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Through this podcast, John and Lisa Bevere hope to challenge and prepare you for a successful life in Christ. For more information or to contact us visit our website at

Through this podcast, John and Lisa Bevere hope to challenge and prepare you for a successful life in Christ. For more information or to contact us visit our website at


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Through this podcast, John and Lisa Bevere hope to challenge and prepare you for a successful life in Christ. For more information or to contact us visit our website at




Winning at Home in 2022 (part 2)

Recently, we polled our social media audiences to ask what kinds of questions people had about family and parenting. We were blown away by the sheer volume of questions that came in. We sat down to start answering the questions on the podcast and knew it needed to be more than one episode long. This week on the podcast, we’re diving back into these questions! We’re answering questions like: “How can I best handle my anger when I get mad at my young kids?” “How do you teach your kids to be...


Winning at Home in 2022 (part 1)

Nearly everywhere we go we hear so many of the same questions: “How do you parent strong-willed kids?” “How and when do you talk to your kids about dating, sex, drugs, and all the other hard stuff?” “Looking back, what do you wish you had known when you were a young parent?” Today, we’re answering all these and more on the Conversations with John and Lisa podcast. We hope this episode equips you to win at home in 2022! P.S. On January 25-26 we are hosting an online event called Ways to...


Heartbreak During the Holidays

With traditions, family fun, and celebrations of the birth of Jesus, Christmas is many people’s favorite time of year. But what do you do when your Christmas isn’t so merry? Maybe you’re experiencing heartbreak this holiday season. For those who have lost loved ones or are spending the holidays apart from family and friends, this season can be tough. How do you handle the holidays when it feels like your heart is breaking? How do you care for those in your life walking through a hard time...


Finishing Strong

Are you prepared to finish strong? It could be your year, it could be your season, it could be your life — no matter what you are finishing, you want to finish the best you possibly can. The Apostle Paul said it best when he said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith,” (2 Timothy 4:7). As followers of Christ, we all want to finish well — but how? That’s what we’re unpacking on this week’s episode of Conversations. Tune in and get equipped to...


How Gratitude Changes the Game

On a week when it’s so easy to become distracted by family, food, and fun, don’t forget what this week really is — an invitation to enter God’s presence with gratitude. Gratitude changes everything. You may be facing some unique challenges this holiday season. Maybe you find yourself needing a recalibration in the presence of God. Gratitude is the key that unlocks the floodgates of God’s presence in our lives. It takes our eyes off the challenges of our circumstances, and it places our...


Cultivating a Passion for the Lost

So many of us have prayed this prayer: “God, break my heart for what breaks yours.” As children of God, we want His heart. We want to be passionate about the things God is passionate about. But here’s a question — are we truly consumed with a passion for reaching the lost? Time and time again throughout Scripture, we see that God makes the lost His number one priority. If the lost are God’s priority, it’s crucial that they are our priority. So how does one cultivate a passion for the...


How God Develops Your Character

All of us want to do amazing things for God, but many people want the promotion before they’ve gone through the preparation process. Without making it through this process successfully, it is impossible to have character strong enough to sustain your calling. So how does God actually develop character within you? We’re unpacking this question on this week’s episode of the Conversations podcast. While seasons of character development aren’t always fun, they are directly connected to your...


5 Lessons from 39 Years of Marriage

Nearly everywhere we go, people ask us how we have managed to make our marriage work through four decades, raising children, the stress of ministry and travel, and the inevitable obstacles that have come our way. While the going hasn’t always been easy, it’s been so worth it as we’ve learned to love each other in each season. In honor of celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary last week, we sat down to share five lessons from our 39 years of marriage on the podcast. Some of these lessons...


Imparting Faith & Identity from One Generation to the Next

As parents, we all want our kids to grow up with a solid grasp on faith and an understanding of who they are created to be in Christ. But how do we truly impart this revelation from one generation to the next? Today on the Conversations podcast, we’re unpacking this question with our oldest and youngest sons, Addison and Arden. In this episode, we’re sitting down to discuss how one generation can truly instill faith and identity into the next. We’re sharing stories from our own...


Are You Truly a Servant?

