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All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.

All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.


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All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.






Cursed and Haunted Mirrors a gateway to the other realm Eps. 311

Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the most haunted of them all? The 222 Paranormal Podcast of course! Here we go with another amazing show all about Haunted Mirrors. Have you gazed upon the reflection in a mirror and seen someone else's face? Have you tried the Bloody Mary or Blue Baby ritual? You will never look in a mirror the same after this episode so beware fine listeners! LOL Thanks for tuning in and please like and follow on your favorite podcast site! Click here for Joe's new...


True Experiences with Ken Suminski Esp. 310

On today's episode we catch up with the founder of the Portal Paranormal Ken Suminski. Portal Paranormal Society, LLC, founded 10.30.2009, is a group of friends committed to the study of paranormal phenomena. We are debunkers and believers. Ken brings a fresh approach to investigations and shares some of his harrowing experiences with you listeners! His true tales of demonic encounters will keep you up at night. Listen in as we bring you another amazing episode dedicated to exploring the...


Brian Cano Beth Deering and Not Afraid Paranormal Podcast Eps. 309

From the depths of Mansfield Reformatory, we bring you our conversations with fellow podcasters, Not Afraid Podcast, a former guide at the Ohio State Reformatory haunted prison who has started her own podcast and Psychic Medium Beth Deering along with Brian Cano who are excited to talk about their new collaboration of the Poasttown Paranormal Academy. Beth gives us her background and her journey into the paranormal and Brian tells about his latest book, Grains of Sand. Listen in as we bring...


ParaPsyCon 2022 from the haunted Ohio State Reformatory eps. 308

Back again in prison! Mansfield Reformatory that is. We were so excited to be back at ParaPsyCon 2022 and we able to get some very spooky tales from some of the guests and attendees. We talked to authors, Paranormal Teams, Psychics and more. And of course our #1 fan Thom Farber stopped by! Listen in as we bring you amazing guests who bring you over to the spooky side! Click here for great prices on clothing from Jens Poshmark Closet Click here for Joes Podcast Year of Profit Facebook...


Sasquatch Triangle Conference Interviews

In today's episode, we catch up with some great interviews with local paranormal enthusiasts, who generously shared their experiences with bigfoot and weird happenings from our show in Coshocton, Oh at the Sasquatch Triangle Conference. Show Links Year of Profit Podcast Jens Poshmark Closet Jens hot, steamy, love novel. NEVER FALL FOR THE FORBIDDEN


Kandace X the Law of Attraction

Click Here for Joes other Podcast Click here for Jens Poshmark Page Book of the Week Para,Normal Life


Kandi Slater from Riverside Iowa Paranormal

Strange and spooky things are happening in Iowa...and all over the world! This episode we talk to Kandi Slater from Riverside Iowa Paranormal, whose group is expanded branches from the Iowa boarders to around the globe! Click Here for Joes Podcast Year of Profit Click here for Jens Poshmark Closet Click here for Riverside Iowa Paranormal


Sasquatch with David Wickham and The Sasquatch Triangle Conference Eps. 304

It's time...time to get back to some great conferences! We are pleased to have David Wickham on the show to tell us all about his experiences tracking the elusive sasquatch here in Ohio and to bring our listeners info on his upcoming Sasquatch Triangle Conference which will take place May 15, 2022, in Coshocton, OH. Bring the family out to this one-day conference and learn all about bigfoot and sasquatch! Click here for The Sasquatch Triangle Conference Info Click here for Year of...


Death at a Haunted Mall Eps. 303

When you go to the mall to go shopping you expect to see clothing stores, kids hanging out, bustling shoppers and the enviatble mall walkers, but what if your local mall had something different. Something not for sale, something not living? What if your mall had a cemetary in the parking lot? Ghosts wandering the shops...Or gravestones in the middle of the food court....okay maybe not the last one, but today's episode will shock and surprise you. We found locations that have been reported at...


Goblins Eps. 302

Things that go bump in the night are scary, dark shadows, misty lights, glowing eyes and of course the ever present slighting of a goblin! These tiny yet mysticaly creatures roam the planet barely noticed by society unless you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Often impish looking, they can take up residence in your home and just love to knock on walls and scurry across your floors. You may even find them in mines and caves warning workers of impending...


Ghost Solving their own murders Eps. 301

We brought you the story of the Greenbriar Ghost, a case where a ghost's testimony solved its own murder, but now the 222 Paranormal Podcast has uncovered more tantizling cases of the dead revealing to the living the clues and details of whay really happened to them and how it helped solve their own murders. If you like what you hear, please tell your friend, co-workers and your crazy uncles to listen to the show. Share the the episodes on your social media! Help support the show. Click...


