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The Enigma Hour - Episode 19 - ECV Update and More High Strangeness

This week we get a new ECV update! This is a HUGE ONE!!! We also talk about a new "cryptic" found by Pinecrest Lake (psst. its a Pink Flying Squirrel - no joke!) and of course witty banter ensues....


The Enigma Hour - Episode 18 - The Mysterious History and Doings of the ECV

So Capt. Dave was over at the county historical society and discovered a mysterious box.... inside the box was a mysterious book other documents from E Clampus Vitus so of course we need talk about it! Welcome to an exploration of the mysterious ECV (aka The Clampers)!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 17 - Allen.Greenfield, Olav Phillips and The Black Lodge

Join us this week as we talk The Black Lodge with Allen Greenfield! It was a hummmmmm dinger!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 16 - The Weird Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau

Join us as we kinda start the Weird Tuolumne county visitors bureau! We talk about more strange happenens in the county!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 14 - Walter Bosley, The Sonora Aero Club and The Mysterious Nymza

On this episode Capt Dave and Olav talk to Walter Bosley about all things Sonora Aero Club and Nymza. We break new ground on this one with some amazing new research and inights into the Aero Club!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 13 - UFOs, UFOs, and WEIRD STUFF

In this episode we talk more UFOS and weirdness. Capt Dave has also located the lost 1960's original interview about perhaps the greatest UFO Sighting ever recorded in Sonora.


Saucers land in Sonora - The Original 1960's Interview!

Saucers land in Sonora - The Original 1960's Interview! by Olav Phillips


The Enigma Hour - Episode 15 - Maliah, Walter and a Live Ghost Hunt in the.... DOME!

What is October without a Ghost Hunt? Its just not.. Maliah joins Walterr, Capt Dave and Olav on a live ghost hunt where we seek to find the TRUTH about what really happened at the Sonora Dome! Its a good one...


The Enigma Hour - Episode 12 - Mr. Lobo and The Horror Host

This week we welcome our first guest ever! Mr. Lobo joins us to talk Horror, Horror Hosts, and all things bad movie! It was a great interview which actually went long! Sorry midnight KAAD-LP listeners....


xThe Enigma Hour - Episode 11 - kabbalah and The Spirit Box

This week we talk Kabbalah and in the second hour we break out the spirit box to talk to the ghosts who live in our haunted studio! Spoiler the girl seen in the upper floor window is named LeeAnne and someone doesn't want her talking.... So get ready for some EVP's!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 10 - Liminal Spaces, Number Stations and Bigfoot

This week Olav and Dave talk about liminal spaces and how they connect to Bigfoot sightings. We talk about some good hotspots to see bigfoot here in Gold Country and we have a very interesting conversation about numbers stations and how they are liminal!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 9 - The Secret Origins of The Superhero!

Dave is back from Bigfoot fest! This week we explore the origins of the SUPERHERO! WOW... We find the REAL batman! Holy PODCAST Robin!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 8 - Fortean Adventures with Chris Reeves

This week Capt Dave was out helping setup Bigfoot fest, so Olav interviewed Fortean Adventurer and all around interesting guy Chris Reeves about everything from floating balloons to the edge of space to film UFOs to hunting for Bigfoot. Check it out!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 7 - The Truth Behind Roswell, and the Secret of the Lost Tesla Cloud City

This week Dave and Olav talking about the shocking truth behind the Roswell story. You haven't heard this I promise, and it's weird.. We also talk about a lost Tesla City in the Andes Mountains. Things are just getting weirder.


The Enigma Hour - Episode 6 - Dr. John C. Lilly and the Earth Coincidence Control Office

On this weeks show we discuss Dr. John C. Lilly and his research into consciousness, as well as interspecies communication. We also discuss his existential beliefs and the Earth Coincidence Control Office, including how to join! Listen in!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 5 - What is a Fortean / More MAJOR Weird Stuff / Rate the Fortean Story!

This week we talk about Charles Fort, and what is a Fortean. Dave also asks Olav how he got into Fortean Research, then we drift off into a broad discussion of Fortean Topics and Weirdness from the Mandella Effect, and Olav's Theories about that, to Hauntings and about everything in between! Keep Tuolumne WEIRD!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 4 - UAP's, Disclosure and The Lost Civilization Under Table Mountain

This week we talk UAP Congressional Hearings, Disclosure and The Mysterious Lost Civilization of Table Mountain here in Tuolumne County. We also talked lots of UFO and Bigfoot!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 3 - The Sonora Aero Club and UFOs with Dave Allen

This week we continue our investigation into the weirdness of Tuolumne County with a discussion of The Sonora Aero Club and the absolutely MASSIVE number of UFO sightings in this area. If you are into the Sonora Aero Club or UFOs - DON'T MISS THIS ONE!


The Enigma Hour - Episode 1 - Weird Tuolumne , UFOs and BIGFOOT with Dave Allen

On this inaugural episode of The Enigma Hour, Capt. Tiki discusses the weird happenings in Tuolumne County with local researcher and historian Dave Allen. We get into Bigfoot, UFOS, Ghosts and all matter of High Strangeness here in the Mother Lode including the amazing story of the Yayali Bones near Columbia, CA where the native Miwok killed a particularly nasty Yayali (Bigfoot) and buried it!


Episode 53 - FearScape AKA TERRY WRISTE WATCH

THE PARANOIA PODCAST, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a two men who may not actually exist. Olav and Ron, two weird old burned out conspiracy loners on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the powerless, the helpless in a world where mysterious and shadowy things operate above reality.... In this episode we were joined by Wriste Watch (aka the Fearscape Podcast crew) to talk Terry Wriste and their recent investigations into Wriste, including apparent recent and direct communication! We also talk magick, occultism, baking and a whole lot more!