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Animal Radio® is America's "most-listened-to" animal programming; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.

Animal Radio® is America's "most-listened-to" animal programming; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.


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Animal Radio® is America's "most-listened-to" animal programming; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.




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1191. What's It Really Like To Clone Your Dog? Comedian Elayne Boosler Guests.

He Cloned His Dog! George Semel cloned his dog after it was mauled by a Rottweiler. Now the Koreans are holding his three cloned puppies for ransom. They want more than the $50,000 he was initially asked to pay. And what proof does he have that these are actually cloned animals? None yet. Join us as TLC's "I Cloned My Pet" films this compelling interview. Listen Now Cemetery Welcomes Man's Best Friend Families have been known to skirt cemetery rules in trying to reunite Fido or Patches...


1190. Baby Boomers Giving Up On Pets

Moving Animals For The Rich And Famous If your last airplane flight had you sitting next to a baboon, it could've been for a client of Pacific Pet Transport, the latest company to get a Reality TV show. They move animals for the rich and famous. From rhinos to snakes, James Nelligan shares their travels and spills the beans on Alanis Morissette and several other big names. Listen Now Banned Pit Bulls Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has many up in arms over these ridiculous laws. What's...


1189. The Most Bizarre And Exceptional Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds And Insects

Ripley's Strangest Animals Ripley's Believe It Or Not is back for their parade down Animal Radio avenue with the most-bizarre and exceptional dogs, cats, fish, birds and insects. We are proud to have more giveaways of the new coffee-table book. Listen Now Smartphones for Cows The age-old task of determining when your milk-cow is in heat is over. A French company has designed a cell-gadget that attaches to the cows genitalia and automatically texts you when it detects an increase in...


1188. Grab Your Pet For This Live 'Blessing Of The Animals'

Blessing of the Animals He's back to bless your dogs, cats, fish, birds, snakes, and even your iguanas! Dr. James Capers claims to be fluent in "parrot" among other languages. His charismatic personality will put a smile on your face and his blessing will bring your pet years of happiness. Listen Now Rock Eating Kitty Dr. Debbie takes on some of America's biggest challenges every week. This week it's all about a cat that eats rocks. What would make a kitty do such a thing. How do you...


1187. Comedian/Actress Debra Wilson Talks About Long, Slimy, Slithering Pets

Actress/Comedian Debra Wilson Guests Debra Wilson has a thing for long, slimy, slithering reptiles. In fact, he shares her life with one. Get all the gooey details and find out why she's Nuts for Mutts. Listen Now Dancing Dogs Author Jon Katz is back and this time he's sharing short stories about our strange and unique connection to our animals. You're not alone when you spoil your furry family. Listen Now Special Dog Gets Second Leash on Life Nakio was a prime candidate to be...


1186. Clint Eastwood's Daughter, Alison Shares Animal Stories

Clint Eastwood's Daughter Talks Animals Alison Eastwood talks about her Reality TV show on Nat Geo. "Animal Invaders" focuses on exotic animals that are living in inadequate conditions. Alison talks about life with dad and says Clint is allergic to horses, making much of his early days of film a tough act. Listen Now Living Piggy Bank A Florida couple doesn't seem to have any need for a piggy bank, since their ten-year-old beagle Arnie appears to be more than willing to fill the role of...


1185. Nat Geo's Dr. Pol Talks About Having A Camera Crew Watch His Every Move.

Nat Geo's Incredible Dr. Pol Not only is he Incredible, but he has quite the sense of humor also. Dr. Pol describes what it's like to have a camera watching your every move, including when his arm is two feet up a cow's ... well ... you know. Listen Now Puppy IN Pants Results In Animal Cruelty A Colorado woman has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty after allegedly shoving her Chihuahua puppy down her pants. The incident occurred during a domestic dispute in which policed found...


1184. Actor Jamie Farr Talks Animals

M*A*S*H's "Klinger", Jamie Farr Guests Known for his outlandish role on the long-running series M*A*S*H, Jamie Farr started his career cleaning the cages of chinchillas. Animals have always been a part of his life and he's proud to share his story. Listen Now What Are The Chances Your Pet Will Be Lost? The ASPCA did a survey of pet owners to find out if they ever lost their pets. A Whopping 15% misplaced their furry companion in the last 5 years. What is the best technique for keeping...


1183. Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Lake Algae Can Be Harmful For Your Dog If your dog likes to swim, it's probably best to make sure he only swims in the pool this summer. Pollution Control Agency is asking swimmers and pet owners to be aware of algae-ridden lakes and foul-smelling water after toxins from the blue-green blooms killed some dogs last month. Listen Now Should You Have Pet Insurance? If you don't have it, you've probably asked yourself whether you should have pet insurance for when the unexpected happens....


1182. The 10 Weirdest Animal Laws

Strange Animal Laws David Rosengard, a Staff Attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) explores the 10 Weirdest Animal Laws on the Books. He'll also share some of the important work the ALDF does for animals worldwide by being a voice for the voiceless. Listen Now How Much Would You Spend to Save Your Pet? More and more pet parents these days are willing to go the financial distance for their pets to give them the best. Americans dog owners spend $2,033 toward their pets on...