300th Show with Appalachian Mountain Witches' and Bloopers Eps. 300

Welcome listeners to our 300th show!!!!! We thank you all for this incredible journey. From the first show till now we have strived to bring you the stories, legends, hauntings, places, sightings, tales, cases, and people who roam the realm of the paranormal. And today is no different, we bring you the true tales of the Appalachian Mountain witches. Steeped in great mystery the Appalachians are fiercely private folks who for centuries didn't want outsiders to understand their practices and...


Monsters and LegendDon't forget we like snakcs

Ohio is the heart of the nation they say, but it also is the home of some insanely shocking monsters and legends. Quiet sleepy towns keep secret some of the most terrifying creatures you may encounter. From the Ohio Grassman to the Cedar Bog Monster, the nortorius Orange eyes and our favorite the Loveland Frogman, in this the 299th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast we explore our home states weird and often sighted cyrptids and mythical monsters. Come join us from Toledo to Tipp City,...


Haunted Erie PA. And revisiting The Vampire Crypt

Do you believe in vampires? Have you been to the witches circle? In this episode we head back to Erie PA to visit the high strangeness and strange happenings of Erie PA. Last time we visited we learned about Rev Robin Swoops Book Erie Erie. Some say the tomb belonged to a wealthy Romanian businessman, but after he was interned, dead bodies were found in the surrounding neighborhoods, drained of their blood with bite marks on their necks. Wealthy Romanian businessman? Looks like Count...


Time Travel Traveler's and Seeing Jesus Eps. 297

Time Traveler's beware! We are spilling your secrets on this episode or was it yesterday, or maybe the year 6425? Anywho, do you believe in the possiblty of time travel? Do you think someone can back from the future? The 222 crew is not afraid to ask these questions and more in the 297th episode of 222 Paranormal Podcast! Listen as we tell tales of time travelers and what they are now revealing, their biggest concerns and stern messages they have for human kind. Visit Joe's new Podcast,...


The true tale of The Hand of Glory Eps.296

Ancient wisetales, legends and lore have long been the forbearers of supersition. Cursed objects, hidden artifacts, haunted items all facsinate but one in particular sends deep chills into your psyche. The Hand of Glory, is a primeval shibboleth said to have remarkable powers. In today's episode we delve into its hauntingly horrid past and its nefarious uses. Click below to visit and Like Joe's new podcast Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Year-of-Profit-103857092128309 Shop with...


Mark L Watson Host of Peer Beyond the Veil Podcast

In this episode, we talk with Mark l. Watson Host of the world-famous Peer Beyond The Veil Podcast. Join Mark L. Watson as he explores the physical and the metaphysical realms and the threads that join them. Living in the UK (United Kingdom) brings us a different perspective on Hauntings, Ghosts, The afterlife, and The Paranormal. Now into his second season, each week he will bring you a fascinating guest to tell their story and share their work. Mark covers all things Paranormal such as...


An Interview with Morgan Knudsen Eps. 294

222 Paranormal is so pleased to present TV personality, author and founder of Entityseeker Paranormal Research & teachings, Morgan Knudsen. You may have seen her on such shows as Haunted Hospitals, A Haunting, as well as numerous channels like A & E, TLC, CBC, The Discovery Channel and Destination America. Her background in parapsychology has led her to her quest to discovery the paranormal and afterlife. Her new book just released: Teaching the Living: From Heartbreak to Happiness in a...


Caskets, Satan and History of The House of Wills Eps. 293

The House of Wills. The name alone should send chills down to your core. Long steeped in Ohio History the famously haunted former funeral complex's history will shock and terrify. Nestled in the decaying urban center of Cleveland, what was a community keystone is now the epicenter of darkness. Welcome to the neighbor satanic center kids, stop in for some cookies and conjuring. Listen in as the 222 Paranormal Podcast runs down the history, the hauntings, the darkness and murders of The House...


Psychic Medium Robert Righi Eps. 292

Robert Righi reknown Spiritualist and Psychic Medium comes to the 222 Paranormal Podcast to share his journey and wisdom. With over 35 years spent as a Criminal Profiler, he holds a Masters Degree in clinical social work and forensic psychology and famously interviewed serial killer Ted Bundy. Robert generously devotes his free time to help children in hospices, mentoring kids with developing their psychic abilities and missions at homeless shelters and Native American Reservations. Robert...