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Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda is a non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers with insights about innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, fundraising, persuasion, and GOTV. Topics include the power of mobile devices, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, cross-media advertising, grassroots organizing, and big data.


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Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda is a non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers with insights about innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, fundraising, persuasion, and GOTV. Topics include the power of mobile devices, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, cross-media advertising, grassroots organizing, and big data.




Supporting Families of Veterans Who Have Committed Suicide with Dave Barbush Once A Soldier

Dave Barbush, Founder and CEO of Once A Soldier, and Deepak Puri, CEO of The Democracy Labs, discuss the need to address the scope and significant impact of death by suicide by veterans and ways to prevent it. Dave has a background in online outreach and has used these skills to start this virtual non-profit to raise money and awareness and provide resources to help limit the emotional and financial scars for families and friends. Dave and Deepak talk about: #OnceASoldier @TheDemLabs #Veterans #VeteranSuicide #MemorialDay #VA #Suicide


Telling Compelling Stories with Maps to Persuade and Engage with Allen Carroll Esri

Allen Carroll, Program Manager for Storytelling at Esri, talks with Deepak Puri, CEO of The Democracy Labs, about using mapping and visualization to tell compelling stories and drive change. Allen moved to Esri after 27 years at the National Geographic Society, where he gained a deep appreciation of the power of GIS data and maps. Allen and Deepak talk about: Developing the Esri storytelling app StoryMaps to generate interactive maps with multimedia content to tell place-based stories Sources of data to develop visualization of neighborhoods and communities to identify opportunities and problems @ArcGISStoryMaps @Esri @TheDemLabs #GIS #Visualization #Maps #Mapping #StoryMaps


Building Power with Mira Weinstein Organizing to Win

Mira Weinstein, Organizer in Chief at Organizing to Win, and Deepak Puri, The Democracy Labs, discuss the challenging topic of power. They agree that strategic campaigns must go beyond winning to develop the power that can bring about real change. Mira and Deepak talk about: #OrganizingToWin @TheDemLabs #Organizing #BuildPower #StrategicOrganizingCampaigns #OrganizingEducation #DisruptingWhiteSupremacyCulture


Using a Geographic Lens to Address Social Justice with Clinton Johnson Esri

Clinton Johnson is the Social Justice/Racial Equity Lead at Esri and an advocate for using GIS and visualization tools to highlight social challenges and opportunities for improvement. Clinton and Deepak Puri, The Democracy Labs, explore the kinds of data that can make a difference in understanding a problem and put it in a form that can lead to action. Clinton and Deepak share a deep appreciation for geospatial technology and the power of GIS to drill down to a neighborhood level to help organizations better allocate resources. Clinton and Deepak talk about: @Esri @TheDemLabs #GIS #Visualization #SocialJustice #RacialEquity


Speechwriting Best Practices and Mistakes with Dan Gerstein Gotham Ghostwriters

Dan Gerstein, CEO of Gotham Ghostwriters, shares his reflections about how and why elected officials, candidates, and advocates use ghostwriting services to create impactful speeches, books, op-eds, and other projects. We talk about: @GothamGhosts #Ghostwriters #PoliticalSpeeches #Voters


Using the Internet to Win Elections with Colin Delany Epolitics

Deepak Puri, CEO of The Democracy Labs, talks with Colin Delany,, about how internet use has changed over the years and the mistakes that campaigns make when using this tool. Colin reflects on best practices and tactical actions in his newly revised e-book How to use the Internet to change the world and win elections. Deepak and Colin talk about: Fundraising best practicesContent that compels people to take actionValue of listening and gossipSmart digital media buying strategiesImpact of AI on political campaigns #ColinDelany #Epolitics @TheDemLabs #Fundraising #Voters #DigitalAds #AI #Mobilization


Organizing Tool for Grassroots Amplification on Social Media with Nick Knudsen DemCast

