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Experts in Sport: The Loughborough University Sportcast, a podcast which brings together sporting excellence and academic knowledge. Hosted by the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University.


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Experts in Sport: The Loughborough University Sportcast, a podcast which brings together sporting excellence and academic knowledge. Hosted by the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University.






E58 - Golf equipment and how manufacturers and researchers can benefit players

Jonathan ‘Jono’ Shepherd (Head of Performance Research at PING golf) and Doctor Aimee Mears (Senior Lecturer in Sports Technology at Loughborough University) discuss golf equipment, and how manufactures and research can work together to benefit players both expert and amateur with host Stuart McErlain-Naylor. Timestamps 00:00 - 04:19 - Introductions to guests, background in golf and sports technology 04:20 - 11:18 - What is the performance research centre and what does it do? 11:19 - 21:12 - The interaction between the player and the equipment 21:13 - 28:32 - What technology are being used and how that helps achieve the aims of the industry? 28:33 - 30:26 - Variability of human movement or maximum performance 30:27 - 34:56 - Should you based equipment decisions off what the pros use? 34:57 - 37:57 - Speed, accuracy and the sweet spot in golf 37:58 - 44:36 - Would golf clubs be different between men and women? 44:37 - 46:18 - How good are people at judging golf equipment for themselves 46:19 - 49:14 - Conclusion, links and goodbyes from guests


E57 - 'Choking' and performance under pressure in golf

Professor Karl Steptoe (Sport and Performance Psychology Lead) and Professor Denise Hill (Associate Professor in Sport Psychology, Sport and Exercise Sciences) discuss 'choking' and performance under pressure in golf with host Martin Foster. The trio discuss the psychology behind choking as well as ways to manage and prepare for big moments. Timestamps 00:00 - 09:19 - Introductions to Guests, background in Golf and Handicaps 09:20 - 13:56 - “The psychology of golf performance under pressure” 13:57 - 24:17 - What is Choking? 24:18 - 32:32 - How many people experience choking and is there a way to know? 32:33 - 36:53 - Two pathways to choking 36:54 - 55:10 - How do we prepare and counter choking? 55:11 - 1:00:00 - Final conclusions, thank yous and goodbyes


E56 - Training load monitoring in elite sport: Limitations and lessons from medicine

Stuart McErlain-Naylor and Franco Impellizzeri (Sports Coach in Clinical Science and Professor of Sports, Exercise and Science in Medicine at the University of Technology Sydney) talk about the training load training load monitoring in elite sports, the limitations of this as well as the lessons that can be taken from medicine to assist the development of knowledge in this area. Timestamps: 00:00 - 04:23 - Introductions and career background of our guest 04:24 - 14:10 - What is training load? 14:11 - 19:47 - How is this currently being applied in elite sports settings? 19:48 - 25:42 - Will coaches use this in real time to advance training sessions? 25:43 - 29:11 - What are the current limitations with how load limitations are being used now? 29:12 - 34:50 - What should future studies do differently? 34:51 - 42:25 - How would this research be done in other fields and what can be learnt from that? 42:26 - 45:15- How can we improve the dialogue between academic and practise of sport science? 45:16 - 53:00 - Where do you see train load monitoring in the next 5 years? 53:01 - 53:44 - Outro


E55 - Sport in the Metaverse

Aaron Smith (Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Loughborough University) and Ben Shields (Senior Lecturer in Managerial Communication at MIT Sloan School of Management) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss the Metaverse, as well as its impact on the future of sport. Timestamps: 00:00 – 04:01 Introduction and career background on our guests 04:02 – 12:54 What is the Metaverse? 12:55 – 23:41 The evolution of the Metaverse 23:42 – 29:26 Development opportunities for "Sportiverse" 29:27 – 46:46 How it may impact the business, performance and fan experience 46:47 – 50:45 Potential issues & how they should be tackled 50:46 – 99:99 Episode recap and conclusion