As Christians, we are called to live counter to the culture of our day. In our speech, in our homes, in our leadership, in any room we walk into, we are called to live against the grain. But how? Servanthood. Yes, you read that right. If Jesus walked this earth knowing He was God’s Son and the Savior of the world, and still chose to serve others, we can be assured that this principle should apply to our lives today, as well. Today on the podcast, we’re breaking down what it really looks...


How to be Unoffendable

In a culture that thrives on contention and conflict, is it truly possible to be unoffendable? YES! In Luke 17:1, Jesus tells us, “It’s impossible that no offenses should come.” We see clearly in Scripture that throughout our lives, we will have ample opportunity to take the enemy’s bait and become offended. But there is another option — we can prepare our hearts and exercise forgiveness so that when an opportunity for offense comes our way, we are prepared to respond in a way that honors...


Read Your Bible (part 2)

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we, as believers, are reading, meditating on, and living the Word of God — but what we’re seeing more often than not is that Christians are reading their Bibles less and less. Why is that? Today on the podcast, we are continuing our conversation on the importance of reading Scripture and the practicals of what this looks like on a daily basis. We’re also answering listener questions like... —Should couples be studying God’s Word together or...


Read Your Bible (part 1)

As believers, we know that one of the key disciplines in our faith and difference-makers in our lives is reading the Bible…so why are so many Bibles sitting unopened on our shelves? Today on the podcast, we are answering all of your questions on how and why to read the Bible. We’re answering questions like… —What does our own daily practice of getting in God’s Word look like? —What does it mean to meditate on God’s Word? —How do you make space for time with God on busy days? —How do you...


Modern-Day Discipleship (part 2)

So many believers want to be discipled and disciple others, but have no clue where to start. They feel like discipleship seemed so straightforward in Jesus’s time, but feels overwhelming and confusing today. Today on the podcast, we want to demystify discipleship and answer your questions about how to practically live out this spiritual principle. We’re answering questions like… —What role does the local church play in discipleship? —Is discipleship supposed to be one-on-one or...


Modern-Day Discipleship (part 1)

In Matthew 28, Jesus speaks his famous last words, commissioning those with him to go into all the world and make disciples of every nation. As believers today, we know how important this commission is, but so many people feel stuck when it comes to discipleship in their everyday lives. They want to obey God, but wonder what discipleship actually looks like in the context of today’s culture. Today on the podcast, we’re unpacking the practicalities on all things discipleship. We’re...


Breaking Down the Barriers to Strength

Have you ever tried to build spiritual strength but certain obstacles in your life kept real strength just out of reach? If you’re not careful, distractions, discouragement, and insecurities will compromise your life and become major roadblocks to living the life God has called you to live. Today on the podcast, we’re breaking down the barriers that keep you from building real, lasting strength. We’re unpacking things like… —How to set aside distractions and overcome busyness —Dealing...


Summer of STRONG 2021

Building spiritual strength is imperative in this season, but where do we start? We’re answering this question on today’s podcast as we unpack things like… —How strength is displayed through authenticity —The difference between meekness and weakness —The role of consistency in building strength —How to say “no” to your flesh —How true strength is sourced by God God is strong and He wants us — His kids — strong, too. Now is the time to start building strength together! Want to learn...


The Fruit of Obedience (part 2)

Obeying God can be so difficult—especially when that obedience involves sacrifice. We want to do what God has called us to, but how do we start, and not only start but follow through? Today on the podcast we’re continuing this conversation on obedience and answering questions like: —What is the price of disobedience? —How do you keep a good attitude when obeying God? —Why is willingness important in obedience? —How does being a friend of God change your perspective on obedience? —How...


The Fruit of Obedience (part 1)

We all want to obey God, but sometimes obedience turns out to be more difficult than we could have ever imagined. And yet, we know obeying God is foundational to our walk with Him. Today on the podcast we’re tackling this topic head-on, answering questions like: —How does God’s grace empower us to obey him? —What role does love play in obedience? —What is the difference between obedience and sacrifice? —Why does God expose disobedience in our lives? Obedience guards our intimacy with...


How To Hear God’s Voice (part 2)

So many people want to hear God’s voice, but have no clue there are actually things that can block His voice in their lives. Today we’re unpacking this on the podcast as we continue our conversation on how to hear the voice of God. In this conversation, we answer questions like: —What are the different ways God speaks? —What blocks God’s voice in our lives? —How does idolatry affect the way we hear God? More than anything, we want to encourage you: don’t stop speaking to God because you...