Nick Knudsen Co-Founder of DemCast talks with Deepak Puri, The Democracy Labs, about organizing tools for campaigns and advocates that empower volunteers. Their social media toolkits help campaigns gain momentum, provide a method for rapid response and build relationships with a broader universe of voters. Nick and Deepak talk about: Driving social media actions Need for speed to get attention for a topic Volume of people who share a message essential to see change The power of amplification through grassroots messengers #DemCast @TheDemLabs #Organizing #SocialMedia #Voters #Grassroots


Internship Opportunities for Political Engagement with Sandra Radoff Students for Justice

Sandra Radoff, Co-Director of Students for Justice, talks with Deepak Puri, The Democracy Labs, about a grassroots effort that grew out of the challenges and opportunities created by COVID. The Students for Justice started with an idea about overcoming restrictions in the earliest days of the pandemic. It is now an organization that provides paid internships to college students to introduce them to career opportunities in politics and advocacy. Deepak and Sandra talk about: @VoteSFJ #StudentsforJustice #VoteSFJ @TheDemLabs #GrassrootsOrganizing #VoterOutreach


The Power of E-Mail Lists for Fundraising with David Lytel Majority Messaging

David Lytel, Founder of Majority Messaging, has extensive experience using digital tools to persuade and motivate voters, starting with serving in the Clinton White House and being responsible for the first websites. Investing in quality e-mail lists is the starting point of an effective campaign to reach those most likely to contribute, volunteer, and turn out to vote. Strategies include buying lists of names of voters and testing to determine the value of those names. We talk about: #MajorityMessaging #Email #Fundraising #OnlineFundraising #Voters #GOTV


Engaging and Mobilizing Voters with Sara Schreiber America Votes

Sara Schreiber is the Executive Director at America Votes coordinating the activities of progressive groups. Strategies for engaging voters have widened as the options for voting have expanded. America Votes educates people of all ages about the need to vote, finding them where they are throughout the day. Sara emphasizes that connecting with voters on issues is one way to persuade Independent voters, a growing segment of the electorate. We talk about: @AmericaVotes #VoterTurnout #GOTV #IndependentVoters #ProgressiveVoters


Preventing Gun Violence with Po Murray Newtown Action Alliance

Po Murray, Founder and Chairwoman of Newtown Action Alliance, joins Deepak Puri in an interview about ending gun violence. After the shooting at her local Sandy Hook Elementary School, Po took a fresh look at gun control and the role she could play in keeping weapons of war out of the hands of civilians like her neighbor who shot and murdered 26 people that day. Po and Deepak discuss: Working with survivors of gun violence to create a sea change in the dialogue about guns Role of revenue from the sales of weapons of war in lobbying for relaxed gun laws Marketing of assault weapons to young people Need for individuals to speak up to their elected officials about the need for an assault weapon ban Lunch lobby sessions to urge Congress and other elected officials to act @NewtownAction @NewtownActionAlliance #EndGunViolence #HonorWithAction #BanAssaultWeapons #BanWeaponsOfWar #GunControl @TheDemLabs Monday Lunch and Lobby sessions: Newtown Action


Organizing for Civil and Women's Rights with Heather Booth Founder of Jane Cooperative

Heather Booth, Founder of the Jane Cooperative, talks with Deepak Puri about her current work and experience as an early activist in the civil and women's rights movements. Organizing abortion services In the pre-Roe years and participating in the Freedom Summer Project taught Heather the importance of community and speaking up. As Founder of the Midwest Academy, Heather has influenced and instructed many of the leading Democratic leaders of our time. Heather and Deepak talk about: @hboothgo @thedemlabs #CivilRights #WomensRights #AbortionRights #RoevWade #Dobbs #Organizing #Grassroots #Volunteers #Protests #Protesting #WisconsinSupremeCourt The Janes Call Jane The Midwest Academy Heather Booth playing guitar for Fannie Lou Hammer and others during the Freedom Summer Project in Mississippi in 1964


