Morant is suspended 25 games for pic with gun and Lauren Boebert wins re-election after she puts long guns in hands of her four young (and troubled) sons around the family Christmas tree? Why is it that the man who threatened Rhonda Fields was treated with leniency by the criminal justice system and the Tweeting threat-maker against Lauren Boebert went to prison? The civil justice system has its rightful place, as we proved when the threat-maker against Rhonda Fields was made to pay a substantial sum to charity and take steps to rehabilitate himself. We discuss Rhonda Fields’ friend, Denver DA Beth McCann, who takes a more progressive approach to sentencing teenagers committing gun crimes. When Javad and Vivian were murdered, the Arapahoe County DA sought and obtained the death penalty. But times change. Capital punishment is dead in Colorado. Rhonda Fields is an alive and upbeat person, even though her Aurora home got shot up this last February. Rhonda Fields works to help others. And she’s willing to fight the gun industry. Senator Fields is also an opponent of Trumpism, as you will hear. Dave Gunders provides his hit single, Set The Tone, from his Troubadour album. The fellas salute Pride month, Juneteenth, the late Daniel Ellsberg, and the Denver Nuggets. Overcoming bad judges like Judge Cannon discussed. It can be done. Host explains how. The Craig Silverman Show - Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time


Episode 152 - Conor McCormick-Cavanagh - Let’s go Nuggets! Let’s go Jack Smith!!

Rundown - Troubadour Dave Gunders - 10:49 "Train Keeps Coming" by Dave Gunders - 38:26 Conor McCormick-Cavanagh - 44:26 We review the best victory in Denver Nuggets history. Oh my. AG!! Jamal! Bruce! Nikola! Christian. KCP. Love to MPJ too. Fantastic week reviewed, with Denver Nuggets in NBA Finals, and Trump prosecuted by Jack Smith. Consequential events in Miami are celebrated. Up to speed show discusses gritty Game Four 108-95 victory, and the dim future facing MAGA and its grotesque criminal leader. Conor McCormick-Cavanagh had a great five year run as author at Westword in Denver, but his heart is in New York and with their legendary sports teams. Knicks and Nuggets connections discussed including, of course, Carmelo Anthony. Nuggets greats Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray saluted. So is Rocky the Mountain Lion with Conor breaking the big story that the original Rocky is back for the NBA Finals. Find out how Conor got his scoop. Mike Johnston just became Denver’s 46th mayor and Conor saw it coming. Find out why as he describes his journey through covering Denver at Westword. This show is a perfect blend of sports, politics and pop culture. We root for Nuggets and justice. We root for Denver and Mike Johnston. Troubadour Dave Gunders brings his brand new hit called “Train Keeps Coming” which leads to great discussion of powerful trains coming to abrupt halts, as we hope happens with Trump Train. Let’s hope nothing can stop our Denver Nuggets now. Let’s go Nuggets! Let’s go Jack Smith!!