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News, explanation and Interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, creatives and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology ethics and more.

News, explanation and Interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, creatives and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology ethics and more.


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News, explanation and Interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, creatives and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology ethics and more.




68. Ethics of digital worlds with Richard Bartle

Richard Bartle joins us again after his appearance on ep.65 to chat about the metaverse, different ways to design AI controlled NPC, the lack of progress of AI in games, ethical considerations of games designers, ethics of AI life, virutalism, 'smart' AI will happened, robot rights and more...


67. AI Audits with Ryan Carrier

This episode we're chatting with Ryan Carrier about the positivity of the ForHumanity community, being compelled to do something about AI technologies negative impact, AI audits and topics including: trust, oversight, governance, privacy, cyber security, bias; creating an infrastructure of trust, disclosing found risks and the ethical decisions, the new industry of AI audits, human wellbeing as the whole point of business and more...


66. 2021 in review with Merve Hickok

This episode Ben and Merve are chatting about 2021–EU AI legislation & harmonising AI product markets through policy, the UNESCO principles, systemic dogma, AI ethics in defence, Reith lectures and Lethal autonomous weapons, demonstrating values / principles and much more...


65. DeepDive: AI and Games

This first Deepdive episode we talk to Amandine Flachs, Tommy Thompson and Richard Bartle about AI in games, it's history, it's uses and where its going. We discover NPCs, games as a test bed for AI research, different game AI techniques, back office uses of AI, job displacement, bad actors and possible futures...


64. Emotion detection with Andrew McStay

This episode we're chatting with Andrew McStay about emotional human machine interface, emotion face and voice detection, emotion detection and hiring–and the possiblity of gaming these systems, interactive AI kids toys, the space between an ethical subject and an object in AI systems, raising children in an AI world, cultural differences in emotional profiling, emotional AI regulation.


63. AI readiness with Tim El-Sheikh

This episode we're talking with Tim El-Sheikh of We chat about definitions of intelligence and augmented intelligence, ethical AI as the smarter AI, importance of a businesses AI strategy and getting data ready, AGI and what is conciousness? Human intuition, privacy as a human right and more...


62. What excites you about AI?

In this bonus compilation episode we look back at our interviewees answers to the question: What excites you about our AI mediated future? We chat about rethinking our responsibility towards our world, algorithms that work for everyone not just the a few, social justice, solving coordination problems and humanitarian problems, growing as a humanity, building with the next generation in mind, and more...


61. Welcome to the Machine Ethics podcast

Short introduction to the podcast: what it is about, when it started, and how to get involved.


60. Responsible AI Research with Madhulika Srikumar

This time we're talking AI research with Madhulika Srikumar of Partnership on AI. We chat about managing the risks of AI research, how should the AI community think about the consequences of their research, documenting best practises for AI, OpenAI's GTP2 research disclosure example, considering unintended consequences & negative downstream outcomes, considering what your research may actually contribute, promoting scientific openness, proportional ethical reflection, research social impact...


59. What scares you about AI?

In this bonus compilation episode we look back at our interviewees answers to the question: What scares you about our AI mediated future? We chat gender imbalance and lack of diversity, digital personhood, climate change, ubiquitous surveillance, deep-fakes, people misusing AI, human hubris, capitalism getting in the way and more...


58. AI regulation with Lofred Madzou

We chat with Lofred Madzou about AI as a journey to understand ourselves through smart machines, scepticism about wholesale job lose, understanding that “you are not your data”, dissecting the European proposal for AI regulation, examples of types of AI activities under regulation, the spirit of the regulation - human rights centric, risk based approaches, infringement exposition and compliance...


57. Value Sensitive Design with Steven Umbrello

We're talking with Steven Umbrello about transhumanism, his passion for philosophy and it's practical applications, Value sensitive design a modular design practise, technologies co-constructing society, integrating VSD using agile workflows, issues of principles, moral imagination and more...


56. What is AI? 2

This episode is our second bonus compilation of answers from previous years of interviews asking the question: What is AI? We hear from past interviewees Jess Smith, Rishal Hurbans, Jacob Turner, Cennydd Bowles, Joanna J Bryson, Damien Williams, Olivia Gamelin, David Gunkel, Bertram Malle, David Yakobovitch, Luciano Floridi, Lydia Nicholas.


55. Speculative design with Phil Balagtas

We're chatting with Phil Balagtas about speculative & critical design, speculative design as a strategy tool, using design as a what if tool, or a story to strive for, The Design Futures Initiative, doing meanful work, and getting to real trust in mission critical AI...


54. The business of AI ethics with Josie Young

This episode we're chatting with the amazing Josie Young on making businesses more efficient, how the AI ethics landscape changed over the last 5 years, ethics roles and collaborations, feminist AI and chatbots, responsible AI at Microsoft, ethics push back from teams and selling in AI ethics, disinformation’s risk to democracy and more...


53. Comedy and AI with Anthony Jeannot

A laid back episode of the podcast where Anthony and I chat about Netflix and recommender systems, finding comedy in AI, AI written movies and theatre, human content moderation, bringing an AI Ben back from the dead, constructing jokes recursively and much more...


52. Algorithmic discrimination with Damien Williams

This episode we chat with Damien Williams about types of human and algorithmic discrimination, human-technology expectations and norms, algorithms and benefit services, the contextual nature of sample data, is face recognition even a good idea? Should we be scared that GTP-3 will take our jobs and the cultural value of jobs, encoding values into autonomous beings, culture and mothering AI, AI and dogma, and more...


51. AGI Safety and Alignment with Robert Miles

This episode we're chatting with Robert Miles about why we even want artificial general intelligence, general AI as narrow AI where its input is the world, when predictions of AI sound like science fiction, covering terms like: AI safety, the control problem, Ai alignment, specification problem; the lack of people working in AI alignment, AGI doesn’t need to be conscious, and more


50. Privacy and the end of the data economy with Carissa Veliz

This episode we're chatting with Carissa Véliz on the transforming of power, how personal data is toxic, end of the data economy, dangers of privacy violations, differential privacy, what you can do to help, ethics committees and more...


49. 2020 rambling chat with Ben Gilburt and Ben Byford

This episode Ben and Ben are chatting about 2020 - Timnit Gebru leaving google, the promise of AI and COVID-19, Kaggle's COVID competition, GTP3, test and trace apps and privacy, AI Ethics bookclub, AI ethics courses, when transparency is good or bad, alpha fold, and more...