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Geek culture’s influence and impact on families; its presence and use in family therapy as well how psychology is used in geek culture and media.

Geek culture’s influence and impact on families; its presence and use in family therapy as well how psychology is used in geek culture and media.


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Geek culture’s influence and impact on families; its presence and use in family therapy as well how psychology is used in geek culture and media.








Speeding Bullets

GFT & Sagas Cross over part duex…. This time we meet Bruce Wayne… Kal-el was sent to none other but Gotham City in this one shot ElseWorlds event. Shannon and Kat review and discuss their feelings on the one shot. Kat discusses attachment theory some more and discusses how secure attachment helps with Post Traumatic […]


Superman Red Son

GFT is back in a big way, with a cross over episode with Saga’s Podcast. Shannon gives all the major comic details while Kat gives some psych background for the episode. It is chalk full of details on a different side of Supes you never knew. So what happens when Superman is raised in Cold […]


And the Pack Survives

Spoilers ahead in this episode. The last season of Game of Thrones is divisive, people either hate or love the season. But the two main families that battle against each other are the Starks and the Lannisters. The progression of the characters and the family attachments are discussed from season one to season eight. The […]


GFT-HCAT take over discussing End Game

The HCAT squad help Kat talk about the new Marvel Avengers movie End Game. There are so many topics to discuss and there are so many topics that are missed, but we only had 2 hours to discuss the main characters that are seen in a three-hour movie. We discuss depression in the MCU; grief […]


Cosplay Family

GFT is back after a long hiatus and Lea and Kat interview Lissette about her cosplay life and including her child in her cosplay. Lissette discusses autism, ABA and conventions. The photo’s that are are discussed are on the get instagram and of course please check out un-re designs Follow Kat on twitter @KatMFT Follow Lea […]


Geek Therapy Patreon Special Offer

Geek Therapy’s Josué Cardona has hijacked this feed to make a special announcement. The Geek Therapy Network, including GFT, is brought to you in part by member of Geek Therapy on Patreon. For the month of February GT is holding a special offer for all new and current members. Listen to learn more and visit […]


The Landings Shooting

#19: This is a quick emotional response to the Landings Shootings from Lea as she found out about it on 8/27/18. This is a pure emotional response. There is no edits to this no intro no outro. The article attached CNN article 8/27/18 Follow Kat on twitter @KatMFT Follow Lea on twitter @LFBeee Follow GFT on instagram […]


A whole bunch of changes.

#18: This session of GFT is the end of what we will call season 1. Lea and Kat have started a new path in their careers, Kat started a mPh.D. program to get her doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in working with military personnel and their families; and Lea is going for her […]


Black Panther

#17: First we would like to apologize due to some editing issues. The program that was used to record the episode had been having issues with Audio Drift. This episode, The editing took days. Thank you Shannon. THIS WHOLE EPISODE IS SPOILERS!!!!! SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS!!!! Lea and Kat gush about their love of the new Black […]


AHHHHH Robots!!!!!

#16: Robots are being introduced into mainstream more often. We have Alexa, and google home, not to mention Siri on iPhones. Now there is the introduction to Jibo for the home that can display emotions and learns what different users in the home will like and responds accordingly. Does this influence the way family members […]


Holidays, movies, and possibly current events

#15: Hey we got a new logo!!!! Quick apology to begin with there might be some banging in the background, we did get rid of most of it but there is still some, I hope you can bear with us, during the episode. So we had a lot of plans that fell through. But we […]



#14: The podcast name has changed… From Geeks & Family Therapy to Geek Family Therapy…. Not too different but it rolls of the tongue easier. We are finishing the episodes on character alignment with of course EVIL… Lea and Kat also took the character alignment test and Kat is Neutral, and Lea is chaotic neutral. […]


Catching Up, Character Alignments, Narrative Therapy

#13: We’ve been gone for a whole month, we are totally sorry. Yes, it’s Kat’s fault, due to overwhelming work schedules and crisis, as well as getting very sick and then injured, October was just not a good month. But here it is lucky number 13. Lea and Kat discuss the neutral characters from Marvel […]


NY Comic Con

#12: Lea, Kat & Shannon ( the man behind the curtain of GFT) went to New York Comic Con. On Thursday and Friday the floor was busy but not so busy that it was hard to walk, but on Saturday and Sunday, the press of bodies was insane, making it nearly impossible to walk. Lea […]


Character Alignments pt 1

#11: This is the episode before NYCC. Both Leah and Kat have been going for years, and they will be attending again. There will be, of course, a NYCC exclusive episode discussing family’s who attend conventions, as well family’s who cosplay together. The plan, maybe speak to family’s on Sunday, which used to be called […]


Apps in therapy

#10: I think I should preface this by saying in no way should any of these apps be used without therapy. These are not ways to diagnose or treat alone, but in conjunction with mental health professionals. Code therapy is a 15 minute documentary that discusses depression. Discussing that depression is the second largest […]


What is Sarahah, PTSD in comics and real life.

#9: We talk about the new social media app, Sarahah. Kat makes fun of the name, because she can’t say it. Lea talks about her use in it. The premise isn’t a bad idea, especially when we are discussing the implications it has in the work force, but it should have been left as an […]


Meta Batman, Female Doctor, BHNB

#8: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! OMG Batman is a meta… Kat goes on a rant on how everyone says that Batman is the best super hero because he has no super powers (other than he’s super rich, doesn’t make him a hero), and now….. in the Suicide Squad, he is classified as a meta due to his exposure […]


Finding yourself in pop culture and Ghost hunting

#7: Kat got to explore one of her fandoms, geeky likes, nerd like passions… whatever you want to call it… But she went to see Eastern State Penitentiary. It is a jail that was built in 1829 and closed in 1971. This did pique Kat’s love of history (especially haunted history) and some psychological aspects […]


Family of choice vs. Family of origin

#6: Family of origin is the people who we are born into, or marry into. While Family of Choice are the people that we choose to have involved in out lives. These people will become like siblings, uncles, aunts or even surrogate parents for us. In fiction family of choice is often used to help […]