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Britpop, Madchester, Shoegaze, C86, Indie podcast out of Denver, CO




Episode 61: You don’t know what you’re doing.

Let’s get one more of these things going before it’s travel time. PLAYLIST:


Episode 60 – Three Men Enter, Three Men Leave

The day podcast session started with the ritual of scratch hashbrowns, now featuring bell peppers and onions, eggs Sunnyside up, and a slice of the holy ghost. “Football” on the “Telly” and whackin’ on some of the finest tunes you’ve ever heard – in. your. life. This episode’s lineup includes… PLAYLIST


Episode 59 – Jake Chats with Ché Walden of Miniatures

Ché Walden of New Zealand band Miniatures joins Jake Ryan for an in-depth discussion about the band and his past, interspersed with an absolute gem of a playlist from Ché himself on this double-length episode. You’ll find it was worth the wait. PLAYLIST:


Episode 58: A Fast Times at Ridgemont High Reference

Could it be that not only did Lenny, Tyler, and Greg record an episode, but it’s actually not getting tossed. I know – unheard of… or more literally, heard of. The music on this episode: Sublime. The banter: On Par with Expectations. You: In love with the experience of it all. PLAYLIST:


Episode 57: Summer Lovin’

Look out world, Jake Ryan’s got something to play. JR takes you through a beautiful tapestry of baggy, pop, shoegaze, and more in this solo episode. Because that’s what we do here and, like clockwork, you can expect a new episode every quarter or so… or weekly… or once a year….. PLAYLIST:


Episode 56: Thematic Earworms

Tyler decides to get episode 56 out of his and into yours. Dig it! PLAYLIST:


Episode 55: Jakey does the 2023 Skidoo

Yeah…it’s been a minute. Why wait any longer? Lots of shoegaze and, dare I say, pop music curated by your favorite (at least he’s in the top 3 if you not your favorite) host, Jake Ryan PLAYLIST:


Episode 54: To Havin’ It & To Havin’ It Not

Good stories and even better tunes on this one. You want a theme? That theme is just lining up some good ones for you. Have it. (Or don’t – we won’t know unless you tell us.) PLAYLIST: Secret Machines – The Road Leads Where It’s Led The Clientele – Rain Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – … Continue reading "Episode 54: To Havin’ It & To Havin’ It Not"


Episode 53: Norway, Jose! Indie from Scandinavia

This out of order episode (thanks bonus episode!) has us wondering, what would viking-indie sound like? Of course, it sounds amazing. Here are some of our favorite bands and tunes from WAY up north. PLAYLIST: A-ha – The Sun Always Shines On TV Westkust – Weekends The Cardigans – Your New Cuckoo Cinnamon – Me … Continue reading "Episode 53: Norway, Jose! Indie from Scandinavia"


Episode 52: Casual Jake (BONUS Mid-week Episode!!)

Usually, only paid subscribers get the bonus episodes – but seeing as we don’t have any paid subscribers, we don’t usually produce bonus episodes. This one was done last week while Tyler we in New Orleans – visiting bars and picking up COVID from the local merchants. Jake references spinning records this Friday, which was … Continue reading "Episode 52: Casual Jake (BONUS Mid-week Episode!!)"


Episode 51: 4-4-2 (Terrace Bangers)

This episode is meta as fuck and it’s about football – and not the American type. Does Lenny support Man United or Man City? Only way to know for sure is to listen to this episode. And mark my words, episode 51 of the casual sound is sure to be…. a home run! (I’m kidding. … Continue reading "Episode 51: 4-4-2 (Terrace Bangers)"


Episode 50: Primavera Sound 2022 Picks

Barcelona here we come. Don’t speak Catalon and my Spanish es muy mal. But, Pavement are reuniting and it feels so good. Here are our some of our favorite acts playing Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022. PLAYLIST: Gorillaz – Momentary Bliss (feat. Slaves & slowthai) Pavement – Trigger Cut Tim Burgess – Oh My Corazon Beach … Continue reading "Episode 50: Primavera Sound 2022 Picks"


Episode 49 – It’s A Cruel World (Episode)

Headed to Pasadena for Cruel World? Whether you don’t know the bands (why are you going?) or you’re just looking for an episode to get you in the mood – we’ve got your primer right here. There are a lot of bands to be morally disappointed by in the line-up, but the tunes endure. PLAYLIST: … Continue reading "Episode 49 – It’s A Cruel World (Episode)"


Episode 48 – To and From Ireland, With Love

Some tracks we love from Ireland. For Damian Murphy PLAYLIST: Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia Ash – Saskia Touch of Oliver – Barrington St. My Bloody Valentine – New You The Boomtown Rats – Up All Night The Frank And Walters – Walter’s Trip Just Mustard – Still Rollerskate Skinny – Miss Leader U2 – … Continue reading "Episode 48 – To and From Ireland, With Love"


Episode 47 – Or part 46 of Episode 1?

Jake and Tyler let one idea become the next in the episode. Intuitively, one song inspires another until we have a full set that flows like a great mix tape. And somehow, within this, we make it relevant to conversations on Episode 45. PLAYLIST: Clearlake – I Hang On Every Word You Say Billy Bragg … Continue reading "Episode 47 – Or part 46 of Episode 1?"


Episode 46: Lenny USM – 50 Something

Sure, it’s our 46th but it’s Lenny’s 50th. Our co-host misses his 3rd show – but he’s got a good excuse – he had one of those bigger birthdays that everyone’s having. So, Jake and Tyler put together a playlist just for him. Maybe you too. Also, Tyler blew it in the first break – … Continue reading "Episode 46: Lenny USM – 50 Something"


Episode 45: When Lenny Is Away The Smiths Will Be Played

The third leg on our weird table, Lenny, or Lenford as his mother calls him (she doesn’t), is out of town for the next couple of episodes. We’ve found that in his absence, Tyler and Jake go back to 10 minute long breaks. Did you miss them? Banger of an episode. You find out what … Continue reading "Episode 45: When Lenny Is Away The Smiths Will Be Played"


Episode 44: Bands From Liverpool

This is our second attempt at the Liverpool episode. When it comes to a town that’s produced so much stellar music, you can’t half-ass it. And yeah, we’re playing Shack again, for like the 3rd episode in a row – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. PLAYLIST: The La’s – Son of a Gun … Continue reading "Episode 44: Bands From Liverpool"


Episode 43: Details Emerge

A little something new bringing us into episode 43. In fact, you’ll probably find some new loves that are recent releases and those that we’re blowing the dust off of. This is all before we dive into a discussion around the exhausting and constantly relevant question about separating the artist from their art. I’ve gotta … Continue reading "Episode 43: Details Emerge"


Episode 42 – (Not) The Baggiest Podcast Episode Ever!

We went into this episode attempting to do the baggiest episode every – but it’s just too hard. It really is. Try it for yourself – coming up with the 12 baggiest songs is nearly impossible. That said, if you do it, send us the list. Hell, come on and host the episode. Do it. … Continue reading "Episode 42 – (Not) The Baggiest Podcast Episode Ever!"