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A movie podcast about relationships... or a relationship podcast about movies. Married couple Laci Roth and Matt Stokes examine movies they love deeply but which the other hasn't seen or doesn't like. Together they will get to the bottom of whether or not the movies they love so much are actually good.


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A movie podcast about relationships... or a relationship podcast about movies. Married couple Laci Roth and Matt Stokes examine movies they love deeply but which the other hasn't seen or doesn't like. Together they will get to the bottom of whether or not the movies they love so much are actually good.






78. Loser

Is this the most forgotten movie we've ever covered? Probably. But if you don't listen to this episode, we'll make fun of you, dweeb.


77. Wild Wild West

Laci and Matt unpack the movie and music career of Will Smith, the biggest movie star of his generation, and the notorious disaster that is 1999's Wild Wild West. Is this movie really the calamity everyone says it is? Listen to find out.


76. Mortal Kombat (1995)

We prepare to enter the tournament that is the 1995 adaptation of Mortal Kombat. Time stamps: Mortal Kombat


75. Twister

Call in the Insane Clown Posse, because this episode is twisted. Please forgive the audio issues on this one. :(


74. Godzilla (1998)

It's Roth v. Stokes in this episode. The gloves are off. Fisticuffs. A brawl for all. A royal rumble. Malice at the Palace. We got a donnybrook on our hand, folks, because Laci thinks the Roland Emmerich-Matthew Broderick Godzilla (1998) is the worst movie Load Bearing Beams has ever covered, while Matt thinks it is merely bad. Who will prevail? Matt's brother Elliott and sister Maggie stop by eventually (at the 1 hour, 4 minutes mark) to help settle the whole ordeal. Other topics covered...


73. Elvis

Elvis was a hero to Laci, but he never meant s*!@ to Matt. When your two hosts first started dating, Laci asked Matt a fundamental question: "Are you an Elvis person, or a Beatles person?" Matt thought it was a nonsensical question. What kind of person would choose Elvis over the Beatles? His future wife, that's who! And so. We were going to pick an Elvis Presley movie for this episode and use it as a springboard to talk about Elvis in general, and see if Laci could persuade Matt to warm...


72. Splice

A very cranky Matt and Laci discuss the 2009 man-playin'-God thriller Splice. Topics covered include: TV vs. movies, bioethics, children, parenting, Koko the gorilla, plus an extensive breakdown of this movie's opening credits.


71. Weekend At Bernie's

Celebrate this weekend with your very-much-alive-thank-you pals Laci and Matt, who are discussing the 1989 comedy classic Weekend At Bernie's (1989).


70. Red Dragon

Because he saw Red Dragon (2002) before he saw The Silence of the Lambs, a young and idiotic Matt thought it was just plumb terrific, and so he and his bride review it on this episode, which features extension discussion of the entire Hannibal Lecter/Thomas Harris universe (except for the television show Hannibal).


2nd Triennial Quarterly Claptrap

This one's a jazz set, a lazy river. Let the conversation take you where it's gonna take you, ya know? Topics covered: The Crown


69. Jawbreaker

Another of Laci's faves is a cult classic from the '90s: 1999's Jawbreaker, the tale of three popular girls who accidentally murder their friend and then clumsily cover it up while also navigating the minefield that is high school. But about half of this episode is Matt explaining why he is disgusted by candy and how hard it was for him to watch this movie given the prominence of the titular Jawbreaker.


68. The General

Deploy your cowcatcher and join Laci and Matt as they unpack Buster Keaton's action-comedy classic, The General (1927). Often considered the greatest of all silent films, it is undoubtedly an impressive technical achievement... but can the jaded and cynical people of today enjoy a movie like this 100 years later after it was made? Listen and find out.


67. Dumb And Dumber

Your favorite podcast hosts who are married to each other and talk about movies that they loved when younger but haven't seen in a long time and are concerned might not hold up to the scrutiny and cynicism that is aging return to discuss the classic 1994 comedy Dumb and Dumber. Matt's distaste for 1990s Jim Carrey has been well explored on this show, but will he be won over this time around? Or will Laci have to eat a headless parakeet and admit that the film just isn't very good? You...


66. Network

Laci and Matt unpack the movie Network (1976), a movie that predicted that one day, the television news would be kind of silly. Can you even imagine?


The First Ever Triannual Quarterly Claptrap

Laci and Matt didn't watch a proper Load Bearing Beams movie for this episode, so they instead reflect on all the TV and movies they've been watching recently: Munich, The Post, JFK, Nixon, Spotlight, The Simpsons, Futurama, Disenchantment, I Know That Voice, High Score PLUS:


65. The Witches

Are you ready to get twisted? Wicked? Witch-tisted? Some of those? Then grab your woz-blomkers and fiz-tizzlers and mouse-growsers and dog droppings and catch this quintessential "child's horror" film, 1990's The Witches.


64. Child's Play

I've heard of a doll, but a killer doll??!! We examine 1988's Child's Play, the debut entry in the eternal Chucky franchise about an expensive doll inhabited by the spirit of a voodoo-practicing serial killer.


63. Clifford

It's the movie that broke Matt Stokes: 1994's "family" "comedy" Clifford, in which a man in his mid-thirties, Martin Short, plays a 10-year-old boy. Can you imagine??? Matt and Laci have a fierce argument over this cult classic.


(RERUN) 41. Dude, Where's My Car? (Listener Choice!)

Hey people, our new episode about the movie Clifford (the one where Martin Short plays a child) will be out on Monday (Aug. 3). Until then, enjoy this classic from the archives.


62. My Man Godfrey

Laci and Matt examine the great screwball comedy My Man Godfrey (1936), a film in which Carole Lombard gives what Matt calls one of the great comedic performances in the history of film. Is he right, or is he just a snooty snobby snob who pretends to like old things? If you don't like old movies, we also have a lengthy discussion of whether or not Maggie Simpson is a character, and how she would rank among the great Simpsons characters if so. That discussion can be found at minute 49.