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Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens and use of modern witchcraft.

Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens and use of modern witchcraft.


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Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens and use of modern witchcraft.






37. Paranormal Witchery with Cherise Williams

Yay, another episode about paranormal investigating and witchcraft! This time I’m joined by Cherise Williams, a professional witch and investigator, to talk about what it’s like investigating as witches and also as Hekateans. Check out Hex-Files podcast to hear her on the haunted doll episode and for more about the trip we’re about to take with her to a haunted asylum and jail. You can find more of Cherise and her investigations here: **Cursed will be...


36. American Brujeria with J. Allen Cross

For this episode I welcome J. Allen Cross to the show. Author of the new hit book- American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic. We chat about his book, his inspirations and practice, and of course touch on his paranormal investigating. Grab the book and more from J. Allen Cross at Also don't miss his podcast Invoking Witchcraft I know it was a total tease but to hear his full story about the spider girl check out our Patreon You can support the show...


35. How Witchcraft Saved Vincent Higginbotham

***Trigger Warning-SA/SI*** I'm joined by fellow Hekatean (and Carolinian) Vini Higginbotham, author of the upcoming book "How Witchcraft Saved My Life", to talk about his book and inspiring story. To find Vini and his book visit - To hear bonus stories and get extra content, including tarot readings, check out our Patreon You can support the show for free please take a minute to rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. Follow Cursed on social...


34. True Crime Astrology

I'm joined by Shawn and Jasmine of True Crime Astrology podcast to talk about true crime and astrology, duh. They tell us what can make up a killer's chart and why your sign is probably one of the bad ones (jk I said probably). Oh and they also tell me what kind of killer I'd be...hypothetically...yeah Find their podcast anywhere podcasts are heard. Find Shawn- Witchy Wisdoms Find Jasmine- Satin Saturn To hear some bonus stories from this episode join our Patreon To support the show for...


33. The Tired Tarot Witch of Target - Robyn Valentine

This episode I'm joined by Robyn Valentine aka Tired Witch- a professional tarot reader, blogger, podcast co-host, late night tv commercial psychic(kind of), and author of the upcoming book Magickal Tarot (coming to a Target near you). We discuss her book, being tired, Jesus crackers, and more?! Find Robyn and all her stuff here. To hear her bonus story about Mt. Shasta join our Patreon To support the show for free please take a minute to rate, review, and subscribe wherever you...


32. Cook of Shadows

This episode is all about kitchen witchery with guest Britt Howe from the Withcin' Kitchen podcast. We cover kitchen divination, coffee magick, offerings, and other ideas for how to bring your craft into the kitchen. To find Britt's podcast and other goodies click here- The Witchin' Kitchen To support the show and get an exclusive recipe from Britt for her Hekate honey cakes visit our Patreon. To support the show for free, please take a moment to rate and review us and subscribe wherever...


31. Still a Little Dead with Mortellus

On this episode I sit down with Mortellus to talk about, well...death. Not only are they the author of the new book 'Do I Have to Wear Black?' but they're also a mortician and Third Degree Gardnerian High Priestex. So of course we talk about death, but we also chat about the book, spirit communication, familiars, and why they are still just a little bit dead. Find their book and all their sites here: A Crow and the Dead To support the show and hear more discussion about our familiars and...


30. Old Gods of Appalachia & Witchcraft

I had the pleasure of chatting with Cam from the hit horror podcast- Old Gods of Appalachia. We discuss the witchcraft of the show, Appalachia, and her path. To hear more from Cam and the other creator Steve- listen to episode 15 of Hex-Files podcast Find Old Gods of Appalachia wherever podcasts are heard or visit To support the show and hear a bonus story from Cam about her magical cat check out our Patreon. To support the show for free, please take a moment to...


29. The Devil's in the Details Pt. 2

Praise Satan, this is the other half of the interview with Josie Hellebore! We still talk about the Devil of course but also cover cursing, demons, misogyny in Satanism, and more. You can find Josie at @josiehelleboreofficial on IG or visit her shop at Hill Country Hellebore. To hear some extra bits from our convo visit our Patreon. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance Love the show and want to support it for free? It's easy - just rate, review, and subscribe- it really helps a lot. Also follow...


28. The Devil's in the Details Pt. 1

Praise Satan, Cursed is back for 2021! And speaking of which, this episode is all about the Devil, well, kind of. It's more about working on the left hand path as well as being a Satanist...or maybe not a Satanist but Luciferian? Actually, It's all of those things and I'm joined by Josie Hellebore to discuss her practices and work with Satan-and Hekate-and also'll see. You can find Josie at @josiehelleboreofficial on IG or visit her shop at Hill Country Hellebore To hear...


27. Yule Spectacular Live

Celebrate Yule and the holidays with Cursed and special guests! We share some ghost stories, mixology magick, drinks, and laughs with some of our favorite witches, podcasters, and paranormal investigators. For more info on guests and where to find them click on the links below: Witchy Woman Podcast Witchcraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas The Crypto Chats Podcast Find @cherisewilliams.xo on Instagram or check out her YouTube channel. and of course, check out Hex-Files Podcast To...


26. Getting Familiar With Familiars Pt. 3

This is the third part in the familiar series and the second part of my conversation with Clayton about our familiars. We describe them in more detail as well as some day to day ways we work and interact with them. Support the show and hear bonus episodes on our Patreon. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance


25. Getting Familiar With Familiars Pt. 2

The long awaited Familiars part 2 has been summoned! I'm joined by my brother to discuss how we met and came to know our familiars. It's been a long and interesting journey to get to where we are today but our lives and practices have been so enriched by them. And who knows, yours might just be waiting for you to say hello. This episode got a little long, so if you want to know how to work with them day by day, there may just be a part 3 coming soon... Support the show and hear bonus...


Hex-Files 9. Vanished

**This is a special episode crossover with Hex-Files. The other part, Cursed ep 24-Abducted, can only be found on Hex-Files.** In this episode we discuss chilling cases of missing people in national parks across North America. These cases are strange, unexplainable, and unsettling to say the least. Why do these people vanish? Why are some found without any memory of what happened? Why aren't remains or possessions found in most of the cases? We have no answers only more questions. All of...


23. Cory & Corpses

For this episode, I welcome special guest Cory Hutcheson of New World Witchery podcast to talk about his upcoming book and corpse magick. So grab your shovels as we dig into how to incorporate corpses into your witchcraft and magick...just don't get caught. Pre-order Cory's upcoming book here- New World Witchery: A Trove of North American Folk Magic And click here to find New World Witchery To see me and Hex-Files' presentation at Gather the Witches on 10/24-25 get your free and full...


22. Keeping Keys & Synchronicities with Cyndi Brannen

Cursed returns with special guest Cyndi Brannen! She is the author of Keeping Her Keys and the upcoming Entering Hekate's Garden: The Magick, Medicine & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft. We discuss quite a bit including synchronicities and signs, baneful plant magick, Hekate(of course), familiars, curses, and even shark coochie boards! You can find Cyndi at Keeping Her Keys Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show and see the full live recording of this episode with a special Q&A...


Where is the new Hex-Files?

Hey there explorer, are you looking for more Hex-Files? There’s a new episode and its only Hex-Files! Click here or find us where ever you listen to podcasts! And a new Cursed is coming this Friday where Bones talks to Cyndi Brannen of Keeping Her Keys about Hekate, synchronicities, curses, familiars, poison plants and more! But until then, why not go make a drink and subscribe to Hex-Files. This is what you’re missing- Hex-Files 7. Zombie Goblins & Escape Goats: On this exploration we...


Hex-Files 6. Rando-Noping

If you didn't know, Hex-Files has scurried out from under Cursed into the dark unknown and has become it's very own podcast! As a bonus, you can hear the latest episode here too! Do you know what Randonauting is? We may be late to the game on talking about it but we went on our own randonauting adventure this summer and have been dying to talk about it. We also discuss the story that was in the news about the tiktokers that found a suitcase of body parts when they tried randonauting. We...


21. Getting Familiar With Familiars

Yes, that is the title we went for because it explains this episode so well! This is part 1 of our familiar series and we talk about some history of familiars, what they are, what they do, the different types, and even how to summon and meet your own! From cats to demons, a witch is never alone! Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To get bonus content, support the show, and feed our familiars check out our Patreon.


Hex-Files 5. Unhappy Valley & the Chapel of Unrest

We're back from COVID-19 and we went to church! But not a real church where people are spreading shit like viruses and lies. No, a church that is very old and very mysterious. It's called the Chapel of Rest and it has a haunting story. Hear what we found in our quest for answers. Something ain't right... Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show, get bonus content, swag, and contribute to our lack of "salvation" check out our Patreon.