Phone Banking Strategies to Get Out the Vote with Susan Pfeiffer

Susan Pfeiffer is an expert at using phone banks to organize and mobilize voters. As a veteran phone bank volunteer and manager, she explains how her group is working with volunteers to get the vote out for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election. Deepak Puri interviews Susan and they talk about: @TheDemLabs #PhoneBanking #GOTV #Organizing #Volunteers #WisconsinSupremeCourt #Canvass


Political and Advocacy Influence Marketing with Zach Fang Vocal Media

Zach Fang, Head of Sales and Business Development at Vocal Media, is enthusiastic about the opportunities for political and advocacy campaigns to tap into the power of online influencers. He is also excited about the chances for a diverse community of influencers to have their voices heard and to build stronger communities of interest. We talk about: @getvocalmedia #TikTok #Influencers #PoliticalAdvertising #InfluencerMarketing #YouTubeShorts #InstagramReels TikTok Instagram


Postcarding and Other Political Grassroots Innovations with Andrea Miller Center for Common Ground

Andrea Miller, Center for Common Ground talks with Deepak Puri about grassroots efforts to reach disadvantaged voters and under-represented people to encourage them to vote. With a family background in activism, Andrea is continuing a tradition of providing accurate information about voting and elections. They talk about: @CTR4CmnGround @TheDemLabs #Voters #VoterSuppression #BIPOC #GOTV #Postcarding #CampaignVolunteers #WisconsinSupremeCourt


Democracy Thrives When We Have Shared Facts with Nicole Bateman USAFacts

Nicole Bateman, Research Manager, is making government data available to bring facts to conversations about the economy and political policy. USAFacts focuses on improving timely access to government data to provide a more complete picture for Americans to contextualize the data. In 2023, much work must be done at the state and local levels to inform conversations about political issues with accurate facts from a trusted resource. We talk about: @USAFacts #GovernmentData #Inflation #Voters #EconomicData


The Power of Women Voters with Taylor Salditch Supermajority

Taylor Salditch is the Interim Executive Director at Supermajority, a women's equality organization offering a wide range of opportunities for marginalized voters to get informed and have their voices heard. The values-based progressive agenda at Supermajority promotes the needs of women at the local and national levels with calls to action to address specific issues. With an interracial, intergenerational approach to building the community, Taylor emphasizes that what is good for women is good for everybody. We talk about: @Supermajority #Women #WomenAreVoting #Activism #Advocacy #WomensRights #GenderEquality #ProgressiveValues


Training Winning Candidates with Patti Russo The Campaign School at Yale University

Patti Russo, Executive Director of The Campaign School at Yale University, reports on the success of women elected officials who graduated from their program and the impact their success has on others thinking of running for office. Creating this radically collaborative non-partisan environment has opened the range of applicants interested in running for office and campaign management. In the early years, the average attendee was a white woman in her mid-40s, and now they are women of color in their mid-20s. We talk about: @TCSYale #TheCampaignSchoolatYale #PoliticalCampaigns #WomenCandidates Apply to the Summer Session of The Campaign School at Yale University June 12-16, 2023


Empowering Campaign Volunteers to Build Relationships with Jono Kupferberg HubDialer

Jono Kupferberg is the CEO of HubDialer, a virtual predictive dialer software that supports outreach efforts and GOTV by campaigns and advocacy groups. This process automates the dialing and personalizes the conversation for volunteers so that campaigns can build relationships with voters and supporters and encourage them to take an action. We talk about: #HubDialer #Autodialer #PredictiveDialer #CampaignVolunteers #Mobile #VoterOutreach #GOTV


Editorial Cartoons Political Humor and Influencing Public Opinion with Daryl Cagle Founder Cagle Cartoons

Daryl Cagle is the Founder of Cagle Cartoons, a newspaper syndicate specializing in editorial cartoons and columnists. Despite the changing landscape of newspaper readership and editorial pages, political cartoons still effectively reach and persuade voters. These visual columnists are looking to make a point and persuade a reader, not just get a chuckle. We talk about: #CagleCartoons #EditorialCartoons #PoliticalCartoons #Newspapers #EditorialPages Syndicate: Reader Site: