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Future Thinkers is a media platform, community, and education portal dedicated to the evolution of society, technology, and consciousness. Helping you become better adapted to our uncertain future. As seen in BBC, Forbes, World Economic Forum, and iTunes Top 40. Created by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova.




Future Thinkers is a media platform, community, and education portal dedicated to the evolution of society, technology, and consciousness. Helping you become better adapted to our uncertain future. As seen in BBC, Forbes, World Economic Forum, and iTunes Top 40. Created by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova.




How We're Using NFTs to Plant Trees at The Smart Village

Find out more about the Smart Village project: futurethinkers.org/village Participate in our very first NFT drop: futurethinkers.org/nft We're very excited to announce that on June 1 2021 we're dropping our first Smart Village NFT! If you are not familiar, NFTs stands for Non Fungible Tokens - it's a type of crypto token that is verifiably unique or rare, instead of being interchangeable in the way that dollars or Bitcoins are. They are a type of crypto token that has become popular with...


Smart Village Update

Future Thinkers Smart Village is becoming a reality! We have found a new, large 400 acre property with the right zoning, infrastructure and everything else we could need to make the village happen. The property has a RV camp with 80 accommodation spots, a private lake, two creeks, large forest, even a golf course, and the closest airport is just a two hour drive from there. In this episode we want to share with you where we are right now with this project, as well as our plans and visions...


Self-Organizing Collaborative Governance Q+A with Richard D. Bartlett

Our guest in this Q+A session on self-organizing governance is Richard D. Bartlett. This session was originally live-streamed on December 4th 2020. Richard is a co-founder of a digital tool called Loomio, and of a decentralized consulting company The Hum. He is also the Director at the Enspiral Foundation, a collective of people working on meaningful projects around the world. As an open source enthusiast, he writes about how we work together at any scale, from our relationships to...


Rites of Passage Q&A with Michael Meade

What rites of passage do we need in today's world? Are we going through collective rites of passage at the moment? What is the role of mentors in today's society? In this Q&A Michael Meade answers questions from the Future Thinkers Members. Michael Meade is a renowned storyteller, author, and scholar of mythology, anthropology, and psychology. He is also the founder of Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, a nonprofit network of artists, activists, and community builders that encourages greater...


Miriam Martineau - Building an Intentional Community

Our guest in this episode is Miriam Martineau, who is a counselor, teacher, and Founder of Next Step Integral. For the last 15 years she has studied and researched parenting as a spiritual practice. Miriam and her husband Stefan also lived in an intentional community called Morning Star for 10 years from 1992 to 2002, which they founded in rural BC, Canada. We discuss the practical aspects of running an intentional community, attracting the right people in the early stages, dealing with bad...


Jim Rutt - How to Transition to a GameB Society

Our guest in this episode is Jim Rutt, a systems thinker, host of the Jim Rutt Show podcast, and former key player in several technology companies. He was also the Chairman of Santa Fe Institute, where he was working in the scientific study of consciousness and evolutionary artificial intelligence. We had Jim as a guest on the show a year ago, where he did an introduction to the concept of GameB and talked about the history of the movement. Today we want to catch up with Jim about some of...


Tyson Yunkaporta and Megan Kelleher - Indigenous Thinking In Times Of Transition

Our guests in this episode are Tyson Yunkaporta and his wife Megan Kelleher. Tyson is the author of 'Sand Talk,' and indigenous thinker from the Apalech clan from the West Cape of Queensland, Australia. Megan is a scholar at RMIT in Melbourne, who is currently researching the connection between blockchain and indigenous knowledge systems. She is of Barada and Gabalbara heritage of Northeast Queensland, Australia. We talk about integrating indigenous wisdom with contemporary life, whether...


Daniel Christian Wahl - Designing Regenerative Cultures

Daniel Christian Wahl on regenerative cultures, the role of humans on planet Earth, and the importance of being in right relationship with technology, nature, and the process of life as a whole. To access to the full 2-hour interview with Daniel Christian Wahl, become a Future Thinkers Member at http://www.futurethinkers.org/members Join the Q&A with Daniel Christian Wahl on October 29th at 11am PST: http://www.futurethinkers.org/wahl Show notes for this episode:...


Nora Bateson and Joe Brewer - Earth Regeneration Q&A

Discussion and Q&A about Earth Regeneration and Smart Villages with Nora Bateson, author and founder of the International Bateson Institute, Joe Brewer, founder of the Earth Regenerators Study Group, and Future Thinkers Community members. Show notes: http://www.futurethinkers.org/130 Learn more about Future Thinkers Smart Village at http://www.futurethinkers.org/village SIGN UP for our mailing list and get a FREE 50+ Page Adapt to the Future Guide: http://www.futurethinkers.org/signup


Future Thinkers Smart Village on The Stoa

This is a replay of the Future Thinkers interview and Q&A on The Stoa hosted by Peter N Limberg. Future Thinkers Smart Village is a place that combines technological innovation, creativity, personal development, education, regenerative agriculture, and community – located in a beautiful mountain valley the heart of the Kootenays, BC, Canada. Learn more about the Future Thinkers Smart Village at http://www.futurethinkers.org/village Future Thinkers original interview on The Stoa:...


