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Discourse on AI Ethics. News, explanation and Interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, creatives and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology ethics and more.


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Discourse on AI Ethics. News, explanation and Interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, creatives and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology ethics and more.




82. Work, wellness and creativity with Harriet Pellereau

This episode we're chatting with Harriet Pellereau about AI’s lack of reasoning ability, uses of generative AI, creativity and AI, what even is creativity? creative duties, new ways of working / digital working, 4 day week global, work life balance, the hidden cost of convenience, responsible tech and more...


81. The state of AI Ethics with Alice Thwaite

This time I'm chatting to alice about teaching ethics, the idea of information environments, the importance of democracy, the Ethics hype train and the ethics community, people to follow in AI and Data Ethics, ethics as innovation and more...


80. Art and AI collaboration with Sarah Brin

This time we're chatting with Sarah Brin about types of AI, the process of making artwork, how is an artwork culturally valuable, curatorial practise for AI art, unionising creative art workers, collaborative artwork with AI, using AI to help the climate emergency, AI in games and more...


79. Taming Uncertainty with Roger Spitz

This time we chat with Roger Spitz about how to think about the future, what does a futurist do? Thriving with disruption, a chief existential officer, virtuous inflection points, delegating too much authority / decision making, our inappropriate education system


78. Design and AI with Nadia Piet

This episode Nadia and I chat about how design can co-create AI, what the role of designers are in AI services? post-deployment design, narratives in AI development and AI ideologues, anthropocentric AI, augmented creativity, new AI perspectives, situated intelligences and more...


77. Doing Ethics with Marc Steen

This episode Marc Steen and I chat about: AI as tools, the ethics of business models, writing Ethics for People Who Work in Tech, the process of ethics - “doing ethics” and his three step process, misconceptions of ethics as compliance or a road block, evaluating ethical theories, universal rights, types of knowledges, what is the world we’re creating with AI?


76. The professionalisation of data science with Dr Marie Oldfield

This episode we're talking with Dr Marie Oldfield on definitions of AI, the education and communication gaps with AI, explainable models, ethics in education, problems with audits and legislation, AI accreditation, importance of interdisciplinary teams, when to use AI or not, and harms from algorithms.


75. The moral status of non-humans with Josh Gellers

This episode we talk with Josh Gellers about nature rights, rights for robots, non-human and human rights, justification for the attribution of rights, the sphere of moral importance, perspectives on legal and moral concepts, shaping better policy, the Lamda/Lemoine controversy, predicates of legal personhood, the heated discourse on robot rights, science fiction as a moral playground and more...


74. AI, ethics and the future - DFA talk special edition

In this special edition episode with Data Science Festival we're hosting a panel discussing: what is ethics? Designing for Responsible AI, ethics as innovation and competitive advantage, ghost work, fairer AI, language as a human computer interface, cleaning up the web, technologies that shouldn’t be deployed and much more...


73. 2022 in review with Olivia Gamblin

For this end of year episode I'm joined by Olivia Gamblinn to discuss: ethics boards, generative images models and copywrite, concept art, model bias and representation in the generative models, paying artists to appear in training sets, plagerism, chatGPT and when it breaks down, factual “truth” in text models, expectations for AI and digital technologies generally, limitations of AGI, inner life and the Chinese room, consciousness, robot rights, animal rights and getting into AI Ethics...


72. Algorithms with Social Impact with Mitchel Ondili

This episode we talk with Mitchel Ondili on algorithm awareness, technology colonisation in the global south, OASI the registry for Algorithms with Social Impact, AI auditing, private vs public rights to consent, submitting your algorithms to OASI, hiring, and social services algorithms, the over datafication of life, or becoming an algorithmic subject, Intentionality of services and much more.


71. The Politics of AI with Mark Coeckelbergh

This episode we talk with Mark Coeckelbergh about AI as a story about machines and where are we heading in creating human level intelligence, moral standing and robot-animal interfaces, technology determinism, environmental impacts of robots and AI, energy budgets, politics and AI, self-regulation and global governance for global issues.


70. Rights, trust and ethical choice with Ricardo Baeza-Yates

This episode we talk with Ricardo Baeza-Yates about: Responsible AI, the importance of AI governance, questioning people's intent to create AGI, robot rights and brain / neural rights, the evolution of intelligence, ethical risk assessment, machine ethics, making ethical choices on behalf of your users, binary notions of trust, stupid uses of AI and more...


69. AI ethics strategy with Reid Blackman

In this episode we talk with Reid Blackman about: what is learning? What it means to be worthy of trust, bullsh**t AI principles, company values, purpose and use in decision making, his AI ethics risk strategy book, machine ethics as a fools errand, weighing metrics for measuring bias, ethics committees, police and the IRB. And much more...


68. Ethics of digital worlds with Richard Bartle

Richard Bartle joins us again after his appearance on ep.65 to chat about the metaverse, different ways to design AI controlled NPC, the lack of progress of AI in games, ethical considerations of games designers, ethics of AI life, virutalism, 'smart' AI will happened, robot rights and more...


67. AI Audits with Ryan Carrier

This episode we're chatting with Ryan Carrier about the positivity of the ForHumanity community, being compelled to do something about AI technologies negative impact, AI audits and topics including: trust, oversight, governance, privacy, cyber security, bias; creating an infrastructure of trust, disclosing found risks and the ethical decisions, the new industry of AI audits, human wellbeing as the whole point of business and more...


66. 2021 in review with Merve Hickok

This episode Ben and Merve are chatting about 2021–EU AI legislation & harmonising AI product markets through policy, the UNESCO principles, systemic dogma, AI ethics in defence, Reith lectures and Lethal autonomous weapons, demonstrating values / principles and much more...


65. DeepDive: AI and Games

This first Deepdive episode we talk to Amandine Flachs, Tommy Thompson and Richard Bartle about AI in games, it's history, it's uses and where its going. We discover NPCs, games as a test bed for AI research, different game AI techniques, back office uses of AI, job displacement, bad actors and possible futures...


64. Emotion detection with Andrew McStay

This episode we're chatting with Andrew McStay about emotional human machine interface, emotion face and voice detection, emotion detection and hiring–and the possiblity of gaming these systems, interactive AI kids toys, the space between an ethical subject and an object in AI systems, raising children in an AI world, cultural differences in emotional profiling, emotional AI regulation.


63. AI readiness with Tim El-Sheikh

This episode we're talking with Tim El-Sheikh of We chat about definitions of intelligence and augmented intelligence, ethical AI as the smarter AI, importance of a businesses AI strategy and getting data ready, AGI and what is conciousness? Human intuition, privacy as a human right and more...