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Biblical Restoration Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit Biblical counseling ministry. Dr. Jim Logan has been counseling for over 30 years, and is well known for Spiritual Warfare conferences, Reclaiming Surrendered Ground Book, and other messages. His messages bring hope, encouragement, and laughter through his Biblical teachings.


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Biblical Restoration Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit Biblical counseling ministry. Dr. Jim Logan has been counseling for over 30 years, and is well known for Spiritual Warfare conferences, Reclaiming Surrendered Ground Book, and other messages. His messages bring hope, encouragement, and laughter through his Biblical teachings.






A Secondhand Encounter With God - Jim Logan

Our culture today is comfortable with A secondhand encounter with God. When Moses was at the mountain and God invited the Israelites to go to the mountain, they wanted Moses to meet with God and tell them what He said. We can do that as well through our Pastors and other Christians. God wants to have a personal relationship with you directly.


God’s Love - Corrie Ten Boom

It’s sad that most people in the world doubt the love of God. How about you? Do you doubt the eternal and unconditional love of God? God showed his love for us by sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Corrie Ten Boom, survivor of world war 2 concentration camp, shares about God’s love.


Renewing Your Mind with Music - Larry Coy

How can a believer be overcome lustful thoughts and feeling? The enemy uses our feelings to battle against us. God’s answer to this emotional temptations of lust, anger, depression, fear, worry, and others is to worship. Larry shares how when he saw this it changed his life.


Prophecy Update - Global Conflict by Brett Meador

Does it seem like there is gloom and doom everywhere you look today? It certainly seems so as we investigate some of the troubling events happening worldwide in our March 2023 Prophecy Update. However, even as we watch these things unfold, we can look to Jesus in hope as we heed His words in Luke 21:28 to look up and look to Him. For more Info, visit:


Dad Conference 2: Blessing Your Family - Jim Logan

Dad's, are you giving your family a spiritual blessing that they will remember? Many children live for themselves, but we can raise our children to honoring their parents and God. Blessings are very important and needed in the family today.


Reading The Bible Daily - Keith Malcomson

It is never to late to start or restart reading your Bible. Remember sin will keep you from the Bible or the Bible will keep you from sin. The enemy would love for believers to be “busy” so that they are not in the Truth.


Dad Conference 1: Intro, Blessing Your Family - Jim Logan

Dr. Jim Logan share to a room full of dads about the importance of blessing their family. God has called them to be a dad, and wants them to take care of the family and to protect them from evil. Satan binds the strongman and then spoils the kids. Have you opened the door to attack?


Finding God’s Will For My Life by Carter Conlon

God has a purpose and a plan for your life, but in our current culture it is very easy to be distracted by popularity and things that don’t matter. God wants to refocus us to not only desire his will, but to walk in it.


The Strategy of the Holy Spirit - RT Kendall

In "The Strategy of The Holy Spirit", our guest speaker, Dr. R.T. Kendall, preaches on how the Holy Spirit chooses to work in the world through the story of the crippled man's healing.


Commands of Christ - Be Perfect by Jim Logan

Most Christians struggle with this command of Christ because of the fact that none of us can be perfect. This being true, it is not our attempts to be perfect that the Lord is talking about in this command, but how Jesus perfects us through His death and resurrection.


Are We Living In The Last Days? - Carter Conlon

Things in the world is falling apart, but are we living in the last days? We have food shortage, Cultural Insecurity, Moral Issues, sin is rampant, and Israel is all in the middle. Things are such a mess in our nation and around the world.


Personal Revival Needed - Shane Idleman

Surrender is at the heart of personal revival. Are you surrendering to God? God is wanting to use us to encourage, challenge, and share our faith, but it’s our pride and selfishness that gets in the way.


Caring For A Dying Spouse - Ted Hough

Ted Hough has been caring for his wife, Bev, for years. God has been showing him new insights in love that he had not seen before being in this role. He is sharing from his insights and the comfort he has received from God as his wife went to be with the Lord recently.


Discipleship Basics - Jack Griffin

Are you struggling in your Christian life? It is always good to review the basics. The navigator ministry works at discipling others to be more like Jesus. They do through Bible Reading, Prayer, Witnessing, and Follow up. Jesus told his followers to make disciples and to obey all of his commandments.


Steps to Deeper Prayer - Jim Logan

What are some practical steps you can take to deepen your prayer life? Even the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. We can all use a boost in our personal prayer life with God.


Principalities and Powers - Jim Logan

Our battle is not against flesh and blood... All christians are engaged in a Spiritual Battle. If you do not know how the enemy attacks, then you won't be living in victory. The enemy is well organized, but also a defeated enemy by the Cross of Jesus. It is time to stand in your victory and fight against the enemy.


Surrendering Is Worship - Joseph Carroll

Mary at the feet of Jesus was offering her perfume in worship to Jesus. She was giving herself in service to the Lord. It is easy for her to question and doubt the Lord when faced with why didn't raise Lazarus, but in response she worshiped. Do you worship like Mary or judge like Judas? This message is powerful, we are all called to surrender and follow!


Missionary Families Under Spiritual Attack - Jim Logan

Jim Logan leads this panel of missionaries, pastors, and bible seminary professors on the topic of missionary families under Spiritual Attack. The enemy wants to destroy your mission and will try to use your children to do it. Nightmares and night terrors are a clean example of the enemies work.


Satan Is Defeated For Believers - Jim Logan

In Spiritual Warfare we are told to stand firm. How can believers stand if the enemy is alive and well? We can stand because Jesus defeated Satan at the cross. In that we stand in faith and trusting God to fight in and through us.


Having Right Priorities - Larry Coy

Is your relationships suffering because of your priorities? Most of our priorities are not aligned to what God says they should be. We are living our lives for work, play, but avoiding our families, and they are suffering. This video is a call to return!