E54 - The future of women's sport

Sue Anstiss (alumna, founder and CEO of Fearless Women) sits down with host Martin Foster to discuss the future of women’s sport, putting great emphasis on women’s football. She tackles the prevalent exclusion and inequality women may face within the field and argues for the increase of equity before reflecting on how it may evolve in the next 10 years. Timestamps: 00:00 – 03:54 Introduction and career background on our guest 03:55 – 10:24 The driving factors of women’s sport 10:25 – 19:44 The impact of primary school PE programs 19:45 – 29:36 Female exclusion and inequality in sport environments 29:37 – 36:47 Necessary elements towards the further growth of women’s sport 36:48 – 42:13 The future of women’s sport – equality vs equity 42:14 – 44:49 Episode recap and conclusion


E53 - Injury prevention and management in women's football

Dr Katrine Kryger (medical researcher at FIFA) sits down with host Martin Foster and co-host Rebecca Sawiuk to discuss the occurrence and prevalence of injuries in women’s football, tackling all factors that may affect the risk level, as well as how facilities and equipment impact performance. Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:26 Introduction & background into our guest 01:27 – 10:42 The prevalence of women’s injuries in sport 10:43 – 21:42 Factors that affect the level of injury risk 21:43 – 39:43 The impact of facilities and football boots 39:44 – 42:23 Adapting the design and size of the football 42:24 – 47:40 Injury prevention and future research 47:41 – 50:15 Episode recap and conclusion


E52 - The rise of diversity in women's football

Aditi Chauhan, professional footballer and Loughborough alumna, sits down with host Martin Foster to discuss her experience and career journey, her time at Loughborough University, as well as diving into the evolution of women’s football and the rise of diversity in sport in recent years. Timestamps: 00:00 – 07:38 Introduction & background on our guest 07:39 – 11:47 Aditi’s time at Loughborough 11:48 – 23:40 The evolution of women’s football & the contrast between the UK and India 23:41 – 31:45 Inequality within women’s football 31:46 – 39:24 The future of women’s sport in India 39:25 – 45:54 The rise of diversity in sport 45:55 – 48:24 Episode recap and conclusion


E51 - Building a positive coach-athlete relationship

Sophia Jowett (Professor in Psychology) and Rebecca Sawiuk (Former Director of Football) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss the importance of building a positive coach-athlete relationship, as well as its impact on performance. Timestamps: 00:00 – 04:43 Introduction and background information on our guests 04:44 – 14:18 The evolution of coaching 14:19 – 23:42 The dynamic difference between men’s and women’s football 23:43 – 27:44 Women in football “breaking the concrete ceiling” 27:45 – 39:42 The main traits of a good coach-athlete relationship 39:43 – 43:08 What coaches can do to improve the relationship 43:09 – 53:38 Psychological safety within coaching 53:39 – 56:00 Episode recap and conclusion


E50 - 19 years of biomechanics research into elite cricket bowling

Mark King (Loughborough Professor of Sports Biomechanics) sits down with host Stuart McErlain-Naylor to discuss his 19 years of elite Cricket Bowling Biomechanics research. Timestamps: 00:00 – 03:39 Intro & background information on our guest 03:40 – 09:30 Attributes of fast bowling 09:31 – 17:26 Biomechanics testing sessions & beginners vs elite athletes 17:27 – 23:21 Putting research findings into practice 23:22 – 28:53 Techniques & avoiding injury 28:54 – 33:15 “Chucking” in fast bowling 33:16 – 35:29 AI & the future of elite cricket biomechanics 35:30 – 38:23 Episode recap & conclusion


