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The Friday Reporter was created to better understand the news process from a journalist's point of view. After nearly three years, the guest list has expanded to include newsmakers, policymakers and image makers. It's a show about public affairs and the contours of how business is done. Lisa Camooso Miller is the host and a D.C.-based public affairs professional who is asking the questions.


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The Friday Reporter was created to better understand the news process from a journalist's point of view. After nearly three years, the guest list has expanded to include newsmakers, policymakers and image makers. It's a show about public affairs and the contours of how business is done. Lisa Camooso Miller is the host and a D.C.-based public affairs professional who is asking the questions.




So NOW What Do We Wear?

Margo Lilly is a D.C.-based stylist with a clientele that spans the globe. Her childhood love of dressing-up has become a booming business of styling her clients. After three years of joggers and slippers the business world is struggling to figure what it is we should wear. Margo goes through the new rules for women and men (minute 14) so that we can more easily get up and out daily. With a world that is so dominated by images and online personas, it's good to get some insight from someone who knows. (spoiler alert: break out your penny loafers!) Tune in to meet my friend Margo from! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Friday Reporter is Growing!

Friday Reporter by the Numbers 125 episodes 12K downloads Partnered with PR Daily Part of The Big Whig Podcast Network So many new pitches in, guests will continue to be journalists, the news-adjacent and other newsmakers! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Climate Science & Trends to Follow

Today's guest is a journalist that has been a pioneer in the reporting of climate in America and across the globe. Coral Davenport is the energy and environment policy correspondent for the New York Times and over her career she has seen and advocated for the expansion of this important news coverage. She shares her early interest in journalism -- from travel to possibly foreign correspondent -- to several well-known D.C. publications -- and finally landing at the New York Times. She was once among just a few, but is now joined by nearly 15 journalists that cover the many contours of possibly one of the most important issues of our time. Listen in today to meet Coral and her unique perspectives on climate and energy exploration, while she also offers some hopeful storylines that we ought to follow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


What's for Lunch?

Some deals get made on the golf course, while lots of others get made over a great meal. My public affairs pro friend and colleague Shelley Hymes has seized on the concept and has turned lunch into a podcast. How delicious! With a long and robust career in politics and public affairs, Shelley Hymes delights her podcast guests with a thoughtful set of questions, while also enjoying some of the most amazing meals in Washington, D.C. Hosting a successful podcast of her own, we decided it would be fun to trade hosting and guest opportunities with one another. Listen in today to hear more about Shelley and her fantastic show ! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Back to School Edition -- College Admissions -- with Chris Hammer

If you've been around me in the last few weeks, you know I'm helping my first kid with college applications. And by help, I mean recruit every single friend and resource I can to figure this out. It's not like when we did this all those years ago. So today is a special edition -- back to school style -- with my friend and counselor Chris Hammer. As the CEO, President and Chief of CMH Tutoring and Consulting, Chris Hammer preps his clients for the SAT, helps them write a killer essay, and (if you're lucky) he also gives you great food recipes and recommendations. If you find yourself in the same college prep predicament, check out my friend Chris' biz at And for those of you that are looking for journo and comms content - regular programming resumes next week! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Spelling, Grammar and Lobbying 101

Jennifer Johnson joins Lisa today for a fresh conversation about lobbying, Capitol Hill and the importance of spelling and grammar - above all else. Jennifer's remarkable dedication to her clients and her causes has delivered a rare legislative win in a divided government - and a tumultuous political environment - and she counts her good reputation and her best practices for that victory. Listen in today to hear more about the behind the scenes of a lobbyist's work and why loyalty to your home state can lead to some of the most remarkable experiences. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Battleground '24, Politics and Philly Foods - with Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan is a political writer and columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, authoring his gossipy-style Clout newsletter and breaking down all the news from the Commonwealth. Hat tip to Jonathan Tamari for nominating him! With a long family lineage that heralds from the City of Brotherly Love, Chris Brennan breaks down the nuances of Pennsylvania politics with Lisa for today's episode. With all reports that the road to the White House will run through his state, this political journalism legend is keeping very busy. Luckily, he found thirty minutes to talk about his career, his killer network of pols and his all-time favorite Philadelphia sandwich. Spoiler alert -- it's NOT the cheesesteak. Tune in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Take Us on a Field Trip - with Lillian Cunningham

Quite possibly my favorite podcast host, creator and journalist is out with another "must listen" show. The Washington Post's Lillian Cunningham has hosted Presidential (44 episodes a week about each of the U.S. Presidents); Constitutional (timely because we all needed a reminder), Moonrise (about the race to the moon) and now Field Trip (about the National Parks). With 13 years at the Washington Post, Lillian pitched her first show at a time when audio was not nearly as prevalent (making her a quick study on how-to) to a time now when she is joined by a remarkable team of experts in the field of audio production. She tells us today about how Field Trip is a full experience that will deliver you to the beautiful U.S. locations she is featuring. Listen in today to find out more about Lillian Cunningham, her remarkable new podcast that has launched this week! (June 28, 2023), and her career path to podcast magic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


News Focused on Audience Experience

Joe Ruffolo is the senior vice president and general manager for The Hill and NewsNation and after a whole month of meeting his team, our conversation reflects on his vision for their future. With a remarkable career in the news and media business, Joe is focused on the audience and the value their content delivers. Join in today to hear more about his background, his vision for the future and his commitment to this great team of journalists. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Access Unmatched with The Hill's Mychael Schnell

Mychael Schnell is a Congressional staff writer for The Hill -- and the fourth episode of the monthly Hill / NewsNation takeover. With just a year under her belt at the publication, Mychael reports that access to sources is "unmatched" on Capitol Hill. From the coverage of the overturning of Roe v Wade to the Speaker election to the debate on the debt ceiling - Mychael Schnell has had a front row seat to history in just a short period of time. With an early interest in journalism, she describes her initial path toward sports journalism as a solid foundation for what is similar in the reporting on politics and policy. Mychael Schnell is already crushing this beat and she's only just begun. Tune in to meet this remarkable journalist! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Finding Strength at the Border - with Ali Bradley

Ali Bradley is the National Correspondent for NewsNation reporting everyday from the southern border of the U.S. Her early career story is not dissimilar to others in the broadcast space, but the strength she draws from her faith is what guides and grounds her in likely one of the most challenging in the continental U.S. Ali shares the perspective of a border wall -- as a beacon of hope for those coming -- and a symbol of trespass for those guarding. It's a fun and lively conversation with a journalist that is passionate about her work. Listen in today to meet Ali Bradley -- the third of five The Hill / NewsNation June podcast takeovers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Become Human to Them - with Brian Entin

Brian Entin is NewsNation's senior congressional correspondent -- and to hear him tell his story, it's an incredibly busy and meaningful experience. Brian spends much of his weeks traveling from city to city and covering some of the biggest stories in the news. He prides himself on following up on stories after they've broken to continue to follow the impacts. From the murders in Iowa, to the Surfside residential building collapse, to hurricanes and mass shootings -- Brian Entin is covering some of the most emotional and personal stories in the U.S. Tune in today to hear how he approaches these stories, greets naysayers and brings the most important stories of our lifetime into our homes with a style and grace that is unmatched. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Opposing and Complimentary Views

Robby Soave and Briahna Joy Gray are the hosts of The Hill TV: Rising. Featuring views from a libertarian and left point of view, these two star political commentators break down the news daily and bring analysis to current events for their viewers. Join me today for the first in a June take-over of The Friday Reporter podcast with Robby and Briahna, learn more about their backgrounds and how they produce this dynamic programming for their viewers everyday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Flak for Flacks & a June Takeover