1181. The Cat That Steals Underwear From Neighbors

Sloth Love Most every social media butterfly has seen at least one cute video of a sloth (if not, check out our Facebook page). These litter critters are so cute, that many people want one as a pet. Photographer Sam Trull says she "went to Costa Rica for the primates but stayed for the sloths." She has the lowdown on sloths, and she says people think they're slow. She says "they can be fast when they want to, and their nails are pretty scary too." Listen Now Personal Pet Check Up You...


1180. When Ugly = Cute - Funny Vet Stories

What Happens To Your Pet If Something Happens To You? You don't have to be Leona Helmsley to plan for your pet if you should die. Estate Attorney AJ Fudge is our guest. She says it's easy to plan for any eventuality, but you should know how. Simply putting your pet in your will isn't enough, as that may be contested. Listen Now Funny Vet Stories Dr. Bo Brock has just about seen it all, despite living in the middle of nowhere. He's treated just about every animal, from Ostriches to...


1179. 5 Secret Activities Your Pets Do While You're Gone

The Vet Life Dr. Diarra Blue from Animal Planet's hit show, The Vet Life, is our special guest. He's an over-the-top charismatic professional that has some great stories about his unusual practice in Houston. Listen Now Pet Flipping Animal rights groups say pet flipping is becoming a growing problem because of a rise in social media use. Pet flipping is when a person sees a pet on social media websites, like Facebook or Craigslist, they get the pet with phony information, then sell the...


1178. Diseases That Humans Can Get From Their Cats, Dogs And Even Turtles.

Diseases Your Pet Can Give You Doc Halligan has some creepy news about Zoonotic disease that humans can get from their cats, dogs and even turtles. While the good doctor doesn't want you to be scared of your pet, she says it's good to be aware of the risks. And pregnant women....listen up! Listen Now The Misunderstood Pit-Bull The youthful and charismatic Bronwen Dickey has made her fight about the Pit-Bull. The years of research that went into her new book easily qualifies her as an...


1177. I Tried The Weirdest Pet Products On The Internet

I Tried The Weirdest Pet Products On The Internet From the Licki Brush to the Puppoose, The Washington Post's Sadie Dingfelder tried some of the oddest pet products for sale online. She'll tell us how it went. For instance, give your dog a toy - a rawhide chew, a tennis ball, or even this little plush figurine of Donald Trump - and your dog, regardless of political affiliation, will immediately tear it to shreds. Cats, on the other hand, dispose of their belongings by looking at them with...


1176. Quitting Your Dumb Job To Work With Animals

Doggy Limousine Service Daniel Williams quit his regular job to open a pet transport business, like Zoo-ber. He says it's going well although he has one customer than demands he talks to their dog only in "baby-talk." Listen Now Fighting Fleas We're on the heels of another big flea season. Chances are good your pets will get fleas, unless you live in Las Vegas or Phoenix. Is there a safer solution than the traditional topicals? Doc Halligan says there are lots of safe remedies for the...


1175. Is 'Big Brother' Tracking My Pet's Microchip?

FDA Warns Dog Owners About Xylitol The Federal Drug and Food Administration is warning dog owners about a new diet Peanut Butter made with an alternative sweetener. 'Xylitol' can shut a dog's kidney down in a matter of minutes. Listen Now The Lowdown On Pet Microchips Still, the best way to ensure your lost pet is returned is by implanting a rice-sized microchip under their skin. This is a simple, fast and painless procedure done at your veterinarian or local shelter. Some people are...


1174. Just When You Thought You Knew All There Was To Know About Cats...

Adventure Cats Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about cats, Laura Moss tells us about cats that like hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and even surfing. If you have an adventurous cat, she'll tell you what you can do to enrich the furr-balls' life. Listen Now The Inner Life of Cats For millennia, cats have been celebrated as secretive, mysterious companions, content to live alongside (but apart from) humans. Thomas McNamee shares the science revealing cats' hidden...


1173. Real Life Pet Detective Shares Wild Stories Of Stolen Animals

Pet Detective Jamie Katz She's a real life Pet Detective, schooled as a human Private Investigator. Jamie Katz has found over 150 lost or stolen pets in the last 2 years. She'll share some wild stories and give you tips to make sure your pet isn't stolen. Listen Now Federal Agency Goes Pet Friendly The Interior Department welcomed a new breed of visitor to its Washington headquarters last month, one on four legs, covered with fur and on a mission to boost morale at the agency in charge...


1172. Research Suggests Pets Make You Look More Attractive, Trustworthy And Sexy.

Join the Shellebration World Turtle Day is coming up. The Executive Director of the American Tortoise Rescue, Susan Tellum tells us why turtles and tortoises make great pets, except when they're having sex. Listen Now Pig Trial Ends Animal Advocate Anita Kranjnc faced a prison sentence for feeding water to a dehydrated pig. After two years of defending herself in a court battle, the judge dismissed the charges against her for mischief and meddling with private property. Listen Now Some...