E47 - National Rehabilitation Centre: The development of the NRC

Professor Mark Lewis (Dean of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences), Pip Logan (Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange – University of Nottingham), and Miriam Duffy (NRC Programme Director) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss the development of the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC), detailing its clinical benefits, facilities, as well as its long-term impact in the world of rehabilitation. Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:04 Introduction & career background information on our guests 01:05 – 11:05 NRC & its development 11:06 – 25:16 Collaboration, research and innovation 25:17 – 30:16 The clinical benefits 30:17 – 38:10 NRC facilities 38:11 – 42:05 The long-term impact of the centre 42:06 – 46:04 Episode recap and conclusion


E48 - National Rehabilitation Centre: Exoskeletons and rehabilitation technology

Dr Michael Craven (Principal Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham) sits down with host Martin Foster to discuss his research into rehabilitation technology, diving into the use of exoskeletons in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, as well as sharing future development plans for the NRC. Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:58 Introduction & career background information on our guest 01:59 – 09:46 Access to Communication and Technology (ACT) 09:47 – 18:16 Musculoskeletal rehabilitation technology 18:17 – 27:18 The use of exoskeletons in rehabilitation 27:19 – 33:54 Future NRC development and research 33:55 – 37:40 Episode recap and conclusion


E49 - National Rehabilitation Centre: Enhancing prosthesis using 3D printing

Dr Anna Lion (Research Fellow of Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham) and Professor Richard Bibb (Professor of Medical Applications of Design) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss the Rehabilitation Technologies Network, as well as the development of technology to enhance rehabilitation devices using 3D printing and how it fits within the NRC. Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:39 Introduction & career background information on our guests 01:40 – 13:27 The Rehabilitation Technologies Network & Research benefits of the NRC 13:28 – 18:26 Network workshops and projects 18:27 – 29:43 Obstacles, collaboration, and 3D-printed prosthetics 29:44 – 47:49 The potential and future of enhancing prosthesis using 3D printing 47:50 – 53:06 Episode recap and conclusion


E46 - Improving global child health and nutrition

Paula Griffiths (Professor of Population Health) and Emily Rousham (Professor of Global Public Health) sit down with host Martin Foster to discuss their research, focusing on the health and nutrition challenges that lower and middle-income countries experience. Alongside their international research partners – Dr Elizabeth Kimani-Murage and Rossina Pareja-, they tackle two recent projects in Kenya and Peru, detailing the impact of their work with the World Health Organization (WHO). Timestamps 00:00 – 07:25 Intro & research background on our guests 07:26 – 22:44 Research project in Kenya – Paula and Elizabeth 22:45 – 41:53 Research project in Peru – Emily and Rossina 41:54 – 47:14 Future research plans 47:15 – 49:56 Episode recap and conclusion


E45 - Making decisions in sport: Ashes special

Ed Smith, the former England international batter and ex-National Selector for England cricket, sits down with Host Martin Foster to discuss his knowledge on what it takes to compete at the very highest level of cricket. Now in a role of Co-Founder of the Institute of Sports Humanities (ISH), Ed talks about his time with England cricket, detailing how change was delivered within the culture of the sport. Additionally, he dissects his decision-making process when selecting candidates for the England team. Timestamps: 00:00 – 02:29 Introduction & career background information on our guest 02:30 – 09:00 Ed's experiences with the Ashes 09:01 – 20:11 Insight into his former role of Chief Selector 20:12 – 26:09 Coaching, cricket culture and making improvements 26:10 – 41:34 Process/Anti-process & decision-making 41:35 – 46:20 ISH and developing the Leadership in Sport course 46:21 – 47:56 Episode recap and conclusion


E44 - Performance analysis in the Netball Super League

In this episode of the “Experts in Sport” podcast, host Stuart McErlain-Naylor sits down with Dr Andrew Butterworth, Head of Performance Analysis for the Loughborough Lightning Netball Super League team. They discuss his usual routine as a performance analyst - dissecting his role before, during, and after a match - also detailing the process of communicating findings and feedback to both coaches and players. Timestamps: 00:00 – 08:57 Introduction & background information on our guest 08:58 – 26:02 Andrew’s role and typical routine 26:02 – 34:26 The evolution of technology – from a Performance Analyst’s perspective 34:27 – 41:20 How the venue and equipment impact Performance Analysis 41:21 – 45:36 Performance analysis through GPS tracking 45:37 – 53:39 Communicating findings and post-match feedback 53:40 – 55:19 Advice on pursuing a career in Performance Analysis 55:20 – 56:18 Episode recap and conclusion