Richard Perkins - Regenerative Revolution: How Permaculture Can Save Failing Food Systems

In this episode of our Regenerative Series, our guest is Richard Perkins - a farmer, educator and expert on regenerative agriculture. He is the co-owner of Ridgedale Permaculture, one of the few profitable Permaculture farms on the planet. Richard is dedicated to restoring ecosystems and educating people all around the world in profitable regenerative farming. We talk about what permaculture is and how to get started with it, what sort of mindset we need to have when we deal with complex...


Nora Bateson - How To Heal a Disintegrating Society

We invited Nora Bateson back on the show for another sensemaking conversation. Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, educator, and the President of the International Bateson Institute. We wanted to hear her views on the current disintegration of societal systems, and how to navigate the chaos of the world. We talk about how to raise and educate children for the uncertain future, and how to find the potential for healing and transformation in these difficult times. She also...


Joe Brewer - Regenerating the Earth

We invited Joe Brewer on the show again as part of our regenerative series. We had him last year, and we talked about cultural evolution and designing regenerative cultures. Since then Joe moved to a rural community in Colombia, started the Earth Regenerators Study Group, and wrote a new book. In this episode we talk about this new book called The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth. We also talk about what it’s like to live in economic collapse, how to re-establish relationships with...


Bonnitta Roy - Human Flourishing in Times of Turmoil

Bonnitta Roy is back on our show for the second time. She is so tuned into what's going on in the world, and we always have so much to talk about with her. She is an award-winning author, philosopher, insight guide and international trainer, who’s focusing on building greater capacities for human sensemaking. Today Bonnitta shares with us some details about her new written piece about human flourishing. We also talk about the current social shift from global to local, what type of...


James Ehrlich - Regenerative Villages

With this episode we are starting a podcast series about regenerative smart village design, where we are featuring notable people in the areas of regenerative cultures, self-sustaining communities, smart villages, etc. Our first guest in this series is James Ehrlich, the founder of Regen Villages. Regen Villages is a Stanford University spin-off company, creating the so-called “Tesla of Ecovillages" - the technology integrated VillageOS™ software, for the future of living in resilient...


Donald Hoffman - Do We See Reality As It Is?

Our guest in this episode is Donald Hoffman, a cognitive psychologist who studies consciousness, visual perception and evolutionary psychology using mathematical models and psychophysical experiments. Donald is the author of several books, the latest one being The Case Against Reality. In this interview we talk about Donald’s scientific theory of consciousness, which he refers to as 'conscious realism.' We discuss why we don’t see reality as it is, what experiments demonstrate this and...


Jamie Wheal Q&A

Jamie Wheal answers questions in a Q&A session with Future Thinkers Members, streamed on March 3rd 2020. Jamie Wheal is a researcher and writer in the field of human potential, peak performance, and flow states. He is the co-author of the book “Stealing Fire” and director of Flow Genome Project. Replay of the livestream on YouTube: https://youtu.be/J_45WjlSAGw SIGN UP for our mailing list to get a FREE 50+ Page Adapt to the Future Guide: http://www.futurethinkers.org/signup To...


Consequences of COVID-19 Pandemic

This is the 2nd livestream we did on the second-order effects of coronavirus on society, politics, and economy. The recording is from March 13, so some of the things we talk about here have already happened, or are happening right now in the world. Links And Resources Mentioned In This Episode: https://youtu.be/NP97FscPiZkwww.futurethinkers.org/covidprepwww.futurethinkers.org/covidgriefwww.futurethinkers.org/emergencyubi SIGN UP for our mailing list to get a FREE 50+ Page Adapt to the...


Joe Brewer Q&A

Joe Brewer's work is centred around regenerative cultures. He travels around the world, studying different practices that contribute to the regeneration of the environment and communities. This is the audio version of the Q&A streamed on February 11th. Q&A replay: https://youtu.be/t10mtKAjgo4 SIGN UP for our mailing list to get a FREE 50+ Page Adapt to the Future Guide: http://www.futurethinkers.org/signup To access full podcast episodes, become a FUTURE THINKERS MEMBER. As a Patron...


Bonnitta Roy - Collective Insight Practices

Our guest in this episode is Bonnitta Roy, an author, philosopher, and teacher who’s focusing on building greater capacities for human sense-making. We talk about collective insight practices, ego deconstruction and shadow work in group setting, the insights into the nature of the mind, and rediscovering our evolutionary spiritual capacities. Show notes: http://www.futurethinkers.org/119 SIGN UP for our mailing list to get a FREE 50+ Page Adapt to the Future Guide:...