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We're a community of contributors sharing information about Tulsa, Life, and Faith.


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We're a community of contributors sharing information about Tulsa, Life, and Faith.








Episode 4

Dr. Sheila Riley shares about the challenges of leading a Tulsa public school during this difficult time in our state’s economy. She talks about how Eugene Field is a Community School, and the difference that all of these partnerships make in providing a great education for our elementary students. She also shared her story, and how she found her purpose at Eugene Field after a difficult first 18 months on the job. Dr. Riley and Aaron met at Eugene Field on the corner of 23rd St. and SW...


Episode 3

For Episode 3 of The 918 Podcast, Aaron sat down with Dustin Curzon, Executive Director of 36° North. 36° North is a new physical co-working space for entrepreneurs located in the Brady District. Dustin shares with us about how 36° North came into being, and why entrepreneurship is so strong in Tulsa. Forbes has ranked Tulsa the number 1 city for young entrepreneurship, and in the podcast, Dustin tells us some of the reasons why that is the case. Dustin also shares some about his experience...


Episode 2

For Episode 2 of The 918 Podcast, we sat down with Ashley Philippsen, Program Director of Lead North. Lead North is a local initiative that “is dedicated to bringing leaders from all levels together to gain the knowledge, sills, and network necessary to take meaningful action in the north Tulsa community.” Ashley tells us about the meaningful difference that Lead North is making both through vital conversations and through the initiatives that Lead North team members have completed. One of...


Episode 1

For the first episode of The 918 Podcast, we sat down with Jeff Jaynes, Executive Director of Restore Hope Ministries, a local non-profit that fights poverty in Tulsa every day. As you will hear in the podcast, they do extraordinary work in homeless prevention, food distribution, and in providing hope to the community. Jeff also serves as the chair of Zero:2016, a collaborative Tulsa agency seeking to end homelessness in Tulsa in 2016. Check out the progress they've made on their website,...



5/9/2016's Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Tiger, sits down with Tulsa area leaders to talk about how their organizations are making a difference in the 918 and to hear a bit of their personal story as well. Make sure you stay around to hear them answer the rapid fire questions at the end!