E43 - Testing Cristiano Ronaldo's free kick

In this episode of the “Experts in Sport” podcast, host Stuart McErlain-Naylor sits down with Dr Neal Smith, reader in Biomechanics at Chichester University. They discuss his research on football kicking, his experiences of testing elite athletes, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, and finally, how his findings can be translated into improvement in performance for everyday players. Timestamps: 00:00 – 03:31 Introduction & career background information on our guest 03:32 – 11:08 The basics of football kicking research 11:09 – 25:40 What goes into a good technique 25:41 – 30:17 Tackling unexpected results 30:18 – 33:12 Communicating the findings 33:13 – 38:32 Testing Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick 38:33 – 41:35 More information on Neal’s research 41:36 – 42:15 Episode recap and conclusion


E42 - Encouraging children's healthy eating through the 3Rs

In this episode of the “Experts in Sport” podcast, host Martin Foster sits down with Psychology Lecturer Dr Clare Holley, Research Associate Dr Lucy Porter, and Dan Parker, Chief Executive of VegPower. They discuss Dr Holley and Dr Porter’s research into child eating behaviors and temperament, as well as encouraging children to eat their vegetables, highlighting three methods known as “the 3Rs” – Role-modelling, Re-offering, and Rewarding. Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:08 Introduction & career background information on our guests 01:09 – 03:35 The 3Rs and their importance 03:36 – 18:55 Research findings on the 3Rs and child temperament 18:56 – 31:30 Obstacles parents may encounter + recommended tactics 31:31 – 35:04 VegStars – Development process and features 35:05 – 46:23 Introduction to VegPower + final thoughts and advice on the 3Rs 46:24 – 47:49 Episode recap and conclusion


E41 - Representing minors as a football agent

In this episode of the “Experts in Sport” podcast, host Martin Foster sits down with Sports Law lecturer Dr Serhat Yilmaz for a second time. They discuss his research on the topic of football agents representing minors, tackling the elements of good practice, as well as how to combat the malpractice and exploitation that may occur in these situations. Timestamps: 00:00 – 08:55 Introduction to Serhat’s research on the topic 08:56 – 17:43 Example of football agent malpractice 17:44 – 21:35 Parents as key stakeholders 21:36 – 30:04 The three dimensions of an agent’s practice 30:05 – 34:28 FIFA’s age restrictions for young athletes 34:29 – 35:56 Episode recap and conclusion


E40 - Building psychological strength through the 5Cs

In this episode of the “Experts in Sport” podcast, host Martin Foster sits down with Chris Harwood, Sport Psychology professor, and Karl Steptoe, Sport & Performance Psychology Lead. They discuss the development and research behind the 5Cs framework, which aims to make sports psychology more accessible and targeted at helping young people. Timestamps: 00:00 – 02:04 Introduction & career background information on our guests 02:05 – 08:39 The meaning and purpose of the 5Cs 08:40 – 16:33 The development process 16:34 – 35:03 Implementing the 5Cs in clubs and coaching 35:04 – 42:04 Measuring of the framework 42:05 – 46:32 Quickfire questions 46:33 – 50:07 Future plans for the 5Cs 50:08 – 51:07 Episode recap and conclusion


E39 - Overcoming fussy eating

In this episode of the “Experts in Sport” podcast, host Martin Foster sits down with Professor Emma Haycraft and Dr Gemma Witcomb, co-creators of the Child Feeding Guide, to discuss their research into how to combat children’s fussy eating.