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Finding inspiration from all facets of life, and providing one of a kind content. The Dryftwood Podcast offers well rounded conversations with humor, intellect, and substance.

Finding inspiration from all facets of life, and providing one of a kind content. The Dryftwood Podcast offers well rounded conversations with humor, intellect, and substance.


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Finding inspiration from all facets of life, and providing one of a kind content. The Dryftwood Podcast offers well rounded conversations with humor, intellect, and substance.




What's That's Relationship Like - TDP #85

There are several things David and Daniel don't know. Having a healthy relationship, being extremely high on that list, they dive in to the burdens that are put on relationships. But, what about the relationship with yourself? That might be the most critical one. But it's the one one we can do something about, immediately. #bedryftwood #relationships #burden #selfcare Support the show (


Its A Damn Shame - TDP #84

When your last episode about shame, ends abruptly, you have to come through, clutch. Where does shame show up in your life? Are you avoiding that shame? David and Daniel find they may be. Follow up to TDP #83 Support the show (


Ashamed of Regret - TDP #83

Daniel and David discuss shame, and its impact on their lives. Through conversation, they bring up some valuable points to consider. How do you allow shame to affect you? Support the show (


Your Being Controlled by Fear- TDP #82

When is the last time you sat with fear, and considered its value in your life? Is it useful? Harmful? we discuss these things, and many more on the episode guided by fear. Support the show (


Dryftwood Weekly Live - End 2021

This is a little different for us. Daniel fried the equipment, and we couldn't record a new episode. We did a Live Stream instead. We intend to do this every Monday on YouTube and Facebook(Meta). Cults, failing forward, and exploding equipment. We have a conversation, and some fans joined in with some comments and really spiced up the conversation. Support the show (


Daddy Issues - TDP #81

How are you supposed to face the things you dont know how to face? Do you feel a void where you should have been guided? More people feel that way than you would imagine. we talk, our way, about the things we face as men, and how we have gotten here with the podcast. Support the show (


Rock Bottom - TDP #80

What is rock bottom for someone? Is it something specific? We discuss what rock bottom could represent for people and what they can do about it. Are you familiar with Rock Bottom? Support the show (


Christmas Spectacular - TDP #79

Daniel, David, and James discuss their perspective of Christmas, and the things that come with it. Gift giving, gift receiving, Christianity, and pagan things. Some tensions rise, in our first dedicated Christmas episode. Support the show (


Its Probably A Trap - TDP #78

Almost everything you encounter could be a trap. If youre not willing to consider it is, you are caught in the trap. Support the show (


Is It Selfish - TDP #77

This week we talk about selfishness. And whether it is something that is good and serves you, or if it is something that is a detriment. And of course, James Percival is back with us this week. Support the show (


The Excuses Everyone Use - TDP #76

Trying to understand what the hell an excuse really is. Does it get a bad wrap, or is it something people use as a crutch? Support the show (


Always Angry - TDP #75

Recent discovery of repressed anger, and lacking the ability to express it, leads to recording an episode discussing the dealings with anger. Some of us dont want to be viewed as an angry person, and others have to live up to the hype. Its an add thing, anger. James Percival joins us and discusses his recent expeirences with anger. Support the show (


Label This - TDP #74

Couldnt stop talking about labels, so we made an episode. Where does one get a label? what do they do with it when they get it? does any of this make sense? Support the show (


Wook at That - TDP #73

Getting called a "Wook" podcast, we really had to dive in to this wook stuff Support the show (


No Bad Decision - TDP #72

Making decisions gets exhausting. Like trying to decide on what to record for a podcast episode. Fortunately, with the right mindset, those decisions get easier. We cant let you in on the secret yet, but this episode holds the key. The key to what? Well, that's for you, not I. You get to decide. #BeDryftwood Support the show (


#BeDryftwood - TDP #71

What is it to #BeDryftwood? We open up about how we got here and what this has become for us. Want to get behind a movement that matters? A movement that encourages people to find their best, and strive to be it. Are you stuck in a cycle that you cant seem to get out of? This is an episode that will be valuable for you. Support the show (


Wrong About Freedom - TDP #70

How do you know if you're free? By discussing freedom, of course. Load up your American flag wrapped, bald eagle plush animal, and a six pack of reality, and hit the path with us. The journey is about an hour long, so please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle in obviously dangerous situations. Other than that, you are free to do as you wish. As students of truth, we cant pass up talking about what freedom really could be. Remember to subscribe. Support the show...


The Worst Thing About Love - TDP #69

How appropriate. We use TDP #69 to talk about love. James Percival joins us again, on another exciting adventure. Love isn't as simple as it seems. And what better way to understand that, than to listen to us try to understand such a complex thing, with our feeble minds. People have made fools of them self for love, did we do the same? Support the show (


The Fore-play - TDP #68

You can do something right now. What are you waiting for? Guest James Percival joins us in this magical adventure of discovering how people let obstacles stop them. We do it, you do it. Listen in to what we finally realize about using the pieces you have, instead if waiting for new pieces. Don't forget our exclusive content. Support the show (


Every Hero's Fatal Flaw - TDP #67

This is not for the faint of heart. But, if you want real conversation about courage, this is it. This Just might be the most important virtue of all. Where do you stand with courage? Referenced videos- Support the show (