Alex Rosenwald is the Senior Director of Communications for The Hill Newspaper at a time when the publication is building a media empire. With their Nexstar ownership, they find themselves in a unique place of being omnipresent both on Capitol Hill and across the country. Both in print and on the airwaves. Alex started his career in the radio producing business -- working amongst the strongest brands in the business -- and made his way into the publishing world at an exciting time for media expansion. Now leading the way for the news making team, Alex finds himself advancing The Hill brand in a variety of ways. During today's episode, Alex announces The Hill / NewsNation June Friday Reporter Podcast takeover -- with five episodes dedicated to their talented team of journalists -- and highlights the PR Daily Media Relations Conference coming to D.C. in June 2023. Tune in to meet Alex, hear him break some news and find out more about The Hill Newspaper. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Advancing the Dialogue in Media and Politics -- with Johanna Maska

Johanna Maska is the CEO of Global Situation Room -- a multi-coast public affairs agency -- she's also the host of a new podcast called Press Advance and contributor for NewsNation. With a background in journalism and politics, Johanna has spent much of her career advocating for elected officials and those in the journalism space. She finds herself in a position to not only speak into the issues, but also encourage conversations that help to cut through the traditional noise of politics. With another award-winning podcast under her belt (Pod is a Woman), Johanna is excited to reveal her next amazing project on May 22. In today's episode she gives us a preview about the show and the great guests they look forward to sharing with the world. Tune in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Listen Closely and Ask Questions

Hoppy Kercheval is the best-known broadcaster in all of West Virginia - and to think he started his career wanting to be a disc jockey! Respect for this remarkable journalist is widely-held and that is why so many heads of state, political candidates, and other newsmakers join Hoppy for his two-hour show. His love and respect for his home state is palpable in his coverage and he treats every guest with the highest level of respect. In fact, Hoppy offers that almost anyone can be interesting, if you listen closely and ask questions based on what they're telling you. Listen in today and meet the voice of West Virginia. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Radio is a One on One Experience

Rich Zeoli hosts a wildly popular, four hour radio show every weekday in Philadelphia -- and he's great at it. With a small team, Rich and his crew have figured out how to make topics easy to digest - both intellectually and literally -- through the use of traditional radio and internet means, along with many other smart tactics. Rich shares his journey to becoming a broadcast star and celebrated author (The Seven Principles of Public Speaking: Proven Methods from a PR Professional) -- while also balancing life and family. You'll want to tune in today to meet Rich Zeoli and hear about how it is he gets it all done. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Modern Rock in Fairfax County

Everyone need a palate cleanser from time to time and that's exactly what today brings us. Dave Sandrowitz is a music lover and a friend -- he's also the DJ and host of Gorgeous Dave's Radio Hour on Fairfax County (Va) public radio. With a lifelong career in tech, Dave is exercising his creative side with the creation of a brand new show (one month new!) Listen in today to a conversation about great music of the 80s and 90s -- and today -- the translation of creating into everyday life and one one man's dream led to a terrific new opportunity for music exposure. He also gives us the playbook for how he got himself started on this new adventure. To hear Dave's show -- link is here --> 1udIrfLGQViUOMFmcI0F Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


A Seat At The Table - with Robin Shallow

Robin Shallow is the founder of Robin Communications and has a tremendous point of view into the world of public relations. With a seasoned career in the world of media (magazines, publishing, etc) - Robin reflects on the changes that have happened in the industry over the course of her time in the space. Today's conversation is between two communications professionals who reflect on the evolution of the public affairs industry, the different kinds of communications bias' that influence client work, and even bit on women in the communications world. Tune in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mission-Driven Media - with Amy Harder

Amy Harder is executive editor of Cipher (which means ZERO) a mission-driven news outlet for Breakthrough Energy. With Bill Gates at the head of the organization, Breakthrough Energy’s aim is to inspire the world to develop and scale the critical solutions we need to reach net-zero emissions—so everyone can enjoy affordable, abundant clean energy.And there is no journalist better to lead this remarkable effort than the amazing Amy Harder. With journalism in her sights from an early age, Amy has worked for some of the biggest and well-regarded news outlets in the U.S. She's been at the helm of Cipher since it's beginning and they're only just getting started. Join Lisa today for a conversation with Amy Harder and learn more about Cipher and their mission-based platform. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit